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What Does Time Mean To You?


Time is the most precious commodity you have in life. As soon as you're born the timer starts, and you are constantly losing that energy each and every single day. You only get so many sunrises and sunsets, seconds, minutes, hours, and days. How will you use it? What will you spend it on? How do you save more of it?

Time isn't like money. Money, you can always make more of it and grow. Using time to get money allows you to, in theory, save more time; to free up the limit. Time is very much like a Lifecard of credit. When you are out of the womb, everyone gets the same credit card to which has a limit: the number of days you get on this earth. That limit will fluctuate for different people depending on genetics, lifestyle, health and what they do in their life to allow their body (vehicle) to run as long as possible. You, believe it or not, have a limit to what you can spend here on earth and you don't even know it.

The anniversary of your death passes you by each and every-year, but you don't know it. You will never know what day that is, it could be August 19th...but you will never have that knowledge. You see, there is no such thing as the past or the future, there is only the NOW. Everything happens in the present, the future and past can only exist through the human brain as we are able to access memories and forecast the 'future' based off of past experiences. But really, your death will happen in the same time and space that you occupy NOW....because the 'future' will soon come and be NOW.

Since you have a credit limit in life (time is the currency) you must think about how you spend that time each and everyday.

People ask me all the time how I can get so much done in such little time. I always respond with, "I could be doing more if we didn't have to sleep." Sleep is necessary but it takes up the majority of your time on earth. Sleeping. A good night's sleep is vital for every human being to survive. Given that an average a person sleeps for 8 hours in a day, that means that an average person will sleep for 229,961 hours in their lifetime or basically one third of their life.

Now, that is a necessity. Sleep is vital for life. However, there are things you are doing in life right now that are not conducive; to which are stealing your time for no reason other than because someone else told you that is what you "should" be doing. Have a dog? That is more time that will have to be spent in order to keep that dog alive, fed, and healthy. Things like that are transfers of energy, time if you will. You have to SACRIFICE your finite energy for something else. Got kids or thinking about having kids? You will be spending a hell of a lot of your credit limit if that is the case. Got a huge house with a big lawn, pool, and two cars? Well, there goes even more time that will be spent at a 'job' trying to sustain all of that. Most of your time will be spent on keeping these things, rather than enjoying anything else in life. So what is more important? That is the question you have to ask yourself. Is it more important for you to be average and impress all of your other friends, who are all doing the exact same thing? Is being average a goal for you? Is living an average life OK with you? Is being OK good enough?

Someone asked me the other day how I do it. How do I manage to sit down, write books, know how to invest and trade in the stock market, etc. The simple answer is: I used my time wisely. Instead of wasting it during the evening watching mindless garbage on the normie box like Dancing with the Stars or American Idol (TV), I chose to become my own star and idol. How do you do that? Invest time into yourself. PAY yourself first with the time you have, then give back to society in the way you best can. There are no silver bullets in life. If you are hoping to win the lottery, that is normie thinking; as it is almost statically impossible.

Why waste your time and energy on something so stupid? How do you write and publish books? Nobody is going to do it for you. You have to sit down and write, instead of going out to the club or bar and watching a team of dudes shoot a cylindrical piece of rubber into a net. Instead of cheering on grown men in jerseys that aren't your own and watching them do something as trivial like throwing a ball into a hoop, spend your time doing something that will benefit you. How do I write so well and are able to publish, on average, two books a year? Easy, I don't waste my time. Even if I just sat down each day and only wrote 500 words, I would be done a novel in little over 3 months. Writing out 500 quality words doesn't take more than an hour a day. So, that hour you are spending watching some stupid mainstream normie show on TV or jerking off to porn, or taking stupid selfies in order to compete for the big prize of Who the Best Normie Is, you could be truly making yourself valuable.

The time you get on earth, the energy, will eventually have to be paid back in your death. Paid back to the earth. That is the consequence of life. You are here on borrowed time. Your time here is rented. It is a gift that has a cost. Like a credit card, you eventually have to pay your balance back even if you don't want to.

Our culture is fixated for some reason on becoming worthless. We praise behaviors and things that are truly adding no value to society. Are you valuing your time? If you don't, you are not valuing yourself. That is the real tragedy.

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