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C|SUITE LETTERS: Verification Of Vasectomy

Dear C|Suite,


My husband Henry and I successfully tried for another child, and realized that three kids under three years old would be more than we could handle. So, we decided to get one of us snipped as quickly as possible. Some research about our different options quickly led to the conclusion that he should have the procedure instead of me, and we figured we could freeze some of his swimmers for a later date if we changed our minds.

With me owning my own Yoga studio, going to and being an organizer for the annual Burning Man festival (Yes, we are ‘Burners’) and Henry being super busy as well—brewing IPA in our bathtub and selling it online through his own website— there is simply not enough time for everything in our life; including making time for great sex with each other.


Henry had been annoyed at me for referring to the vasectomy as getting "neutered" and "gelded," the whole process went off without a hitch fairly early into my second pregnancy. The only issue was we didn't exactly know how to mark the occasion.


After spending the better part of a decade together, a not-insignificant portion of which was in quarantine (COVID-19), we had pretty much done all the weird shit to each other that we ever wanted to try. Our sex bucket list, a typed up note on my iPhone, had dwindled from a scrollable catalog to a couple lines of largely impractical sex acts and celebrity hall passes.(Pedro Pascal, hit me up if you ever want to get weird.)


One of the few remaining fantasies was Henry cumming inside someone else's pussy. And, if I'm being  totally honest, there was also a large part of me that wanted to offer Henry some kind of reward for having the operation so I wouldn't have to get one myself.

Which I know sounds stupid, since I was the one who had to give birth twice, but whatever. I wanted to do something nice for him that wouldn’t involve me taking a lot of responsibility or work. The yoga studio just drains so much out of me everyday.


After years of welcoming others into our bedroom, neither of us is particularly prone to jealousy. Possessiveness in a "Whose pussy is this?" way, sure, but never a defensive, "Were you just checking her/him/them out?"

We've always been honest with each other whenever we are attracted to someone in particular, regardless of their gender or whether it would be practical to invite them to join us. So I knew Henry had more than just a passing attraction to a new friend of mine, Jennifer.


Jen and I had started exchanging pleasantries when I joined a gym while pregnant with Henry and my first child. She was a student at the same grad school (but a different program) I had attended—I think it was Women’s Studies: An Intro To Eating Pussy And Its Positive Effects On Climate Change— and our schedules ended up lining up nicely until shortly after I became pregnant again.

So for a little over a year, Jen and I worked out side-by-side a few times a week and slowly transitioned to regularly grabbing post-workout snacks and sending each other podcast suggestions and dumb memes. We then made a conscious effort to still see each other regularly after I had to quit the gym, including frequent hot girl walks (aka slowly shuffling along while pushing an infant in a stroller) in my neighborhood.


Since we had met at the gym, Jen and I had a baseline to go on with regards to feeling comfortable changing or showering in front of each other. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't noted early on the way the curve of her soft, tan tummy melted into wide hips and thick, muscular yet adorably dimpled thighs that a not-insignificant part of me wanted to pry apart with my hands. Yes, I am bi-sexual and had messed around with one of my roommates in college.


Henry clearly felt similarly. Jen was far from the first of my friends he wanted to bring into our bed, but a light flush would always fill his cheeks when he'd home to find her helping me around the house, his eyes subtly but consistently following her movements as he joined in our work. I felt no pangs of jealousy, no comparisons between my looks and hers. But I couldn't resist some light teasing about his crush and promises that I would be down to make the first move if the opportunity ever arose.


At the same time, I didn't want Jen to feel like some preyed upon animal that this weird, predatory couple was stalking rather than feeling like a valued, non-sexual part of my life.

I resolved to never suggest a threesome unless she brought it up first. But one day, about halfway through my second pregnancy, she brought up the topic. She had semi-recently broken up with a boyfriend and was starting to put herself out there again. "I think I just want like a hot, fun, dumb, purely physical rebound," she concluded as we slowly trudged around the block, my swollen feet shoved into a pair of crocs, "I just miss sex! Sorry, is this a shitty thing to bring up in your, uh, situation?"

