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C|SUITE LETTERS: Beer Pong, Thongs And Someone's Hot Future Mom

Beer Pong, Thongs and hot moms

Beer Pong, Thongs And Someone's Hot Future Mom

Dear C|Suite,

This story happened during my third year of university. I never thought I’d get so close and intimate with some of the girls on our co-ed volleyball team.

My roommate, Brandon, asked me to join a co-ed intramural volleyball team at the start of the year. Brandon was into a girl named Mandy who wanted to play, and needed a wingman. I ended up joining and about half-way through the year Brandon and Mandy started dating. I should mention that I had a long-distance girlfriend from high school at the time that went to a different college. I know, stupid me.

She and I would try to see each other once a month either at her college or mine (or back in our home town during the holidays), basically to just have as much sex as possible. Needless to say, it wasn’t enough and I had been getting pretty sexually pent-up and frustrated.

There were three other girls that joined the team and to put it bluntly, they were all incredibly sexy. To give you an idea, Jessica was a cute brunette that looked a lot like a young and sexy Marla Sokoloff in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Next was Cassie, who might have had the nicest legs and ass on the entire campus; she was not afraid to flaunt it at games. She’d show up wearing some of the skimpiest and tightest shorts that honestly made it hard to focus on the ball. And lastly, Ariana. Ariana was incredibly sporty, had beautiful bronze skin, curly dark brown hair, and was by far the biggest flirt of the three. I had a very secret but large crush on her.

To give an honest picture of myself (and without trying to sound too egotistical), I would definitely put myself on the more quiet/mysterious side of things. I am a pretty good looking guy. I am fairly tall (about 6’2) and am more on the athletic build than body-builder type frame. At the time I did a lot of squats/running and ab work, so I had (and still like to somewhat believe I have) pretty defined abs and legs…

During the year, and especially after Brandon and Mandy started dating, the six of us all became great friends and would probably hangout (party/study/watch movies together) close to three/four times a week. They really were all my best friends on campus.

It’s a bit hard to describe, but knowing I had a girlfriend, the three single girls (Jessica, Cassie, Ariana) loved to fuck around with me by openly teasing and flirting. It became a bit of a game for them. They would basically try and see who could rile me up the most.

It may seem a little cruel but I secretly loved it, which they all probably knew.

It started off with small comments like telling me that they wished I was single or saying that I was cute or hot. As the year went on they got a little more loose-lipped, and it gradually built up to more blatant stuff like saying that I had a ‘really nice ass’ and asking to grab it. Ariana would occasionally lift up my shirt to ‘get a glimpse’. She would start feeling my abs and telling me how nice they were.

Like I said, it slowly built up and at one point Ariana straight up said something

like, “Ugh if you were single I would totally fuck you tonight.” Even after one of them saying something like that, the three of them would all just start to laugh—I would sit there in a state of utter shock. After, they would all just play it off cool like nothing happened; we would move on to the next conversation. It was bizarre and it drove me crazy.

The height of the teasing came towards the end of the year when we were getting drinks at one of our favorite bars called The Fox & Hound. It was my turn to go fetch us all a pitcher of draft from the bar; Cassie tagged along with me while the others hung back in the half-moon, padded booth. While trying to get the bartenders attention amongst the pile of other patrons, out of nowhere Cassie says to me directly, “By the way, how big is your dick? Is it big?” and Ariana, who must’ve snuck away from the group too chimed in behind me with, “Yeah is it nice, I bet it's nice isn’t it?”

I grabbed the pitcher of Yuengling that I ordered and at the same time could feel Ariana grab my ass for a split second.

Being very un-single and loyal, I would do my best to laugh it off and try not to react.

This was difficult as you could imagine so.

Right at the end of the year, my girlfriend and I broke up.

Beer pong, thongs and hot moms

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After the break up, the volleyball crew all continued to get together as normal and the teasing/flirting never stopped. But here's the thing, none of them ever actually gave me any real opening to fuck. I really started to believe this was all just a cruel teasing game they'd agreed to play on me. Gas-lighting myself into believing this was all real.

On one of the final nights before the end of year, we all got together for drinking games at Ariana’s and Jessica’s apartment. Brandon had informed us that Mandy had gotten really ‘white girl wasted’ at one of the bars (they were suppose to meet us after) and so they had to leave. So it was just I, Jessica, Ariana, and Cassie.

I should note that it wasn’t unusual for the four of us to hangout alone together so I didn't really have my hopes up that anything sexual would actually happen other than the usual teasing.

After a bit of catch-up and complaining about school, Cassie suggested we play beer pong.

This is where everything started to change. Beer pong usually changes everything at college.

There is just something about red solo cups, the smell of beer soaked carpet, perfume, and irrational causes for celebration that spirals the night out of control. Beer pong, thongs and hot future moms.

