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Hot Arkansas Christian Teacher & Church Volunteer Reagan Gray, Arrested For Sexually Assaulting A 15 Year Old Boy For 3 Years

Arkansas Christian teacher Reagan Gray

  • An Arkansas Christian teacher, Reagan Gray (26), is accused of sexually abusing an underage boy she met at the church for three years, starting from when she was 23 years old in 2020.

  • Gray was employed as a teacher at Little Rock Christian Academy and also served as a volunteer in the Immanuel student ministry.

  • The alleged victim's parents discovered text messages between the alleged victim and Gray in 2020 that they reported to a senior pastor at the church.

  • The affidavit continued that then-head pastor Steven Smith then confronted Gray about the messages and was told by her that the relationship was not physical.

  • Smith later told FBI investigators in February 2024 that Gray had confessed in counseling that the relationship between her and the alleged victim was "sexual in nature," according to the affidavit.

  • Gray is facing a single felony charge of sexual assault. She turned herself in to the police on Wednesday and is currently free on a $20,000 bond.


Instead of getting down on her knees in order to please Jesus, Reagan Gray betrayed him like a typical whore, and tried to cuck the Lord via relations with a teen boy. Staring at the body of Christ all day long on that cross, all muscled and toned, just wasn't enough for Reagan and her quivering vagina.

Whether you are of faith, religious or not, the story of Adam & Eve is a cautionary tale about female nature. The TL/DR version is that women need to be regulated as they are easily manipulated, tempted, have poor impulse control and when not controlled can destroy your society. Women are the mental equivalent of a teenager.

The Arkansas church in where Reagan volunteered was once frequented by former President Bill Clinton -NewYorkPost

It doesn't matter if their frontal lobe/prefrontal cortex is fully developed or not because even when fully developed, women never mature through all stages of morality like a man does. Essentially, a woman's mental faculties cap out in high school.

This story perfectly illustrates the fact that it doesn't matter how Christian your girlfriend or wife is. At the end of the day, she is still just a woman. Taking vows, drinking wine (blood of Christ) and sucking on his body (host) isn't magic pixie dust that will transform a woman into the perfect tradwife. Traditional woman only existed in the past because they were regulated. Period.

Today, it doesn't matter how Christian your wife or girl is, she is still not being properly regulated. The laws are gynocentric. The Courts are all cucked and gynocentric. There is no social shame; there are plenty of safety nets for women in case they fuck up in life.

That's why they still do shit like this; have sex with teen boys and ruin the lives of many including their own. Until the welfare is taken away, and until women's rights (privileges as they are allowed) are removed, the West will continue on the path of ancient Rome during its complacent and liberal phase near the end.

In the affidavit the alleged victim continued to tell investigators that they never had procreative sex but did have sexual interaction, either in Gray's car or her apartment. -International Business Times

For 3 years, Reagan sexted and met up with a 15-year old boy for blowjobs and clit rubs. Then, when discovered, lied to her pastor about the relationship being "physical".

She was told to stop and not to contact the boy again. But just like Eve she ignored the warnings and continued to take bites out of the preverbal apple from the snake. Continued to suck the juices from that teen's fruit stick so she could feel the salvation of freshly produced seed of an aspiring Chad, spit like a sprinkler in a garden, all over her face and tongue.

It is alleged that Reagan and the teen boy never had "procreative" sex during the time, but did have sexual interactions. Either that is bullshit, or Regan is one of those few women that are obsessed with giving blowjobs.

Or, she has a husband and with her religious background just assumed that if she only gave blowjobs, it doesn't actually count as "sex" in the eyes of God.

The real crime here is that she teased this boy with her young 23-26 Year old body for three years.

If women can't follow through with their (sex) work, how can women be trusted to follow through and execute in the corporate world? If you had an all-female ran company or business in CorporateLand, nothing would ever get done.

Every boardroom meeting would consist of endless bickering and indecisiveness; passing the buck onto the middle managers and interns. Every potential deal would be pulled at the last minute because of emotions. Every counteroffer would have unrealistic demands, and proposals given the fact that women overvalue everything they do and what they think they are "owed".

