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Hard 4 The Holidays (Part One)

This is an erotic tale about the day that which ignited the most incredibly lit experience of my life. Okay rewind, you don't know what I'm talking about yet.

Let me give it to you with a bit of back story, first. We all know that the women reading this (10% of my readership according to my analytics) love it when we do it from the back end first, so that the finish gets built up to a mighty climax.

I was 23 at the time, 6'4"ft, fit; I had (still do) a swimmer's body. I have dark brown hair and I'm not going to tell you my dick is 9ft long, but it's above average length and pretty thick. I've been told I'm good-looking and I've never had a lot of trouble finding hook-ups.

A few years ago when I was in university I dated this biddie (aka- a young, slooty woman), let's call her Kay, who was part of one those "girl squads".

Kay was 22, 5,6ft and cute as hell, blonde hair, blue eyes, (superior genetics, heil Hitler!), always tanned from being outside. She's sporty and despite being pretty petite, she had these bouncy C-cup titties that fit almost perfectly in my hands. The type-of-tits that you could use as chest pillows, much better than memory foam. Her ass was firm, toned and although she did a lot of squats it wasn't jungle-sized at all, which I prefer anyway.

Kay and her 3 best friends were the kind of friends that called each other their "soul mates". I know, pretty cliché, but women usually are.

Biddies believe that shit and lap it up. They were really, really, really close.

I mean, they probably ate each other’s boxes from time-to-time or rub each other off for fun. That type of close, those types of biddies.

Seeing each other almost everyday, talking all the time, texting, telling each other everything from their cycles to what new vibrator they were ordering off the internet that month. Three of the four had known one another since middle school and the other girl they'd met in college and became close with immediately. Biddies of a feather flock and fuck on the other side of the wall in unison. These chicks had no shame in their new found liberation: College. Every time I drink a Cuba Libre by the poolside, It reminds me of those times.

Anyway, so when Kay and I first began dating she told me that her "squad" would always come first in her life. I rolled my eyes a little and shrugged it off; honestly I wasn't looking for anything serious with her anyway. However, I ended up dating this little biddie for longer than I’d expected. We got on well and the sex was great, but mainly I think that most of the drama I had to deal with other girls didn't exist here, because Kay talked about that stuff with her friends and not me.

I knew she talked about our sex life in full detail to her friends, which to be honest kind of turned me on because they were a sexy bunch of biddies as you are about to figure out.

Now might be a good time to describe her friends: Katie (21), Danielle (23) and Andrea (22). Katie is a short skinny easy-going Asian girl with straight black hair and a great smile. She's probably the one I'm least attracted to physically, but who's personality I liked best. The type of girl you wouldn’t mind getting an impromptu BJ from during a study sesh in order to blow off some stress, but to then play video games with afterwards. The type of chick you would rage quit with during Battlefield Bad Company in order to go and fuck each other like it was V-day and you and her were about to start the Boomer generation.

She and I usually made eye-contact when one of the other girls said something profoundly stupid about fossil fuels and the environment.

Now, Danielle on the other hand is about medium height, pale skin and platinum blonde hair. She looks like the kind of girl who spends hours in front of the mirror every day objecting herself, metaphorically masturbating her soul and ego all at once. She thought of herself as some divine Goddess sent down to us from somewhere up above. Always perfect make-up, perfect nails etc. I use to call her the Cream-Queen, because almost every guy on campus had probably giving her cab fare at some point during their 4-years.

Her body is pretty hot overall, but what really stands out is her bubble butt, which she shows off at every opportunity. She usually wore those booty shorts, where half her ass would hang out like two pull-apart Brioche buns and then she would point out every guy that stared at her. I'm not really an ass man but it certainly was an eye-catcher. Danielle was also the newest addition to the “squad”, the others had known her for only two or so years at this point.

