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Hate Facts: Liberals, Manginas & Attractiveness

Welcome, class.

Today we shall delve further into the truth pile.

More specifically, we are going to learn about what most of us here already know with regards to Liberals: Self-hating, hypocritical, violent, intolerant, virtue-signalling, race trading, discriminating, miserable and unattractive pieces-of-shit.

We will also find out that Left-leaning individuals are less attractive (physically) than their superior counterparts; beauty is actually objective; feminists and dykes are more likely to be of the gay persuasion; Heterosexual women are more successful than their dyke-cutted counterparts.

A Leftist will try to pretend their way through life, ignore reality and their biological predispositions for the sake of appearing virtuous. Morally superior the Leftist will scream, as a means to survive in the world without having to compete like a normal, healthy, strong individual. Instead, the slimy liberal will remain in a state of passivity while at the same time, claiming to be a winner.

In due course, white Liberals will either be exterminated by an outside culture whose adherence to biological reality still remains firm, or the weak Libtards will eat their own like how good commie pieces-of-shit do. Cultural suicide by-way of self-hating panderence to an even larger parasitical force (other minorities).

"I will NOT hate, I choose love."


Impossible, because do you know what Liberals hate more than Trump?

Answer: Themselves.

Trump is not Hitler because Adolf actually knew what he was doing....

True progressiveness would actually entail exterminating the very people who are turning society in the wrong direction: Leftists. However, that doesn't look like its going to happen; Leftists give Trump too much credit; Hitler was the most successful Libtard the world has ever seen!

+6 million Jews, gassed, shot or worked to death. Hitler, a national socialist. Who would've known! Funny how all of the mass genocides in all of history were carried out by a communist/socialist!

The noble thing a Leftist/socialist should do, would be for them to kill themselves in order to save the world from themselves, of course.

That would be two-steps FORWARD right there: One step gets you to the ledge; the other step carries your weight over the side of the building: Success!

Being intolerant of a group of people is natural. Trying to always please everyone and pretend to be nice, isn't healthy. It's fake. You will be a happier person if you'd just learn the joy of hating others.

Intolerance is not sexist, bigoted, racist or any other fucking 'ist' because not putting up with other peoples bullshit is what a normal person does. Putting up (tolerance) with inferiority, degradation and allowing bullshit to spread from the underpants of society is insane.

Oh what's that you say, Liberal fuckwit? Oh, you will choose to love and not hate?

Well, let's see if that is true!


Enter the Library of 'Hate' Facts:

The Hypocritical, Self-Hating Left

  • Liberals view themselves as more compassionate than they really are.

  • Young people who advocate for social justice are less tolerant than their peers.

  • The more liberal someone is, the more likely they are to unjustly discriminate on the basis of politics.

  • Conservative and rural Whites are discriminated against in college admissions.

  • Conservative psychologists face discrimination that liberals do not notice.

  • 82% of psychologists are explicitly willing to discriminate against conservatives.

  • The field of psychology is rife with progressive bias and intolerance of conservatives.

  • 72% of American college faculty are liberal, while only 15% are conservative.

  • Liberals are equally as intolerant as conservatives.

  • Conservatives are happier than liberals.

  • Liberals consistently underestimate the compassion of conservatives.

  • Liberals value the lives of Black people and foreigners more than the lives of White people and Americans.

  • American colleges, 87% of faculty identify as liberal.


Manginas & Attractiveness

  • Liberal men are more willing to date non-Whites.

  • Less masculine men are more prone to violence.

  • Muscular strength increases self-esteem and decreases depression, suicide, and hopelessness.

  • Weaker men are more liberal than stronger men.

  • Women with low waist-to-hip ratios produce smarter children.

  • Blind men have statistically identical body standards as sighted men.

  • Attractive and successful women are more likely to be heterosexual.

  • Attractiveness is about 80% shared and 20% in the eye of the beholder.

  • There is a biological basis in a portion of the brain for objective beauty.


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