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Hot Teacher, Rikki Lynn Laughlin, Sent A Teen Boy Nudes & Tried To Arrange Sex When Hubby Was Away

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Original story at DailyMail

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin
  • Rikki Lyn Laughlin, 25, allegedly sent a 16-year-old boy pornographic photos and videos of herself, solicited naked photos from the teen in return, and even invited him to her home to have sex.

  • Laughlin had reached out to him on Snapchat and sent him nude photos and videos of herself, per the outlet.

  • Laughlin had asked him to delete the photos and videos because other people at school were talking about them and she could go to jail for it, according to authorities.

  • Rikki also invited the teenager to her home to have sex while her husband was out of town, which the student allegedly turned down “because he did not feel comfortable."

  • The married mom-of-one now faces charges that could land her 20 years in jail.


Under-fucked Millennial Women And The Absolute State of Gen Z Pajama-Wearing Soyboys

Even if Rikki Lynn Laughlin somehow failed her entire Report Card, bombed in every category we have, at the very least she would hands down (on my dick) get an A for 'best mugshot of the year'. Hell, might be the best mugshot we have ever seen. No make-up on, yet she looks pristine for getting turned down by a 16 year old!

There are two things we obviously need to address here. The first thing we always address is yes, there is clearly an epidemic of adult women ( a lot of teachers) preying on teen boys in the West. Underfucked Millennial women to be accurate.

The second thing we haven't touched on is this: What is going on with these teen boys? Like, are you all Gay or something? Are you more concerned with your pronouns?

Seriously, yes, you did the 'right' thing by bringing your hot teacher, Rikki Lynn Laughlin, to the attention of the authorities. Without that action I would be out of a job, writing this blog for you all. I salute you in any which direction. Good for you, honorable citizen teen.

However, you[teen boy] on the other hand turned down guaranteed sexual intercourse with your smokeshow of a fucking hot teacher...who is not 55, not 45, not 35, but a young and supple 25 year old with nice thighs, ass and a pelvis you just want to smash into the next solar system.

I am missing something here?

Rikki was a Special-Ed teacher.

The sped kids must be packing or something.

Was Rikki trying to advance to Special Sex Education Teacher?

Did the teen boy have insider trading information on Rikki by other teen boys?

Does she have chlamydia or something?

The herp-dee-derpies? Or was it the fact that the boy knew Laughlin's pussy had most likely been blown out by having a newborn and from a possible decade of slooting around before getting wife-ed-up by one of the fans of Duck Dynasty.

Man, society has sure done a number on masculinity and young boys. Back in my day ( I am not that old by the way) if one of our teachers looked like Rikki and offered up her pussy on a platter like that, we would've creamed our jeans at the chance.

She [Laughlin] was also accused in the probable cause statement, per the Riverfront Times, of inviting the teenager to her home to have sex while her husband was out of town, which the student allegedly turned down “because he did not feel comfortable,"

What would be 'uncomfortable' about having sex with your hot-ass female teacher?

You know what is uncomfortable as a teenager? Blue balls. Jerking-off late at night to thoughts of banging said hot female teacher and trying to keep the fapping down.

I get it though, the boy was probably afraid that the husband would come home early and possibly kill him. He looks like a big guy to be fair. But of course, Rikki couldn't have sex with her husband. She got married and got the anchor baby and her retirement plan.

Women after that go on a sport-fucking rampage out of boredom, need to feel young again and that rush of being desired by strange men, but mainly to get alpha seed on the side now that their provisioning has been dealt with.

What's worse though: The teen boy turning down once-in-a-lifetime sex with his hot female teacher? Or, the fact that Rikki Lynn Laughlin having been ghosted by a 16 year old boy?

It's really quite fascinating. The duality of it all.

She didn't get her orgasm after all that work and still got arrested. Gentlemen, we are just giving out L's today left and right. This was a lose-lose-lose situation all around. The boy lost, Rikki lost and of course the taxpayers are going to lose with all these court fees.

