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Eliminating The Parasites: Stop Donating To Charity

Tax season is here, have you indulged in this form of charity yet?

That is what taxes are: Charity for women, lazy pieces-of-shit who need to be hanged, Boomers and the fucking fentanyl abusers.

Man, incase you haven't noticed yet...I am in a great mood today!

Taxation is literal theft of a man's right to keep what he earns. It is theft via Democracy, which is basically mob rule; the majority of people voting for the government to point a gun at one half of the population, in order to do the other's bidding. Back and forth, Coke or Pepsi; Liberal or Conservative.

In the world today there are currently more losers. Losers outnumber the smart and industrious. So, voting is not the answer.

Since women are allowed to vote, all they do is vote for more government and more socialism. Yet, these same women will then ask, "Where are all the good (wealthy) men at?"

Let's do a fun math lesson right now, I think you will find this one quite interesting regarding "Where are all the good men at."


There are 22 million men in the United States of America between the ages of 25 and 35.

55% are not married

30% of these men are fit and in shape (AKA Chad/Tyrone).

14% are at least 6ft tall.

9% make over 100k

22000000 × .55 × .3 × .14 × .09=45,738


100% of women want to date the top 20% of men.

There are roughly, 45,738 "Good men" in all of America...that these women want to get dicked-down by. This means there are approximately 900 HVM in each of the 50 states that women would prefer, smash their pussies for them.

It's no wonder why women are frustrated today, bitter, talk to their fur-babies all night with their wine.

Good luck, ladies.

Fun fact: Yours truly is 6' 4", a bachelor, in shape and made six-figgys in just the stock market. Oh right, almost forgot, I am also an infamous author. You are going to have to earn it, though. Open wide; spread them too.

When you constantly vote for more government/ more taxes, you will diminish the supply of wealthy men in a society. Stop creating an environment that punishes production and coddles the weak filth of our society.

This is why women shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Who gave them the right to vote back in the 1920's? Well, it was the fucking Republicans, if you can believe it. Also known today as Cuckservatives.

You'd think it would have been the Democrats, but no, why would a party (Dems) that hates Black people and women ever give minorities a chance to prove themselves, or give them the vote?

As we all know from our 'Hate Facts' series, Liberals and the left are the biggest bigots, sexists, racists and discriminants of all time. They hide this with all of their virtue-signaling.

Well, it has been many decades, and women have proven to be quite useless in terms of being equal to a man, with regards to production and personal success. Women have had, in all intellectual honestly, since the 1970's to get their shit together and prove that they are indeed: Strong, brave, independent and can do what a man can.

We are still waiting, ladies.

Men still out earn women; women are still doing pussy hat marches, screaming about how inferior (oppressed) they are.

53 per cent of respondents to an MNP survey said they are $200 or less away from not being able to meet all of their monthly bills and debt obligations, marking a five-year high for the agency's consumer debt index and a 10-point jump from a December survey.

Low rates are driving 6 in 10 Canadians to spend money they cannot afford. It is safe to assume, since women make-up the majority of consumer spending, that the 60% are mostly women, who are poor as fuck, and who cannot control their spending.

This means that 60% of Canadians are dumb as fuck and need to be exterminated immediately from society.

Basically, when all of these fucking retards go bankrupt or default on their mortgages, people like you and I (smart individuals) will have to pick-up the tab in the form of more taxes to pay for these pieces-of-shit's welfare. We will have to again, pay for other people's stupidity. And that is why, these fucking morons in society need their throats slit, effective immediately, as it will be an assault on our earnings in the future.

Murder is when an innocent person is killed. However, when you exterminate a threat, or people that are harming you, it is self-defense. Incompetent morons, who cannot control their spending, who then vote in more government to tax the people who are very good with their money, need to be exterminated in an act of self-defense.

When poor people win the lottery, most of them who do, are back where they started within a few years. They just spend it all. Losers.

They don't invest the majority of it, in order to earn 6-8% and live off the yield; have the rest as party-money. Nope, a fucking stooge who wins the lottery would blow it all in Vegas on hookers and coke; die the next morning from an overdose (hopefully).

There are so many, fucking stupid people in Canada that there wouldn't be enough bullets to go around. You stupid consumer fucks need the pain that is coming to you so bad. People like me can't wait to see your suffering. Pitching a fucking tent right now in my pants, just imagining these debt-slaves eating shit for breakfast, and having to suck cock for a sandwich.

