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Eliminating Leftism: Why We Need To Start Making Communists Face The Wall

What you are about to read is so compelling, truthful and insightful it will make communists want to put you against the wall for having set eyes on such scripture.

The vast majority of societal issues today are predominantly caused by one thing.

No, it is not Libtards, feminists, socialist governments and their media lackeys.

It is really this one thing: People who want freedom, but whom are unwilling to make Libtards, feminists, socialist governments and the media face the wall. Yes, we are talking about exterminating libtards today, and also making them face reality as a cherry on-top!

However, today it seems to be fine and dandy for Libtards and faggots like Justin Trudeau to say these things against rational and normal people who just want to be left alone. Telling them that they do not belong in society and saying things like, "Should we tolerate these people?"

Trudeau is referring to individuals who don't want to put experimental poisons into their bodies, get blood clots, heart attacks, "sudden death syndrome" and destroy their immune system because of a fucking flu from China.

It's apparently OK for trannies and faggots to have a gay parade in downtown Loserville (Toronto) and expose their genitalia to children. Yet, it isn't OK for a few truckers to set-up a hot tub in downtown Ottawa and have a soak(shirtless) in their swim shorts.

This is why the Left needs to be exterminated, effective immediately. Stupidity should not be tolerated. We should not have to be subjected to faggorty, mixed couples in every fucking commercial, nig nogs in every movie along with fags and drags in every TV show.

When less than 2% of society is gay and only 12% are darkies, why in the fuck are they in every show, every ad? If you were an alien coming down to North America, you would think that every family is mixed race with one nagger (wife) and another nagger for a husband (negro), along with their Chinese and Pakistani children. Oh and by the way, did you know that both parents are bi-sexual and their children are also curious?

We are talking about those who allow for the cancer to spread or to even manifest in the first place by not taking care and adhering to reality, fundamentals and the nature of humans. Yes, talking about conservatives and those who understand what communism brings. Most of you people have guns. They are suppose to be used as a tool. So why aren't you all being productive and exterminating the parasites yet?

Why A Woman's Only Job Should Be To Listen to Men, Not Faggots Like Justin Trudeau

Long before Andrew Tate came along it was myself, Aaron Clarey, Rollo Tommassi, T.J. Martinell, TheGreatOne, Roissy, Rian Stone, Terrence Popp, The Rule Zero guys, and a laundry list of other men who carved the red pill path.

Mainly, we started out helping men face the true nature and reality of not just society

and the changing culture to where the white heterosexual man need not apply (diversity=replacement) to holding up the mirror of reality to women.

We exposed the sexual marketplace and true value of men and women.

Each having their own peaks, plateaus and eventual declines based on biological differences.

We literally Hitler made women face the Wall. The Wall (female biological clock) that is undefeated. Women are control freaks, they are inheritably totalitarian and socialist.

The beauty of making women face the wall is that in a phrasing sense, it is ironic.

Women are natural commies, it is in their nature. Women naturally vote in communism because women are weak and less intelligent. It is why men earn more money and create everything around you. Women just wait around and fuck the winners. Communism caters to the feeble minded and the inferior.

Today, we wouldn't have to make women face the wall if we never allowed weak men to take power in our institutions, weak men who then allowed women into those places because they wanted to fuck them. This was due to the fact that they (the weak men) lacked Game.

Now we have to deal with faggots and truly despicable hypocrites like Justin Trudeau as someone who gets to decide policies for your life and use this country as his own personal playground and piggy bank. Just like a woman.

In reality, it[Facing the Wall] forces women to realize that they don't have control over the very thing that makes them powerful: Their sexuality. Women cannot influence, change, manipulate, gaslight or negotiate their fertility timeline. Her own body commits treason once she begins hitting her Thirties to early Forties.

The very thing that gives women power ultimately becomes her kryptonite. Oh sure, she can manipulate it through the wonders of the birth control pill, causing long-term damage to her hormonal system in the eventuality and inevitable time when she does want kids(i.e by 30 when all her friends are having babies).

