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Female Teacher, Rebecca Williams, Told 15 Year Old 'Age Is Just A Number' Before Having Sex With Him

Hot female teacher, Rebecca Williams

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  • Rebecca Williams, 21, from Wales, admitted having sex with a pupil, 15, twice.

  • The former teaching assistant received a twelve month suspended sentence.

  • She, of course, has been spared any jail time.

  • She 'bitterly regrets' seducing the child after telling him age was 'just a number'.

  • Rebecca is now since in another relationship according to a close friend.

  • She is apparently 'keeping her head down' in a construction job since being fired from teaching.



Rebecca says that she 'bitterly' regrets seducing the boy.

I bet he regrets it too.

Netflix and chill? No dinner first or drinks?

Bro, she has no respect. You Kings need to know your worth.

Much like you, until now I didn't know the word 'seduce' could be interchangeable with the word rape.

We shouldn't be kidding ourselves, Rebecca does 'bitterly regret' what happened: She regrets getting caught. She most likely regrets taking things too fast and soon with this kid, thinking that there was no way he would possibly turn her down. He blocked, kicked her to the curb like a stone cold pimp. She couldn't send him anymore texts after word had been spreading like chlamydia around the school of the two being bang-buddies after class.

Ladies, this sort of thing should make you want to re-evaluate yourself, your egregious entitlement, sense of self-worth and skewed view of your level of attractiveness to the opposite sex, even to a 15-year old aspiring Chad.

We don't know exactly what happened up in Rebecca's bedroom. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that Rebecca 'Star-fished' for this boy and didn't put in any effort, thinking along the lines that, "I'm a 21 year old queen, he'd be pleased to just see my tits let alone smash my pussy like he was punching lasagna."

Rebecca could very well be a terrible lay, even for a 15-year old. Sad. This boy truly is a victim if that is the case. He was probably expecting more from a seasoned 21-year old modern female and Rebecca sold him a lemon posing as a fully juiced pussy.

The true crime that William's committed here was getting this kid's hopes up.

How It Started | How It's Going

Rebecca Williams began sending the 15-year old boy 'flirty text messages', telling him such penis enlarging words like, "You're fit." and "Age is just a number." This before taking him to her home in Gywnedd, Wales.

Williams reportedly would pick-up the 15-year old hormonal mess in her car before the pair engaged in the act of carnal pleasure. The events aren't clear, however, when William's says she 'seduced' the young boy we can only imagine it involved Rebecca soaking her panties first before taking them off in order to spread like a gymnast on her bed. Allowing a slippery glideslope for the boy to lay pipe would've been an involuntary biological reaction given Rebecca's clear passion for her student's needs and fit penis.

After the first fuck-fest at her house, William's then asked the boy for a second rendezvous. Being 15-years old and would fuck anything that walks, the boy didn't deny her passion for the little things in life and agreed. The two met up for the second time, took the boy upstairs again before pressuring him afterwards for a more intense and serious relationship.

What could be more serious and intense than getting to bone your 21-year old female teaching assistant? Anal? Marriage?

What was going through Rebecca's tiny little brain other than this boy's cum that had shot up through her nose via her mouth due to the psi of this teen's load?

Apparently, 15-year old boys are just not ready for that level of commitment as I am sure this kid was too busy and focused on trying to graduate from high school. Maybe get his first job at least, working part-time alongside with playing Fornite for 30 hrs a-week with his buddies.

The boy showed his disinterest in whatever Rebecca had planned (marriage, kids, introducing handcuffs/sex toys?) when he blocked her from social media and messaging apps after rumors started circulating amongst staff at their school.

Prosecutor Richard Edwards told the court: “They watched TV before the defendant took him to her bedroom. He described the first time as a little awkward.

Ladies, Rebecca, if you are making a Netflix and Chill session 'awkward', you are not doing it right.

Pro-tip: Have Netflix fuck sessions with guys your own age, who understand what it means when a chick wants to 'watch a movie' with you. This kid obviously thought that Rebecca just wanted to watch a movie, literally. Instead, he found his dick diving into her abyss and coloring her white like a chalkboard.

