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A Pair Of Hot 'Ride or Die' Female Teachers, Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler Arrested For Raping Multiple Male Students

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

Original Story at Dailymail

  • A pair of “ride or die” best friends — who were in each other’s wedding parties — are charged with having sex with male students while they worked for a Georgia school district.

  • Railey Greeson and Brooklyn Shuler, who worked at Calhoun City Schools, were slapped with charges Thursday for allegedly sleeping with the students between October 2021 and January 2022.

  • Greeson allegedly had sex with two different male students between Oct. 29, 2021, and Jan. 3, 2022, while Shuler was indicted on charges that she had sex with a different male student, also between October 2021 and January 2022.

  • Greeson was Shuler’s maid of honor at her wedding in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, on Nov. 12, 2022 — months after the alleged sexual relationship with the student.

  • Greeson described her as her “best friend” and her “ride or die.”according to Shuler’s wedding registry website.

  • Shuler was a bridesmaid at Greeson’s wedding in October 2023, according to Greeson’s wedding site.

  • Shuler appears to have split with her former husband, according to the Daily Mail.

  • Greeson is still pictured on her husband’s Facebook profile.


I have been covering Female Teacher Sex Scandals long before anyone else.

It's only now that guys like Better Bachelor and Rollo Tomassi have entered the chat. Where have you guys been? I assume that this trend is hard to ignore now ever since I got the ball rolling back in 2016, and that is why it is been shown some light.

Being a pioneer is tough.

In the beginning nobody pays attention and shrugs off what you have to say. Then one sex scandal a month turns into one a week, then turns into 3 a week.

It's not a knock on these great podcasters. But again, I've already figured this shit out and been doing this for almost 10 years. It's great that my message and the word has been getting out across the inter-webs about this epidemic. An epidemic that has been spreading for almost a decade now and it's about time other people are finally taking it seriously.

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler Thelma And Louise'd Their Way Into Female Sex Scandal Teacher Hall of Fame

With that said, our dreamgirls here, Railey Greeson and her bestie sex-competitor Brooklyn Shuler aren't the first duo to 'ride' their students, only to see their careers and marriages 'die' on the vine. It is rare for us to see team female rapists, but these two aren't the first.

If you've been an addicted and avid reader of this blog and have been here since we started this great tradition, you'd remember hot female teachers, Talia Sisco and her hot BFF wing-girl Tia Pourani.

In addition, just a few weeks ago we covered another pair ( not as hot) of female teachers, Alexia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson.

Women Are As Slutty As Society Will Allow Them To Be

To go even further, women are also as perverted and slutty as their closest best friend.

As we know, women follow the heard and take their social cues from the 'collective', the group. If other women are doing it, if it is deemed or sanctioned by the group, a woman will conform to that standard. If other girls think a guy is hot in school, word gets around, and other women will circle said Chads like sharks.

“They just seemed boy-crazy. And everyone in the school knew it and joked about it.”

This is why a woman's sexuality and ultimately her hypergamous nature, must be regulated. Otherwise, when women are left to their own devices, or rather, to the whims of the 'sisterhood', you get female teachers sucking and fucking whomever gives tingles to their quivering cunts.

Female teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler are and were 'ride or die' besties, yes. But make no mistake, between women, there is always competition anxiety. These two skanks might've made a pact before their wedding dates; they would bag themselves some teen-peen before 'settling in' with their beta shlubbys.

Being reasonably attractive (both of them) they'd probably been getting hit-on by multiple boys at their respective schools.

Again, at the time, both Greeson & Brooklyn had recently graduated from college and were in their first years of teaching; about to be in their first year(s) of marriage. They then performed the classic: Had sex with male minors. The equivalent of a 'workplace affair' with the closest available 'Chad'. Women cannot help themselves. Their only hobbies include riding dick, spending other men's money and starting workplace affairs.

“I’m not trying to stereotype, but you could look at them and tell they were trouble,” said Audrey Decker, whose stepdaughter attends the school.

