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Hot Female Teacher, Brianna Coppage, Put On Leave After School Officials Discover Her Onlyfans

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

Original Story at DailyMail

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans
  • Married Missouri high school teacher Brianna Coppage, 28, put on leave after students discovered her OnlyFans porn page she used to earn $10,000 per month.

  • English teacher and mother-of-two Brianna Coppage said she 'knew this day was coming'.

  • The English teacher, who used the alias Brooklin Love for her pornographic content, was suspended on Wednesday.

  • Brianna Coppage was suspended from St Clair High School, Missouri pending an investigation

  • She has 'no regret' about joining the service but will 'miss students'


I Would totally Coppage a feel. And then some.

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans
Jeopardy Contestant, kirstin Cutts

With the glasses on, Brianna somewhat resembles that chick on Jeopardy (Kirstin Cutts) a few years ago that posters on the internet went crazy about.

If anyone in America is still perplexed as to why the United States is falling behind in its worldwide education ranking, why kids aren't learning and paying attention to their studies, it's because their female teachers are too busy.

Too busy being prostitutes and whores when they aren't banging their students.

Guys, women today are just getting 'burnt out'!

Between being a wife, mother, and teacher, women like Brianna Coppage are trying to fit their Onlyfans life into their busy Bossbabe schedule! Torn between being a total whore and an upstanding woman in society, it is clear that women all around America are struggling...

It's not enough to just be a married teacher these days, and take care of your kids/family. Not when your inner prostitute is nagging you.

From the looks of it, she’s doing all kinds of jobs: Teaching, only fans, HJs, BJs, ZJs.

Coppage's Onlyfans channel apparently ranked in between $8,000 - $10,000 a month.

Why was she teaching in the first place? Just do Onlyfans and stop pretending.

Typical Libtard female teachers that can't manage their finances and live within their means. If you and your husband can't afford to live on a teacher's salary and whatever he does, then you probably shouldn't've had kids. Well, you really shouldn't be having kids if you're a whore of a mother doing Onlyfans and letting boys and men of all ages jerk off to your body, watching you get cream-pied all day long. Brianna's kids one day are going to get bullied in high school when one of their classmates pulls up a video of their mom getting anal creampied by their father. Wonderful world we live in!

Most people, if they are stretched for cash, pick-up a part-time job at a retailer or do a garage sale or something. Most "husbands" wouldn't allow their "wife" to have social media, let alone an Onlyfans, let alone DO said Onlyfans with her and let strange men online jerk off to you both. Losers, all of you.

Liberals don't know how to work and get a job; they all want the easy way out of life. Being a teacher, having your summers off? Brianna thought that wasn't enough. She was entitled and doesn't believe she got paid enough to be a glorified baby-sitter for 6 hours a day (oh, no), spend most of that on her phone and gossiping with other teachers.

Women just need to stop pretending all together. They need to stop cosplaying as men, make-believing they all want to have 'careers'.

Most of them get hired to do make-work jobs anyway to fill a 'diversity' quota by the companies HR department. Which, not surprisingly, is mostly made up by women.

Go figure.

Deep down inside, every woman is a prostitute and would rather sell pictures of their pussy and asshole online because: It's easier, it pays well and it is congruent with female nature.

You think that is a false and sexist comment? Well, it is sexist because it's true.

Look at what feminism has done. Women were allowed to be 'free' and make their own choices in life for well over 40 years. Now ask yourself, in those 40+ years what have women done with their 'liberation'?

Have women used that time to create, innovate, build skyscrapers, find new oil fields, chart new discoveries, build sustainable families?

No. When given everything, total freedom women just revert back to the mean: Being a whore. All they do all day is go on Instagram; be an attention whore; post endless booty pics and talk to Chad in DMs. They go on Tiktok all day long; be an attention-whore. Go on Tinder for half the day; find more Chads to pump pussy. Do Onlyfans after school; be a literal whore.

