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Taylor Swift And The Female Borg Collective

Taylor Swift

"It's me, hi, I'm the problem it's me."

Taylor Swift is a reflection, a living incarnation of the modern American woman. When you look into the crowd at one of her concerts, what do you think the average IQ of that group is?

Room temperature at best.

There is a purpose and reason why Taylor personifies herself as ‘Ms. Americana’. She is the modern feminist lexicon; her lyrics embody the experiences of millions of women.

Although, some have put forth the notion that Taylor Swift is a psy-op, an agent touring around the nation in an attempt to brainwash women into eventual spinsterhood.

The problem with this theory is that Taylor has been around for a long time, and radical feminism has been with us for decades.

Peak feminism hadn’t hit Americana/American cultural ethos until around 2015, coincidently around the time I published my two most successful anti-feminist books, 'Uncle Nick: Diary of a Misanthrope' and 'Burning the Midnight'.

Both novels held a mirror up to modern women, and it's why I get so much hate mail.

A call and an answer if you will, and well timed indeed. in a femcentric society you apparently aren't allowed to criticize women even though they all want to be treated as 'equal' and be like a man. I like to call this Schrodinger's Feminist: Women, in this clown world we live in, are simultaneously a victim and Empowered until something happens. Then she chooses which state benefits her the most.

In the real world, you cannot be both oppressed and strong, brave, independent you go-girl at the same time. Pick one, ladies.

Sure, I’d fuck Taylor Swift. I’d fuck her right in the pussy. You’d be lying as a man if you didn’t. I'd even let Taylor Swift suck my cock and swallow my cum, not just because it would kill time and feel really awesome (I am sure she is talented in the art of giving head), but more so because it would shut her up for a while. Have you ever heard her talk, or heaven forbid, sing live? She is awful and annoying.

However, Taylor Swift is honestly nothing special. She is mid. Have you ever seen a photo of her without her fake-up/war paint on? She looks like a soccer mom. Average. She can’t sing live worth a shit; she can’t dance either on stage and her personal and sexual life is one giant rubber band ball of stupid decisions. Just like all modern women from North America and the West.

Again, I stress that Taylor Swift is indeed a reflection of women today. It is a big reason why she is now top in the music industry and has been so successful.

It is again not because she is talented, her music is like her: Mediocre.

Objectivly, her best album is probably 'Midnights' and the song 'Anti-Hero' is her best work from not only a lyrical standpoint, but more song instrumentally.

It is the perfect song. It is also the perfect song for not only Taylor but for her fans (women) as well.

It is ironic because yes, when Taylor sings, “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem it’s me,” it is such a bold and perfect statement, a come to Jesus moment if you will in her Epiphany phase. It’s ironic because she might not even realize it; this is also true for most American women as well.

The Swiftification Of A Nation

Taylor is:

  • Age: 34

  • Husband: Zero

  • Ex-boyfriends (fuck bois): Countless

  • Cats: 3

  • Most popular songs: ‘Shake it off’, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, ‘I knew You Were Trouble’, ‘Bad Blood’, ‘Don’t Blame Me’, ‘You Need To Calm Down’ etc.

Do you now understand why Western women identify with her?

Taylor has been around for a long time, she really didn’t get going with her strong, empowered, secret slut styled brand of music until about her 2008 Fearless album.

This is why I say she is more a reflection than the cause. Whether conscious of it or not, Taylor Swift has perfectly catered to the modern female condition. The majority of her fans have literally moved with her through her Twenties and now early Thirties. And each album and songs reflect the very same stages that women experience through their early years, party years, and now their epiphany years.

When I look into the crowd of ‘Swifties’ what I see is: A propensity for self-loathing, catharsis, a sea of mediocrity, mid-wits prone to impulsivity, and a yen for fairy tales.

It is a religion and a cult at this point to be more accurate.

