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Hot Married Female Teacher, Julie Rizzitello, Sexually Assaulted A Teen Student 'multiple times', Including In The Boy's Car

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello

Original Story at NewYorkPost

  • A married female teacher has been charged with sexual assault over claims she had sexual relations with a student.

  • Julie Rizzitello, 36, is accused of engaging in 'various sexual acts' with the student on 'multiple occasions and in at least three jurisdictions — Belmar, Brick, and Wall' over the course of the year.

  • Rizzitello, who tied the knot with her husband in 2017, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault, three counts of criminal sexual contact and one count of witness tampering.

  • Rizzitello, 36, and the student, who was 18, had multiple sexual encounters between April and June 14, according to an affidavit of probable cause obtained

  • Prosecutors claim she engaged in sexual acts with them on multiple occasions and across three different townships.

  • The pair allegedly engaged in sexual acts in his car in Brick on May 14, and she later sent him nude photos, according to authorities. 

  • Rizzitello was reportedly an English teacher who spent 10 years working with the Wall Township School District.

  • She also served as an advisor for several clubs in the area. It is not clear if the victim was a student or a member of the club.


First off, Rizzitello has to be the most New Jersey name, ever.

Secondly, what is with the state of New Jersey quickly becoming one of the hot beds for female sex scandal teachers? It [Jersey] is climbing the ranks along side with other notable and great female sex scandal teacher states such as: Arkansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Texas.

Florida, back when we first started this great tradition of grading female sex scandal teachers (2016), was the top state for this type of debauchery. Now, Florida is as quiet as a teen fapping late into the night to his hot female teacher.

Today's hot female teacher is none other than Julie Rizzitello, a 36-year-old married to a firefighter husband. Yes, her husband is a Chad.

Lately, a lot of the hubby's these degenerates have been married to are actually decent looking dudes. It just goes to show that you can be a firefighter, have everything going for you as a guy, and women will still cheat and fuck a minor behind your back.

Society has given women a free pass with the current courts & justice system, the laws and their sexuality has remained unchecked for decades. Don't get married. Just treat these women like they want to be treated: Cum dumpsters.

After searching the parameters, it appears that Julie's Facebook has been deactivated.

Not a good start, Julie.

However, I managed to get her and hubby's wedding website thanks to a reader who had emailed me about this case 2-3 days ago. So, thanks for that (you know who you are).

My readers are some of the best out there and often help with some of these cases in trying to locate leads.

From their, I was able to back door some photos off her hubby's Facebook. Most of the photos are some years older, but are still adequate as far grading. Hence why you guys are getting an exclusive today as no other media outlet has posted these pictures in our possession.

Yes, the teen in question was 18 at the time. The fact is, Julie still was lawfully in the wrong as she was in a position of influence and authority over the boy. It's safe to assume that Julie had probably been fantasizing for years about fucking this teen and she, like a typical woman, couldn't wait just 5 more minutes until he graduated from high school.

Women are absolute degenerates; slaves to their pussy tingles.

Women are like teenagers. They have no impulse control. Julie Rizzitello probably got rizzed-up by this aspiring Chad and she obviously engaged in sharing nude photos with him; sent him sexts for some time. All of this happened before banging him in his car multiple times across multiple jurisdictions.

Married Female Teachers like Julie Rizzitello Have been Fucking Their Students Longer Than You Think

Female teachers have been doing this for a long time. It's just now with the advancement in technology, smartphones and cameras, it's never been easier for them to get caught.

The amount of tangible evidence that can be collected versus 20 years-40 years ago is what gets these women caught. Texts messages, nudes on phones, CCTV cameras and social media DMs. Before, nobody would know if you had slept with your female teacher unless you told someone or got caught in the act somehow. Even then, how could it be proved?

There was no paper trail back in day like there is today. And just think, these female teachers that we cover are just the ones getting caught. How many more are there out there that never do? Or how many don't make the news because their city, their board covers it up or their daddy is some bigshot?

At 36-years old, as you will see, Julie looks pretty good (for her age).

Were there problems at home in the bedroom?

It's hard to believe since her hubby is a jacked firefighter. It's possible she hadn't been getting the type of desirable attention she felt entitled too, or that she had been use to.

Another way of looking at all of this is that: women today are being starved (sexually) slowly. Most men their age have seen all the bullshit that women have caused over the years and are walking away from dating, especially from dating or having an affair with a 36-year old woman. Most men don't even fall on women's sexual radar anyways, except for the 10-20% of men.

I get a lot of questions such as, "Why don't these female teachers just go to the bar and fuck a guy their own age?" It's because most guys their own age, if they are high value, aren't fucking 36-year old women. They might pump and dump them, but they aren't hanging around too long. Women like Julie are shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to teen boys. It's about power & control.

They know these teen boys haven't been in The Game for a long time and haven't been in the trenches of female nature. In other words, they have zero PTSD. Their view of girls/women hasn't been tainted yet or jaded in anyway.

Their lust and desire is at full-throttle and women like, Julie who prey on these boys, know that they are getting the best out of them. The best affection, attention and possibly sex. Women like Julie can mold them into the perfect sex partner and boyfriend. She can control the relationship unlike her current one.