"We're just exhausted, we aren't abstinent," I snorted, "You try finding the time and motivation when you have a screaming infant in the room."

"Can't Henry's parents babysit?"

"We're having a night out for his birthday, but that's the only night they've offered. I don't want to pawn our kid off on them unless they volunteer, but now it means I'm putting a ton of pressure on myself to make that one night unforgettable, you know? It's dumb."

"It's not dumb, I get it," she reassured me, "Like, I feel like the next time I have sex needs to be some wild and crazy adventure to make it worth leaving something so comfortable and safe."

"You mean boring."

"Comfortable and safe and boring," she agreed with a laugh, "I feel like I should be out there becoming a groupie for a band or having a threesome or something!"

"You've never had one?" I asked gently, my pulse quickening as the possibility unfolded in front of me.

Jen flushed and flapped a hand in the air as if to bat away her embarrassment. "I don't like the idea of my boyfriend fucking someone else in front of me," she admitted, a little defensively, "I'd have to be the unicorn in that situation in order to feel ok with it. Why, do you guys have threesomes?"

"All the fucking time," I laughed, "We even had a couple the last time I was pregnant."

"With just girls, or with guys too?"

"Guys too."

She was quiet for a moment, chewing on her lip thoughtfully. Her next words came out gradually, as if she were slowly calculating something in her head. "I'd only be able to have a threesome with an experienced couple. One I could trust to help guide me through it all and to not make me feel weird about it afterwards."

"Makes sense," I agreed, hyper aware that she might just be speaking hypothetically, "We always like to set boundaries ahead of time to establish what kinds of contact is ok with everybody. I think that's a good practice to have."

"And I'd only want it to be a one-time thing. I wouldn't want to become like a throuple with them. They'd have to be really solid in their relationship, like a married couple."

"Yeah, you definitely don't want to get drawn into something messy."

Jen slowed and then stopped. I stopped a couple paces ahead of her and turned around, a soft smile on my lips as I took in the mixed look of terror and excitement on her face. "You good?" I asked gently.

"How would you feel if I come over for Henry's birthday?"



Over the next several days, Jen had hundreds of questions, ranging from emotional, “Do you ever get jealous?”, to logistical, “When was the last time you were each tested”, to sexual, “What does Henry like to do with the girls you bring in”, and I did my best to answer them without trying to persuade her one way or the other.


If this was going to happen, it had to be her choice completely. I was so uncertain about her commitment to coming over that I didn't end up telling Henry about it until she confirmed via text the morning of. Henry nearly dropped the spoon he was using to feed our eldest. "Tonight?!" he whisper screamed, his free hand nervously going to pat down his bed hair, "But, what? How? Really?"


I beamed with glee as I packed the baby's diaper bag, Henry's adorable reaction warming me from the inside out. His boyish crush on Jen had long amused me, but the opportunity to actually help him see it through filled me with pride. I was a cool fuckn’ wife, Goddamnit, and I was going to help my husband fuck my friend.


Henry's nerves and incredulity quickly gave way to sheer excitement, and he couldn't stop himself from practically skipping through the house after his parents stopped by to pick up the baby and wish him a happy birthday.


We discussed the logistics over takeout from Henry's favorite restaurant, his nervous questions mirroring Jen's and only ceasing when he would periodically stop talking to grab my face, kiss me deeply, and thank me again for setting up this surprise for his birthday. I had arranged for Jen to meet us at a nearby bar for after-dinner drinks, but she was the one to suggest that we role-play as strangers picking her up; she felt it would be easier to transition into seeing us in a sexual light if we pretended we didn't know each other. And Henry was just down for anything.

Jen was already at the bar by the time Henry and I walked in, her eyes shamelessly raking over us as we settled into a booth across the room. She looked hungry. My face flushed, and my muscles tightened. Was she the prey or were we?