Reagan never sealed the deal for three fucking years, with this boy. She was presenting herself as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher, yet didn't execute, pull the trigger and follow through. In law and in the courts there is a term in legal proceedings called "Leading the witness". Reagan lead the victim with a carrot on a stick and that is the true crime here.

Reagan was 23 and hotter than she is now (still hot for her age) at the time of when this all started. She only offered her mouth and hand? Three years of this, ladies and gentlemen is the definition of torture for not only a teen boy, but any man.

I'd rather be crucified on a cross than have a hot female teacher like Regan only give me bjs and handjibbers for three long years and never be able to explode inside her perfectly able and functional vagina.

Send her to jail, immediately.

This poor boy has been through enough...of her teasing.

Does Reagan not believe in condoms or the birth control pill? Is that why she never gave this aspiring Chad the warmth of her loins knowing full well the boy could've inseminated her and gotten her preggers? She is a woman, though, how could she be so thoughtful, careful and logical about her own biological function? I suspect that given her faith she wanted the boy to remain 'pure' and that blowjobs don't count...

As we all know, women in the West have a difficult time even locating their vagina on a medical diagram.

The Report Card


As a young and attractive woman, Reagan for some reason went after a 15-year old boy. Whether it is some twisted fantasy of hers in trying to get a teen boy to fuck her, or whether she never was able to fuck Chad in high school, Reagan Gray just couldn't control her lust for kicks (and kids apparently).

Women sexually hunt within their peer groups and social circles. And the most fertile and dominant (influential) male in that group will be a mating target. With no husband or boyfriend mentioned, it is presumed Regan is just your typical, straight-out-of-college (fuck farm) horny and will take any bidders if deemed Chad-like. Women have no concept of consequences because in the West, ever since they[women] were born, women have had none. They are never told "no" and have been front-loaded everything since they were teenagers themselves.

Reagan, like a teen girl, snapchatted her victim nudes. Sexted him and meet-up with him in a car and at her residence in order to suck the Christ out of his cock. I am sure the boy also played with her clit like the bead on a Rosery and got her to hit the same high notes that she does with her choir.



Reagan kept this boy in penile purgatory for three whole years.

For Christ's sake, he knows what a hand feels like; a mouth is no substitute for a woman's portal to another euphoric dimension.

Reagan has forsaken her duties as a female sex scandal teacher. Moreover, she has disobeyed her Lord & savior by not being fruitful and multiplying...

God is like the House at a casino; you can never win.

Her overall grade will suffer because of this infraction. A true female sex scandal teacher would've given up her body, her vaginal canal to that boy in order for him to find salvation and to release the hormone of the Gods (testosterone) into and all over Regan.

Jesus died for our sins. He gave up his body and sacrificed it.

Reagan, because she's a woman, couldn't do such a thing (sacrifice).

Women can sin though, because that is easy.

I can see why Regan was so confused about her role as a woman, a Christian woman and female sex scandal teacher.

It's no wonder why so many women are on SSRI's these days.

Just pick one personality, ladies, and stick with it.



When assessing and properly grading a female sex scandal teacher's looks, what you need to consider firstly is this: Does she look good for her age.

I always receive comments or emails that pertain to the quality of assessment with regards to how I grade these salacious sluts.

First off, don't take any of this seriously, because I don't.

I don't take women seriously in anything.

Secondly, you have to understand that when grading one of these, it's not about you.

It's not about whether you think she is hot, it's ultimately about whether or not a teen boy would.

Or, to take it further, would your former 15-year old self think Reagan Gray is hot or not? This isn't about me or you, this is about getting justice for the victim.

As a Thirty-something man, yes I think Reagan is pretty attractive for her age.

Would bang on the spot, no questions ask, no objections; pull pants down immediately and let's get down to it.

Now, picture yourself back in time to when you were 15-years old.

Are you back in time yet? Okay, good.

