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Hard 4 The Holidays (Part Two)

My slam-piece, Kay and I were spooning in our underwear on the couch in her apartment. Shortly before, as you all know, she'd confided in me: She and her friends had a rule where if one of them has a steady boyfriend, the others all get to fuck him one time, for “friendship reasons”.

I was staring at Kay, open-mouthed. I couldn't believe what I was hearing; it was like I'd slipped into some kind of porno-coma version of my life; except it was really happening. A weird sexual limbo that only Middle Eastern men could dream of before during themselves into human dynamite at some bazaar in Kandahar.

Part of me, specifically the lower part of me, was thinking that I must be the luckiest guy in the world. But I also couldn't shake the feeling that Kay was playing some kind of joke on me. What was her angle, her game?

She looked like she was enjoying my confusion as she waited for me to answer her. But I had some questions first.

"How did this happen?" was the first one.

Over the course of the next half hour, Kay told me about all the girl-crew drama that had led to this rule.

I picked up on some of it from things that were said in passing during some previous conversations from when we first started dating, but I have to admit that I hadn’t previously paid close attention until then.

By this point, however, it was all vitally important. From that point on, every time she mentioned one of her friends, I'd wonder what they looked like naked, what they would sound like in bed.

Anyway, I digress.

The short version is that Katie's high school boyfriend had cheated on her with Andrea (which, Andrea confessed to out of guilt) and Katie had slept with one of Andrea’s ex-boyfriends for revenge.

Later-on in their relationships, Kay and Andrea soon competed over the same guy and things got ugly. These cascading incidents had caused so much jealousy and anger that they'd all nearly stopped being friends. One day they finally decided that no guy would come before their friendship. They formed some sort of girl-council and came up with this rule— To fuck each other’s boyfriends, one time only, hit and quit—for when they arrived at college.

They met Danielle when it turned out that her boyfriend was hitting-on and trying to hook up with multiple girls in the squad. Danielle dumped the guy and ended up joining the squad. A true compandre. Thank God she did, because I really wanted to hit those back-bumpers on her.

Apparently the rule worked well because it dispensed of the need for competitiveness, and instead made them all feel excited, slutty even, when any of them dated someone new. Kay said it had made them more open and honest with each other, bringing them all closer than ever.

It is the most pragmatic women will ever get.

She also said to me that the offer wasn't presented right away and not to every guy, but only after he'd been around for a while and the girls had talked it over first. I realized this meant that not only had Kay already been planning this with the other biddies, but it meant that they’d all decided they wanted to fuck me? Wow.

To be honest, I didn't quite get how the rule and all of it worked, but I wasn't about to poke holes…into their “logic”.

I was now convinced that this wasn't some elaborate ruse. I was actually going to get to sleep with all of them, so I wasn't trying to shoot myself in the foot.

I, of course, took a minute at this time to fervently applaud my past-self for actually asking Kay out on a date rather than just letting it remain a casual hook-up as I initially intended. I had a few more pressing questions however: Would Kay have to sleep with someone else if one of the girls got a new boyfriend?

"No", was the answer I got from her when I was big spoon to her little on the couch. "It’s only the girls who are single at the time” She added.

“And obviously no one has to do anything they don't want to! It's not like there's a contract. It's just a way for us to prove to each other that our friendship comes first."

Next question in my head was, had it happened already? I then asked Kay what had been rattling inside my brainpan like a .22 round.

"Yes, twice" Kay said, laughing at my expression. Her breasts bounced slightly as she laughed, distracting me and making my cock harden again.

She explained that while there had been other guys who had gotten to fuck one or two in the squad, because the others were either unavailable (taken) or not interested, only two lucky guys in total had the chance to fuck all four of these gorgeous biddies.

I was going to be lucky stud number 3. My dick was definitely hard again at this point. Kay felt it press against her stomach and laughed, grabbing it in her hands.

"You're really not jealous?" I asked her. She licked her fingers and rubbed her spit on my dick-head, looking down as she answered, " fact it turns me on..a lot".

My dick felt rock-hard now, hard enough to be almost medically concerning.

I put a hand under her chin and tilted her face up so she was looking at me.

"You know that I'm.. submissive" she said, looking into my eyes.

"The last two guys, well, they weren't my guys, but now with you..

the truth is I love the idea of being with a real man, who could have any girl he wanted..whose cock has been inside all of my friends."

Hold up. Pause.

