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Entire College Volleyball Team's Nudes Get Leaked (Wisconsin Women's Volleyball Team)

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes

Original article at DailyMail

Guys, before you go any further you have to keep your expectations low for this one.

Keep in mind that this is the Wisconsin women's team. If it were the UCLA team, you could start popping your corks and spray the Veuve Clicquot.

Honestly most, if not all of these chycks are mids. However, I am sure most of us are all glad this fappened. This post is of course dedicated to The Great One, as I am sure he would appreciated that even though it is Wisconsin, he now has better pics of volleyball chycks to glaze over.

I think it is safe to say all of these women are going to have interesting conversations with their family members (immediate & extended) during Thanksgiving dinner coming up in a some weeks time.

If you were the father of one of these women, what would your anger level be at?

On one hand, everyone has seen your daughter's tits (but then again, it's Wisconsin) but on the other hand your fantasies come true: Seeing your daughter's hot friends nudes.

I'd say, breakeven is not bad in this case.

How Did An Entire Team's Titties Escape The Shirts Of These Women?

It's a Scooby-Doo mystery, guys!

The mainstream narrative is on the side of, "A player's phone might've been hacked". Possible...but unlikely never fappened.

Let's play and game that scenario out, just for shits and giggles.

Okay, so let's assume that someone outside of the team somehow knew what they were doing and hacked one of the girls phone. There are multiple phots(photos of thots) and video clearly taken from multiple sources, so that means that if someone hacked the would imply that these girls all sent each other copies of the videos and pictures for good feels and memories (and maybe to fap too if they are bi/gay).

It is a far stretch to assume that the hacker just fappened to know A) The girls all got naked and had a balloon-filled twerk orgy after the game. B) Knew which girl's phone to hack that had all the videos and nudes, even though multiple women took video and photos. And the only way to hack is via an unsecured Cloud network.

Really? As Joe Biden would say, C'mon, man!

It all apparently happened last year after the team won the Division 1 state championship last December 2021.

The women went back to their locker room and did what most people think only happens in Hollywood films and 80's horror flicks: The entire team got naked, twerked against each other, made-out, touched each other's breasts, slapped asses and took what looks to be consented photos of each other with their titties hanging out.

Thankfully, nobody was killed by Jason or stabbed to death. Just that, someone on the team (obviously another girl) a year later would leak the nudes. Why? You know why.

Women, that's why.

Whether it is women in the workplace or on teams there is always going to be drama and backstabbing. If you can't trust women to keep their nudies under lock and key, how are you suppose to trust them with a job at a major corporation, signing contracts and not leaking sensitive material to the general public about the companies operations? I mean, it's no wonder why many of them "accidentally forget" to take their BC pill at the same time every night. Go ahead though, hire away! If you read CorporateLand you will know how that all turns out in the end.

There is always going to be that void: filling a massive attention gap. Maybe the one lesbian on the team got jealous that her crush got finger-blasted in the shower off camera and she wasn't invited to partake?

Someone on the team must've had a beef, or their 'curtains' didn't get as enough attention that the others did. Or perhaps after a year something changed or happened to cause the chyck who leaked these to do what women are known and best for: Being a good and loyal friend.

Look, now all of these women are famous and the team probably has a surplus in spending! Isn't that what all women want? Other people's money and fame.

Massive W for Wisconsin.

After all, before this happened, nobody even knew Wisconsin had a women's volleyball team. I don't even think The Great One did. You will have to ask him over on his website to which is filled with almost two decades of podcasting and pics of female volleyball players at their best and peak performances! I don't even think most of America knows that Wisconsin is an actual state, too.

The General Public Is Somehow Baffled By Female Nature & Their Leaked Nudes

You have to remember that we live in a post-marriage society: A fatherless America.

Most of us have probably known someone who's had their private photos leaked at some point in their life. Back in the days of early internet at high school, nudes of chicks would leak all the time.

Either they would share them with boys they liked or their ex-boyfriend would share them around the school. Girls usually didn't care (if they were hot) because any advertising is of course good advertising (more Chads to notice).

Actions have consequences. Everyone knows that in today's day (even before the internet) you just don't take nudes of yourself or let someone take one of you. Eventually they are going to go on the internet or there is a high chance.

However, since we live in a fatherless society in where women are not disciplined or aren't steered by male authority, things like this happen all the time. It may seem like common sense, but we are not only talking about women here...we are talking about the modern woman.