Henry squeezed my hand under the table reassuringly and then wrapped his arm around my waist, his large palm resting on my hip and his fingers splayed down the top of my thigh. A server came over to take our order. "A rum and coke for me, a virgin daiquiri for my wife, and one of whatever that lady is having for her, please," Henry asked politely, indicating to Jen, who had turned with her back to us.


The server nodded and hurried away, unperturbed by the request. We watched as he punched our order into the computer and began to make our drinks. Henry pressed a firm kiss to my temple, and I gently arranged myself so one hand innocently rested on his upper thigh. The server handed Jen her drink, pointed to us, and then rushed over to hand us our drinks.


Jen turned, an amused expression of faux surprise on her face, and raised her new glass to us in a toast. We returned the gesture, all three of us taking a sip in unison. She took her time finishing her first drink and gathering her belongings before sliding gracefully off the barstool and sauntering over to our table. The tension she built was palpable, and I couldn't believe she had never done this before. "Thanks for the drink," she purred when she reached our booth, "Mind if I sit?"

"Please," I beamed up at her, my excitement over fulfilling this fantasy for Henry preventing me from fully maintaining the character of the calm and seductive wife, "I'm Lily, and this is my husband, Henry."

She slid into the booth next to Henry, and I saw his breath hitch as her thigh brushed against his. "Nice to meet you both, I'm Jen. What's the occasion?" she queried her voice deliberately low and husky.

"It's Henry's birthday," I replied, slowing and lowering my voice to match her sultry cadence and resting a hand on Henry's bicep, "But I just couldn't seem to find him the perfect present."

"Oh?" she remarked softly, turning her piercing gaze to Henry, whose shoulders visibly stiffened, "And what were you hoping to get, Henry, Something pretty?"

He audibly swallowed. "Something like that," he stammered.

"Well, maybe I can help out with that," Jen smiled, looking over at me for permission and slowly moving a hand to Henry's thigh.

I nodded my consent and watched my heart pounding and my arousal building as I watched her hand glance over his growing erection and then travel up his torso. She rubbed her hand up his chest and then brought it to cup his ear and whisper something. He nodded, taking her hand and pressing a gentle kiss to it. "That would be perfect," he murmured, his eyes never leaving hers.

"I'll go get the check," I smirked, beyond pleased with myself for setting this up.

The bartender made knowing eye contact with me as I paid, his gaze continuously shifting behind me back to the booth where I left my husband and my friend.

I winked at him as I signed the check, enjoying the blush that spread across his cheeks. It was nothing compared to flush across Henry's. By the time I returned to the booth, Jen's hand was boldly exploring the front of Henry's slacks, her upper arm remarkably still despite the movement of her wrist. A jolt of desire stabbed through my body as I took in Henry's appearance, his knuckles white around his drink and his breathing haggard. I leaned over the table to whisper to them, my cleavage almost spilling out of my dress and my hand moving to tuck a lock of hair behind Jen's ear.

"I could watch this all night," I sighed, "But I don't know if the other patrons feel the same way. Shall we head out?"


Jen placed a soft kiss to Henry's jaw and then exited the booth, leaving Henry breathless and disheveled. She wrapped an arm around my waist and then slid her hand down to cup my ass, her hot, slightly alcoholic breath fanning over my face as she whispered in my ear. "I'm so fucking turned on right now," she whined softly. “I feel like U.S Secretary of Energy Jennifer Grantham, when she is about to announce to the press they are going to drain the SPR oil again.”

I straightened her purse strap on her shoulder, a soft smile on my lips. "I want to watch you take every inch of my husband's cock," I whispered, "And I want you to scream his name when your pussy has quivering convulsions on his cock. Which you will. A lot."


We grinned excitedly at each other and turned back to Henry. "You coming, birthday boy?" she challenged, "Or should we get started without you?"


