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UPDATE: Teacher Monica Young, 'bombarded 14-year old with Snapchat messages begging him for nudes'

Original story at TheSun

Monica Young 'allegedly' bombarded a pupil, 14, with Snapchat messages begging him to send X-rated photos, an Australian court was told.

Finally, a 'Karen' who understands what is right. Magistrate Karen Robinson, we salute you. You are truly stunning and brave; you did your job.

We told you in our initial article on Monica that there would be more to come, just like how you will find out that Monica made that teen boy come more than once.

As predicted, more details splooshed out from the media cannon on Monday; details of the tryst; somebody (a hero) leaked the pictures. It is all so inspiring.

Again, we put the call out for a hero, and he answered. Yes, I assumed his gender because only a man could be so good at sleuthing. Wherever he may be, he has a budding FTSS detective career ahead of him.

Now, let's first see what Monica was up to for her short little sexcapade with that 14-year-old she was so desperate for (must've been a Chad-lite).

It is no wonder why, as fast as we may have been, we could not get the grabbies(pictures) from Monica's social media accounts. Monica got wind of the investigation growing in the background, and so deleted/blocked all her social media from the public before the real FTSS detectives (moi) could sift through them.

However, as you will see later, her efforts were thwarted by a hero in the night who had some JPGs. The internet never forgets.

As you can see above, Monica went full-fuck mode on that helpless young lad.

The date that stood out like a boner through sweatpants was indeed that faithful day of July 3, in where Monica sucked and fucked that poor and equally horny teen boy a stunning THREE times within the short time span of one hour and a half.

Oh, the horror; the whore.

We can only hope that she was thoughtful enough to give that kid some Gatorade after such a torrid affair. Most teachers have a medical kit in their classrooms; female sex scandal teachers should always have a Sex-aid kit in their classrooms and bedrooms: Wet-naps, a towel, condoms, snacks and Gatorade. Fluids need to be replenished, ladies. It is only humane.

Three times is impressive, even when you are in HS. Your bounce-back rate should be top, but still, that is a lot of fuckn'.

Monica, just couldn't stop at one bang; she had to get dat pussy knocked out before her wedding night, because heaven forbid she'd have sex with her soon-to-be husband.

All of the above suggests that Monica could not, for the life of her, keep her hands off and away from that teen-peen. This is not a case of loneliness (she had a soon-to-be husband). The only conclusion is that kid out-fucked Monica's fiance. She kept going back for more. Begging, as the text suggests.

Monica was addicted, insatiable one might say; the boy could probably confirm in a hopeful memoir down the road.

In light of the updates, we must remain professional here and offer Monica her well-deserved 're-grade' in the categories of Methodology, Integrity, and Looks/Presentation.

The Regrade

Methodology |

Monica chose a very rare tactic from the playbook for a FTSS of her age; Begging.

This changes everything we once knew (a couple days ago) about Monica. The sheer passion and drive she had for gett'n dat teenagers dick to pump her a new one shows us all here that you can never judge a book by its cover. Well, that is not really get what I mean.

Using Snapchat is nothing new to us when it comes to horny female teachers trying to slide into an aspiring Chad's DMs, in hopes of then sliding on down their Johnson. However, BEGGING on Snapchat for the nudies and salacious erotic foreplay, is.

In addition, tampering with her social media account by trying to cover her tracks is going to affect Monica's regrade for this category, in the more positive direction. Trying to settle the case/matter privately with the boys mother is also a nice touch of desperation.

Monica is full of desperation.


Integrity |

Monica gets a bump-up from the original B+ due to all the tampering she did prior to the full investigation. That kind of dedication and drive deserves some love. Not quite the love(rape) she gave to that confused/hormonal lad, but it is the best we can do here.


Presentation/Looks |

The moment everyone always waits for: The Presentation/Looks category.

Sadly, this is always the make-or-brake grade for female sex scandal teachers.

This is where we judge our gurls on who they really are...on the outside. It's how we really get to know them, and get a glimpse as to how that teen boy may have gotten to 'know' Monica inside AND out.

Now, the video (from the original post) and pictures contradict each other in that Monica had either lost a lot of weight all of a sudden...or these pictures are somewhat old; the camera always adds 10 pounds, right?

Either way, this doesn't bode well for your grade, Monica. We can now see why she and her lawyer desperately tried to get the magistrate to censor her name so she could "avoid any embarrassment".

First off, diddling a teen boy should already be the biggest embarrassment. However, we can now see why Monica wanted to lock-down her social media quicker than it took her to lock-down that teen boy for a 1-month, fuckcation.

Sun-burnt? Tan-lines? What is this, amateur hour?!

Does her fiance get that heart-shaped necklace back, or is it evidence?

She's looking at the teen behind the camera; it's all in the look she gives to whom may be out there.

Monica lost a lot in all of this; it's too bad she didn't lose the weight. Otherwise, we wouldn't have had to give her such an unfortunate grade here.


Overall Regrade (Official)



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