Honestly, I don't think these chycks really care that their nudes got leaked. What ever happened to using Snapchat, ladies? That is the whole purpose. No wonder Snaps stock is down over 80% in the last year. I guess women don't use it anymore for nudes.

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes

We must be at the point in societal decline in where women literally could care less if their naked body gets out into the public and does a face-sit on a fan.

In this case, we have the Wisconsin Women's Volleyball team not only exposing themselves in a glorious tribal ritual, which I am sure many women's teams do after a huge win. It must've been the best day for the one or two lesbians on their team!

A lot of people will say things like ,"How come guys don't take nudes in the locker room and share them?" Well, it's because men aren't gay. There is literally no point in a bunch of guys pulling their dicks out, taking a carefully choreographed group photo, jerking each other off and grinding up on one another for the video camera. Zero benefit.

Men aren't sexually fluid like women. Also, nobody cares about seeing a penis. Do you think if the men's volleyball team leaked pics of their dicks it would make more people attend their games? If anything, less would attend because everyone would think they are fags, but 'toxic masculinity' at the same time!

It's great when women do it though because everyone, including women, don't mind. It's Empowering! Right?

Most of these women are probably bi-curious and I am willing to bet some of them had sex with each other after the game and there was at the very least, some light finger blasting going on.

It's safe to say that one player on the team is going to get the biggest bitch award. Unless this was all done on purpose in order to get MASSIVE amounts of attention. If you had been paying attention to the roster and their Instagram accounts over the past few days, you would have noted a big increase in most of the women's follower count. Not to mention, they had just played a game recently and broke an attendance record. If you had watched that game, you would have also noted that the women seemed completely unfazed by the whole drama surround the team and managed to pull out a win.

As you will see from the attendance records, people really don't mind that the nudes were leaked. Heck, they all found out that their school and state had a women's volleyball team...

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes

I want to bet that 98% of those ticket sales are from men. The other 2% is of course the lesbian community in full rally and support.

The team's marketing strategy will be talked about for decades...

WNBA owners are probably calling a meeting as we speak.

As we all know, nobody watches women's sports aside from volleyball, beach volleyball, high jump, and basically any activity in which women can show off their true value and assets. Don't believe me? Then why does the WNBA constantly scream about not getting paid the same as their male counter-parts in the NBA. Answer, it's because men are better at sports.

Why does the U.S Women's soccer team pull their dyke hair out and scream for equal pay, too? It's because they can't even beat a 14-year old High School boys team in a scrimmage match.

So, if female sports teams want more ticket sales and attention they are going to have to go full-Wisconsin.

If you are the boyfriend of one of these girls and you are surprised by their behavior and actions, well, you have a lot to learn about women, bro. This shit is normal, it's just that women are mostly good at keeping it hidden. They are experts at hiding their true nature, along with other men they are talking too and fucking.

If you think about it, did anyone even know that the Wisconsin Women's volleyball team had even won a championship last year? I didn't until now.

Getting naked has always served women.

When women want attention, that's what they do. And that is what they got.

When women protest, what do they do?

Yes, they get naked.

When women want or need to make more money than men, what do they do?

Yes, they start an OnlyFans or an Instagram/Youtube grift in where they do simple stretches in yoga pants and get millions of views to be funneled into venmo payments or to a OF account.

What Really Goes On In The Women's Locker Room

Here is the 2021 roster so you can "do your own research" and follow along.

I give you the Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes.

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes

Honestly, pretty average.

It's Wisconsin after all.

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes

Tattoo on the panty line; needs to do more laps around the court.

Other two, not bad. Acceptable and correct.

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes

Future beta husbands will be proud. Literally, they will be due to their thirst and egalitarian principles. Assume the cucked position and prepare for these girls to become overweight yoga instructors by age 40.

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes

Nice, now do a spin and let's see what the front door looks like.

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes

The lawns seemed mowed, but I am sure their front doors are loose and the hinges are almost falling off from it getting kicked in too many times. The GenZ ladies live in a rough neighborhood filled with Chads and deadbeat Tyrones banging on them at all hours.

Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes


Again, may I remind everyone this is Wisconsin.

Alright UCLA Women's volleyball, time to do some modern day marketing!


Wisconsin women's volleyball team nudes


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