The walk home was thankfully short. I unlocked the front door and opened it, gesturing for Jen and Henry to walk in before me. By the time I turned around after locking the door and hanging up my purse, Jen already had Henry pressed against the wall, her hands making quick work of his belt and slacks and then sliding under the waistband of his boxer briefs as she aggressively sucked on his bottom lip. Henry's fingers tangled in her hair in a battle for control. I bit my lip and smiled to myself, taking in their frantic energy for a moment before walking over and joining the fray.


Jen moaned into Henry's mouth the second I started kissing her neck, my tongue and teeth quickly following my lips, and my fingertips ghosting over her blouse to glance off her nipples and meander down to her hips. At my gentle nudges, Jen spread her legs slightly. The two of them continued attacking each other's lips, their fight for dominance becoming increasingly sloppy.


But they weren't in control. I was.


I pushed Jen's ass forward so she straddled Henry's thigh, both of them letting out soft groans as her warm pussy made contact with his leg over their pants. I moved Henry's hands out of the way and tangled one of mine in Jen's hair, pulling back to force them to stop kissing and turning her face towards mine so I could roughly shove my tongue in her mouth.


His hands now free, Henry grabbed Jen's ass and pulled her body closer, rubbing her pussy harshly but slowly against his thigh as his head fell back to rest against the wall. One of Jen's hands reached up and began clumsily pawing at my breasts, her fingers inexpertly plucking at one of my nipples as her mouth acquiesced to my onslaught. I briefly broke the kiss to pull her blouse over her head and then returned to exploring her mouth with my tongue, my fingertips sliding her bra straps off her shoulders and pulling the cups down to expose her breasts. Henry and I each took ownership of one, our hands moving in well practiced tandem to tease her nipples into sharp points as I continued kissing her and he continued grinding her pussy against him.


Jen whimpered into my mouth and kissed me back harder. My pulse slid down and exclusively pounded in my clit, my arousal growing and all intelligent thoughts escaping my brain. I needed more. Gently pushing Henry's hand and breaking free of my kiss with Jen, I slowly detangled all of us and then reached behind Jen to unhook her bra. I let it fall to the ground and then dropped to my knees, pulling down her trousers and following her waistband's journey with my lips.


She stepped out of the pant legs as soon as they hit the floor, and I took advantage of her momentary distraction to place a soft kiss to her clit over her underwear. Her sudden intake of breath delighted me, as did her instinct to push my face into her soft mound. I placed gentle, teasing kisses on her sensitive pussy, pulling one of her thighs over my shoulder and occasionally tracing the outline of her clit with my tongue over her panties.


The kissing battle resumed above me, the wet sounds of Henry's and Jen's mouths sounding harsher than ever as I also noted the quiet rustle of fabric. Henry's button-down hit the ground next to me, and the jingle of his belt and the zipper of his slacks knocking together soon followed as they too dropped to the floor.


I heard and felt the movement of Jen starting to play with Henry's cock, and I took it as a sign to move her panties to the side with my left hand and start sucking on her clit in earnest. Her leg buckled, but Henry held her upright. My right hand slid from her ankle, over her calf, past her knee, and up her thigh to reach her warm pussy, my pointer finger teasing at her entrance and languidly spreading the puddle of wetness I found there.


She rested more weight in her thigh on my shoulder, her slow grinding clearly intended as a silent plea for me to suck harder on her clit and begin fucking her with my fingers. I obliged. My middle and ring fingers slowly pushed into her tight, warm cunt, the dark depths of her pussy holding them there and swallowing them as she adjusted to their presence. Smiling to myself, I lapped at her clit, my efforts rewarded with more panting moans from above me. I curled my fingers slightly and rubbed the inner wall of her pussy.


Jen began to exude the telltale signs of a woman on the verge of falling apart. Her legs tensed and twitched on either side of my face, her moans became louder, and her hand released Henry's cock and instead grabbed onto his forearm for support. I couldn't tell what Henry said as he murmured soft words of encouragement, but I distinctly heard the low rumble of his voice interspersed with wet kisses.

