The Life of a Single Mom: A Bottom Bitch For Pimp-Daddy, Uncle Sam

To preface the sheer brilliance and ugly truth that you are about to read below, keep in mind that if you take away the bastard children and government handouts, the single-mom’s behavior is no different from your average thot.

All women, at the end of the day, sell their sex for resources one way or another.

All men, at the end of the day, end up paying in some fashion for that sex whether it’d be with time or money.

You are either: A pimp, a John or a prostitute in life; the truth hurts, go fuck yourself.

Actually, if more single-moms fucked themselves to begin with instead of needing to spread their legs willy-nilly and allowing Chad/Tyrone to pump their pocket with the percolated penile dressing, your taxes wouldn’t be sky-high as they are.

If women could just understand that when a penis ejaculates inside of your cockpipe there is a very, high chance of pregnancy: Children costs A LOT of money. Who knew?! Oh what’s that, the man you let cum inside of you is unemployed, a thug who sells weed?

Oh, what’s that, I thought you were so strong and independent…you don’t have a job that pays six-figures? Who would’ve thought that barista’s, social workers, non-profit companies and other things women flock to (because its easy and requires no math) can’t afford you a ‘independent’ life.

Too bad, you are going to have to suck the day’s dick or actual dick.

All women are prostitutes, legal/’acceptable by societal standards (wife/girlfriend), or an actual fucking, whore (honest women).

What a single-mom wants: “I will only get with guys that have 6’s. Six feet tall, 6 pack abs, 6 inch cock(soft), 6 figure salary. She is so strong and independent.

A single-mom brings to the table: 6STDs, 6 figure debt, 6 malnourished bastard kids.

The sun is hot. It rises and it sets. These are facts.

If you get angry and triggered at facts/reality, you need to consider why it is you are angry.

Hint: It’s probably because the facts expose your delusional reality.

Let’s begin our journey.

Phase 1:

Single-mommy (to be) Finds Chad/Tyrone

A future single-mommy will usually be young, carefree and yearn for the meaty cock of Chad or Tyrone’s pint-sized penis. She won’t care if he deals drugs, is unemployed or works at some low-pay, low-skill, job. It won’t matter because he will make her pussy tingle with relentless torment to which she will understand as ‘love’.

Yes, 'love', the kind that makes you change your panties every hour.

The kind of feeling that leaves your giner a moist mess; having to buff that shit out with a Hitachi vibrator every time Chad texts, “Sup, you busy?”

She will post and brag on Facebook or Instawhore about her new man and how ‘in love’ they are with each other—aka, how much they’ve been fuck’n.

Her friends will DM her, asking how big his cock is. To which she will regal her tangled tales of how well her new man beats her pussy up. She will get a rise out of all the attention; a high from ultimately making her friends jealous; all of her friends will try their hardest to hook-up, flirt and steal Chad/Tyrone from her (fuck him when she’s ain't look’n).

Throughout the course of around 1-week, our future single-mommy will have the most vigorous, passionate and stimulating relationship of her life. Each of all the three times Chad/Tyrone and her meet to fuck, he will bust a lovely nut inside of her swollen, throbbing, baby-batter catcher’s mitt.

Like the shock she will get from Chad/Tyrone jamming his jock-cock down her dewy, lathered endzone, celebrating with consignments of white-hot silly string, our future single-mommy’s eyes will be wider than her legs were when she finds out that she's preggers.

Eyes, wide open. Her boi-toy lathered her pussy like the bar of soap in her shower; steamy and passionate nights of raw-dogg’n, pussy-pounding, penetrate your soul (rearrange your guts) type- of fuck’n.

Who would’ve known that you’d get pregnant if a dude busts his nut deep within the darkest, creepiest corners of your cunt?

Hopefully, modern science can solve this little pickle of a mystery!

Upon hearing the news, Chad/Tyrone bounces. He bounces because our official single-mommy is so smart; she clearly had a sound vetting system for quality guys.

That’s OK though, because it was our future(now official) single-mommy’s intention anyways to get pregnant (subconscious or not), as her alphafucks, short-term mating strategy of getting the best seed, has been fulfilled. Fully filled like her pussy was when Chad/Tyrone pumped it like a Shell gas attendant; full service.

