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Mondays are Great (It's your 'job' that sucks)

All "jobs" suck. That's why it is called a job. A job is where you go to do things that you have no desire in doing. A job is where you go to make other people money. Yes, you do get to whore yourself out for a small piece of the pie, but that's not going to make you successful, rich, or even fulfilled in life. If anything, you should use a job as a means to an end; to put food on the table, while you go out and hustle in order to build your own future and wealth. Greatness will never be achieved by working 40 hrs a week at some God forsaken, shit-box.

Monday's are truly great when you know that you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself. It's great to know that what you make/earn today is what you put in and not what someone else says they are willing to pay you-- via a capped salary or hourly wage. Monday's start to become truly exciting and great when you have more passive than active income to which allows you to say, "Fuck it, I am going to beach today...because I can." Monday's are truly amazing when you can drink a beer, press a few buttons and be done "work" by 2pm in most cases.

In modern times there is no real excuse to subject one's self to a boss, a paycheck and to ungrateful soul-sucking customers and clients. With the internet and the ability to create a valuable product, you have access to world markets, 24/7. You can reach more people in an instant than ever before. So, why commute 30 min- 1 hour to a "job" where everyday you ponder a mass-murder suicide in your head?

Stop it. Just stop it. This is why I wrote the book CorporateLand. A book for those who are slowly waking up to the fact that times have changed and so has the workplace; it's a hostile environment filled with toxic intentions and compounding landmines for you to trip over. There is a way to survive the modern workplace, a way to use it to your advantage. Your goal, though, should be to ultimately escape it after your mission is complete.

Instead of investing your time, energy and money into things that have little to no value, it should be invested in something that does, which is yourself. YOU are the only person that matters to YOU. Modern life is HIGHLY overpriced and overvalued. The things that were once valued are not anymore and the things that were once undervalued are now being praised premium when they should be dog shit.

The world is upside down.

How do you create passive income? By investing in things that have a return on equity spent. I'd like to call on all the people who say things like, "Well, I have no money to invest or to save...we can't all be lucky like you." No. You do; you're just too lazy and don't apply yourself because you don't believe in yourself. Everyone who spends money on Tim Hortons or Starbucks everyday for a year for a coffee has money to invest. You just choose to spend it on stupid shit and overpriced crap. If you buy just one coffee...just one (most people buy 2+ and maybe donuts or something) for every business day of the year it adds up to around $400+. That's $400 + that could be put towards a dividend paying stock. 5 years of coffee bought during trips to the office and shopping could net you over $2,000.00; which could be put towards shares in a company that could pay on average 3-4% dividend yield. That saved money (coffee money) will then grow like a tree and make you more money. That's passive income, that's money working for you as a tool. Money is a tool, it's not for just spending. Money isn't a disease or cough you need to instantly get rid of from your bank account. Money is potential. Money is energy and movement.

So, instead of wasting your time and money doing things like checking facebook and stalking The Bro Next Door (who you've always wanted to bed), or looking at porn and just being a general whiny bitch, understand that life OWES YOU NOTHING. You have to make things happen. Luck does not exist for people who are successful at what they do. They EARNED IT. They PRODUCED something, or are of value, because they did what was necessary; got off their ass and moved. Do what ever it takes now so that it frees up decades into the future and you too can enjoy Monday's, forever until you die.

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