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Married New Jersey Gym Teacher, Lydia Pinto, Sexually Assaulted Student from Age 14- Senior Year

New Jersey teacher

Original Story at FoxNews

  • New Jersey teacher Lydia Pinto, 38, who coached field hockey and girls' lacrosse at Bridgewater-Raritan High School, was charged with sexual assault after the former student alleged a long-term sexual relationship with her.

  •  The alleged sexual assault spanned across the student's high school years.

  • Pinto coached field hockey and lacrosse at Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School.

  • The Bridgewater Police Department received an email from a former student, who said he had been sexually assaulted on an ongoing basis by Pinto since he was 14. 



The family dinner at the Pinto house is going to be their most awkward for sure.

Everyone goes around the table and says what they're thankful for. You know there is going to be that one person who is going to hesitantly say, "And also we are especially thankful that Lydia is out on bond..."

Why are female teachers in America in particular like this?

As I pointed out hilariously in a tweet the other day (that went viral), female teachers seem to be capable of doing only two things: Turning the nation's kids gay (LGBHGTV programming channel), or having sex with male students in parking lots.

These teachers who do this always seem to be married, too.

We shouldn't be surprised, though. After all, it's women we are talking about. All that women know how to do is have sex and use their sexuality as a means to an end; their sexuality is their only form of agency. From a very early age, girls learn how to manipulate boys and then men with their looks and body. They never have to work or create anything like a man does to get ahead or to acquire resources. 

That's why when society flips everything upside down and tries to get women into the 'workforce' and to be Girlboss (be like a man) they fail miserably at it. They crash military jets into the Hawaiian bay, they build shitty bridges in Florida that collapse and kill people, they create stupid tech companies like Bumble whose stock is down over 80% year over year, and their Marvel movies tank because nobody (even other women) want to watch the 'diversity' squad.

Putting women in charge of things? How about, 'no'? All they're going to do is try to fuck everything, get the men to do the real work for them, and fuck shit up that was already good in the first place. Turn the corporate world into a giant daycare for adult women.

Look at Lydia Pinto. She is married. She couldn't even hold up and honor a simple marital contract. She just couldn't help herself and had to have sex with a teen boy for over 4 years. For 4 years she fucked around behind her husband's back. 

Why would anyone hire a woman for any job? Do women today belong in a marriage, in CorporateLand as a Girlboss, or do they all just belong to the streets?

There was a comment by a woman on the above tweet. She ironically asked, "Could these female teachers teach math instead" referring to how they all seem to be either having sex with male students (Chad) or trying to turn the other boys gay. I read that comment and laughed out loud because she was asking if a woman could teach math, first.

Sweetheart, women can't even balance their finances. How can we expect them to teach these kids math? Of course, when women don't know how to do anything productive, they just resort to doing what is easy: Spread their legs and start having sex, fuck around on their husbands. It's all about what feels good and if it gives them gina tingles, remember?

Teach math?

Women hold 66% of all student loan debt. 41% of women undergraduates take out student loans, compared to 35% of male undergraduates. Women take an additional two years on average to pay off student loans. (Source)

Women also carry the most credit card debt compared to men because women can't control their spending and don't know how to live within their means. Women are a net drag on society in terms of finances. They pay the least amount of taxes but take the most in debt, loans, and let's not forget the biggest of them all, welfare subsidies. 

Women make up 55% of the population, yet they do 85% of all consumer spending. 

Need we go on? Do women save and have a balanced stock/investment portfolio? 

No, the majority of women, if you told them to go down to the bank to ask a man about investing, the first thing she would do would be to try and have sex with him. If successful at sucking his cock and draining his bag, she'd try to live off his status and resources as her way of 'investing' and receiving dividends.

Female teachers like Lydia Pinto are an example of what an all-female economy and society would look like. Not a whole lot of productivity going on; all they would do is try to have sex with the high school jock and try to turn everyone else into an NPC or gay in order to slave away and serve the matriarchy. 

The Report Card


There aren't a whole lot of details, but it seems like Lydia played the extreme long game here. She somehow managed to hide a 4 year long rape of a boy that was 14 at the time all the way to his senior year. The the school out-of-the blue received an anonymous letter regarding the affair.

Lydia was the girl's field hockey coach at the school. I initally thought this was going to be a case of "She turned them gay (and then fucked'em)" a lesbian story instead of "fucked him in a parking lot".



Married, a field hockey coach for girls, and still managed to be heterosexual at the end of the day. Impressive.

Carried-on a killstreak of sex with a teen (presumably an aspiring Chad) for 4 years.

That's a dedication to the dick. The passion cannot be denied here.



Four years of raping a teen boy is for sure a crime. However, the real tragedy here is the fact that Lydia does not have a full, well-thought-out presentation for us.

An absolute disgrace and a fucking disappointment! Shame on you, Lydia.

The whole point of this most important category is to determine if you are guilty.

Yes, technically from a legal standpoint you are very guilty. However, from a moral one, we can only determine if you are hot or not. If the class here (audience) can't imagine their teen self having sex with you, or any man for that matter, then you are for sure guilty.

From what we can see below, there is not enough 'physical' evidence to determine in confidence.

Again, this is why women shouldn't run companies or be given jobs. They can't follow simple tasks or instructions. They can't even give us a simple presentation. They all have Instagram and Facebook yet can't keep them up when the moment counts.

How do you expect them to show up for an 8 AM meeting in the boardroom and give a PowerPoint?

Lydia did all the easy stuff. She showed up to school and had sex. Not difficult. Yet, no follow-through. That's women.

They take the path of least resistance. And they wonder why their movies suck (The Marvels), why their yoga businesses fail, and why Lydia is going to get a shitty mark on her presentation and overall grade.

New Jersey teacher

The nose ring means guarenteed slut/former skank.

Again, why do guys still wife these hoes up?

New Jersey teacher

The way she looked at that boy for 4 years

Your name is your destiny. Lydia Pinto is just like the Ford Pinto: Cheaply made, a bunch of red flags; ends up crashing and burning.

No bikini pics, no yoga pants cameltoe. Not even the slightest hungry bum in leggings? Lydia, are you trying to piss us off?

You want the 'D' bitch? You got it!


Final notes: Lydia did not meet the full requirments and did not satisfy our board on what it takes to be a true female sex scandal teacher. She did get the technical pass though on the basis of her killstreak. We are still displeased with her performance.

Lydia, I know it is difficult to follow the last three FSST's we covered on the blog. It is for sure hard to compete with the likes of Cassidy Kraus, Rikki Lynn Laughlin and the recent Reagan Anderson. You are 38 and rightfully insecure. This almost isn't the game for you. At 38 you are almost out of the game entiery but yet you chose to throw your career and marriage away? That was your retierment! Fucking around is suppose to be done in your teen years/early 20's. Are you stupid? Oh wait, you're a woman. It takes use men to Mansplain biology and female sexual nature to even women.

Overall Grade


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New Jersey teacher


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