FIONA VIOTTI UPDATE: Hot South African Teacher,Fiona Viotti, Banged FIVE Students

Exams and the wait is finally over.

Today, it has been confirmed that the investigation into Fiona Viotti's affairs has revealed that she has indeed, slept with more students than previously reported months ago.

FIVE students to be precise. Five different penis' that Fiona allowed into her cock-dock.

Christmas is coming early, much like how the five boys did with Fiona Viotti.

In today's episode

We recap the FTSS sensation that is and has been Fiona Viotti. One of the hottest female delinquent teachers that we have ever covered and soon-to-be FTSS hall of fame'er.

Fiona Viotti has captured the world's attention, not just with her antics, but with her bare tits and muff which we are holding hostage until the right moment. The hostages (nudies) have been moved to a secure location and filed appropriately. We might release them if we hit, oh I dunno, 500 books sales just for this month or maybe if I am feeling generous, release them just in time for Christmas.

Will see. That may depend on you, sharing is caring. Tis the season.

We have the nudies, we have gifts that would surely make a 'white Christmas' happen for all.

Enjoy the show (links below)

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