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Feminism: Before & After

As you may or may not know, the upcoming month of September is a huge month in terms of cancer awareness. Many types of cancer ribbons are worn; people will choose hope.

September is also a month in which many new and older students will go back or attend college in the Fall: Where they will be exposed to the cancer of feminism on a daily basis, increasing their risk and chances of becoming a Dyke-cut casualty; just another statistic.

Mother's and fathers spend their life-savings putting little Suzy into the leftist cauldron that is: modern day academia; exposing their beautiful daughters (if they haven't already caught the disease) to a plethora of misandry and hate for all things, beautiful.

Young women will absorb this indoctrination and begin the process of degeneration; degrading themselves in a slow undertaking that can only resemble a Venezuelan-esq type of deterioration in regards to their bodies. Giving blowjobs for drinks; throwing their cat around campus as if it were candy on Halloween. Re-discovering the wonders of their vagina through Women's Studies.

Behavior of the female host drastically changes as well; transforming from a modest form of sluttery, to full-blown outbreaks of Chadatosis: An addiction to the preferred thickness of certain campus cocks, to which roam the quad and bars at night; enduring earth-shattering orgasms to which cause the skipping of classes, breakfast and nocturnal regeneration, in some cases.

Getting continuously pumped-and-dumped will slowly cause the female to subconsciously lose respect for herself, but for others as well. Treating her body like a cheap amusement park, the parts will eventually break-down and the company; bankrupt.

Some women will experience withdrawals when returning home for the Christmas and summer holidays, since the disease's primary objective is to lure the female host into a false sense of self-importance/superiority and allow her hypergamous instinct to be unfettered; dumping their hometown boyfriends, getting snippy with their parents, and displaying all the displeasure's of 'home life' as opposed to their new found glory: Campus life.

A world filled with Chad, 'independence', vaginal worship, and the promise that life will always be one more thick-dick away from an all-inclusive trip to Cancun.

The following is what happens to the modern female when she is exposed to the toxins to which emanate from college campuses, today.

WARNING: This post may contain images that viewers may find distressing. Exposure to these images may cause: Vomiting, suicide, or the gouging of one's own eyeballs.

Feminism: A debilitating disease now affecting 1 in 5 women in the Western word.

Take a good look; see the effects feminism can have on the female body. Once attractive, gorgeous women that men would've been queuing up for, now reduced to a sorry state after having ridden the cock-carousel for more than a decade.

Reduced, to something that you wouldn't even fuck with someone else's dick....

Feminism, is transmitted from the mouth of those already afflicted with the disease, to the ears of a potential carrier of the disease. Those of feeble mindedness are the most at risk and easily infected.

Feminism bypasses the normal functions of the brain. Those functions include: Proper reasoning and the acceptance of empirical evidence.

Initial symptoms may include: Talking about the 'gender pay gap' as if it's a real thing, or overuse of the term 'patriarchy' while at the same time being obsessed with what men do with their spare time.

Feminism, once inside the brain, can quickly turn a once happy, amiable and enjoyable woman, into a self-hating, joyless, and aggressive cunt.

Feminism, also robs those infected, with the ability to reason that people are naturally attracted to attractive people; attractiveness can be measured scientifically.

People find others who smile in photos to be more attractive than those who make stupid faces and are repulsive.

As if to believe repulsiveness is something of a virtue, the feminist will pose like a drugged-up homeless person as if to report some sort of victory over the 'oppressive' male gaze from a camera.

As feminism continues to eat the brain, sufferers will find themselves engaging in a process of continual fuglification, of which is getting unflattering hairstyles: Particularly the I-Just-Got-Run-Over by a lawnmower hairstyle, seems to be a defining signal that the subject has entered into the advanced stages of the disease.

Apart from making you look like someone nobody would want to have a child with, feminism can also serve you to look virtually unemployable.

One of the most common manifestations of feminism: Hair loss.

The hair will seem to have chopped itself off, or in the worst cases, will change to bright, unflattering and unnatural colors.

Colors, like which can be found on dangerous snakes and insects; signalling poison to all on-lookers.

Even celebrities and high-profile TV personalities aren't immune to the effects of feminist fuglification.

In the advanced stages of the disease, a woman or mangina will become 'woke'.

Wokeness: The most vile and disturbing phase one can witness in terms of this disease. A symptom that ensures your friend or loved one is not coming back from feminism and will remain trapped in the grips of it's iron claw for as long as they live.

The first sign of an individual becoming 'woke': Donning a pair of retro translucent rims for eye-wear.

This is where the disease takes hold of the host's motor and brain functions and causes it to foam at the mouth every time Donald Trump tweets to the public. The disease then triggers the host into invading non-infected people's spaces and asking them, "Did you just see what Trump tweeted this morning?!!". The infected person will do this everyday until all of its energy has been spent toiling over any remark the President, or a Republican makes, about any given topic.

An infected person will approach you as if you already agree with them, making you even more susceptible to the disease's deception and trickery. The disease makes an infected person perform these rituals in order to target and manipulate a non-diseased's emotional centers: A human weak spot.

There is currently no cure for feminism, aside from a proposed operation known as: Operation Decommission. A de-classified operation to which entails rounding up all 'woke' hosts and putting them all on a giant naval vessel, set to be decommissioned out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Once gathered and set out to sea, a current and active naval vessel (with assistance from overhead drones) will launch a full salvo of BGM (Land Attack Missile) 109 Tomahawk missiles at said target. The cost of munitions combined will come nowhere near the cost to which feminism has caused to greater society. A reasonable way to spend tax-payer dollars along with giving the Navy and U.S military some quality exercise and training.

The only long-term solution to feminism is to prevent others from catching the disease and by letting those already infected to self-destruct, due to their miserable and empty lives. The ruined lives and societal infrastructure will be a testament and reminder to all future humans as to the devastation and poverty to which this disease brought on to the West. No need for tombstones as the West will be one giant billboard of death and fuglyness.

The best course of action is to let the disease feed off the host's energy and body until the infected dies out and ends it's genetic line:

DO NOT breed with an infected.

DO NOT associated with the infected.

DO NOT support or financial incetivize the infected.

STAY AWAY from known feminist HOT SPOTS.

Remember, only YOU can prevent Dyke-cuts.


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