The boy is truly the victim here, though. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. If this aspiring Chad would have any regrets later on in life, it would probably be turning down Laughlin's slippery box when he was in high school.

Do you really want to be the 'I could've banged my hot teacher in high school, but I turned her down because I was 'uncomfortable' guy at the bar? Always telling the same story over and over about how it could've been you? The uncle Rico who almost banged his hot teacher, could've but was like 'nah'. Again, the whole bar might question your sexuality. Just sayn'.

He did the right thing though, no doubt. However, is doing the 'right thing' always the right thing to do, for you? Like, why not just bang your hot teacher....then just wait until people find out on their own? Brag to your friends; they will do the leg work for you.

This is the state of things today: We have a severe number of underfucked Millennial women, who are trying to bang teen boys. We also have a lot of young men who are afraid to have sex. Something has to give.

The Report Card


Laughlin acquired the 'horny and bored housewife' playbook and ran with it until the bitter- sweet end when she got turned down by her 16-year old Chad-to-be. She pulled the whole 'bait and switch' fake Tradwife on her husband and has now revealed a woman's true and dark nature: She isn't yours, it's just your turn.

Like many before her, Rikki employed the use of Snapchat in order to entice the young teen with nudies of her chest pillows, cock holster and what looks to be like a very nice ass. She must workout or something.

Laughlin had clearly thought this all out and her endgame involved waiting for her husband to go on a trip (my guess is hunting) in order for her to get the boy over to pound her vag and turn it into a moist mincemeat pie.

Who knows if she was planning on raw-dogging and cucking her hubby, or if she was planning on letting those knuckle children blow onto her face. We will never know because Boywonder backed out and delivered her an L; probably left her on 'read'. Honestly, it's either the dumbest and most regretful move of this teen boy's life, or, possibly the most Chad move we have ever seen.

Still debatable at the moment. What isn't debatable is the fact that Rikki is most likely going to have to masturbate for the foreseeable future. Well, if she looks like that in her mugshot, her pussy is going to get tons of attention where she might be going to next.

Women are sexually fluid, so she'll be fine in jail.



Married, Christian with one child.

However, Laughlin did not secure the bang. That is going to hurt her mark going into the next category.

Although, I am willing to give her a bonus mark for clearly lying to authorities about her foreknowledge regarding the boy.

The detective then interviewed Laughlin, who allegedly admitted that she had been talking with the student over Snapchat, but claimed that he had initiated the conversation and that she had not been “aware” that he was a minor until the day before, according to authorities.

Really, Rikki? You didn't know he was a teenager/minor? So, basically what you are saying is that women really are this stupid.

If women cannot hazard even the slightest guess about a persons age, more so whether or not a boy looks 'adult' or 'teen-like' then why are women even allowed to drive? If your depth perception is this horrible then you probably shouldn't be making split second decisions on the road or more importantly, with your pussy.

It gets even better.

According to the probable cause statement, a detective interviewed the teenage boy, who alleged that Laughlin had reached out to him on Snapchat and sent him nude photos and videos of herself, per the outlet. He also told the detective that she asked him to also send nude photos of himself, which he also did, according to the probable cause statement.
The teen also told the detective that Laughlin had asked him to delete the photos and videos because other people at school were talking about them and she could go to jail for it, according to authorities.

So, Laughlin knew what she was doing was unlawful, immoral and wrong. Yet, she proceeded anyways. Do women let their pussy make all the decisions? Who is the real boss, ladies?

Why are boys today so afraid of women? Women today believe in power crystal healing, Tarot cards, Astrology, love-is-love, equality and that all lives matter. When knowing this and other stupid things women do, why would you even entertain their opinions on anything?

Look, Rikki deep down knew that she was breaking the law, yet, she did it anyways because she believed that since she has a vagina, she can do whatever she feels like.

Just like a child.