That feeling you get when you check your order status and your shares have been immediately filled in your trading account. An event that no single-mommy can relate to because of her lack of knowledge about markets, investing and purchasing shares in companies; math. However, the feeling is likely akin to how her vagina feels when filled, topped-up with cum. Money-shot.

Speaking of money...

No need for a husband, no need for a boyfriend, because big pimp-daddy government will take care of our little princess!

She’s an ‘earner’ now for her pimp. She’s going to please Daddy by being dependent on his protection, for her pimp to throw her a wad of cash at the end of the month so she can labor under the illusion that she is strong and independent even though she has now become, a bottom bitch.

Phase 2:

Collect Government Handouts; Be ‘strong’ & 'Independent

"Carry me, Daddy?"-famous words of a single-mommy

After getting dumped by Chad/Tyrone, our single mommy will then re-tool her Facebook page by claiming ‘Strong and Independent’. Citing moronic inspirational quotes; take-up holistic healing practices; preach about how tough women are.

As she is reformatting her look on social media, her very first government check comes in the mail from her new pimp, Uncle Sam (big daddy government).

It’s her monthly salary for being a whore.

Our gurl will collect excessive child-support for 18+ years and buy expensive items for herself to impress peers on Facebook.

To lure and attract more beta men into her life with yoga pants, make-up, health and beauty supplements/routines, to support her financially; to attract alpha men to give her pussy a good o’ fuck’n.

So strong, brave and ‘independent’ she takes her 'hard earned' money that she made by spending two brain cells to tell her right-leg to spread and then her left-leg to do the same, and does what any woman would do with said money: Spend it as fast as possible, without thinking.

After all, it’s ‘her money’ (male tax-payers money).

With the entire trauma’ that she’d caused herself by having unprotected sex with a deadbeat, loser, she decides that she needs to ‘heal’ by getting a expensive and totally necessary on the scale of Maslow’s hierarchical needs, tattoo. She got pricked and penetrated by Chad; he cut into her skin, her gash, made her swollen.

She now needs something else to cause her pain and permanently show everyone, the world, the ‘trauma’ that she went through. Like a coral snake, she is colored now. The world will now know she is poison, damaged goods: Dangerous.

Stay away, unless you’re an idiot.

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Our single mommy, with her new look resembling that of a Mohican tribe member, will then post a new profile pic of her freshly donned prisoner motif; pound away on the keyboard about how strong and brave Wahmen are. Again, our go-gurl will get what she wants: Attention.

An attention-whore she is with her peers and the beta orbiters in her vicinity.

The problem today with being a ‘strong’, 'brave' and independent single mommy is that big pimp-daddy government only gives her a capped monthly allowance. It’s just not nearly enough to pay for all of the 'necessitates' in a young, single-mommy’s life: Tattoos, Latest smart phone, streaming networks, Starbucks coffee every morning, new hair-doo every week, bar/club fees along with drinks and food, etc.

Our gurl, with her loyalty and devotion to her Daddy, Mr. Big Pimp’n Uncle Sam, will be an advocate for Socialism and will vote for Bernie Sanders; vote for more social programs and male taxpayer dollars to fund the welfare state.

Our gurl loves being not only a prostitute, but also a parasite. Her vagina made her other men's hard earned money; her vagina will vote in even more of it. Democracy is not the solution, it is the problem. It is the problem because women, like our little independent single-mommy, are allowed to vote.

Our strong, brave and independent single-mommy gets a part-time job. Why? Well, if she works more than a specific number of hours in a week (full-time), pimp-daddy government will get angry at his bottom bitch for trying to escape from under his wing.

Daddy will get upset, “Why you try’n to be all independent, gurl?”

"You know Daddy’s gotcha covered, right? He’ll cut that shit off. You think you’re better than the hoe you are?! Fine no more EBT, food stamps, baby-momma checks in the mail!"

"You're done, bitch!"

Now, our gurl still needs to be supported and sponsored like a malnourished African because she is so strong and independent. Her part-time job is just not going to be able allow her to ship her bastard children off to daycare where other women (most likely, single-mommies themselves) are going to look after her illegitimate spawn. Let alone afford food, clothing, shelter and all the other bullshit. Now, our single-mommy could’ve done it the easy way:Find a husband who makes a lot of money to support a family, please him; take care of her own goddamn children.