Now each of them was a smoke-show in their own way, However, Andrea is probably one of the hottest girls I'd ever seen in real life. Seriously, this girl belonged on a Gucci runway somewhere. She had light brown skin, shiny dark brown hair to her waist, hourglass proportions. Her tits were absolutely incredible, natural double Ds at least and they looked unbelievable on her shapely body. If titty-fucking aint your thang, I am willing to bet dollars to strippers that it would be after meeting Andrea. She often wore outfits that showcased her vivacious rack and she had a 9/10 face to match her body.

Side note: Never rank biddies 10/10, there is no such thing as perfection, especially with women. Mind you none of these women were fat. It was a different time back then....10 short years ago. Much has changed with this new diabetic ridden generation, up and coming.

Andrea usually wore dark red lipstick a lot and did this thing sometimes where she would bite her lip while making eye-contact with you.

That's how I discovered a new kink I didn't know I had. When I saw her for the first time I thought, "Shit, I picked the wrong friend", which I know is kind of shitty but I couldn't help it. Almost like picking the wrong stock in a Bull market in where it does well, but not as well as some others.

Unfortunately (or fortunately idk) it turned out she had this really bitchy personality and I couldn't talk to her for more than 5 minutes at a time without me wanting to send a hallow-point into my own skull. Still, I couldn't help but stare at her sometimes, which I think Kay noticed.

About a month into dating Kay, we were chilling on the couch in her apartment during the Christmas holidays, watching some stupid W-channel, cookie-cutter holiday Hallmark shit that biddies love to masturbate to when nobody is around.

Kay began absentmindedly rubbing her fingers on my dick over my pants. I had closed my eyes and was enjoying the feeling when she suddenly said, "Doesn't that actress look like, Andrea?" I opened my eyes to see two actors making out. The actress was hot and had long brown hair but apart from that she didn't look like Andrea at all. Honestly, Andrea was way hotter.

"You mean, your Andrea? I guess", I said and closed my eyes again. Kay unzipped the fly to my pants, took my cock out and began stroking it.

"Seriously look at her, don't you think she's hot?"

I was confused at this point and looked at the screen again. The actress was topless now and was clearly about to have sex with some douche who had just saved her small business with a conditional loan. On second thought, maybe we weren’t watching the W-channel…

Regardless of the Christmas show and network, Kay was stroking my dick and I remember her looking particularly horny. You know the way biddies look when they get like that. It’s the same type of look they get when they are at the mall, surrounded by “savings” and “deals.” A feverish pitch.

Without thinking I said, "Andrea has bigger tits than that bitch".

For a second after, I thought fuck I'm in for it. But Kay just smiled at me knowingly and began stroking faster.

At this point I was hard as a rock and confused as hell, but also I didn't really care. For some reason this was turning Kay on? I'd take it. I leaned forward to kiss her while reaching under her loose t-shirt to grab her tits, her jibblies.

She yanked her shirt off, revealing her cute bouncy boobs. She had bikini tan lines from spending time on the beach during that summer, so most of her skin was golden-brown but her boobs were pale. Her nipples were pink, larger than you'd expect on her tits which I always found sexy. I reached out to grab one hard nipple but Kay pulled away from me, whilst getting her phone out.

Wtf? I’d thought. She was still jerking me with one hand but she seemed to be scrolling through an album with the other.

"Kay what's going on?" I said.

She handed me her phone. On said phone was a picture of Andrea, on the beach looking fresh as hell. She was standing with her back to the camera but with the top half of her body twisted around to look at the camera. She was wearing a non existent g-string that had disappeared, Houdini’d if you will, into her beautiful ass.

She was topless with her hands covering her nipples. She was laughing and looking straight at the camera, with her boobs spilling over on either side of her hands. Holy. Shit. I needed to join Facebook at that moment.

I don't know what my exact expression was as I looked at this photo, but when I looked up Kay had the most wicked smile on her face. She leant forward to kiss me and then knelt in front of the couch, took my dick in her mouth as she had done so many times before. Except this time I was holding her phone; a photo of her nearly naked friend as she sucked my dick. FML? My life is fucked.

Although a part of my brain was wondering if this was some kind of shit-test, most of my brain was focusing on trying to memorize the scene in front of me so that I could tell this tale years down the road for all of you. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Andrea's pic whilst Kay was sucking my dick.