Which for Laughlin, behaving like this gets you an A in this category.



Now for the most important category. Frankly, the only category that honestly matters in all this.

Rikki has gone bold on us and has chosen a very rustic theme. She has a full catalog including, but not limited to, yes, bikini pics. No camel-toe though in yoga pants, which is a big let down if I may add.

I know, take a deep breath and count to ten.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Yet another small town girl, living in a lonely horny world.

Leadwood, Missouri has a population of 1,282 (2010 census) The town is so small that they don't care to do a census for another decade, probably.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

You're 16 and she offers you her sliz...and you said 'no thanks'.

Like, was there rumor she has a mole on her left labia lip or something?

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Small town girl wearing stonewashed jeans, check.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

She's thinking about teen peen, staring into the void.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Down on her knees a lot. Lets face it, its not from scrubbing the floors. Women don't do that anymore. They traded cooking and cleaning in favor of blowjobs.

As you will notice throughout some of Rikki's catalog, she is for sure a 'harder' looking 25 year old. Still hot for her age, but seems to be aging out faster than most young Twenty-Somethings. Must be why the rabies set in for teen cock as deep down she knows her clock is ticking fast; one last midnight with an aspiring Chad.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

A wife; the gift that doesn't keep on giving. Unless you're her student.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Rustic, mystic, dick-suck lips. Why would a teen reject you, Rikki?

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Maybe Rikki constantly smells like dead carcass and coagulated blood all day.

If this is the real reason why that boy didn't want to fuck, I am calling a massive cope.

Maybe Laughlin has a huge bush underneath all that gear?

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Nope. No 70's bush. Just a slippery good time down there.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Horse chicks are crazy. Checks out.

By the way, really digging the rustic theme, Laughlin. Nice choice. I am sure the class is agreeing with me, too.

Still can't see why that teen didn't want to smash your pelvis and rearrange your guts; let you ride him reverse cowgirl.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Yup. Still no bush...

Just making sure. Can never be too careful with women these days. Always head-faking with make-up. Could be hiding a 70's bush. You never know.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

The Classic Tale: Had it all, yet blew it because she's a woman.

You can give women the world, yet it still hasn't been cleaned.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Here we have 'Winter stroll Rikki'. Someone get this sloot some kneepads.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

Yup. No bush whatsoever. Case closed.

Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin

I'd grab her by the pussy...


Final Comments: Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin came so close to being next to perfect in all required categories. However, Rikki did not achieve full rank in becoming the Greatest Female Sex Scandal Teacher; she didn't get the kill (fuck).

Rikki may know how to hunt deer, but she's a tad rusty when it comes to the young bucks!

Although, with that said, wow on the presentation! Rikki, you really blew us all away with the theme, aesthetic and your body more importantly. Now, you definitely are aging out quick. You still look great for 25. I did however notice some crows feet and some slight weathering in the face and upper chest areas. I know that's where you probably like taking the cumshots, but you have to knock it off with this. It's ruining your skin!

I would've asked if you are on some vegan diet or doing Keto, but judging by your presentation I would hazard a 'no' on that.

A vegan diet would explain the outpaced aging in the face in some of the photos, however, this could just be too much sun. All in all, you look tight and still great for having one child.

Do some Kegels and keep that snapper tight, don't let yourself go like the rest of America.

The tattoo below your boobline does say a lot, though. You have a wild and obviously promiscuous side. You also have what we like to call the 'crazy eyes' or The Look that many manic and horny female teachers seem to have; a phenotype.

Your homework though is to find out why that teen boy turned you down. I know you probably aren't allowed contact given your bond arrangement, but this needs to be settled.

The class needs to know why you couldn't achieve Greatness. You were so close. It's actually very disappointing because the year is almost up and you were the closest than any FSST to receiving A's across the card.

So close, yet, so far. It's suicide fuel to be honest.

Overall Grade


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Hot teacher Rikki Lynn Laughlin


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