Julie's husband might've stopped putting up with her bullshit. For a teen boy who is on edge, horny and delusional about women, it is difficult for them to see a woman's bullshit or even care. If you were a teen boy and your hot teacher was Julie Rizzitello, would you care? You would be blinded by the white's of your own eyes as they roll back into your skull; putting your dick into another dimension, uncharted territory; into your hot female teacher's velvet smooth pussy.

If I had to guess, Julie doesn't look like the type of girl who likes condoms either.

She's from New Jersey after all.

The Report Card


Julie Rizzitello took a page out of the "do-gooder' chapter of the standard playbook. Firstly, women in society are by default widely preserved to be 'good' versus their male counter-parts. This in sociological terms is called: The Women Are Wonderful Effect.

It is a common psychological phenomenon in where people tend to view women more favorable than men, simply because they are women. It is a sexist bias that most people have because they think that since women are natural nurturers, they would be wholesome and virtuous 24/7. But ultimately this is a fatal misconception. Hence why this blog exists; it is to show you that women are not all 'good'.

In fact, most women are not to be trusted and are capable of committing gross atrocities. Just watch DateLine, or read this blog. Most women are only virtuous and care about certain things because ultimately those things will and should benefit her. Women are inherently selfish and solipsistic. They only do what is best for them and not for greater society.

The #Metoo movement took advantage of the 'Women Are Wonderful Effect' in order to usurp power and authority from men. That didn't work out so well because now men are walking away from this society/culture and no longer trust women.

Women broke that social contract between them and men for their own selfish power grab. And now, consequences follow. Men can now see what has been under the mask the whole time. They can now see that women are bi-polar and have two sides to them. It's one of the reasons why Julie Rizzitello is seeking out teen boys.



Julie Rizzitello was involved in a couple of social fundraising groups, including one for sick kids with cancer. An English teacher for 10 years and married for 7 of those years to a beefcake firefighter.

She is/was married and presumably has a kid with her husband.

Threw it all away like that Phil Collins smash hit for an 18 year old student to smash her; hit her g-spot, platinum pussy.

That's dedication; that's passion!



We've seen a lot of female teachers come out of NJ before and they don't look anywhere near Julie's level. Going to have to say not guilty on this one; definitely not guilty in New Jersey. With those lips and mouth, I bet Julie could suck the chrome off a Cadillac!

We need nudes to confirm, but I am sure Julie looks great for 36-years old. If you are 18, putting your cock inside of Julie's pump station would be a greater sensation than winning 10 rounds in a row playing Fortnite with your buddies. From the perspective of a teen, getting to have sex with your hot 36-year old teacher would be wild.

The girls your age probably don't give two shits about you because they are too busy going to Taylor Swift concerts and having lesbian sex with each other. Probably not as experienced in the backseat of a car/in the bedroom compared to Rizzitello and not as eager too. I'd say Julie is for sure hot enough to ruin masturbation, forever.

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello

Not sure what mistake was bigger:

Those sleeve tattoos or getting married...

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello

Suck me sideways...I'd drive her hard and put her away wet. that Pauly D from Jersey Shore?

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello

Jesus Christ on a cracker...I sure hope that teen boy is doing okay...

I'd imagine the father-son-talk went a little something like this after the boy's dad found out about his 18-year son having an 'inappropriate relationship' with a woman who already had a kid with another man...

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello

I'd giver her my banana and let that monkey starve...

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello

This didn't age well...

Side note: I am using a new AI editing tool for my website photos, so I can do more funny shit/doodles on images I need to blur faces on and such. Obviously Julie's husband wasn't holding a monkey in this photo, it's their child.

I must say, the AI tool I programed into the site is pretty awesome and it's going to be fun going forward...

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello

Can almost hear the accent in her voice from here...

would make it hard to finish.

Also, I thought Obama killed Osama Bin Laden? Didn't know the dude gave to sweet.

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello

Nice legs and our gurl Julie is thick in ass... Nice!

I'd give Julie my rigatoni (al dente)!

Man, 'Snookie' is still in Jersey?

Takes one skank to know another.


Final Comments: Julie Rizzitello has cleared the bar for being a female sex scandal teacher. She technically slept with a student while he was still enrolled and inches away from graduation. Julie couldn't help herself and just had to take every inch of his dick and leave nothing to chance. Who knows, he could be the next reality TV star; the next Pauly D!

Women see an opportunity, correction, their vagina sees it and they pounce. They can't let Chad get away until he cums inside of her. Julie, deep down inside, is a Jersey girl at heart. Just look at how she dresses. A natural born salacious slut. It's why the show Jersey Shore took place in the state of New Jersey. It's the perfect setting to showcase the culture of debauchery that resides; a bunch of horny-ass Italians.

Julie, you played it safe and went for an almost legal, 18 year old. Safe is not how you play the game, but you played it and earned yourself a spot in this year's lineup for ultimate female sex scandal teacher Greatness.

Your presentation was almost lacking, but thanks to your hubby we managed to salvage it for you. If you would've kept your social media open, you could've got extra marks for 'passion' and 'dedication'. It's what we like to see here. Shoot for the stars. Be better next time!

P.S Be sure to stop by my office later and maybe we can work on 'upgrading' your overall mark. If you want a taste of Greatness, I'll let you suck my cock and we can go from there.

Overall Grade


This Post Is Brought To You By

Married Female Teacher Julie Rizzitello


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