Just like a religion, Taylor performs like a priestess. Instead of people putting what very few bucks they have these days into a little wicker basket being passed around, they instead get railroaded on Stubhub and are willing to fork over hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to experience the faith of feminism. Bask in the rays from all the gina tingles shooting from every woman’s beat-up pussy at one of Taylor’s concerts.

How she sings and moves on stage (very awkwardly) is like what you would see from a minister in one of those old revival tents you’d come across in an open field down in Louisiana or Texas. Very old time religion.

When you stand with the Swifties at a concert or ‘gathering’, you are witnessing transference of fear and self-loathing to a higher authority or vessel. Taylor absorbs all of this.

It is catharsis.  She absorbs their dread with her narrative and projects it all back through song and tale. Because of this, Taylor is effective in proportion in the amount of certainty she can project. Her lyrics and songs satiate all their claims, doubts about what it is to be a woman and that their lives are on sort of destined path toward Chad no matter what stage they are in. That every woman out there is someone, a person, unique somehow even though they can all relate to the words.

No matter how bad things are or get, no matter what they have done, no matter the mistakes they’ve made, Taylor is there and through her linguistical magic she is able to dull all their sense of actual reality and more importantly, any critical thinking.


Taylor is not a representation of what American women want to be, she is a reflection of who they are and how they live their lives. Most women are and probably were like Taylor growing up. Her audience is the average, the majority, or rather the 80% of women in society. Most were probably the nerdy girl in high school that never got to have sex with the quarterback, but were cute enough to give blowjobs under the bleachers. Not hot enough to be cheer captain. 

Taylor Swift is what I like to call a ‘secret slut’. She is the type of girl that you’ve all come across that looks average on the outside, acts all sweet and innocent, but has a talent for being a sneaky fucker at parties, on trips or on her own spare time at home. The type of chick that when her parents are out of the house or after school will text guys that don’t go to her school (anonymity) and can hook-up without her friends finding out or word travelling.

She also represents all the women out there that were not so hot back in high school, but then ‘grew into themselves’ later on in their Twenties and started to attract Chad, which also led to getting pumped-and-dumped, fear and self-loathing. Uncertainty of their worth. Never wanting less than Chad since he did fuck them and put his seed inside. Alpha widows in perpetuity.

Look at some of the songs Swift wrote when she first got started:

‘Romeo save me, daddy’s trying to marry me…Drew looks at me, I’m a lanky awkward girl so I can’t meet his gaze. Why are you banging the cheerleader and not me…I’m stuck underneath bleachers giving blowjobs to the band geeks…being a femcel..and then over time she is staying out late, going to parties, people criticize her for hooking up…she’s ‘shaking it off’..then Chad walks into the room…she knew he was trouble when he stuck it in her pussy and came inside…had to get Plan B after that night…it’s not going to last but she can’t help herself because 5 min of Alpha is better than 5 years of Beta…”

And that, my loyal readers, is exactly how American/Western women are and have been for a very long time.

Taylor has lived this and is still living this, and yes, she is intelligent enough as an artist and marketer to tap into this and sell it to American women.

Taylor may be mid, but she is clever.

All of her albums, when you put them together in chronological order, are a timeline of the modern female experience that runs parallel to their youth, looks and fertility.

They do the lovey dovey thing in high school, then they start their party years playing the field because they are in their prime sexual years and can get Chad, but more importantly, they never ever truly want to grow up.

I am positive the Swiftification has a connection to the amount of female teacher sex scandals we've been witnessing over the last decade or so.

It is Peter Pan or rather, going to a Taylor Swift concert is like going to Neverland for women.

They don’t have to become a mom or a grandma apparently. They can just continue to get pumped and dumped by Chad forever and can refresh the screen over and over.

I called this a long time ago the Endless Summer Effect. Now I am calling this Swiftification. It’s not just for white girl America, all women of all races love Taylor Swift because all women are the same. It’s like the borg collective.


Taylor Swift Will Not Solve The Birth Rate Crisis

There is a notion going around that if since women are all followers and do as the collective does, there is the assumption that if Taylor Swift suddenly gets married and gets inseminated, pumping out babies, then there is going to be a Baby Boom 2.0.