My eyes zoomed in on her magnificent tits(Andrea’s, not Kay’s) and I tried to imagine the nipples her hands were hiding. I reached down and grabbed Kay’s less superior tits, massaging them and thinking about Andrea's body. I felt her nipples stiffen and I pulled on them till she gasped. Kay was licking my cock up and down, pausing to suck on the tip.

Usually, she makes eye contact while doing this but today her eyes were closed. Maybe it was because she wanted me to look at the picture? I imagined Andrea in the same position, her beautiful mouth worshipping my cock like she does her own body in the mirror. My dick began to throb. Kay was sucking on the tip like diabetic with a lollipop; stroking me with both her hands. In between sucking, she looked up at me and said, "Would you fuck her?"

Holy shit. Did she want a threesome? Fuck. I was too dazed to say anything other than "yeah" but I was thinking God exists and he loves me. If God does exist, I am sure he takes time out of his day to watch Andrea take a long steamy bath, or pet herself to sleep. God, for sure, is a pervert. What if God was one of us? As it is written in that fucking 90's song by Joan Osborne, I am sure God, like any normal man, would be a fly on the wall in Andrea's room...admiring his creation. Nothing wrong with that, Amen.

"What would you do to her?" Kay was saying to me.

"Oh.. I'd fuck her brains out". I complied.

I know, I'm not Shakespeare but it was the best I could do at the time.

"What else?" She said as she began deep-throating my cock.

I groaned as her lips touched my body and put my hands on her head to hold her there. "I'd fuck her mouth like this." I said and began to thrust into Kay’s throat. I felt her gag but she pushed her head down to keep her lips on my shaft. I've never known a girl who could suck dick like her.

It’s a lost art for women today. Kay was the type of woman that actually loved sucking dick. There is a difference in that most women will want to suck your dick for either vanity purposes or some other mental bullshit going on in their head. Then there are biddies like Kay, who felt she needed to suck your dick or else she'd die from the horniness.

My filthy fantasies were flowing out of me in paragraphs now.

"I'd hold her[Andrea] beautiful face like this and make her worship my cock. Then I'd fuck her wet pussy until she begs me to stop." With each sentence I was thrusting into Kay’s throat and could feel myself beginning to cum. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Andrea moaning under me, her tits bouncing as I slid in and out of her pussy.

Kay struggled a little, gagging as my cum shot into her throat. When I finished coming I released her head and she showed me the cum in her mouth and waited for me to nod before swallowing it.

My fingers slipped between her legs, to find that she was unbelievably wet. I realized she had been touching herself as I throat-fucked her, described my fantasies about one of her best friends. She gasped as I began rubbing circles on her clit. "What. The. Fuck. Was. That?" I asked her. She struggled a little but I held her firmly and continued rubbing her clit. "What's going on Kay?" She moaned, "I- We- have a rule."

"A rule?" I was puzzled.

"A rule that whenever one of us has a steady boyfriend… the others get to fuck him, once."

There is a moment in every man's life in where he hears the most beautiful prose. This wasn't one of them. This was better. This was true thottery.

"What?!" I could feel my dick starting to get hard again even though I'd just came. I slipped a finger into Kay’s pussy and continued rubbing her clit with my thumb. She began to shudder and moan. I stopped fingering her.

"No no- please!"

"Then keep talking" I said, slowly fucking her pussy with two fingers.

"It' no one gets jealous. Before..the rule... there were incidents, fights even". I took one round pink nipple in my mouth and sucked on it hard. She nearly screamed, "No cheating, no jealousy. It works..well."

She was barely coherent but I got the gist of it. At that point, I knew I was going to get to fuck all three of her best friends. Christmas was coming early and so was Kay.

I continued sucking on her tit as I finger banged her like it was my day job. Kay came suddenly, screaming and moaning, thrashing under me. We lay silently on the couch, both panting for what felt like ages. Eventually she turned her head to look at me.

"So" she said, a smile spreading across her face, "Who do you want first?"

To Be Continued....


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