But convicted sex offender Williams has since told friends in her home town she "regrets" her actions. They said she has paid a "high price" for her so-called "mistake" after having sex with the minor - who she had a position of trust over.

Regrets her actions?

Sugar tits, you regret getting caught. Stop the cap.

Paid a "high price"? Becs, your friends are morons. I can tell you with a straight face that being excused from jail for rape is not a high price to pay. If Rebecca had a penis and that 15-year old was a female (there are only two genders) you would understand the meaning of high price to pay. If a man did this, he'd be hung in the streets like Mussolini after his morning espresso.

It wasn't a "mistake" you dumb cunt. It was pre-mediated and you carried out the act not once, but twice and pushed for anal or marriage...who knows.

Women with nose rings like yours love anal. It's settled science. A mistake is when you are using pen and need whiteout to correct. A mistake is thinking it is Thursday but writing that it is Friday up on the chalkboard in the morning. Telling a boy he is "fit" and that "age is just a number" before picking him up in your car and taking him back to your place in order to take his dick out of his pants, unzip his jeans and suck and fuck his cock until he shoots all over you like an unmanned firehose, is not a mistake.

Go work for Disney, groomer.

One close friend, who asked not to be identified, said: “Becky knows what she did was wrong and she bitterly regrets what happened now."

Why does she regret it now? Is it because she has found another guy to fuck?

Hey Beck's friend. You want to be a big help? Why don't you send us some more pictures of Rebecca, her grade isn't looking too good right now in the Presentation/Looks category.

I mean, do you want her to achieve greatness? How good of a friend are you?

Prove your loyalty, commie.

“She wishes she could turn the clock back but she knows she can’t. She is truly sorry for what she did. She feels she has let herself and her community down."

-Rebecca's Friend, Esq

Yeah, I bet she wishes she could turn back order to do it just once more.

You don't push for a more 'intense' relationship and then just suddenly regret everything. Getting caught changes things and the PR machine goes on overdrive.

Ah yes, women and their 'feels'. Rebecca, sweat heart, sugar tits. You don't 'feel' that you've let your community down or yourself for that matter.

You actually did. It is a fact.

You also let that boy down by pushing anal on him. Maybe he was just fine hittn' dat fat pussy of yours while you both watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Us guys are pretty simple, minimalistic. You chicks make things so complicated with your feelings, obsession with doing anal and wanting to 'take things to the next level' and 'where is this going?'. Just shut-up, spread your legs and enjoy the skewering of a dick drilling your hole as if it is trying to find oil.

The sex offender is now said to be working in construction to keep her "head down and get on with life," according to the friend.

I thought Rebecca having her head down was the main problem in this whole situation?

For everyone concerned about Rebecca's current and future employment prospects, don't worry. If this new construction gig doesn't work out, I am sure Disney has already been sending her LinkedIn DMs.

Williams was handed a twelve-month suspended sentence, and ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

Simply stunning & Brave. Whom did Rebecca have to suck-off in order to get that deal?

She must also pay £576 costs, must register as a sex offender for ten years, and has been banned from working with children.

Oh wow. A whole £576. That means she won't be able to buy the latest iPhone next year. Shucks. If Rebecca isn't allowed to work with children anymore, it makes sense that she would be forced to work construction. There aren't any women there.

Who wants to bet that the new guy she is banging works construction?

Women, they always go where they can get sex that they want. For Rebecca, she likes the easiest possible way to get her pussy smashed without having to do a whole lot to get it to happen.

Surround yourself with a bunch of horny teen boys who would fuck anything, check. Surround yourself with a bunch of horny construction workers, who work long hours and are tired of seeing sweaty male ass-crack all day long, check.

The Report Card


It is no wonder why Rebecca 'bitterly regrets' going about her planned rape...sorry, seduction of this 15-year old boy: Her form was as sloppy as the seconds her new boyfriend is currently receiving.

