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Female Alabama Teacher, Leslie Rains, Charged With Engaging In A Sexual Act With Teen Student

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

Original Story at WHNT

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains
  • A female Alabama teacher, Leslie Rains, has been arrested for engaging in a sexual act with a student under the age of 19.

  • Marshall County Sheriff Phil Sims said school officials and deputies received information Nov. 30 about an employee “acting inappropriately” with a student at Asbury High.

  • According to her Facebook and Instagram, Rains has multiple children. It appears she has a boyfriend or former spouse, however, her status says 'single'.

  • Following an investigation, Leslie Rains, 28, of Albertville, was charged. Rains was set a property bond at $25,000.

  • According to the school website, Rains was employed in physical education.


Apparently, the town of Asbury, Alabama is so small and insignificant that there has never been a proper census done.

According to the returns from 1850-2010, it has never reported a population figure separately on the U.S Census.

Chances are, the victim is one of her cousins. I am sure this will all get cleared up soon once both of them come clean.

All kidding aside, this is a pure example of how women are chameleons.

There is such a huge difference between Leslie with her clown paint on, and her mugshot. In addition, her life is portrayed on social media (American Mam) and her apparent double life as a sexual groomer and predator.

It is unclear at this point whether or not Leslie had recently broken off with her spouse/boyfriend/baby-daddy.

Her more recent pictures suggest she has given that most of the recent pictures are just her and the kids instead of the former trend.

A woman who just parasites and feeds on the state, men, and possibly young boys

(it doesn't state if the victim is male or female). Leslie plays softball, so she might be a closet dyke. Who knows?

At the end of the day, women are all the same. They are like giant children with tits. They never mature (intellectually) past high school.

If you wanted to get an idea of what an all-female economy or a world run by women would look like, just look to the institution of education to get a picture. It's dominated by women.

Women make up 74% of all teachers in the United States; there are at least 1-3 female teacher sex scandal cases every week.

The average age for a teacher in America is 42 years old.

Yet, we see the majority of these rapes being committed by women in the age range of 20-38. Most are recently married, white, blonde, blue eyes and former athletes.

Again, who are the real predators in our schools?

Going back to women being shape-shifters. Why are you guys marrying these modern-day women? Beneath the whole fake tradwife persona that Leslie had put on is a monster. Not only will these women try to get pregnant with another man's (boy) sperm, they will divorce your ass and make you pay vaginamony.

We always see the mainstream or nightly news cover men committing abuse, but we never see them run these stories about women. For every woman caught doing this, how many go unreported or are swept under the rug because the school doesn't want bad optics; it would ruin the woke agenda.

Women Are Natural Abusers And Dictators

The bold claim that we are making here on this blog is that women are society's secret abusers and always have been. There have been a lot of data collected that show women account for up to a third of the online grooming of youngsters. 

Yes, while official figures suggest that men are the majority of abusers, many women are getting away with it because allegations against them aren't taken seriously and thus the data goes unreported/documented.

The report pretty much backs up what we here have theorized for some time now on this blog.

The Report Card


From the looks of it, Leslie Rains is just a teacher's aide. She was employed at Asbury High School for the sole role of teaching phys-ed. On multiple fronts, it's clear she succeeded. Sex-ed is clearly her specialty that she wanted everyone to know about. 

It appears also through her social media that Rains plays or had played softball, and also coached at the school. It is unclear if she coached softball, or coached for a boys or girls team. regardless, it is clear that Rains wanted to play the body and get into a physical role at the school.

It's too bad she hadn't worked on her own body, however, it seems she managed to get a student to fuck her even though she needs to drop five pounds yesterday.

For a youngish woman to get sex from a high school student, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. The boys (or girls) are just as horny, and just as stupid.



Rains has multiple children and is/was with a dude (married?).

She taught phys-ed and got 'hands on' and physical with one of her students.

Congrats, Leslie, you have met the requirments to be a female sex scandal teacher.



If there is one thing that pisses us off her it is usually the lack of social media pictures. That's always the true crime with these women. However, with Leslie, it isn't the lack of pictures (she has hundreds) but it is the quality. 

It's even more disappointing than having no pictures at all.

When you endlessly scroll through Leslie's IG or Facebook, you will note that 95% of her pictures are unusable and or a waste (they are all just her with the kids, and her baby-daddy).

This shows or tells me one of two things about a female sex scandal teacher:

She is either fat or not attractive enough to take selfies and entice Chad, or trying to maintain the facade/virtue signal of an innocent mother and not a huge slut.

In the case of Leslie Rains, both are true.

Rains could've been a hot female sex scandal teacher if only this had happened a mere three or four years ago before she had kids and was younger. We have pictures of her from 2019-2020 and it is amazing to see how far and how fast women depreciate physically in such a short time. To see how they give up on their bodies and on their boyfriends/husbands.

That's why you don't impregnate these chicks or marry them, the ROI is negative.

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

As we have learned, all these chicks from the south tend to have the same rustic theme to their profiles: Pumpkin patch pics, nights at the county fair, tall grass field pics with the family. You know the drill.

They spend more time orgization their Facebook albums and fucking teen boys than anything else.

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

When you have to use the airbrush/filter, you're not off to a good start.

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

Got the arms and a body of the school cafeteria lunch lady...

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

Women love to be the abuser.

Had him 'locked' for 4 years, then had kids with him (might not even be his at this point), to then fuck around with a teen student.

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

Jesus Christ, another Calvin Klein ad...

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

What she says Vs What she does.

Women say a lot of things, when there isn't a dick in their mouth.

Confirmed single-mom/babby daddy (MR. Right Now Will Do).

She's also religious at the same time. I am sure God loves your slut tattoos and having kids out of wedlock. Oh yeah, and raping teens.

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

Single-mom tattoo, check.

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

Leggings and fat, meaty camel-toe, check.

Your classic photo-op with a war vet to get that virtue-signal maxed out.

I am sure WW2 soldiers are happy they fought and died so that women could let themselves go, gain weight, drive our national debt into the trillions, vote for communism, hate men, flash their camel-toe in leggings to radom men on the street, have baby-daddies in every city and rape teen boys/girls.

Now, let's take a look at what could've been, a great female sex scandal teacher presentation. Here is Leslie when she was in her prime from a few years ago until she spoiled like milk.

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

Sweetheart, I thought Black Lives Mattered?

What about pedos?

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

The real crime here is that the teen 'victim' didn't even get her best sex/body.

Usually it is the other way around. Truly horrific!

Guilty, locker her up!

Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains

She deserved to wear leggings back in 2019.


Final Comments: Leslie Rains has qualified to be a registered female sex scandal teacher. However, her presentation was full of filler and lacked quality, passion, and attention to detail with regard to what the class and I were looking for.

Leslie is a professional when it comes to virtue-signaling and passing herself off as a loving Southern bumpkin with multiple kids, and a dysfunctional family structure.

She is also very good at passing herself and pussy off to a teen student.

Like most women in America, if Leslie lost some weight she could've been great. Having four kids and then wanting to become a famous female sex scandal teacher isn't the winning order of things.

Overall Grade


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Female Alabama Teacher Leslie Rains


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