Houston Female Teacher, Whitney Laidlaw, Arrested for 'Sexting' And Traditionally Stalking

Original story at Chron.com

A 31-year-old Spring Branch ISD teacher has been charged with sexual assault of a child and is accused of having an "improper relationship" with a student.

Police arrested Whitney Grunder Laidlaw following allegations the Cornerstone Academy teacher had inappropriate contact with a student during the summer break.

Detectives believe Laidlaw had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old female student of hers over the summer, according to court documents.

The relationship began during the 2017-2018 school year, detectives allege.

The student was enrolled in Laidlaw's hip hop class at Cornerstone Academy. At some point during the school year, Laidlaw and the student exchanged phone numbers and began communicating through text, Instagram and Snapchat, officials said.

Toward the end of the school year, Laidlaw allegedly texted the girl saying she had feelings for her.

Then, throughout the course of summer break, Laidlaw allegedly tried to get the student to sneak out of her apartment to meet up with her, court documents show.

The girl refused to sneak out, so Laidlaw began driving to the girl's apartment after the girl's mother had already left for work. The two would sneak out into Laidlaw's vehicle where they would have sexual relations, according to court documents.

This happened several times throughout the summer, police said.

At HoustonChronicle.com: Lawmakers target districts, schools over teacher-student relationships

Laidlaw would send sexually explicit photos and videos to the girl, asking her to reciprocate – but the girl refused, detectives allege.

The relationship came to light when the girl's father found messages between her and Laidlaw on the girl's phone, police said.

It seems that Texas will continue to be showcased for the time being, as the last few FTSS have sprung up (not surprisingly) from this great state of horny female teachers.

Speaking of springing to life, our Spring Branch gurl, Whitney Laidlaw, is going to need someone to spring her from jail, because apparently 15 is too old for Laidlaw....that's pretty bad....even by FTSS standards.

This Hip-hop teacher/certified Zumba teacher/aspiring journalist/criminal, made one mistake after the other. Her first mistake was majoring in Broadcast Journalism back in 2008 during the Great recession. However, from that, our gurl learned the art of persistence; which she would then use in order to court a pussy grab from her 14-year old female student.

Being a lesbo, Whitney, of course, can relate to the toughness of both kinds of economies: Financial and Dating. When you are a carpet cleaner (a closet one like our gurl) it's hard to find 'work' and a willing partner to share your passion with. Dating is economics and the market pool for 'girls who like other girls' is small as it is. Our gurl was clearly desperate for a playmate and resorted to coming out of the closet to our victim; played fast and loose. Being persistent for a job can work wonders; being needy for some pussy is a different story.

Guys who are good with women know this, clearly our gurl didn't: The fastest way to dry up a pussy, or to scare it off, is to be speedily persistent.

I'm sure Dyke Game is no different from regular Game.

However, I think the one major problem with Laidlaw's Game was that she probably didn't consider the fact that maybe the victim wasn't as big a fan of sea food as she is.

Not every girl is into organic.

The Report Card

Methodology: Our gurl didn't play it cool. Instead, her text/social media game was akin to a horny school boys: Sending nudes/racy texts off the bat and asking for immediate reciprocation = #desperate. Being a closet lesbo, our gurl most likely spent a lot of time around clueless guys, who also didn't know a thing or two about how to get women wet and wild.

Then, one day, Whitney probably couldn't take it anymore after spending time with our victim. Giner tingles make women do incredible things (their potential for productivity shines).

In the age of social media, digital stalking is the fap de jure.

Actual stalking is a lost art. Whitney has shown us all that this ancient tradition is still not lost. It is refreshing to see, in this day in age, when you can literally window shop on Instagram for a chicks ass shot's and then slid in your dripping DM (like a phone call) at any waking hour. Whitney, like a truly horny chick in love, didn't stop at first rejection; during the hot summer nights she routinely drove to our victim's home in waiting....lurking....hoping for a chance to have a scissor sister party in the backseat. Like the horny stalker that she is, our gurl wanted her 14-year old female student to tip-toe past her two lips and rough up her suspect.


Integrity: Normally, Zumba teachers can be trusted (she is certified) and it seems that all of her students and their parents are shocked at the news of her behavior. It just goes to show you can't trust anyone these days.

However, our girl did say she enjoyed spending time with 'loved ones'. I think what we have here is a true love story. The public may see a sexual deviant with an aching and quivering labia for her 'loved ones'; all I can see is a dance teacher.... who had the 'curtains' close on her for the last time.


Presentation/looks: There are two types of lesbos: The ones who you know (for damn sure) like clam chowder for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and the one's who keep their blossoming secrets close to their bosom. At first look, you would never have thought Whitney enjoyed going vegan for the vag: No dyke-cut or clown colors. She is so unassuming that she can be best described as a wholesome Wal-mart shopper, who you would find around the clothing section looking for comfy shals.

Her mugshot, though, definitely brings out her most masculine features: Square jawline and high cheek bones. She kinda looks like a lower-tier MMA fighter when at her worst. Mine as well get use to it.


Personal Notes:

  • 15 is too old for Laidlaw.

  • Grunder Laidlaw....more like Under-laid Law.

  • Eating pussy is organic. Go Vegan for Vag.

Overall Grade



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