Tyrone: A Story For 'Empowered' Women

"The writer's prose is so thick it will steep deep inside of your brain, leaving your head sore the next day"DailyCuller

"A bizarre betrayal of the romantic formula"—Tingle Magazine

“A story as dark and frightening as the ghetto, itself.”HipTopShape Magazine

“A masterpiece that every young woman today needs on her bookshelf”Purple Hair Chronicle

“Tyrone’s presence is so big, your womanhood will explode”Go-Gurl

“A satire that hits harder than a step-father” C|suite

Tyrone (A Short Story)

STEPHANIE WAS AN INTERESTING WOMAN, she was a little on the thick side—not fat, just homely like Pam from The Office—, and had a few inspirational and Chinese inspired tattoos.

In University, she majored in Applied Woman's Studies with a Minor in Lesbian Tap-dance Therapy.


Vol.1 Issue #3

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Chad Swagger is your typical American male who enjoys wearing a polo shirt to the office even more so than getting drunk on the weekends with the guys. In his high school yearbook, he stated that his ambitions in life were to work for a large beer company and to become a “skilled lover” between the sheets. Half as charming as he thinks he is—and twice as desperate— Chad’s erotic sexual exploits tend to be awkward in the wake of his supreme thirst for love, desire, and admiration. Darkly funny and utterly offensive, The Bro Next Door is a twisted character study that exposes a rare side of the characteristic American Bro.

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