The big problem with this idea is that Taylor Swift is 34 years old. She is a millennial White claw girl. In female years, she is old as fuck.

The majority of her followers and fans are millennial women that have hit the fertility wall or are about to. Even if Taylor, with the three good eggs she has left got impregnated by her new Chad boyfriend (Travis), do you really think she is going to start singing and writing songs about finding a good man and going off birth control, letting him cum inside for realsies and submitting/settling?

Taylor Swift

Do you really think that would go over well for her brand? Would she lose her fan base or would they all follow her and the next day every woman in America would ceremonially, at the time of hearing the news of Taylor’s pregnancy, denying their decades of programming by spread their legs on the streets for the first man that walked by?

The problem is, the 80% of women also want Chad.

Not all women can be like Taylor Swift (success wise) and certainly there aren’t enough Chad’s in America to go around for every woman. Just look at her image now and how the ‘fairy tale’ and storybook ending is playing out for Taylor.

Today, and in her Thirties without any kids to speak of, Taylor has hit the reset button once again and she’s getting what she didn’t have in high school: Having sex with a Chad; football fuckboi. Technically Travis isn’t a quarter back, he is only a tight end.

However, it is probably not tight anymore because Mahomes has probably been in there many times (Gaayy). He may even be gay, because what man in his sexual prime (and status) would want to be with or even marry a woman who is in her mid-Thirties? Unless you’re either gay or have a slight mental handicap (he may be slow), not a lot of high status men would be dating Taylor Swift unless they are doing it for image purposes, and to keep up appearances.

Taylor is now finally back in high school or reliving those years like she wanted to. She is now dating the Chad she never had. She is going to all of his football games and is screaming in the bleachers for him, supporting him instead of reserving her mouth for average cock under the bleachers.

She is the cheer captain now, and all the other women (fans) are on the bleachers.

She is the bottom shelf Becky, but she is the Becky that lived to tell the tale that she got Chad. And this is why so many women are obsessed with Taylor Swift and her life, along with her music because in their head they are planning the exact same story.

They're planning their Thirties not being a ‘soccer mom’ driving her Range Rover to Whole Foods every other day in between picking her kids up at school and masturbating after cleaning the house in the morning. Their Thirties are going to be all about still dating Chad, still living the great life doing MDMA at raves and always spouting that they are never going to be a wrinkly prune.

They are always going to have fun at the expense of not only themselves but to other people including broader society. This is crack to women’s psychology.

Taylor’s message and music is the ultimate aphrodisiac to American women.

It’s why she is as successful as a female artist. Keeping American women on a constant IV drip of heroin.

The problem that American women face is that they are all not going to become Taylor Swift even though they all see themselves as her. They are all not going to be wealthy, successful and get Chad in the end. There are only three options that women have today: Poverty, Equality and Traditionalism. Aaron Clarey did a good and interesting video on this.

The fate of American women is just going to be more dread, regret, self-loathing that is going to have to be remedied or coped with via head-meds, cats, welfare/government money and a lot of sex toy purchases from Amazon.

The fact remains though is that whatever Taylor Swift does from here on out, in her Thirties, Forties and into her Fifties will be accepted by the female borg collective and deemed appropriate. Like women, Taylor can do no wrong in a femcentric society and it will always be a man’s fault when things don’t go right or as planned.

The writing is ironically in plain sight for American women, “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem it’s me.”

However, it’s my understanding that women cannot even read or comprehend things like irony. If they did, they would understand that this lifestyle, being ‘Swifty’ is unsustainable and they will one day be old and wrinkly, Chad won’t be by their side because he will be banging their former Twenty-something self. Women will again be out on the bleachers wishing they were the cheer captain, screaming “You belong to meeeee, you belong to me!”

As a finale, here are some 'secret slut' photos of Taylor:

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

AI captures Americana so well.


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