It's obvious that nobody, in both the lives of Railey and her tailgate Brooklyn, had ever told these girls the word, 'no'. Not the their dads, their former boyfriends, or probably their current husbands. From what we know so far, one husband has said the word 'no' and that was Shuler's. He told her no a little too late, however. He never should've said 'yes' in the first place when he was at the alter with her, saying gay shit and reading vows about to 'hold and to keep'.

To have sex with your students (whom are minors) is insane. However, it is equally insane for men to marry these days. Modern women are absolute trash because the laws are trash. Society is circling the drain because it has 'empowered women'. Empowering women is the equivalent to giving a child the keys to the car and expecting them to obey all traffic signs, speed limits and drive defensively.

With that said, for the record I will be grading Greeson & Shuler as a team and not as individual sex scandal teachers. This is 'ride or die', Thelma & Louise shit. It's what Railey and Booklyn would've wanted. Plus, Railey is probably going to carry their overall grad, especially in the looks/presentation category.

The Report Card


As per the standard, these two salacious sluts were prowling their schools in hopes of bagging aspiring Chads, predating their soon-to-be wedding dates. It's still unclear how old these two are. It is rare that we do not have confirmation but this story is still fresh.

Greeson was a member of Calhoun High School's class of 2019, according to an Instagram post. Displaying professional photo taken of her in anticipation of her senior year. This puts her around the age of 23.

Shuler got married first in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, on November 12, 2022, according to her wedding registry website.

Greeson was wed in Tennessee roughly a year after Shuler on October 7, 2023.

Shuler named Greeson as her maid of honor, describing her as her 'best friend' and her 'ride or die'.

Shuler didn't get the honor of being Greeson's matron of honor at her wedding but was a bridesmaid.

This is a very interesting detail because these two are supposed to be 'besties'. Greeson even said that Shuler was her 'ride or die' yet, Shuler was only a bridesmaid at Greeson's wedding. Stunning, and brave.

Did one of them rat on the other?

Did Shuler get jealous of Greeson racking up bodies like a marine in Iraq?

Time will tell when we get these two weirdos to court!

“You should have seen them with any attractive parents who came to the school. They would flirt with any of the dads.”

I wonder how Shuler felt not getting the honor. I also wonder how Shuler felt knowing that she only was able to fuck one male student and her 'bestie' Greeson was able to have two. Do we sense a little 'completion anxiety'?

It makes complete sense that Railey Greeson was able to have sex with two teen boys, unlike her friend Brooklyn. Let's be honest here, Greeson is hotter. She's got this whole 'party in the USA' Miley thing going on.

We don't know the full details here about how the boys were groomed and the ensuing sexcapades. All we know is that these two bagged 3 different boys. That's a pretty big body count.



Both Railey & Brooklyn were set to be married soon after their 'workplace' affairs with these minors. Need we say more about why women shouldn't have jobs, vote or sign contracts? Need we say more about why women shouldn't be having careers in CorporateLand?

Need we have to say more about why these two have met the standard and exceeded it for being professional sex scandal teachers? Fucking three teens between the two of them, in their first years as teachers, goin going into their first year of marriages.

They followed the playbook to perfection and wasted no time.

Flawless. The cherry ontop (a +) to an A grade would've been if either one of them got pregnant...



I am sure by now you've made your own conclusions about Railey and Brooklyn when it comes down to their most important attribute as women: Their sex appeal.

You are correct, Railey is the hot one and Brooklyn is her backseat bitch wearing the cheap helmet. Don't get it confused though, Brookyn is 100% fuckable from the perspective of a man from the age ranges of teen-70. All men want a Twenty-something mid to call their own.

Brooklyn on her own would be an exceptional hottie in terms of a female sex scandal teacher, no doubt. No doubt in my mind. I'd throw my pigskin a quarter mile into Brooklyn's end zone.

However, when put beside her 'ride or die' Railey, I'd have to give Greeson my cock first in a three-way between the two. My first load. It's nothing personal, Brooklyn, it's just biology and a harsh survival calculation. Greeson also looks like a blowjob queen, too.

A bleacher bandit during halftime.

When it comes to mugshots, ladies, both of you look stunning. It's one of the hardest poses/portraits a woman can pull-off without the fakeup on. And you both are natural born criminals.

