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New Jersey Teacher, Jessica Sawicki, Raped A Teen Student 5 Times At A Wildlife Refuge Located 20 Minutes Away From School

New Jersey Teacher Jessica Sawicki

Original Story at NewYorkPost

A married New Jersey teacher, Jessica Sawicki, has been arrested over an alleged sexual relationship with a student after they were caught in 'states of undress' in a nature preserve.

  • Jessica Sawicki, 37, is accused of having sex with a student at a nature preserve.

  • Sawicki and a student are alleged to have had 'unprotected sex' at least 5 times.

  • She's been charged with second-degree sexual assault and child endangerment.


Listen To The Full Monologue About Jessica Sawicki

In this Episode:

  • Jessica Sawicki's prefrontal cortex was fully developed, what gives?

  • Hate mail; jealous losers of the blog all want to suck my dick in order to taste greatness.

  • The prefrontal cortex Tiktok trend amongst women.

  • There are so many cases of female teachers raping students that we now have to triage them according to hotness. This is mein Kampf!

  • Empowering women guarantee's societal collapse.

  • Women can maybe accomplish 1/3 of what a man can.

Bonus story: A married Nebraska Female teacher, Erin Ward also had sex with a teen boy in the backseat of a car

The Report Card


Knowing full well that the teen boy had an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, Jessica Sawicki decided to press her skills and luck at seduction. Jessica, being a Thirty-Seven year old female with a fully developed prefrontal cortex still made the irrational and unprecedented choice to throw away her marriage, her "career" as a public tax-payer leach all for the chance at Chad; she threw everything away, including the structural dexterity of her pussy, all for 5 pump-and-dumps.

It was armature hour once again. Jessica, like most female sex scandal teachers, are poor planners. They are unorganized in their process. Like all women, since they were in high school, believe sex should just come easy for them and in this case, getting sex from an equally hormonal and immature teen boy should be a "walk in the park".

Literally Hitler, Jessica drove a whole 20 minutes away from their school to a 'wildlife refuge'/park in order to have awkward backseat sex with a teen boy. Not just any kind of sex though. 'Unprotected sex' according to Sawicki. She was looking for seed and to possibly cuck her man-bun wearing husband. A husband she has only been wed to for 3 months.

Again, guys, why are you getting married and wifeing up these hoes in 2024?

Why are women allowed to vote and have jobs? They can't even control their own vagina's let alone locate where their vagina is at on a medical diagram as TheGreatOne has pointed out in his podcast.

If women's only hobbies include riding dick, cheating on their husbands and starting workplace affairs, then why don't they put more effort into it?

It's because women don't think, they just expect everyone else to do everything for them and not be held accountable for when they fuck up.



Congratulations, Jessica. You have passed the sniff test when it comes to being a female sex scandal teacher. I bet your vagina smells like it too after getting creampied 5 times and then going home to your husband to cry about how he never takes you out anymore, and never listens to your constant nagging /criticism about how he's never home and always working.

Jessica is 37, she's lucky some sucker wife-ed her up at the age. Women shouldn't even be dating passed age 30. It's over by then. No high status man wants to date or marry an old lady, they all would prefer women around the age of 22. The only guys that are going to want to hit Jessica's pussy and fill it up with cum are older men, men that just want to release a load in any pussy, and yes...teen boys that would probably fuck the fold between two couch cousins because girls their own age are too busy fucking college guys and 30-year old men who are interesting, funny, wealthy, and established.

A teen boy's sexual marketplace value is pretty close to that of a 37 year old women: Bottom of the barrel.

I vote for Jessica to be a confirmed female sex scandal teacher; I also vote for her not to be able to vote at all in elections of any kind and to not have a job. One of those things has already been taken care of.

If women weren't allowed to vote, we'd have a higher birthrate, low inflation, no welfare, no blacks and minorities ransacking retail stores and committing murder in the streets.

Jessica has proven once again that women's highest priority in life is to have sex no matter what, what damage it does and who it hurts.

Women need to be regulated.



If you look really close, Jessica Sawicki looks like a young Kathy Hochul.

When looking at the sparse amount of phots we could find of Jessica, it all makes sense now why she would rape this teen boy at a wildlife refuge: Jessica is clearly a flower-child at heart. A hippie.

There are no body shots of Jessica.

This is disappointing and will be a scare on her grade.

New Jersey Teacher Jessica Sawicki

That teen boy gave her a pearl necklace that she really wanted...

New Jersey Teacher Jessica Sawicki

You can tell from her eyes that she is the type of woman that would not use a condom and say, "Just go for it..."


Final Comments: After reviewing the file and examining Jessica's records, she has gone above and beyond the call of the wild and her duty as a female sex scandal teacher. Fucking a teen boy five times and letting him paint the walls of her vagina with his cum crayon is unreal. You only had to do it once to qualify yourself to us, Jessica. But yet, you did it four more times? The passion cannot be denied here.

The lack of photographic evidence in Jessica's lack-luster presentation is a black stain on her otherwise cum spattered record. As a grown woman with a fully developed prefrontal cortex(the brainpower equivalent of a teen boy), Jessica still lacks organization skills and what we in the biz like to call: Careful planning.

Just like a child, Jessica planned poorly if at all.

Overall Grade


This Post Is Brought To You By:

New Jersey Teacher Jessica Sawicki


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