You can give women everything and they will still try to be whores. Just look at Brianna.

She has a husband, two kids and had a career as a teacher. Yet, she still couldn't help herself and had to milk her pussy for all it is worth. Worse yet is that her 'husband' was doing the porn with her and is involved. So essentially, with all the liberation and freedom given to a white girl like Brianna in North America she is just the modern version of a street walker who has two pimps: Her husband and Onlyfans(owned by a man) that take a 30% cut from her Onlyfans account.

We call this "female entrepreneurship". Aka- Being a whore.

Male entrepreneurship= keeping the world running and not falling apart.

Now on the other hand this is the American spirit in action. Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of Capitalism. Yet, women today scream about how bad Capitalism is and how we should all be good little Communist and starve to death by the millions! Women should not be in positions of power; they should not be allowed to vote.

The point is: If you are going to be a whore, just be a whore. Women need to stop pretending, faking it all by being a 'wife' and gaslighting society that they all want to have 'career's and are all about 'loyalty', and 'committed' to their 'man'.

Coppage believes she was identified after her husband appeared in one of her videos and someone tipped off the local school board.

At The End Of The Day The Only Thing Women Are Loyal To Is Their Pussy

The only 'man' women will commit to is their pimp: Onlyfans (30% cut) and the government (taxes). Women love to abuse their pussy. They don't care how beat that thing gets so long as it gives them a 'lifestyle'. Their pussy is like an oil well with a limited life reserve: They will let that thing get pumped until it is old, dry and eventually abandoned.

Basic white chicks have it so good in this country. All it takes to make a damn good living is:

1. Be of average attractiveness, in fact, the more “average” looking the better it would seem.

2. Willing to post pictures of your butthole on the internet.

Women are not oppressed. They never were.

Women, when left to their own devices oppress themselves, with bad choices.

Again, I bring this up all the time. Women should not have jobs and be in CorporateLand. They should just be giving jobs (hand and blowies) and stop wasting everyone's time, effort and money 'diversifying' the workplace to accommodate women's lack of talent, creativity and ingenuity when it comes to actual work beside being a 'social media manager' and 'HR consultant'.

Women clearly belong on the streets and not in the corner office.

Women should not be allowed to teach high school unless said female teacher is old (50+) and infertile; beyond her party/fuckable years.

Ontop of that, women are more suited to teach kindergarten due to their natural integrity: Being a child. Women are child-like. That's why they like talking to kids in high-pitched voices, taking care of them (government money or husband's) and being a single mom: Just like a child, their life is on easy mode.

These chicks getting caught having sex with their students and doing OF after hours are straight-out-of college and still haven't gotten over Chad and his Pepsi can penis.

These women are stupid horny still and have the intellectual maturity of a 16 year old boy. They know nothing about the world, they know nothing about responsibility and integrity. They are women after all. we can't expect the world of them.

There are roughly 4 billion women in the world and it's still not clean. How can we even begin to think that women could handle the workplace and or a career? They haven't even mastered the homestead, yet. Women and all these 'environmentalists' need to shut-up and get back into the kitchen first. Forget the world, women need to take baby steps first. A woman's 'environmentalism' should start in the kitchen and end in the bedroom.

All they[women] know about is their pussy, and if it is tingling or not. Getting money from strangers/simps makes it tingle. Getting attention and banged from Chad gets it tingled. That is Girlworld.

The Report Card


Brianna almost failed this category because like a lot of women in America, with all their freedom and time, didn't go for Greatness like a man: She didn't bang any of her students.

Brianna, like any serial whore, wanted to get caught in a pool of her own pussy juice.

Brianna told STL Today she always knew 'the day was coming' when her dual life would be exposed but has 'no regret'. She said: 'It was kind of always like this cloud hanging over my head, like I never knew when I would be discovered.'

We have to give her some credit though. Without Brianna putting her pussy on the line and out there, we wouldn't have this story and the juicy pictures to follow. Without women like Brianna, this blog wouldn't be where it is today: Top.



