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Married Female Arizona Teacher, Samantha Peer, Resigned After Her Students Discovered Her OnlyFans

Onlyfans teacher Samantha Peer

Original Story at TheSun

  • 8th Grade Science teacher Samantha Peer was exposed after her students and parents found her X-rated account.

  • Samantha Peer (28) was forced to resign from her job after she was caught filming OnlyFans content on her students' desks in the classroom.

  • Her husband, Dillion, was also let go from his job at another school after he was spotted in the sex videos.

  • Samantha is married to her husband and they have two kids of their own.

  • Samantha, who worked at Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu City in Arizona for five years, has now spoken out after she resigned at the end of October.

  • In a five-minute YouTube video, she said she had been taking up extra jobs at the school to try and earn extra cash - but it was affecting the time she had with her family.


Wow. Where do we begin?

Yes, that is real cum on Samantha's face in case you were wondering...

And yes, she was apparently allowed to have a job, teach and be around children, sign contracts and still currently (under law) able to vote! Isn't democracy amazing!?

We all know a "Samantha" in our cities and our lives. She is the typical chyck that peaked in late high school and her life has just been a never-ending spiral, since.

This Samantha, however, looks like a poor man's Olivia Wilde.

I am going to warn you guys, before you scroll to all the pics/video below, you need to brace yourselves for a tidal wave of: Average-to-sub par. Have a fork ready to gouge your eyeballs out.

Trust me when I say, "It's a good thing this woman never fucked or touched a teen boy."

She would have been guilty on all charges and it would've been a seriously ( I am dead serious) horrific and traumatizing experience. Samantha is not hot. She is barely fuckable even if you are a hormonal teen boy whom would fuck everything down to a couch cushion.

If one were homeless and hadn't had a good nut in would still be a "maybe".

Those Who Can't Do, Teach; Those Who Can't Teach, Do OnlyFans

Let's start with a sneak peak and introduction to Samantha (aka-Kloe Karter);

a preview to her presentation down below.

By the way, the alias 'Khloe Karter' is really stupid, uncreative and fucking lazy. Just like Samantha, who couldn't pay her bills on a teacher's salary via living within her means and not being a spendthrift. She, instead of finding a better paying job/career (like a normal person) decided to just prostitute herself for $5.99 a pic (what she is worth, apparently).

Have fun staying poor.

You know, it is really hard to take Samantha seriously when we all just saw a picture of her with cum all over her face.

This is what we mean about women today: Nobody can take you girls seriously, because you aren't serious people.

Really, for fucks sake. If the pay is not good enough in AZ, why not just move from Arizona to a state that pays a better average teaching salary?

Nope! Straight to giving blowjobs and getting cummed on. Unreal. Like I have said many times before, "Women always take the path of least resistance."

You see, moving would've been too difficult and stressful; much easier to just fire up the laptop and begin whoring yourself out for strangers. White women from North America can never experience any discomfort.

In the same breath, Samantha claims she is doing this for her children. Really? I bet your kids are going to be real proud when all their friends at school say to them, "I loved watching your mom last night getting cummed on by your dad!"

No wonder why there is extreme bullying in school these days. The kids have so much ammunition!

She's really playing the old "I am not paid enough!" card.

Typical delusional and entitled Millennial/GenZ chick. I guess she never read my blog, or the novel CorporateLand. Sweetheart, all jobs suck and nobody is paid what they think they should be paid.

You are a fucking baby-sitter for young adults, what do you expect? You teach them queer studies all day and tell them how to hate white men. You produce no GDP and add nothing of value to society!

$55K a year? You are overpaid, in all honesty. You are charging $5.00 for a SIMP to be a 'friend' for a monthly subscription...and $12.99 for a 'friends with benefits' (monthly sub) on Fansly.

Women always overvalue themselves. If you have seen what Samantha looks like on her Instagram, Tiktok and her in underwear...those dollar amounts need to be a lot lower in order for true price discovery to happen and a fair value target achieved.

Hostile work environment? They should've whipped and beaten you out of the school; I am sure Sam probably would've liked that anyways.

Sam and her husband had been teaching for roughly, 5 years. I looked up the stats on teaching salaries in the state of Arizona: The average teaching salary in the state of Arizona is around $54,963.00. If you are just starting out with little experience, extra skills, programs and courses, the low end of that would be $45,908.00.