All too soon, Jen's moans increased in pitch, frequency, and volume, and her whole body shook as she frantically rubbed her pussy against my tongue and lips. She let out a stream of curses interspersed with my name, her cries of pleasure muffled slightly as she clamped the thigh on my shoulder against my ear and used one hand to hold my face against her. My own pussy ached in anticipation.


Once Jen's moans subsided, Henry pulled me to my feet and pinned me in a passionate kiss, his tongue clearly searching for remnants of the flavor of Jen's orgasm. I pressed my body against his and slowed the kiss before breaking it and bringing my fingers to his lips. His tongue snaked out and drew my fingers in, his eyes closing and a low hum vibrating against my fingertips. "Doesn't she taste delicious?" I whispered, turning to smile at Jen and loving the thrilled but embarrassed flush covering her face, neck, and chest.


She kissed me chastely once, twice, before deepening the kiss. I removed my fingers from Henry's mouth and ended the kiss after a moment, using my hands on the back of each of their heads to gently push them together.


I watched as Henry opened his mouth slightly in anticipation, a glimmer of saliva ringing his swollen lower lip. Jen lightly traced his lip with her tongue and then slithered it into his mouth before retreating and doing it again. "Fuck you're sexy together," I chuckled, finally undressing myself.


Jen smiled into her kiss with Henry, clearly pleased with herself. "I need you," she murmured between kisses, her expression turning pouty and her voice picking up a slightly whiny edge, "Please fuck me, Henry."


I stepped back to allow him to hoist her into his arms, her legs wrapping around his waist as he carried her out of the entryway and towards the master bedroom. I took a second to gather our clothes and lay them out for easier access later, not knowing if Jen would want to leave as soon as the night's events were over and wanting to provide an easy escape if she needed.


Upon finally entering the bedroom, I was greeted by the sight of Henry sitting on the edge of the bed with Jen kneeling between his legs, her mouth wrapped around his cock and his hands tangled deep in her hair. He grinned at the sight of me walking into the room, one of his hands leaving the back of her head and stretching out to welcome me back. The expression on his face was pure bliss; he looked drunk on Jen. I strode across the room and took his hand before leaning down to kiss him slowly, sensually, his soft and innocent sigh of contentment contradicting the wet, sloppy, pornographic sounds of Jen trying to force as much of him down her throat as she could.


Henry released my hand and moved his to cup my cheek. We pulled back and locked eyes, each of us silently confirming the other was still comfortable with our guest's presence. "I love you," he mouthed, pulling me back to kiss him again.


We kissed gently for a moment, and then I got to work. Kneeling behind Jen, I traced her shoulder's tan lines with my tongue while reaching around to cup one of her breasts in each hand and pull at her nipples with my palms. "Are you still ok with no condom?" I murmured in her ear, low enough Henry couldn't hear.


She moaned her assent and nodded as much as she could with Henry's erection filling her mouth. "Then get your ass on the bed," I hissed, biting down softly on the lobe of her ear.

Jen released his cock with a lewd suction sound, long strings of saliva still connecting their bodies, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. I used my thumb to clean the saliva from her chin and mouth, occasionally pressing chaste kisses to her lips.


Henry pulled us to our feet, kissing me first, then her, and then picking her up in his arms again and laying her down gently on the bed, his body completely covering hers as he settled between her legs. I crawled up beside them, using my fingernails to scratch the back of Henry's head while they kissed.


Henry slid a hand between them to rub Jen's clit, her soft moans now familiar to my ears. His arm shifted, and I caught a glimpse of his fingers pushing inside her forcefully. I mirrored him and began fingering myself next to them, using my left hand to circle my clit and my right hand to massage the inside of my pussy. His knees found purchase on the bed, and he braced his other hand against the bed, pushing himself upright and providing me with a clearer visual of his slick hand slapping against her cunt and his erection straining towards her pussy like a compass pointing north.


