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Sheriff's deputy's teacher wife, Dori Myers, arrested after she 'gave oral and received anal

Authorities arrested the teacher after the teen boy allegedly told a classmate about the accusations. The classmate then informed the school principal about what he had learned, according to The New York Daily News.

Myers “was arrested Friday at the site of the alleged attack on 168th St. and Broadway in Washington Heights,” Daily News reported.

According to the criminal complaint provided by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Myers “engaged in oral sexual conduct and anal sexual conduct with another person who was less than fifteen years old.” …

According to The New York Post, authorities allege that “a fellow teacher witnessed Myers massaging the victim.”

Myers was a teacher at the New School for Leadership and the Arts in Kingsbridge, New York. According to The New York Post, her attorney, Andrew Stoll, says that Myers lives in Rockland County, and she has denied the allegations.

Stoll “noted the teacher had started a track team at the Bronx school, where she had worked since 2014,” The Post reported, adding that the attorney maintains the teacher is innocent. “It just takes one person’s accusation to make an arrest in this town and she’s a model citizen who looks forward to clearing her name,” Stoll told The New York Post.

The social media accounts, including on Facebook and Twitter, for the teacher have now been deleted, but they allegedly contained references to alcohol.

“The brunette wrote about her students and partying on social media, where she posted a since-deleted picture of herself beaming in a dark blue, low cut tank top that read ‘Champagne All Day’, while holding a bottle in one hand and a glass of bubbly in the other,”

“In another now-deleted image, Myers is wearing a white top with the bawdy phrase: ‘Whiskey Makes Me Frisky,’” The Sun noted. According to The New York Post, a 2015 tweet by Myers stated that a student had commented on the appearance of the teacher: “Ms. You’re like, real pretty, but, no offense, you got a big forehead.”

Myers is married. According to UK Daily Mail, she “lives in Rockland County where her husband is sheriff’s deputy.” Daily Mail reports that the “criminal complaint claims the assault took place somewhere in Upper Manhattan on November 1.”

The New York Posted also reported of Myers: “Her husband is a sheriff’s deputy.”


Dori Myers has two weaknesses that we know of: Putting things in her mouth—be it drinks or young, teen dick— and an obsession with ironic T-shirts with classic slut proverbs written on them. The one proverb that does fit this recent teacher sex scandal is that good things come to those who wait. And we here have waited through the recent slump of teacher sex scandals this month to finally get a story like this. This tale is just one gigantic irony fest.

The two-part question that popped into my mind when this story broke was, “Who was the arresting officer….and was it her husband?” I ask this because it would have been super convenient if he were. Think about it, he would’ve got the call over the radio to go to his own house, put his wife in cuffs, and then they could’ve chatted the whole way down to the precinct! What a fun car ride that would’ve been. Men hate it when their wives interfere or show up at their workplace.

Dori-"Pick me up after work, hunny?"

Hubby- "actually......"

For this FTSS detective, Dori is just another female victim of our society to which bores modern women, completely. What we have here is, clearly, a former party-gurl in relapse; chained to a husband that is part of the system, a real pawn on the chessboard.

You couldn’t have two people more wrong for each other in a marriage: A horny party-gurl, who gets the tingles whenever a student fires a tweet at her, saying things like “You’re real pretty, but you have a big forehead”. I guess that is all it takes today to get your hot teacher to massage you in the open, and to moisturize your dick with her mouth. In all likelihood her response to that tweet would’ve been “My forehead may be big….but at least you have a large landing pad for that load of yours…” Or something casual, like that.

Dori: the explorer of a young man’s pants.

The Report Card

Methodology: A teacher who openly massages the student she is/will be banging jibblies with, is a bold strategy; almost as if she wanted to get caught. Having a prolific social media presence, our gurl achieved greatness in no time at all; via casting a net as wide as her vagina, to ensure all her male students could see how fun she is and her alcohol abuse. Signaling Party-gurl while you're married is a huge DTF green light.

Dori must have known that her 'victim' would eventually brag about their tryst. I mean, blowjays are one thing...but your hot teacher lets you stick it in her butt? You gotta brag, bro! Our 'victim' is probably suffering greatly... from a sore hand via receiving all the high-fives you will ever get in one day of bragging to your friends.


Integrity: There was a day, back long ago, where a good honest cop could find a decent and caring teacher for a wife. Those days are long gone. Breaking the law and the rules of a married household all in one go? Priceless. Actually...this whole thing is going to cost a lot of people payers especially. Letting a high-school dude do butt stuff to you when he is barely old enough for a midnight bedtime curfew....i about a home run to fame. I understand that the rules around the house must've been strict, being married to a cop and all, but man....


Presentation/looks: For 29 and soon to be hitting the Wall, Dori looks amazing. That forehead, though. She's got that whole suburban housewife motif going on and the passion for shopping only at gift-shops; for tank-tops with risqué axioms on them. The hair says, "I don't care today....because I am drinking" and a smile that says, "Let me help you...with that." I would buy her a shot. Two whiskey's, please!


Award: Dori gets our First Anal Award for 2018!

Overall Grade

A (solid)

CASE Closed

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