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Hot Female Teacher, Hannah Harris, Fooled Parents With Texts; Had Sex With Boy At A Supermarket

Female teacher, Hannah Harris Sex Scandal

Original Story at TheSun

Teacher Hannah Harris Mugshot

  • Teaching assistant Hannah Harris had sex with 14-year-old pupil in Wilko car park.

  • She told the boy's parents she was mother of a fictional girlfriend named 'Olivia'.

  • Harris was jailed for six years at St Albans Crown Court following her conviction.

  • She was found guilty by a jury of one count of having sex with a 14-year-old boy.


It's 2022 guys, women can do it all. Apparently, women like heels-up Harris also like to do 14-year old boys. Remember, you gotta respect these womenz because they are so amazing, strong, brave you-go gurl. You have to respect the hustle.

I mean, look at how much hard work Hannah went through in order to secure that teen peen. How much time, effort, planning and conniving went into this? We are, of course, going to find that out together very shortly. This is what women do with their time, 'brains' and 'power'. The devotion to dick is off the charts.

A very attractive, young Twenty-Something female trying to have sex (rape) with a 14-year old boy...I mean, this is probably on par with coming up with the cure for AIDS or developing new and cleaner methods of extracting gold from field tailings at a rate of 90%! If only women just ran the world, it would be a better place.

This boy didn't deserve this, I know. You are correct.

He didn't deserve to have sex with someone like Hannah.

It's clown world, for sure.

A 14-year old boy is suppose to be pulling-the-pud to someone like Hannah late at night after his 10 PM bedtime as set by his parents. He hasn't earned it. At 14-years old, you are still on waivers waiting to be drafted by the Hannah's of the world. You have to get the basics and fundamentals down first. Basics such as, "What happens when a boy likes a girl, really bad." and such classic FAQ's like "Why is my underwear all gooey when I wake up sometimes?"

Yet, Hannah went heels-up for this young pup. Why? We can only assume that she wanted to help speed up the learning process and show this boy how all the plumbing works, first hand. He never had a chance. Throwing him in the big leagues like that, like Billy Beane of the Oakland A's, she must've saw something that other women her age didn't.

Why waste your sliz, Hannah? You ruined masturbation for this kid. Appalling.

The night Hannah was getting dicked-down by this boy in the car park of a supermarket, there was some Chad at the local tavern standing by the bar available, looking to nut. All Hannah would've had to do, like most young and attractive women her age, was to just simply show up and spread'em.

But no, Harris had to make life complicated. If her plan was to get massive amounts of attention, she has succeeded in all regards.

Women like Hannah are allowed to sign contracts and have jobs. Women, like Hannah, make up the majority of college grads; they also have the most debt. Women, like Hannah, out-earn their male counterparts in their early Twenties, however, they also out spend everyone by a country mile.

Women, like Hannah, are experts at making their lives complicated and the lives of others the same. Yet, women like Hannah are still touted as "so amazing!"

They are like the banks back in 2008: To big to fail. Failure is still amazing. We agree here on The Red Island. In fact, Hannah's technical and objective failure in both legal and moral circumstance is actually a huge win in regards to this blog!

She went for greatness, that is all we ask. That is all we need and want; hope for. We want all women to be great and to do what they love, what they are passionate about. We want all women to pursue their desperate need to have cum shot up their snatch as nature intended. The kitchen and a life of welfare is one energetic sperm away. Women know this; their vaginas tingle for the moment.

Women seem to get-off more so from attention, then from the actual sucking and fucking. There is no other rationale for this type of behavior, aside from the red flags and other glaring mental disorders that Hannah is showing.

The purple hair in the mug shot is a nice touch to the narrative. Speaking of narrative, we always ask "Where is the father?" in all of this. Aaron Clarey and TheGreatOne would agree, that normally the father is no where to be found in cases such as this. He normally "cannot be reached for comment".

However, today is special. Just like Hannah.

Daddy In Denial About His Suburban Daughter's Slootery & Female Nature

In an interesting and out-of-character twist that we aren't accustomed to here, the father of Hannah was available for comment. Brave and stunning.

Jason Harris, the father of Hannah Harris, whom slid her sliz all over a 14-year old boy, has indeed come to the aid, the rescue, in order to protect his daughter (a white woman from the West) from any form of discomfort or accountability.