Jen's next orgasm came quickly, her body fully warmed up now and her juices dripping onto the bedspread as she loudly called out Henry's name. He offered her no reprieve, his cock quickly replacing his hand as both of them released loud groans of pleasure. A jolt struck my own pussy as if I were being fucked by a phantom cock.

"Oh my fucking god," Jen moaned loudly, burying her face into Henry's shoulder on the other side from where I lay.


Henry looked over at me, his eyes darkening as he saw the pleasure evident on my face and my hands working double time. He tilted his face towards me, and I rearranged myself so I could kiss him. I felt him start to thrust, his face jostling slightly with his body's movements as he nibbled on my lower lip. Jen's moans filled the bedroom, one of her hands grabbing onto my thigh. "How does she feel," I stage whispered, knowing the answer but wanting to bolster Jen's self esteem.


"Fucking incredible," Henry moaned, his forehead resting against mine.

"How does his cock feel, Jen?" I stage whispered again.

"Fuck-- he's-- ngh-- so fucking good," she finally cried in a strangled moan, her voice muffled by Henry's torso.

It's not like I don't praise Henry or tell him every day how hot he is and how much I love fucking him. But hearing it from the woman over whom he had been unrequitedly lusting for the last year clearly did something special for his confidence. He picked up the pace, his body slapping against Jen's noisily. Her hand's grip on my thigh tightened, and her other hand grabbed onto Henry's back, her fingernails digging into his skin. The smile of pleasure and pride on his face was unbearably sexy. After giving me another peck, Henry turned his face back to Jen, her mouth open to accept his tongue before he even reached her lips.


Watching Henry thrust into Jen, his muscular back and ass tightening as he picked up speed, I had an idea. "Can I move us around?" I asked, sitting upright and resting a hand on Henry's back to get his attention.


He immediately slowed his movements and stopped, gently pulling out and looking at me curiously but excitedly as Jen gently rubbed my thigh. I rearranged us with Henry sitting on the edge of the bed and Jen on his lap and then pushed his shoulders down until his back rested against the mattress.


He quickly picked up on my intention and grabbed me to straddle his face. Jen and I locked eyes and each sat down on him simultaneously, my clit making contact with Henry's tongue while she deftly angled the tip of his cock against her entrance and drew him inside of her. She placed her palms on his chest and began riding him, leaning her face towards me hungrily. I met her halfway, one of my hands cupping her face and pulling it against mine as I placed my other hand on one of hers. Henry moaned beneath me, his arms hooking around my thighs to hold me tighter to him, his tongue and lips frantically devouring me.


I'm not particularly skilled at riding, so the fact that I could arrange for Henry to not only fuck Jen but also get ridden like he had entered the Kentucky Derby filled me with joy and pride. Jen's technique was remarkable, her strong thighs holding her up as she isolated just her lower back and ass to twerk relentlessly on his cock. I paused kissing her long enough to wet my thumb, which I then lowered to play with her clit. She rested her forehead against my shoulder and cursed under her breath, her breathing already heavy from exertion and quickly turning into panting as I pleasured her.


Beneath me, Henry enthusiastically swirled his tongue around my clit, frequently sliding backwards to enter me or lap at my ass. My arousal grew uncontrollably, my whole body becoming more tense as I neared a peak. "I'm so close," I whispered to Jen, figuring she would want to contribute to my orgasm as a part of her first threesome, "Can you rub my clit?"


She nodded enthusiastically and mimicked my movements by wetting her pointer and middle fingers in her mouth and then using them to rub me. Henry focused his efforts on my entrance, pushing his tongue inside and pulling my body against him rhythmically so I was fucking his tongue. I came in seconds, my whole body shuddering in ecstasy and spots appearing behind my closed eyelids as I squeezed my eyes shut and tensed my abdominal muscles and pussy to elongate my pleasure. Jen kissed me roughly, her eager tongue capturing my moans before they could leave my lips.