Women are herd animals, socialists. They do what the media tells them and what other women tell them. Ironically, it is other women that set women up for failure. Mainly, joyless, infertile, and jealous feminists that failed in life and now want to sabotage their competition.

Women hate other women. It is women, not the patriarchy, that ultimately bring down women and the rest of society with them. Why? Women are selfish. They only think about what is best for themselves, not what is best for the group.

Which is again, ironic considering they are all suppose to be socialists and "love the community". This goes back to the common saying that, "Eventually, they[Communists] eat their own." This all relates back to Justin Trudeau and the Libtards alike. They are all the same.

Women aren't the problem, because women are going to be women. It is in their nature to be stupid, emotional, irrational and blindly follow the strongest and most influential scripture or voice in the herd. Feminism feels good for women. Big government and socialist policies appeal to that emotionalism. For some time now we have allowed the lunatics to enter and breed within all major institutions.

When you allow women to vote, have jobs and sign contracts, society becomes a lot worse. Birth rates go down, demographics crumble, taxes go up, degeneracy ensues and waste intensifies. Women let themselves go and become fat, unattractive bridge trolls and landwhales with more tattoos than a Russian prisoner; men have no desire to create or build because after that what is the point?

When you allow women to control their bodies and reproductive cycles, you are essentially saying you would be fine with leaving your child home with the car keys and expecting everything to be fine when you get home in 24 hours.

Stupidly is voted in. Parasitism is praised and voted in. Coddling the weak and making everyone a victim becomes "production". Production of actual value-added goes down, supply chains break and breadlines form. Crime waves and riots become the norm.

When a society punishes its productive members (Anglo-men, mainly), big daddy government points a gun to their head and says, "Give 70% of your paycheck to the government so that they can redistribute that to the lazy, incompetent, useless, good-for-nothing cock-sucking degenerate pieces of fentanyl injecting welfare losers." That is when you need to start thinking about eliminating poverty and exterminating commies around every corner you see like the fucking cockroaches they are.

It's time to start making communists face the wall.

It's time they receive a bullet before painting the wall red with Marxism.

It's time to stop fucking around and finding out what happens, because we all know where communism leads. Millions of people starving and fighting over a hyperinflated $1 Million loaf of bread.

So, why not get ahead of the curve and just get to the killing and extermination part?

Just asking the question, this is not an incitement. Just planting the seed like how communists do to their populations, that's all!

What is more frustrating than Libtards and commies is that there are millions of non-libtards that own a firearm (or several) but choose not to use them appropriately.

All you cuckservatives out there just go the range and practice, jack-off to your handgun collection...but do you ever go out and eliminate the problem? No. You just sit there and jack your barrel with grease while the cost of everything keeps going up because your government wants to launder money through Ukraine, replace you with Third world populations that will be more easily controlled through a Banana Republic styled leadership.

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Canada is almost there, just look at the poverty, look at the fucking immigrants coming in.

Look at all the lazy white people that have given up on not only themselves but their race.

The women here would rather destroy their bodies with tattoos, drugs and alcohol than start a family and not be a total degenerate slut who spends most of her days on IG looking for male authority through Chad's cock. Hoping her beta husband (government) will keep sending her checks in the mail for just existing.

The men here choose to submit to a matriarchy and to the feminist perspective.

The female imperative.

They have allowed themselves to becomes tools for women; to be used as stepstools in order for women to perform a harvest of mens wealth and status. But instead of investing that wealth into production, women only know one thing: Consumption and a dreamlife of solipsistic vanity. Cucks and simps have allowed women to become terrible versions of men. Defective in every respect of the word. Useless.

Case in point: Justin Trudeau. He is a sociopathic, narcissistic queer that needs to experience the gas chamber. If you look closely when he speaks you can see his throat literally begging to be slit. Quivering in a desperate attempt to get a willing blade to notice.

The faggot walks around cities and towns waving with his limpest of wrists at scores of Canadians whom all hate his guts. He smiles and waves at you all while you call him a commie cocksucker as if he is deaf and can't hear a word you are saying. Basically he pretends you are cheering him on.