If there was ever a time to cock-block your daughter from getting dick, it would have been now. But, in true suburban-cuck fashion, Hannah's dad will deny the most red of pills: His daughter was 21 (at the time) horny and will fuck anything that makes her tingle. Your daughter, like a lot of women, buy dildos on amazon: They hump their bed, their pillows, fuck their fingers, fuck strangers in the bathroom at da' clubs, use hairbrush handles, back massagers and yes, even teen boys that are also just as horny.

What could go wrong?

The problem is, your daughter, like most women, have no self control. Look at their social media, look at their spending habits; look at their fucking debt. Look at their weight (except Hannah, she is pretty fit), look at how they backstab their co-workers at work over petty disagreements (emotional).

Jason said Hannah Harris, 23, “just wanted to help” when she started working at a school in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire in 2018, The Sun reports.

“We are fully supporting her,” he said, speaking to The Sun exclusively from his home in Bedfordshire.

Who else is going to support your daughter? A 14-year old boy and his parent's lunch money?

Please, continue sir.

“She was too young. She was in that job because she wanted to help people, that’s what she does, she helps people. She’s very, very good natured. Anyone she’s ever worked for before and still working for now speak very highly of her. And she is still working now.” -Hannah's Daddy

“We are fully supporting her,” he said, speaking to The Sun exclusively from his home in Bedfordshire.

“We’re not giving up on her. I don’t believe what came out in court. We are talking to her solicitor at the moment about appealing. She shouldn’t have been doing that job."

Women, they always need Daddy to come and save them. So strong and independent, yet, women always seem to need the most support. Weird!

Whether it is from daddy (biological or not) or from the government (slap on the wrist from the Court), women seem to avoid any actual struggle in their lives. The real struggle will begin after 40 when the phone stops ringing and no high value guy will have the urge to shoot a load into the deepest crevasse of da pussy. Then what? I guess its welfare.

Yes, Hannah's dad, we are all in agreement here. No need to get all fired up, sir.

Hannah was too young for that job. In fact, your daughter shouldn't be working or signing business contracts, period. She should be in the kitchen, cooking cleaning and sucking cock; handing a man a beer after said cocksuck.

After all, she has just proved that is what she wants to excel at in life.

What was the point of having a career when at the end of the day it leads to her ruining it by again, spreading her legs and getting a load of cum roped into her cunt?

Your daughter is trying to tell you something: Women don't want to work, they want to fuck and lay around all day long.

We see it time and time again, in everyday life. You see it with people you know. Young women will get their degrees in worthlessness, but will still get a decent or high paying job. A life, a career frontloaded. But then, not even 2 years into it they all seem to get knocked-up, leave said job.

Sometimes, never to return. They find some betabucks hubby spewing six-figures, get married and then the cum starts spraying at their cervix.

They go on mat-leave in perpetuity, telling half-assed lies to hubby that yes, "One day I will return to the office." Never happens. The former party-gurl, careerbabe, clubwhore has pulled off the age-old transition to trad-wife in a blink of an eye. All that education, the money, the time spent by corporations, all wasted. In the end, she is still on her back, laying around watching day-time TV with the crumb-crunchers.

Brave, stunning. Amazing!

You say she was, "In that job because she wanted to help people." Nobody is denying this, sir. We can all see that Hannah wanted to 'help' that 14-year old boy out with getting a release, and possibly fulfilling a life long (14 year old) fantasy of which dumping a steamy hot load of cum on your daughter's face being a pre-requisite.

We believe she is also, "very, very good natured". Her natural instincts and biology propelled her vagina into her natural realm of, again, sucking and fucking, trying to get cum shot into her pussy. She's a woman. Strong, brave and independent. Nobody can take that away from her, and certainly not now.

"Anyone she has ever worked for and still working for speak very highly of her."

Again, we believe you. Stop mansplaining. I too would speak highly of Hannah, especially after the blowjob.

It is interesting because, at the same time Hannah's dad is defending her honor, he is ironically undermining her and all women in the very same breath.

This is exactly what we talk about all the time on here. It's the hypocrisy of the fempower movement as a whole. Which is it, dad? She is an adult, a woman, as capable as a man, can take responsibility, be strong, brave and independent?

Or, is she like a child and needs the keys taken away from her?

The Report Card


As you will see from our write-up, Hannah did indeed go for greatness.

