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Women In The Workplace: An Oxymoron

In this episode:

An article from BNN Bloomberg is addressed; apparently it is an 'embarrassment' that few women are in top positions within TSX companies in Canada.

I ask a simple question in response: Who. Fucking. Cares?

  • More embarrassing are these articles I keep reading from 'top business' news sites that are suppose to understand numbers, facts and heaven forbid, people.

  • We solve the Scooby-Doo 'mystery' as to why women aren't interested in filling these positions/can't hack it to the top echelons of the C-Suite.

  • Women, even though they have been front-loaded everything (all the opportunity) still can't manage to reach the top. Maybe it's because Men are better than women...

  • Women treat the workplace like high school; working at an institution for her is like a welfare check or a beta boyfriend.

  • A woman hired is a dollar lost; a woman fired is a penny saved!

  • Female managers, typically, will ruin your company's bottom-line.

  • Women would rather suck a dick (get money that way) instead of sucking the day's dick and earning a living like a real man would.

  • We reveal that women are terrible at being men, go figure!

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