But no, you see, our gurl is so smart.

So smart, indeed, because all the money she is going to make by working is just going to be used to pay for government services (daycare) and then be taxed at the end of the year by Daddy, her pimp (government). The pimp always gets paid, first. Didn't you know that, bitch? Didn't you watch The Deuce on your HBO subscription that those government checks paid for?

No GDP produced; no progress. No profit. No savings to invest into the marketplace. No way to get ahead financially.

So amazing. So strong, So brave. So smart!

Ah, but you see. Our gurl has another trick up her wizard-sleeve.

Phase 3:

Finds A Beta Male (or multiple) to Cuck & Sponsor Her

Yes, she is so independent. Our gurl has fired-up Tinder and managed to write the most unique, boner-inducing bio the world has ever seen. I mean, no other woman has ever written such words:

I’m a single-mom. My kids come first and foremost. They are my life and if you can’t handle me at my worst you will not be able to enjoy me at my best! PS. Not here for hook-ups . Done playing games. If you are looking for sex then swipe left.

*Includes slob-selfie of her wearing sweats, in bed, with a messy room, open bathroom door, and toilet seat in the background; kid is hanging from the towel rack.

She’s had her fun and now she needs a Simp to supplement her monthly income, courtesy of her pimp; courtesy of the tax-payers(other men with jobs), also, from the would-be beta cuck(s).

It is a vicious economic cycle. Society loses, the children lose. Women lose in the long-run when society collapses and millions die of starvation and genocide under communist rule (that women ultimately vote in).

But no,we can’t cut the welfare system off because that would mean women would have to stop being entitled whores and become legitimate, whores: Wifestitutes.

Which is a lot more work because it involves responsibility, loyalty to a husband instead of a pimp (government); tasked with the excruciating undertakings’ of being nice, in–shape and all around a decent person.

Having been indirectly sponsored by male taxpayers and believing she is still strong and independent, our gurl will go back onto Facebook and post about how ‘badass’ she is in handling her life. She will flash pics of her new betacuck who buys her grocery's and who most likely settles for a handjob after the fact.

If he has been a good little provider he might even get a suckjob from her. Not exactly a wifestitute, not really a professional whore. She is somewhere in-between dinner-whore and a gold-digger.

Reminder: If you pay taxes, you’re already being cucked if your society supports a welfare state.

Not fully satisfied with her beta-boyfriend, our gurl will then turn her back to him in bed; turn her vagina loose onto the cock carousel to see if she can still entice Chad/Tyrone for a 'good fuck'. To feel that snake slither around her snatch. To be filled. To feel her eyes roll back into her skull the moment Chad's pressurized penis pumps his prime purée into her cream hole.

Our gurl then gets knocked-up once more; beta boyfriend thinks it’s his.

Phase 4:

Rinse, Repeat About 5x

Soon enough, our gurl hits the Wall. Chad/Tyrone won’t even sport fuck her. Her hypergamous nature is throttled and agro’d. She gets bitter. She wishes she didn’t fuck-over her beta boyfriend and all the other orbiters, as they have left her in the dust to disintegrate since finding out the baby(s) weren't theirs.

She goes back again on Facebook to now post about how, “All men suck”; blames men for her problems.

She experiments with lesbianism.

She gets more tattoos. Drinks more wine; takes-in an shit-load of stray cats and becomes a fur-momma. Gives up on life; gives up on herself. The Home Depot has good rope; maybe a man who works there can fashion her a stool.

Claims that animals are better than humans; becomes an anti-depressant abuser; becomes anti-social. Xanax is her only friend; a warm embrace. Hitachi is her lover; batteries are life.

Age forty-five to eighty-five is a long ass time to be alone, forgotten and unloved: All because you chose to be a whore for the government. Old, poor and powerless, the life of a single-mom.

Would it not have been easy to raise your own goddamn kids instead of paying other women, who work for the government, with the money you got from male taxpayers (government money)?

Women who don’t need-no-man, fish-bicycle, clearly, have their shit under control....

The life of a single-mom: Single servings, monthly; single served dinners, microwaved; not a single ounce of freedom or independence.

These are the words of your lord and master.

Daddy's gotcha, baby.

#ToxicFemininity #Cucks #Thots #WelfareSnapfucks #satire


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