The game was Ariana and I vs Jessica and Cassie. Ariana and I won the first game and Jessica/Cassie didn't make a single cup. Everyone familiar with beer pong should know that when you lose without sinking a single cup it is mandatory to strip down and run outside naked. Well, Jessica/Cassie both pleaded ignorance on the rule, so we ended up creating our own little compromise: They would play a 1 vs 1 game of flip cup and the loser would have to strip off a piece of clothing for the rest of the night.

Cassie lost the flip cup and she took off… her socks!

We all booed as well.

We played beer pong again and Ariana and I won again. We didn’t sweep this time, but Ariana suggested we add the 1v1 flip cup and strip rule for the rest of the night. The girls all agreed and I pretended to be hesitant before Ariana shot back at me with a, “Oh shut up we all know you want to play.” She was right and I was in.

Cassie lost again to Jessica in flip cup, but this time she decided to take off her pants.

She slowly revealed a pink g-string and her absolutely perfect ass. It wasn’t exactly a secret amongst the group that Cassie had a nice ass because right away Ariana ran over laughing and yelling out “look at that thinnngg” and started to jokingly smack both of her ass cheeks.

I have to be honest, as soon as she took off her pants I could feel the blood rushing to my dick, the semen percolating inside of my balls. I did everything I could to hold back getting, what would’ve been, a very obvious boner.

We played another game of beer pong, Ariana and I won again (the girls weren't very good) and this time Jessica lost at flip cup. Jessica was already wearing a pretty revealing shirt, so she ripped it off to give a great view of her cleavage in a white bra. I was loving it.

Ariana was just in a black dress, so my plan was to throw the next round of beer pong and hopefully win the flip cup so she would be forced to strip to her underwear. But as we are playing we get a call from Brandon that Mandy had gotten way too drunk and that he was on his way back in a taxi to pick up Cassie (Cassie and Mandy were roommates) because he needed help from Cassie to take care of Mandy/get her into bed etc…

So Cassie quickly got her pants back on (thanks for nothing Brandon!) and we said our goodbyes. As she's leaving Cassie pointed at Jessica and Ariana, saying something like “You better beat him and get him naked” and Jessica replied with, "Oh, we will!"

All I could hope for was that they would just get me naked; beat my dick like it owed them money.

So now it was just Ariana, Jessica, and I.

I got a little cocky (no pun intended) and agreed we play Me vs Jessica and Anna. Since I was obviously much better at beer pong we all agreed that they only had to sink 3 cups while I still needed to sink the traditional rule of 6 cups.

Right away I lost the first game. Jessica demanded I lose my shirt, so off it went. At this point we were all starting to get pretty tipsy, so you could feel that things were starting to get a lot more sexual. I was still in my shorts and underwear and had two layers to go, but when Jessica made the first shot of the next game, she started taunting out “We’re gonna see your dick! we’re gonna see you dick!”

After a big comeback I ended up winning the game and Ariana lost the flip cup.

Off came her dress. She was wearing this very thin somewhat see-through gold colored thong and matching bra. I was stunned. Her body was incredible... She kind of stripped teased while taking the dress off too. I wanted to fuck them both so badly at this point but once she was done with her dance she was insistent on playing another round.

I won again. This time Jessica lost the flip cup to Ariana. Instead of taking her pants off, Jessica just whipped off her bra. So there she was tits out and pants on. She then yelled out, “Okay let's speed this up.. flip cup only.”

Now we were playing a 1v1v1 game of flip cup.

I lost.

My loss gets a big cheer from the girls (I might have thrown it, not going to lie) and I took my shorts off showing what I can only describe as very revealing white boxer briefs.

There was zero doubt that they could see the outline of my now fully hard, cock.

Although I did technically still have my boxer briefs on, Ariana yelled out, “I am texting Cassie and telling her that we got you naked.”

We start to set up for another game and Ariana starts to laugh and then shows us the text reply from Cassie (after what was a long update on Mandy now being fine and tucked into bed).

Cassie: “hahah ya right… I don’t believe it!”

Ariana laughed and replied in text with: “I swear..”

At this point we all kind of just stopped focusing on the game (at least I was) and became far more focused on Ariana’s phone waiting for Cassie’s response.

Cassie: “No wayyy i don't believe it. he would never”

Ariana then gave me a bit of a wink, starts to laugh, and send another text.

Ariana: “His cock is soooo nice too. You'd loove it ;)”

Cassie: “hahah shut up. You are fucking with me.”

Jessica read the text and said, “Tell her that I’m touching it right now” and as she says this, she slowly grazed the back of her fingers on my boxers along my cock.

Ariana texts Cassie: “I swear I’m not lying! Jessica just touched it ;)”

Cassie: “Ya right”

Ariana: “I promise :)”

Cassie: “Prove it, I need to see.”