Now open your eyes and now you can see Reagan up at the front of your class with a tight skirt or yoga pants on, bent over because she dropped the chalk due to her incompetency as a woman. She's smiling and says, "Ooops, I am such a klutz!" while she bends over to reveal her meaty came-toe from the back.

You focus on the dick-suck lips that she has while she teaches, her almost perfectly symmetrical facial structure; that blond hair and blue-eyed Aryan motif she has going on.

As a 15-year old teen boy, Reagan Gray is a bonified (boner certified) hottie.

If you can't see that, or understand that concept, then you are a faggot.

As a 15-year old boy, Reagan is probably the hottest woman you know or around you. Putting your cock inside her would be like penetrating a black hole in a galaxy; an experience beyond human comprehension.

Reagan is an A on looks.

However, her presentation is something left to be desired.

This is typical of good-looking women; they lack effort in everything else about them.

Reagan didn't want to go for Greatness; she took down her Youtube, Facebook and other SM before I could get to the scene. However, there were still some digital crumbs to pick-up and snack on. One of which took me 2 hours to find.

Arkansas Christian teacher Reagan Gray

A fitting shirt that doesn't actually fit well on Reagan.

Next time, wear a tank-top so we can see those tits of yours.

Sick and tired of these low-effort presentations from you sluts!

Where are all those nudes you sent to that boy for three years? There must be thousands of them out in the ether somewhere, find them if you want a better grade!

Arkansas Christian teacher Reagan Gray

Nice grip.

Just work on giving that wrist a slight bend to help with the angles and proper alignment with your mouth (i.e cock holster)

Here we can see how Reagan would give a blowjob by using a microphone as a stand-in prop. Women are always in a performative state.

Arkansas Christian teacher Reagan Gray

This is how most women look when you're about to nut on their face.

Arkansas Christian teacher Reagan Gray

Hoop earrings. She's down to fuck.

Reagan is a rare breed of female sex scandal teacher; her mugshot without make-up actually looks better than her with fake-up on. That's when you know you have a hottie on hand.

And now for the picture that took me 2 hours to find.

Arkansas Christian teacher Reagan Gray

-Little Rock Christian Academy Facebook group

Yes. I managed to find one of the holy grails of female sex scandal teacher pic hunting: The coveted yoga pants/camel-toe pic.

The reason why this type of picture is sought after in the biz is because not only do attractive women look good in them, yoga pants offer insight and a glimpse into the fertility and fuckability of a woman.

Yes, I know she could've worn a brand name like Lululemon that would've offered her more tightness; exposed what we like to call a woman's Bermuda Triangle:

The triangulated area between a woman's thighs where many dicks have gone and disappeared into.

From the graces of tightness, we can clearly see that Reagan has a nice hip-to-waist ration. Perfect for fucking. She was made to breed. It's unconfirmed from this angle as to whether or not Reagan has a tight as or not, though.

No signs of cellulite and it looks like she has a cute box to fill between those tight thighs. With some more time at the gym, Reagan could be well on her way to developing a nice thigh gap if she wanted to. However, it is not required in the looks/presentation category, but preferred.


Final Comments: Reagan Gray failed in her duty as an aspiring Female Sex Scandal Teacher to have 'procreative sex' with the teen boy. Blowjibbers do not count here on this blog or in the eyes of God. At best we can make Reagan Gray an honorable mention in the list for this year so far.

The reason being is because Reagan, despite her lack of follow through with the fucking, is pretty hot. It's just such an injustice and a crying shame she couldn't sacrifice her body to that 15-year old boy. Instead she tortured him like Christ on the cross, made him suffer for three years of no sex. Blue balls is just as bad as a crown of thorns digging into your scalp while hanging out to dry in the desert heat.

Reagan, like Judas, betrayed that boy and denied his penis moisture.

The boy should not turn the other cheek for Regan and invite a kiss of sorry.

Instead, Reagan should've turned both of her cheeks, bent over and let the bro clap them.

Overall Grade


This Post Was Brought To You By, CorporateLand

Arkansas Christian teacher Reagan Gray


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