I bet that teen's paint all over Rebecca's inner walls still hasn't dried

The authorities neglect to give us an actual timeline of events from when William's started her teaching career, to the day that teen finished all over her tummy. However, we can all put on our imagination caps and assume that things escalated quick. This is a woman we are talking about here. Women can't go long without having a cock glide in and out of their sperm receptacles. A young woman like Rebecca needs constant validation in the form of a hard 6-incher, hitting her G and A spots before spraying consignments of white hot ropes into the back of her cum canal.

Rebecca put absolutely no effort into this relationship, she didn't even ply the boy with sweets, cannabis, booze or a meal from her country's most popular fast-food joint.

Rebecca sent flattering texts and talked the boys ego up, calling him fatphobic words like 'fit' and using ageist phrases like, "Age is just a number"; doing a disservice to men her age and above. Fucking bigot. I can see why Rebecca now regrets some of her actions in the day and age of woke.

Disney might not be interested in her resume after all if they find out she hates fat people and likes numbers, which means math, which means she's probably a white supremist. Judging by her make-up and bullring, I think it is safe to say though that her victim was a black kid. Just say'n. At least she got that box checked, too.

It became weird for the kid when William's suddenly pushed for more intimacy or rather, a more 'intense' relationship. She obviously played the anal card too quick and was shut down hard, barred from messaging this kid on the apps.

Rebecca, you have a perfectly good pussy to fuck, why use the backdoor? At 21 years of age, there should be no reason to start letting guys kick in the backdoor when the front should be fine for at least another 5 years. Women usually blow out their pussies by 25, then start offering anal after 30 years old because they know the tightness isn't inelastic and those party years did a number with a few Jamals, Chads and Daquan's nitro dick.

Netflix and Chill is for teenagers.

Oh, wait...

Women are like children.



Rebecca didn't want to just hit-it and quit-it with this boy.

She wanted more and expressed those feelings.

She never denied the passion to the authorities. She told the truth, which most likely led to her less, but uncomfortably light sentence. Deplorable. The only person she lied to was herself, thinking her plump pussy was more than enough to get her Greatness.



Rebecca is neither fit or obese. Some might say slightly overweight would be a more accurate definition for her bodily nature. She is average.

However, if you were 15 again, you definitely wood/would. If someone like Rebecca was a teaching assistant at your school and came up to you, told you how fit she thought you were and requested that you come hangout at her place, you'd be popping a boner faster than it took for her career to end.

She cleans up pretty nice, as far as a high schooler is concerned.

William's is what most would call a rough 21.

She should regret that nose ring that looks like it collects snot on the daily.

Rebecca, to most guys over the pond would be a Welsh 7.

To make matters worse for her, Rebecca not only got caught but she also got dumped right after. Getting blocked by a 15 year old has to be pretty rough and a serious mirror-facing reality. One must reevaluate her sexual acumen for sure.

What did her in aside from that boy's penis? Was it the nose ring, did she have pussy-stank? Did she star-fish during both sessions? Is she a squirter and it scared him due to a childhood phobia of lawn sprinklers?

In all seriousness, Rebecca Williams is the reason why all filters on apps should be outlawed.

I mean, what this woman did was gross. No female teacher has ever looked better by adding extra holes to their nose.

The problem is that high schoolers today don't deserve to be sucked and fucked by these give-it-away opportunities from female teachers when every other generation had to work at it with lame classmate ho's that would only lay you if you were an extrovert.

So, the real question is: Did this 15-year old victim deserve this?

If not, he is a victim.

If so....he is still a victim.

Rebecca, as far as we can see, should be put into the category of: Slumpbuster.

She looks like she could take a good pounding for a couple days in order to get it out of your system.

At the end of the day, an erection has no conscience, it only wants one thing. Rebecca just so happened to be 'tag your it' for that 15 year old boy who is more accustomed to cumming into his gym sock at night.

With that said, Rebecca was probably a nice slice of change.

Sex Scandal teacher, Rebecca Williams

Filters are the real crime.

female teacher, Rebecca Williams

Those seams in her tights are screaming for their bloody lives!

teacher, Rebecca Williams at court

She's probably pondering, hoping Disney will call her back for that job.

Hot female teacher, Rebecca Williams

The nose ring(s) says two things: She likes anal; the victim was black.

Case closed, guilty.


Overall Grade



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