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Minnesota Special Needs Teacher And Dance Team Coach, Ann Margaret Bacon, Told Police She 'Rented A Motel Room 5 Times' To Have Sex With Teen Student

Minnesota Special Needs Teacher Ann Bacon

Original Story at Dailymail

Minnesota Special Needs Teacher Ann Bacon
  • A Minnesota Special Needs teacher Ann Margaret Bacon, 24, has faced criminal sexual conduct charges after she allegedly raped one of her students.

  • Legal documents revealed Bacon confessed she raped the male student, 18, five times in a hotel room.

  • Bacon rented a motel room 'five times to have sex' with the boy because at the time she was still living in her parents basement. 

  • Witness B is the ex-girlfriend of the teen boy; she said Bacon bought them booze and partied with them on some occasions.

  • Witnesses said the teacher also purchased liquor and 'smoked weed' with the minors. 

  • Ann bacon First denied the sexual encounters with her 18-year-old student but then turned around and admitted to cops that he rented a hotel room a 'handful' of times to have sex with him. 

  • Bacon also denied that she ever purchased alcohol for the teens but acknowledged a $40 Venmo payment that was labeled 'liqq' in June.


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Show Notes:

  • Was Ms. Bacon getting down with a 'downie' (Sped), or did Chad ignite her clit in the classroom?

  • Ann Bacon was tired of playing video games and masturbating every night in her parent's basement.

  • Women never mature past high school, they just get older.

  • Female competition anxiety and workplace affairs.

  • Love triangles and the female ego.

  • Ann Bacon is probably a 'Swifty'. Bet.

  • Women shouldn't be in positions of power; they should just be in a few: Missionary, Doggy and Cowgirl.

The Report Card


Ann Bacon is your typical 'Swifty', leftist American woman that is currently in arrested development. Bacon clearly never wanted to escape high school, or rather, had some unfinished business to attend to while trying to be a 'career girl' bossbabe at the same time: Having sex with Chad once and for all.

It's very clear that this teen boy wasn't a Sped (A downie). However, he did have 'special needs' like any teen boy would and Ann Bacon tended to those 'needs' with total undeniable enthusiasm and passion.

A clear 'love triangle' had formed between this aspiring Chad, his teacher, and as we have come to find, his ex-girlfriend. Ann Bacon, being like any typical harpie slut in America, positioned herself accordingly, ready to pounce and steal the aspiring alpha male away from all the younger competition at school. She essentially groomed this boy to breakup with his girlfriend so that she could be the one he'd have sex with and dedicate his cum to her pussy.

Women are the real oppressors, conspirators, and dictators of our time.

Ann Bacon's vagina had been tingling too long for her to ignore the raging fire building inside her clit everyday; she just had to go and rent that motel room 5 times in order to pussy bomb this teen's penis until he got addicted to the crack between her legs and not some other dealer's product (pussy) at school.

The victim and Ms. Bacon had a lot in common at the time: They both went to the same school (albeit one of them is a full grown ass adult), both likely have the same mental faculties of a teenager, both like sex/are horny, and also both of them live in their parent's basement.

You see, in today's gynocentric society, if a woman lives in her parent's basement and tries to have sex with teen boys all day long, she is somehow 'empowered'. But when a dude lives in his parents basement, plays video games all day and is otherwise a pariah on society, he is a 'loser'.

Female teachers, who produce nothing of value, add nothing to the country's GDP, whilst trying to get pregnant by cucking their husbands by having sex with teen students are the real pariahs in society.



Ann Bacon began having sex with this boy in May of last year, merely a month before he would graduate from high school. All Ann had to do was wait just one month and all of these 'romps', her getting her pussy pounded in to the next solar system, would've been legal.

Ann couldn't wait a month however, she is a woman, remember?

Women are like children; impulsive, naïve, and stupid.

She couldn't wait a month for that Chad's dick to slide inside her wizard sleeve and play Houdini with his hairy pecker; couldn't wait a month to unzip his jeans, pull out his pump action Pussy Destroyer 1000 super-soaker and let him shoot a round at her uvula like a kid at a carnival gun range.

Ann just couldn't take the competition anxiety between her and this boy's ex-girlfriend (teenager). She just had to steal Chad and get him to seal the deal with her by seeding her loins and coating the walls of her cock socket with some white hot primer.

The passion, again, cannot be denied here.

Ann Margaret Bacon is a true female sex scandal teacher.

She was in it, to win it.

With no husband or boyfriend in sight, and only her parents to disappoint, Ann went hog wild, full retard as a 'Special Needs' teacher. Lost her job and her dignity just so she could get 'five' motel visits with Chad.



Ann is a fairly attractive female teacher; she is no stunner but every man reading this blog (if you're not a faggot) would fuck her right in the pussy. And I mean, right in the pussy. Ann is 24 and is clearly looking for someone to shoot a load inside her and is desperate to breed.

Ann was horny and was tired of playing two-pitch from her own mound; masturbating in her parents basement everynight before bed, dreaming of Chad.

Her subconscious understands that she is mid and will be likely to hit the 'Wall' much earlier than other more attractive women her age. So, she is stepping on the gas and it made her burn-out quick.

When going though some of her pictures, it is clear that Ann would've been a nice slice of bacon on the side. This teen boy had a good breakfast going on.

He had a full meal (ex-girlfriend) at the same time when he was rooting through the trash behind a Denny's.

Minnesota Special Needs Teacher Ann Bacon

Ann Bacon. Yeah, I'd pork her.

Minnesota Special Needs Teacher Ann Bacon

Ann with her, "Please, Daddy" look.

Minnesota Special Needs Teacher Ann Bacon

"Dress for the job you want."

That job: Female Sex Scandal Teacher


Final Notes: After a final review, we have determined through rigorous scrutiny that one Ann Margaret Bacon has indeed met the full requirements to be inducted as a true, Female Sex Scandal Teacher. Congrats, Ann!

We salute you with a standing ovation; a 'six to midnight' address.

As you may know, this doesn't mean you were fantastic or are the greatness or went for greatness. One major pain in the ass was not finding enough half-nude pictures of you on the beach, you sporting the obligatory white girl camel-toe in leggings, ass shots of you on vacation in Croatia or Belize with a caption 'take me back' etc.

It's all about the details and just being a better woman. Stop considering yourself for a change and maybe consider others instead. You considered that teen boy, but, what about my readers and listeners? They are human beings too.

Also, how come you didn't break bread and offer an olive branch to that teen boy's ex-girlfriend? Me thinks there could've been a potential three-way there and you dropped the ball on that opportunity. That would've sent you, as a female sex scandal teacher, into the stratosphere of Greatness!

However, we know it's difficult for you as a woman to think of these things because, well, you're a woman and greatness is a foreign concept. The only way a woman can taste even an once of greatness in her life is through a blowjob.

Overall Grade



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