Married, two kids (replacement ratio) and a secret whore.

Pretty standard operating procedure for a lot of women in the West.

Par for the course!



For a woman from Missouri, she is a solid 8.5: Most women from Missouri look like SpongeBob and have what I like to call a Frappuccino FUPA or the Dunkin' GUNT.

Brianna looks pretty good overall and I would say she is a National 7.

Without further delay, let's see Brianna take the stage and give us a good show like a good stripper/whore that she knows she is!

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

Top 1% on Onlyfans and she's only making $8-10k a month?

It's over for her.

I am being 100% serious when I say it's over for her. She's already 28 and she is only ranking in 8-10K. You have to also factor in that Brianna is not just showing pictures of her butthole, she is 28, so she has to do EVERYTHING in order to maximize revenue inflows: Masturbation, nudes, Anal, Cream-pie, Orgy, etc.

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

If Brianna were 19 or 20 again, all she would have to do is post pictures of her elbows. Or, do spread eagle stretches in yoga pants and she'd make 100k a month.

If being honest, I am sure making your pussy squirt all day long for the camera is easier than teaching kids from single-moms. Women post to IG, flirt with their ex-boyfriends on their phones and online-shop all day long at work anyway, so, naturally this is a good transition for Brianna.

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

Gotta get that booty tight for that afternoon creampie photo-op!

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

Getting ready for school/ Getting ready to do Onlyfans

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

Teens get easily distracted in school these days...always on their phones

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

Is Brianna worth 8-10k a month?

No. She is mid at best. Is she worth marrying? No, she is a white woman from North America. However, she is worth shooting your load onto her face.

She is for the streets!

Look, she's even got tattoos! Wow, just like every other white woman from the West. So unique, so special. Definitely not like other girls, guys! If you look closely between her boobs, she's carefully marked out (with a tattoo) where you need to put your dick for a titty-fuck with her.

See. Women today come packaged with instructions in How To Use. A product; a fuckdoll.

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

Brianna showing you her 'personality'

and how unique she is as a woman...

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

A few more sessions at the gym

and Brianna's 'personality' has some potential.

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

People pay money for her? This is what every mid chick in America looks like before they tell you they're on 'the pill' and 'not to worry'.

Brianna Coppage Onlyfans

Is Brianna's Onlyfans theme 'Single mom' because if you want to see nude women like her, just go to Dunkin' and buy a random chick a Pumpkin Swirl.

Chances are she will take you back to her place and try to get you to cum inside her for more government money right after she introduces you to her 5 black kids from 5 different babby-daddies.


Final Comments: Brianna Coppage, like a lot of women today, can't follow instructions. They know how to give instructions, order people around and be dictators, but for the life of them women are incapable of Greatness for this one reason alone. She 'knew this day was coming' so why didn't she prepare, properly? Brianna had a great presentation; she even had nudes to boast about. However, Brianna failed in qualifying herself as a true FSST (Female Sex Scandal Teacher). No bang? For shame!

Brianna of all people should know how this works. My blog has been running since 2016, famously covering Female Teacher Sex Scandals. She should know that you don't put the cart before the horse. Or in this case, Brianna, stupid as she is, didn't groom and bang any of her male students. Mistake numbers #1 through #2. Number #3, for some odd fucking reason, Brianna decided to launch an Onlyfans before any of that.

Every aspiring (Great) Female Sex Scandal teacher out there, old (caught) or new (soon to be) should know that you start/launch your Onlyfans after you bang a student! It's all part of the product launch. In Brianna's case, she's just another mid/single mommy look-alike taking nudes and sex vids of herself.

No credibility. How can she do student-teacher category porn and make the fantasy believable if she has never been in that capacity? Yes, she was a teacher. But was Brianna a Female Sex Scandal teacher?

Hardly. Half-assed at best.

Overall Grade


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Brianna Coppage Onlyfans


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