Not sure if the patrol officer brushed both your hair before the snapshots, but damn, looking fine. It's like you both knew this day was coming. Like it was all planned out, just like you both planned to fuck your students before your wedding days. One last chance at freedom before becoming an indentured servant to your husbands. Oh wait, now you're both going to jail instead.

I wonder what life would be worse? Staying home, not having to work, maybe doing an hour of housework a day, gallivanting around town all day cheating on your husbands with ex-boyfriends, going to Starbucks, shopping. Or, getting arrested, serving time and have to start an Onlyfans to get by because nobody will hire you after this?

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

They both threw their Chad's away for a younger Chad...

When we say that women are greedy, entitled and reckless, we are not hyperbolizing in the slightest. The only thing women want is more.

This is why women need to be regulated like in the past.

These two 'amazing' women had everything. Yet, they pissed it all away for teen penis and felonious thrills.

This is women, though.

They get front-loaded life once they turn 18.

It's like women poor people win the lottery: They go on a spending spree and think the good times will always roll. Total disregard, reckless abandon, 'nobody can stop me' type of dopamine rush. The female version of the film Crank. These women had 'it all' and 'all' wasn't good enough.

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

How much you want to bet that Railey & Brooklyn

have fingered each other at least once..?

I've known women like this, especially back in college. You don't get 'ride or die' tight without finger-blasting each other one drunken Saturday night after a St.Patricks day kegger.

These two have probably tribbed at some point or a the very least, slept with each other with just panties on and did some 'over the pants' stuff before. Just sayn'.

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

Not bad. If you're a teen boy you'd want to score

a touchdown in her end zone...

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

Red Knees and a fake Prada purse.

I wonder how she 'afforded' her lifestyle.

You can be the best guy out there, but just know that at the end of the day it is just your turn. While you are giving her a lifestyle and allowing her to look like a low-rent version of Miley Cyrus, she is out there having sex with teen boys because: reasons.

If you give women the world, they will destroy it and not know why they did it.

Men sacrifice themselves for the family.

Women sacrifice the family (divorce) for themselves.

Don't believe me? Questioning my authority? Well there was a study done on this exact thing: Women who win the lottery rush to ditch their husbands, while men who win the lottery want to start families.

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

That's a great ass, a nice ass...

one of the great butts of our great great country..

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

It's a party in the USA!

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

Never let her dig her claws into you...

Unless it's from sex.

Never let her fiscally (marriage) dig her claws into you. She will bleed you dry.

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

It's actually 6 steals if you include the

two minors she robbed from the cradle.

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

"Put my hands up (arrested), they're playing my song...butterflies fly away.."

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

Hubby: "Mmmm, you taste like Monster Energy, Cheetos and Fortnite..."

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

She's looking at her next fuck, not you.

You see women take this pose a lot. They never look at the guy they are with. It's all about enticing the next Chad.

Miley....sorry Railey, does look to have a nice ass. Her tits though are a bit teardropish and have a slight sag to them already. Not good for a thin girl. However, she'd make for a nice roll-in-the-hay.

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler

The lock around her neck is ironic. Her hubby probably gave that to her not knowing she'd get locked up, but not with him.


Final Comments: As a team, and as individuals, both Greeson and Shuler met the requirements needed to become fully instated as female sex scandal teachers.

However, as you all know that with any group project in school or at the workplace, there is always that one person who doesn't pull their equal share.

Brooklyn, sugar tits, I am looking at you. You are lucky your friend Railey had more of a social media presence, otherwise, this presentation that you both put forth to me would've sucked harder than you both had sucked-off those three boys.

This is why I hate group projects and duo female sex scandal teachers. Someone always lacks accountability. In this case, it's involving two women so you know that there will be minimal accountability holding this all together.

Railey fucked two boys, Brooklyn. You only fucked one.

Do you see the problem here?

Railey has a ton of pics, you had what, maybe two?

Don't get me started about passion and dedication!

Overall Grade


This Post Is Brought To You By

Female Teachers Railey Greeson & Brooklyn Shuler


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