Holy fuck. Gentlemen let me tell you, I work out and go to da gymz but I'm far from the strongest guy I know. I'm pretty decent looking but I wouldn't win any awards. However, in that moment, I felt like goddamn superman or Thor.

Just think of the biggest Chad in the world— In that moment I was him.

Without a word, I flipped Kay onto her back and grabbed her legs with my hands, spreading them and pushing them back onto her. She gasped and locked her elbows around her knees so she was clutching her legs against her chest pillows.

I was kneeling in front of her, with her legs spread before me and her beautiful pink pussy exposed after sliding her panties off; her cunt looked like moist ginger at a Sushi bar. I froze with my dick in my hand, picturing one-by-one each of her friends in the same position, their legs spread eagle like gymnasts, pussies ready to be drilled like the Bakken oil fields.

I dunked my cock into her sopping wetland in one motion and began fucking her like a mad man— a machine on auto pilot. Kay was screaming and hugging her legs to her chest as her tight tits bounced.

She had told me before that she liked rough dominant sex, kinky and slightly degrading dirty talk.

We'd experimented with it a little but I'd never fully gotten into the zone.

I was always more concerned with just buttering her tits like holiday dinner rolls.

By now, watching her writhing and moaning under me, it seemed to come more naturally.

With a great effort, I pulled out of her and placed my cock on top of her pussy; on her landing strip. Her eyes shot open, "no- no, come back inside!"

"No" I said simply, ignoring my throbbing cock. She made to unlock her arms but I grabbed her knees and held them apart, trapping her arms. I was enjoying the view too much to let it go.

"Did I say you could move? Keep your legs open, for fuck’s sake".

Kay nodded, panting "okay".

"Okay?" I asked, raising my eyebrow like The Rock as I stroked my cock against her clit. She shivered like I'd sent a shock through her body.

"I mean yes baby..of course."

I held my dick with one hand, with the other one on her thigh, making sure her legs stayed open. I brought my dick to her wet twat and dipped it in like a Dunkaroo, before pulling out again. "Ohh yes yes- noo" she was moaning.

Her moans were really getting me going but I tried to stay focused. I brought my dick back up and stroked her clit with it, going faster and faster until she trembled and moaned, "Fuck me fuck me, please".

"Please what?" I demanded.

She looked at me trying to figure out what I wanted. I could see that she would say anything that would get my cock back in her but I wasn't about to give it to her until I got the right answer.

"Please.." she tried again. I shook my head in disappointment.

Kay stared at me for a moment and then pressed her knees firmly into her chest, lifted her ass slightly, presenting both her holes to me. She pulled her legs apart as far as they would go, so that her pussy lips spread open by themselves. Then she looked me right in the eyes and in a soft low voice said, "Please..King..fuck my pussy..I need it."

I groaned. Fuck, that'll do.

I brought my cock back to her entrance and pushed forward, letting her warm wet velvety dick-sleeve hug my shaft. I could tell she had be doing her Kegels.

I slammed into her roughly, with my eyes closed and held her firmly. She tried to prompt me to keep talking dirty to her but I ignored her, using her hole only for my pleasure.

I continued fucking her, letting her tight pussy drain my balls fully before pulling out. Kay had been screaming and moaning this whole time. When I pulled out she finally relaxed and flipped on her side immediately, panting and gasping.

I slid my hand between her legs to feel her drenched pussy, which was now leaking cum. I looked up to see she was smiling at me. It was amazing how quickly she transformed from a desperate sub, to a confident tease.

She was still breathing heavily as she looked at me and said, "So... are you going to answer MY question now? Who do you want first?"

If you've read the previous chapter you know that my heart, brain and boner were thumping to the uneven beat of And-rea, And-rea, And-rea. The smoking hot brunette with the unreal body, garnished with a bitchy personality.

So, why didn't I just come out and say it? I'm not sure. I mean Kay surely knew or assumed it would be Andrea. Not too long ago she'd watched me blow my load into her mouth while obsessing over a photo of Andrea in her iddie-biddie bikini; the one with the G-string that ghosted into her ass crack.

Maybe I just wanted to play it cool, maybe the post-nut clarity was telling me not to make it obvious just how pronounced my preference for her best friend's body was.

Instead, I kissed Kay and said something like, "I don't know, I need some time to process."

Kay laughed at this, and countered with, "Not too long, it'd be cruel to make them wait for a cock this good".

I believed I was falling in love with this girl.

To Be Continued...


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