Ariana quickly read the message, pondered for a second and then said to Jessica, “Let’s just send her a picture of you grabbing his cock... c’mon it’ll be funny... she’ll love it.”

My innocent self starts to laugh and tried to play it cool (I was also expecting Jessica to say no) so I gave a half hearted, “nooo way!” But to my surprise Jessica agreed without hesitation and said, “Yeah c'mon... let’s just do it.”

I am easily convinced. I offered that I will take off my boxers if they take off the rest of their clothes. Before I even had finished my offer, they’re basically already naked. I took my boxers off, now fully revealing my hard cock. The girls both smirk at each other. I don’t have a massive dick or anything (It’s about 7.6 inches hard - yes every guy knows the size of his dick) but I will say they were definitely pleased and kind of admiring it.

In a flash Jessica grabbed the base of my cock. Ariana took the picture. And boom, it’s sent.

Cassie replied right away.

Cassie: “no fucking way”

Cassie: “That is NOT you”

Ariana reads the text and just yells, “How does she not believe that!” This gets Jessica to smirk and say, “Ariana send her a selfie with it.”

Now, I will never forget this look, but after Jessica said that, Ariana kind of raised her eyebrows at me and started to bite her lip and whispered, “yessss”.

I am basically just stunned at this point. My old innocent self is now long gone. I'm shuttled over to their couch and sat down. Ariana drops to her knees, pushes my cock against her face, sticks out her tongue and snaps a selfie.

We all collapsed into the couch, admiring and feeling each other up while we waited for the reply.

Cassie: “HOLY FUCK”

Cassie: “No fucking way”

Cassie: “That’s hot. You fucking slut :p”

Ariana read the text, thinks again for a second and writes back.

Ariana: “What should we do next? :p”

At this point Jessica is sitting on my right and Ariana on my left. They've both reached out and were slowly stroking my cock while all our eyes were glued to Ariana’s phone waiting for it to buzz and light up. It finally did.

Cassie: “Suck it”

Within seconds Jessica had shuffled her face down to my cock, looked at Ariana and said, “Send her a video of this.” As Ariana started to record, Jessica began to slowly lick my cock from the base to the tip grinning directly at the camera while she did it. I’m basically holding back everything inside of me, trying not to nut all over her face.

The replies were coming in fast at this point, one after the other is quick succession.

Cassie: “omg”

Cassie: “I cannot believe this”

Cassie: “fuckkkk.”

Cassie: “I hate both of you. ur so lucky”

Cassie: “make him cum”

As soon as I read her last text I just blurt out, “I honestly just about did when I saw her ass tonight.” Jessica started to laugh but of course Ariana texted Cassie right away.

Ariana: “He just said he almost creamed in his shorts when you took off your pants earlier”

I gave Ariana a flirty little shove with a, "Heyyy.. you didn't have to say it like that..” type nudge.

For a few minutes Ariana’s phone stopped buzzing... I thought Ariana may have ruined our sexting exchange between all of us and Cassie... however it really just gave the girls more time to go back to stroking my cock as I went back and forth fingering each of them.

Eventually it buzzed and lit up again. A wave of relief had washed over me. This time though it was a SnapChat from Cassie.

Cassie: “Ask him if he likes this ;)”

A picture of Cassie lit up on the phone. She was completely naked, one hand over her pussy and the mirror behind her showing off her entire naked ass.

The moment I see it I immediately blurted out “holy fuck!”

Ariana quickly texted Cassie: “He can barely breathe hahahah”

Then Ariana looked at me and point blank said, “I think you need to cum on us.”

Jessica started nodding along and of course nodded in fast agreement.

Ariana texted Cassie: “Want to see him cum?”

Cassie: “omg yes please :)”

Ariana handed me her phone and I started to record. She and Jessica got down on their knees; Ariana started to give me a blowjob and stroked up and down on my cock.

Right as I can’t hold it in any longer, Jessica looked me directly in the eyes and like she couldn’t hold it back either and whispered, “cum all over me."

Ariana started to stroke my cock even faster and aimed it at Jessica’s chest. I shot the most in my entire life. Most of it went all over Jessica's chest and as I was in mid-orgasm Anna shifted the direction of my cock to her face, whilst opening her mouth taking the rest of my load all over it and her lips. She started to suck the leftover cum off my cock before swiping back her phone and sending the video to Cassie.

In my bliss, I stumbled like Jesus after his 40 days and 40 nights over to the bathroom to try and find a towel and help with the cleanup. When I got back, the two of them were just sitting on the couch, smiling at Ariana’s phone.

Ariana had already cleaned the cum off her face, but Jessica still had it all over her chest like a toaster strudel as they were snuggled together waiting for Cassie’s reply, re-watching our new video.

In my post-nut clarity, all I could think was: “Man, some day these chicks are all going to be someone’s mom.”

Yours truly horny,

The Champ


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