Henry slowed his movements and released my thighs from his grip.

With a final bite of Jen's lower lip, I broke the kiss, swung one of my legs over Henry, and looked down at him. He beamed up at me, his eyes struggling to stay open as Jen resumed her punishing pace. Henry took over for me with Jen's pussy, his left hand grabbing onto her hip for dear life and his right hand playing with her clit torturously slowly. I leaned down and kissed him deeply. My scent clung to his skin and lingered on his lips, the slickness of my juices having clearly covered him from nose to chin. He groaned into my mouth delightedly. I brushed his hair back from his forehead and pulled back to smile at him. "Are you enjoying her pussy, baby?" I murmured rhetorically, "Doesn't she look so pretty riding your cock?"


Henry didn't quite seem capable of answering. "I'm gonna get behind her," I informed him, "Can you help me out by holding your legs up once I get there?"

He nodded, a bead of sweat trailing from the peak of his forehead and down one side of his hairline until it disappeared behind his ear. I crawled to the bottom of the bed and then climbed down to kneel on the ground. Undisturbed, Jen continued her undulating movements.


With my assistance, Henry lifted his legs off the ground and into the air, Jen instinctively shifting forward to provide more wiggle room behind her. My mouth watered. I could see the cream from inside Jen's cunt covered the bottom half of Henry's cock all the way down to his balls, the sticky substance periodically spreading to her pussy lips whenever she paused her riding to grind roughly against him. I spread my husband’s ass cheeks with my fingers and dove in, lapping around his hole sloppily before I hardened the tip of my tongue into a point and pushed inside. Henry exclaimed in pleasure from up ahead of me on the bed.


Despite my position, I heard Jen orgasm again soon afterwards, her movements pausing as she shook and moaned Henry's name before resuming with a vengeance. She began to beg him to cum as she picked up the pace. "Fuck, Henry, you're so fucking hot. Please cum in me, please, I need it. I need your cum. Please," she pleaded, her voice rising in pitch to a breathy whine interspersed with moans.

I smiled into Henry's ass and increased my tongue's ferocity, noting the way Henry's toes curled in the air next to my face. "I'm gonna cum," he groaned, "Don't stop holy shit I'm gonna fucking cum."

"That's it," Jen breathed soothingly, "Cum for me, Henry, fill my little degenerate pussy up."

His whole body tensed, his asshole tightening under my lips and a long, low groan exploding from deep within his chest. "Fuck!" Jen cried, "Yes! Fucking fill me."


She fucked him through his orgasm, and I followed suit with my tongue, the two of us working in tandem to draw out as much pleasure as possible. Henry grabbed onto Jen's hips and held her still as the last pulses of cum erupted inside of her, his anguished moans expressing a level of sensitivity that was nearing pain. I un-suctioned my mouth and placed a gentle kiss on Henry's left ass cheek before looking up at where Jen and Henry were joined.


After a moment, she lifted herself off his erection and rested her body on his, his cock falling forward with a soft slap against his pelvis with her swollen pussy hovering above, his feet coming down to rest again on the floor. I watched as his cum slowly pooled at her entrance and then spilled out, the white, viscous liquid leaking lazily onto his cock with a slow, inconsistent drip. Even though cum isn't exactly a delicacy to me, as a liberal/democrat wife and woman I knew what I had to do.


I pushed my face against Jen's pussy and lapped up my husband's cum as one of my hands angled his cock downward, only turning my attention to his softening erection once I was satisfied I had completed the first stage my work. I then took Henry's cock into my mouth, the heady mixture of cum, sweat, and Jen’s salivating pussy almost overwhelming my taste buds as I suctioned my cheeks against his shaft.