Like many before her, she understood what every teen boy wanted: Sweets, fast-food and weed. No mention of Fortnite sessions, though. I guess when you are as attractive as Hannah (with fake-up on) you can mix things up in the rule book.

Harris was first employed in 2018 in the IT department at the school and moved to become a teaching assistant in 2019. Two areas in which young attractive women shouldn't be in, clearly. Women like Hannah belong on the streets or behind the bar during a Vegas convention.

In the beginning, this rape....sorry, love story started when innocently enough, the boy DM'd Hannah on Instagram. Instead of documenting and reporting the incident and flagging it as 'inappropriate' to her superiors at the schoolboard, Hannah instead followed her vagina. A journey of dick-jerking magnitude.

Yes, the passion cannot be denied on this one.

Any normal and mentally stable person would've blocked the hormonal boy or told him that it was inappropriate to contact a teacher on social media. Instead, in Hannah's quest for greatness and a quivering orgasm, she took the 14-year old boy out for some McDonalds; bought him some candy at the local 'sweet shop' and allowed him to smoke cannabis in her car.

Can you see where this is going? Back to the boys house you say?

You clearly need to read this blog more, moron.

Class, raise your hand if you think Ms. Harris was about to put this kid's cock in her mouth, ass, and or pussy and let him nut in her purple hair!

Mr. Clarey, stop watching videos on how to improve your golf swing and read the rest out loud for us! TheGreatOne, sit down and shut-up about podcasting for 15, 16 years or whatever it is and follow along like the rest of us!

Hannah then had sex with the boy. Again, these journalists love to make typos. Let's start over.

Hannah then raped the 14-year old minor in a Wilko car park after posing as the mom of his fictional girlfriend,who she named, Kayla, to speak to his parents over texts.

Again, this is how women use their 'intelligence' and time with their lives.

Lets read that again, so we all can understand what the fuck we all just learned.

She had posed as the mum of the victim’s fictional girlfriend – who she named “Kayla” – and spoke to his parents about their relationship.

She said her name was Olivia and she lived in Baldock, Hertfordshire.

In one text Harris wrote, “Seems Kayla and … (the boy) are getting on well, so I am happy to ferry them around.”

Harris was caught out in January 2020 when the boy’s older brother found out.

The boy admitted “Olivia” and “Kayla” were fictional.

Harris, from Henlow, Bedfordshire, denied four charges of sexual activity with a child in December 2019 and January 2020.

She was found not guilty on three of the four charges.

They were alleged to have taken place twice on Dunstable Downs and once at her home.

Prosecutor Simon Wilshire told St Albans Crown Court, “Both parents believed they had spoken to Olivia on the phone and his mum had exchanged texts.

“The names Kayla and Olivia were fictions to hide the fact they were meeting up. The parents were in fact talking to Ms. Harris as that was the number they had been given for Olivia.”

Biden gives Americans free crack pipes; Hannah giving out blowjobs that haven't been earned. Libtards.

If that kind of passion doesn't get an A, I don't know what will.



Hannah not only went for the lowest of hanging fruit (15 is too old for her), she went as far as to dupe the boy's parents into believing she was the mom of this kid's fictional girlfriend.

Women are amazing at trying to get cum shot into them.



For Hannah we are going to do the Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

It is only fair since we cannot in good conscience neglect to show how women without make-up on look like gremlins. Granted, some of the photos you are about to see are of Hannah at her lowest point in life: Outside of the Court, sad because she can no longer fuck her 14-year old aspiring Chad.

Women look a certain way when they know they won't be able to feel the warmth of a lover's cum snake down the back of their legs and thigh after being blown all over their ass. No longer will she feel him trying to blast her cervix into the next solar system.

Let's all enjoy the decline.

Hot teaching assistant, Hannah Harris

Heels-up Harris

Hot female teacher, Hannah Harris selfie

The very natural, just chilling in the hallway selfie

Hannah Harris, female teacher

Those are the eyes and lips of a woman that say to me

'she is just here to help'. Filled with hope, desire and teen cum.

Hot teacher, Hannah Harris

Hooped earrings, you know what that means....

She's about to drop an egg.

Female teaching assistant, Hannah Harris

"Take me back to McDonalds..."

Sex scandal teacher, Hannah Harris

Women who love horses are always the best in bed.

This boy didn't deserve any of this.

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!


Well Hannah, you got your 15-minutes of fame here on The Red Island.

Don't go and spend it all at one place now.

Overall Grade



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