YUMMY MOMMY: Married & Fairly Attractive Teacher, Stephanie Ricker, 35, Banged Student

Original story at KATV.com

— A substitute teacher is behind bars after Paragould police say she had "inappropriate sexual contact" with a student, according to KATV content partner KAIT News.

KAIT reports that 35-year-old Stephanie M. Ricker was arrested on Wednesday for suspicion of second-degree sexual assault.

The Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline received a referral on April 30, two weeks prior to Ricker's arrest, concerning a substitute teacher who was having sex with a male student, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The following day, the Arkansas State Police Against Children Division spoke with the student who reportedly said that he and Ricker had been "talking via Snapchat and text message."

A court document read, " He stated that they had met on at least two occasions and had sexual intercourse on at least one occasion while she was a teacher in his class."

Detective Rhonda Thomas confirmed that unemployment records show Ricker worked for an undisclosed school as a paraprofessional starting February 18, and continuing through April 4.

“The potential defendant worked as a paraprofessional the entire time in the male student’s class,” Thomas stated in the probable cause affidavit.

Thomas says Ricker also "gave a self-incriminating statement" during questioning that took place on May 15.

Ricker's bond was set at $35,000, and she has been ordered to have no contact with the student, KAIT reports.

The Report Card

Methodology: You can give a modern woman all the religion in the world, all the love of a family. However, if you give her a smartphone and a few exciting apps, the ease of momentum will be as slippery as her cooter. Today, the giner tingles rule of woman's mind. It is just too much for her to handle. Society is telling her 'yes' as well as her body. Before, society would tell her 'no' along with countless acts of social shamming and stigmatization.

Today, a woman like Stephanie, married or not, God-fearing or not, is allowed to have a trap-door for her giner tingles; she will instead be praised for her bravery by her girlfriends. So stunning and brave she will be for 'getting some', for exploring her sexuality and embracing 'love' and not 'hate. For her tolerance and diversification of what love is. People (her girfirends) will justify that it's all her hubby's fault for not 'paying enough attention to her needs'.

Give a woman a fish; she will eat for a day. Give a woman a smartphone with Snapchat; she will feed her ego and giner for a lifetime.


Integrity: A horny, God-fearing, married with kids sub-teacher drops everything (including her panties) for a couple fleeting orgasms and minutes of pussy-pounding fun that she could've got from, at the very least, one of her husband's friends while he was out for the night.

Women, like teen girls, are the most responsible teenager in the household.


Presentation/looks: Our horny MILF, Stephanie, has presented herself on stage and is filling all of the right boxes, including her own.

We have devote wife and mother, Stephanie; God fearing. We also have artsy Stephanie, showing off her painting skills, to which she should be showing off to her students instead of Snapchats of her beaver and titties. We also have Stephanie in the standard, cum-fuck-me-pants (yoga pants); indicating that our busy mommy is an active one. Finding time, out of her busy schedule to run around making sure that a teen boy's balls have been drained before her husband's.

For 35-years-old, I'd throw it in her. If you are a teen boy, you would too...immediately. Calling the Child Abuse Hotline afterwards is just a rude way to break-up with your wall-hitting female sex scandal teacher, though. Be a normal dude, a just 'Ghost' her.

With that said, I can only imagine that our gurl is/was great in bed. Next to slightly-overweight chicks, fairly-attractive, middle-aged married women are just, if not, more eager in their blowie performances and sliz-sliding sessions. A repressed woman, most likely a former party-gurl, married a beta provider and has had to suffer the raw deal of no-exciting-cock for years.

Then comes along a bucking bronco that pays her a bit of attention, the attention she hasn't got from her work-a-holic husband (who is paying all of the bills). Her husband is off trying to pay the bills, food, clothing and shelter for his family because a substitute teacher's salary is just about as useful as if Stephanie were just volunteering her days.


Personal Notes: He[student] doesn't look a thing like Jesus....but he fucked just like a gentleman. Never called her back; instead called the Child Abuse Hotline...

Overall Grade


#TeachersWorthyofaD #Satire #Humor #MeToo


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