Katy Perry #MeToo's Poindexter, Benjamin Glaze

The first thing that came to mind when viewing this spectacle of pity was that if a male rock-star pulled this trickery on some 18 or below, young female aspiring slam-piece, in this #MeToo climate, there would be an uproar. However, if you are Katy Perry, you can do no wrong. Hell, if you are a woman in today's gynocentric world, where double standards come in the baskets, where female teachers can do butt-stuff with their male students and receive, meh, the lightest sentence ever, you can do no wrong.

Anyway, without that out of the way, what we should really be noticing is that Katy Perry went full-feminist and got what we here call: The Dyke-cut. The dyke-cut is the most extreme slap in the face to society a woman can do; especially if she looked amazing and stunning prior to getting the, "Can I speak to your manager" hair-doo. Katy Perry is just one of the latest female celebs to get the dreaded dyke-cut and has been added to the Hall of Fugly, here on the Red Island.

The poindexter above, who apparently got his first kiss from Perry in that sequence of awkward teenage dreaming, got ripped off. It would have been different if non-dyke-cut Perry snuck a fast one on him, but as we all know, Poindexter always gets the raw deal and picks up the scraps. Instead of getting kissed by Katy Perry in her prime, Poindexter gets the Walmart mom version of Kate Perry; albeit an above average version of a Walmart mom.

He[Poindexter, Benjamin Glaze] even states he "didn't really love" the kiss. Just goes to show that Katy Perry kissed a boy, but he didn't like it. Either our Poindexter has a bit of Game in him (doubtful) or he is possibly gay, or butt-hurt that he didn't move on. Or, the kiss reminded him of his mom. Who knows?

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