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The Red Island Podcast Episode #5: The Alexandria Kalunzy Email

In this Episode:

We got a email from a female sex scandal teacher's husband/boyfriend/ex-husband/ex-boyfriend/baby-daddy/whatever; he almost wrote me the perfect email; I lay into him like a step-father to a red-headed step-child.

-We again have to talk about email etiquette. -My website and blog are popular for a reason; laziness, talent-less skills are not one of them.

-I consider creating an online workshop for horny female teachers;teaching them how to buy dildos of Amazon.

-Emailing a digital nomad and yelling at them in ALL CAPS is the same as walking into my office, (I am the CEO), and telling me how to run my business.

#TeachersWorthyofaD #Satire #Humor

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