Do you know why him and other faggot politicians do this? It is because they know you are chickenshit and won't do anything. Even after the last Federal election here in Canada, it came to light that over 200,000 voter ballets had be unaccounted for. Elections Canada even came out and admitted this to the public. You know what they said?

Essentially, "Oops...sorry about that...we will try harder next time. Promise pinky swear!".

And you wonder why people are losing trust in every institution. You wonder why it is looking more plausible that Biden stole the election in the U.S and Justin most likely did the same. Really, when you look at all the surveys and the polls, the vast majority of Canadians absolutely hate and despise Trudeau. Except for all the commies and faggots in Toronto, Vancouver and out East. Basically in the major urban centers that are rife with drugs, crime, disease, HIV, faggotry, degeneracy and decay.

Exterminating Justin Trudeau And Libtards Would Skyrocket GDP in Canada

Do you know how easy it would be to exterminate Justin Trudeau today?

Honestly, it would be extremely easy. You would most likely die or go to jail for the rest of your life because the beta in Blue (police) are so cucked here that they would see it as murder instead of justifiable self-defense of this country and personal sovereignty.

But, would that matter if you had a terminal illness and your doctor just gave you the great news that you only have 6 months to live?

Basically, your doctor giving you what would typically be terrible news (you having a terminal disease), would actually be your Get Out Of Jail free card and your license to justifiably kill Justin Trudeau and any commie-fucktard for that matter.

Joe Biden. You could go kill that dementia ridden kid diddler. The thing is, it wouldn't be murder because just like the army you would be killing these people in self-defense of your country. It's freedom and democracy!

Since Justin Trudeau has clearly and objectively shown that he is and wants to be a totalitarian in Canada, someone who is purposely trying to destroy the country and take away your human rights, mobility and private property, it would be justified to slit his throat or to give him a JFK haircut for that matter.

The last election here, the closest we ever saw harm or "violence" being done to our faggot and fascist Prime Minister was someone throwing pebbles, stones at him when leaving to get on his party's bus. That is the weakness of Canada and the willingness to bend over and take it in the asshole. Just like how Justin Trudeau likes it. Literally feet away from him and you throw pebbles?

You could've just shot him in head and given the majority of Canadians an instant orgasm. A collective sigh of relief. You would've gone down in history as the person who saved Canada and experienced what so many Canadians would love to have experienced:

Assassinating Justin Trudeau and seeing him choke on his own HIV infested blood instead of another gay man's, shit-covered cock.

I just don't get it with you Canadians.

The faggot literally crafts policies that you know are destroying the country so that he and his WEF buddies can control everything: Food, energy, housing, how you spend your money, what you can read and watch. What you consume. But, you choose to throw little stones and he continues to wave at you like he is waving at his boyfriend, Gerald Butts. Gerald Butts is also another commie faggot that could use some copper in his skull.

In 2022 alone, according to Canada's cancer stats, on average 641 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer every day.

121,000 men would be diagnosed this year and over that 45,100 will be terminal. So, again, all it would take is just one crazy Canadian. Just one to go up to Justin Trudeau and blow that fucking corrupt cocksucker off his face with a sawed off shotgun in broad daylight. Imagine if all 45,100 of those men who found out that their death date had been moved up got together and stormed Parliament, or rather Trudeau's multi-million dollar cottage and mag-dumped his body with .45 ACP rounds.

Never say it's not possible, because overthrowing the government is super easy. It just seems difficult because we haven't done it in quite some time in the West. However, when you look at places like Sri Lanka, holy fucking shit, they sure as hell know how to actually overthrow their government and make their leaders flee to the airport.

Fuck, in some countries they will hang or behead the cocksucker right in the city streets! Look at the Middle East, those people don't fuck around. It's a slow Tuesday for them to hang politicians and corrupt leaders. You all laugh at places like Saudi Arabia, yet they are swimming in money from their oil fields and snatching up all your pro-golfers from the PGA because of the West/EUR failed energy policies.

That's what happens when you listen to and let a fucking teenager (Greta Thunberg) dictate to you. A fucking goddamn child. A female.