Yours truly filed his taxes this year; I will not be giving to charity. Of the 124k that was made in the stock market in 2020, not a cent will be going to charity. In Canada, a TFSA trading account is non-taxable. What does this mean?

It means that Boomers, women and the fucking piece-of-shit welfare snap-fucks will not be getting a dime of my earnings.

The government will not be getting anything from me to fund their communist programs that coddle the weak, woke-retards in this country. Hopefully one less ambulance will be on the streets to pick up a fentanyl abuser, or a few less nurses to care for the fucking Boomers on their death beds who have sold this country out to the Globalist Jews. Hitler was a failure, because he never finished the job.

Less money in the coffers for Social Security for the old fucking Boomers who didn't save anything, who thought Woodstock would never end; who are afraid of a 98% chance of surviving the Chinese flu. Less money for them to buy their goddamn, Folgers coffee. You fixed-income, fucks.

Note that Tax-avoidance is not the same as Tax-evasion. As for the book sale royalties, not fuckn' reporting that shit either. Those have be carefully washed and funneled into an offshore.

Fuck you all. You fucking women who think you are so strong, brave and independent but then need to have other "strong", "brave" and "independent" women take care of your kids while you go to work, fuck you. Take care of your own goddamn, fucking crumb-crunchers! Stay home and raise the family instead of getting other women, whom have their own kids, to raise yours, whom then have to ship their kids off to other daycare facilities. It's a never ending cycle of stupid cunts, overbreeding and then getting other government funded women to take care of their spawn. For Christ, fucking sake, why are you all this fucking stupid!

Why would you hire these women? They obviously make poor life decisions, so how are you going to trust them to make good business decisions at a company? She couldn't say "no" to Chad or Tyrone the drug-dealer, when he asked if he could stick his cock into her pussy raw and cum inside of it. How is she suppose to say "no" to shitty offer by some crooked Chink, running an overseas sweatshop for Nike?

You will not be getting any of my earnings in the form of taxation via the government. Go suck a fucking cock in the streets and earn it, bitch.

Close your legs next time and take the dick down your throat instead. It's called "Being responsible".

Every man needs to start doing this in order to starve the parasite that is feeding off of you: Big government; voted in by Big women. Feminist are fat, fugly bitter cunts who didn't work hard on their bodies and are unable to attract a man.

They now need the Government to save them from their poor mentality and choices. Real women do not depend on Government, they depend on a man who is free to make his own way in the world, unimpeded by the fucking government.

Real men do not need big government to survive. Men need freedom in order to create. Government and public servants should not be making six-figures, or telling me how to live, where I can travel to and from, what I put into my body or be able to steal my earnings. Government is suppose to serve you and I, and to protect the borders from parasites. Nowadays, our government just lets them all in.

Every step of the way, especially since last year, we see Governments around the world violating freedoms, Charter Rights and human rights instead of protecting them...all because someone has a 1 in 2 million chance of dying from the Chink Flu. Government is suppose to serve you and protect your Constitutional/Charter Rights, not abuse and violate them. Government is suppose to be made up of servants, not tyrants. Government was never meant to make a people feel small and powerless. It's time to now make these people, pay. They have abused their authority and now need to suffer, dearly.

Hang them from the street lamps? Nope, that wouldn't be much agony for them.

That is why, every single one of them that went a long with this needs to be violated, abused and exterminated from society. We will not stand for petty dictators. It's time to get out the gas, it's time to dig the trenches and build those fucking showers for these dirty, disgusting hypocrites. It's time to make them wait in long fucking lines...not for food...but to be gassed.

It's time to build the showers; time to dig the trenches. To die a happy man is to see every last fucking politician have his or her throat slit from ear to ear; have every man in this country pack their penis down their throats, cum inside, slit it and then fuck the gash. These morons need to not only choke on their own worthless blood, but your cock and semen as well.

Get out the Zyklon-B, because Joe-pedophile Biden, Justine-faggot Trudeau, Doug-fat-fucking-Ford and the rest of these fucks need to get a JFK haircut. They need a quick shower; desperately need to be gassed.

They need to have someone shove a canister down their throat and pull the fucking pin.

Change my, fucking mind.


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