He moaned again quietly and then reached down for me, his hand grasping into the air in search of mine. I laced my fingers through his. We all panted for a moment; the only sounds I could hear were our breathing, my wet sucking noises, and the muffled pounding of my pulse in my ears. Once I was convinced there were no remaining drops, I released Henry's cock and climbed up on the bed to rest my head against a pillow.


Jen climbed off of Henry and did the same on his other side, with Henry quickly following suit in the middle and wrapping an arm around each of us. We both cuddled to him, my top leg resting on his thigh and my face tilting up towards his. Henry kissed me forcefully and then rested his forehead against mine and inhaled deeply. "Holy shit," he whispered once he caught his breath.


We all giggled softly. I reached out an arm to gently stroke Jen's back, not wanting her to feel like she was intruding by sticking around for aftercare. She smiled at me and blushed. "You doing ok?" I asked gently as Henry turned and pressed a kiss to her temple, "Was this along the lines of what you wanted for your first threesome?"


She nodded shyly and settled in more against his body. "I'm doing really fuckin great," she admitted, her cheeks still aflame, "And, uh, yeah, this was exactly what I wanted. I'm going to be sore as hell tomorrow, but it was very VERY worth it."


I smiled contentedly and relaxed, pleased with the role I had played in setting this whole thing up and making it fun for all involved. "I've found that the more people are involved, the more likely you discover a new muscle you had never exercised before," I joked.

Jen laughed and then paused. "I guess I do have a question, then," she continued.

"What's up?" I asked, raising my head again to look her in the eye.

"With exercise options like this, why the fuck did you ever join a gym?"




Fast forward to about a week after our blissful three-way together, I hadn’t heard from Jen which I thought was odd. I knew that maybe her having second thoughts or guilt may have been a reason, but she even missed our weekly gym session. I finally got a text from her late at night on the Friday and all it said was, “Sorry I have been MIA. I didn’t know what to do. I think I am pregnant..we need to talk.”

It turns out that vasectomies do have a fail rate, and Henry’s did fail. We soon learned after doing some research it is pretty rare though and odds are low. Roughly 1-10,000 cases—it’s possible for sperm to cross the separated ends of the vasdeferens. Henry and I were a bit taken a back at how he had just gotten my friend pregnant after that one night. I will say that my husband is extremely fertile and the load I saw him shoot into Jen that night when I was down on my knees at the end of the bed, was mighty hefty. He was deep into her as well.

We had always joked that even if Henry fucked me in my ass, he’d still probably get me pregnant somehow.

Needless to say, all three of us were in a bit of a quagmire. Naturally, the first thing Henry and I tried to do was sue the hospital. Our case is pending but we are hopeful. We discussed things with Jen and she is still unsure if she is going to keep the baby and asked us if she decided to conceive if Henry and I would keep it and she would just be like a surrogate womb for it.

Financially it would be nice if Henry and I could win our court case against the hospital, however the money from the lawsuit would have to be immediately used in order to pay off a little debt from my yoga studio— about 100k— since it has been losing about 10k every month I’ve been In business.

Henry tries to finance half of my studio’s costs with his beer business, but it’s not enough. We are thinking about setting up a Gofund Me too. I also brought up abortion to Jen as the tax payer would be paying for that and it would take a lot of stress off the table for all of us.

Jen is trying to also work on her career as a Reiki practitioner. She just started her online training and has spent thousands of dollars already. Not to mention she still has a lot of student loan debt which we are both still waiting for President Biden to pardon through executive orders. She is also on her way to becoming a certified 500 hr yoga teacher. Money is tight for her she said and she is also busy working her other job at Starbucks.

Being a woman is so difficult sometimes, one day you are up…high on life and the next day your friend is pregnant with your husband’s child because a man (doctor) messed up, or so we are trying to prove in our case. All three of us might truly get fucked on this one, though. I am a bit nervous. I need to go meditate now in my yoga studio and hope life just works out!

Yours Truly Horny,

Mrs. Cucked


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