I know, this is big brained stuff. Try to keep up if you are a Libtard reading this. Oh, and after you are done being triggered, just go save yourself the trouble and kill yourself.

Oh, what is that? You don't like what I just said? Too fucking bad because I own the website and it is my property. Free speech, my rules. This isn't your Libtard corporate office where they have healing circles and safe-space breaks to massage your pussy when you are feeling down and blue.

Let's go even further with this with regards to mass shooters.

Why Mass Shooters Piss Me Off

You want to know what really grinds my gears about mass shooters?

Instead of shooting up malls, schools, and low-tier retailers like TJ Maxx and killing innocent people, why wouldn't you instead be the most productive human being you will ever be and go shoot Justin Trudeau or anyone of the numerous communist politicians that we have?

Again, this is an intellectual exercise today. We are going to ask some tough questions here.

The problem is, most mass shooters turn out to be card carrying liberals. In fact, most mass shooters are black. Most mass shooters are also on SSRIs and come from a single parent(mainly single mommy) household. All of these issues and problems (single moms, mental illness, black poverty, incelism) all stem from what?

Yes, correct.

Socialism and communist policies that hurt the economy, divide men and women (feminism), divide races against each other by using replacement tactics (diversity), that destroy the very foundation to which a successful empire is built on: The nuclear family.

Communism aims to eliminate the individual and the free-thinker and replace that with a society filled with fear, paranoia and mass psychosis. If you can get people fearful enough, they can be easily controlled and dependent. Easily manipulated and unwilling to question their reality.

It's premise (Communism) is founded on controlling others for the purpose of stealing successful people's work through mob mentality, scapegoating and gaslighting. If you blame the productive members of society for the short-falls of the weak it is easy to work up a frenzy. Remember, there are always more stupid, lazy and incompetent people than their are smart and productive individuals. 80/20 Pareto principle.

Covid and the policies implemented was just the communist pig with make-up on; hiding under a different mask. ESG and climate change policies again, are just communism masking itself as a virtue. Give the government more of your money so it can throw it at the weather and make things all better? Really? Sounds like some pagan ritual.

Sounds like something a woman would believe.

Yet, Libtards and commies alike will fall for these scams every time and try to force everyone to believe in their scam religion, dragging everyone into a collective frenzy that results in the transfer of wealth from the productive to the stupid.

Thus, society collapses.

Making Commies Face The Wall Would Be Poetic Justice

This is why we need to eliminate these people before they eliminate everybody.

It's time for communists to indeed, face the fucking wall. Close their eyes and know that soon their body will be compost; healing mother earth.

Wouldn't that be a lot easier than us all paying more taxes for carbon credits, starving to death and freezing because nobody is allowed to drill oil and gas wells? It would just be easier to exterminate all the libtards and ESG faggots, eliminate their carbon footprint and feed their worthless bodies to mother earth and give ten sun salutations to Mother Gaia afterwards as a "You are welcome!".

That's fine. People like me will just keep making tons of money from oil & gas companies due to the failed energy policies of the Left. It is deliciously ironic because the Left desperately wants to kill this industry yet, they (leftist) are so inept that they do not understand ECON 101: Supply and Demand. There is zero to no demand for green energy as it is expensive and inefficient as a base load. Everyone and I mean every single fucking human being uses and needs oil and natural gas for literally fucking EVERYTHING.

The world is so short of energy people are literally going to freeze to death in EUR this winter if they don't chop trees and burn them for warmth. Again, kind of ironic since chopping trees down to use as firewood (CO2 into the air) is bad for the environment, isn't it?

Again just asking for a friend, you stupid fucking Libtard.

A good portion of the money I will be earning from my Oil & Gas stocks is going to be invested into a lot of ammo and guns, self-defense for when it is time to start deleting communists when they collapse society for good. If you come to my home begging for shelter and food, you are going to get mag-dumped and i'll jerk off all over your stupid, fucking, lifeless libtard body until both of my nuts are empty. I'll use your flannel shirt and salmon colored pants to wipe the excess drip from the tip of my dick.

When you eliminate Libtards, you eliminate problems.

Period. Full-stop.



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