The range is between $45,908.00 and $67,022.00 a year...with summers off. So in the summer you could literally get seasonal or part-time work if you needed extra cheddar.

But no, straight to sucking cock and getting your pussy blown out for simps and idiots on the internet, whom still don't realize they could watch better porn, and more attractive women for free if they wanted to jerk-off.

Let's assume that Sam and her beta-cuck husband were both making the average teaching salary in AZ. Take $55,000.00 a year each. Combined that is a six-figure income for literally being a glorified baby-sitter for other people's degenerate children (public school). If you can't survive on a six-figure income, something is wrong.

Oh wait, did Samantha and her husband have two kids they can't afford?

Answer: Why yes! Of course they did!

Is Samantha a spendthrift? Most likely! She is a woman after all and women are factually known to be net-consumers and not net-taxpayers. Typical. A woman that has a salary paid for by taxpayers, is complaining about not getting paid enough. Meanwhile isn't producing an once of GDP.

Let's see what Samantha bought back in 2018.

Drumroll, please!

Just had to buy the latest model! Couldn't buy a vehicle that was 3-5 years older.

It's called living within your means and minimalism, ladies. You should try it sometimes and maybe you wouldn't end up desperate and poor, sucking your husband's cock on Onlyfans so that strangers can give you a dollar after they've jerked themselves off.

So, let's recap. Samantha and her husband can't afford life's basic necessities on a six-figure combined income, even though they have been working for roughly 5-years. You mean, you didn't save/invest anything? Again, obviously never read my blog or the book CorporateLand.

But of course guys, it's not her fault. It's everyone else's fault for not paying more taxes so that Samantha wouldn't have to resort herself to blowjobs and getting creampied for strangers.

I mean, there is literally nothing else she could've done, right? So strong brave and powerful, she couldn't go and be CEO Bossbabe?

You mean, she didn't get on the corporate board at a Fortune 500? She couldn't create a program/code that revolutionized how we communicate?

You mean you are telling me she couldn't go work on an oil rig somewhere in the Permian basin and make stupid amounts of money because the work is so physically demanding and only men can perform competently at said job?

Wait, so you are saying that a woman, like Samantha, couldn't manage her own money and household finances properly, but yet, is somehow going to make it as an 'entrepreneur'?'s almost as if a woman's only value is between her legs.

It's almost as if women, when in doubt, just get naked.

The sad thing is, a woman's value is always depreciating at a rapid pace and is unsustainable. Samantha is almost 30! For a woman that is ancient!

For a man, at 30, you are just starting to hit your stride in terms of sexual marketplace value.

Time is running out[for Sam] or has already as far as selling her body for money. That's a young chick's game and something she should've done like 10 years ago. Samantha has done her life in reverse. Not very clever, and definitely not a great business model. But again, Samantha is a woman. Can we really expect much?

Clearly, the only thing we can expect is a lot of crying, whining and cum on the face in order to get sympathy and money out of people.

So, let's game this out.

Both Samantha and her husband dropped their teaching jobs (forced to resign), not because they wanted to...but because obviously creating porn films in the school you teach in might not be inline with the school board's definition of "Going above and beyond" and "extra curricular".

They have lost their annual incomes for what? Are they both allowed to receive unemployment benefits? Don't think so, they are perfectly capable and able body. The "just cause" for quitting your job has to be on the onus of the employer, meaning, you would have to quit because of issues on the workplace that you aren't responsible for.

In the case, Samantha and her husband do not qualify to receive UI because it is their fault they had to leave. I mean, filming your husband cumming all over your face in the classroom you teach in, it's kinda are responsible for that one.

That's on you. Literally. All over your face and body.

So, down a little over 100k a year. Now what?

Do you really think a woman, like Samantha, whom is hitting the wall hard at 28, has less than 2k subs on her Fansly, around 3.5k followers on Instagram is going to be able to match 100k a year(which remember wasn't enough money, apparently) and or exceed that revenue?

In order to just barely get by and pay the bills? How long can this go on for..and is there a niche for granny porn? Like all grifts, only the people at the very top earn the most pieces of the pie. Most women whom are on OF are lucky if they can fill their car up with gas every week and pay rent every month at best.

Also, if you are a woman and you only have ~4k followers on your social media, you mine as well just kill yourself. That's a huge L and fucking fail.

Especially if you are selling nudes. There are literally women whom are sub-average (but they are young Twenty-Somethings) on Youtube that get hundreds of thousands of subs, millions of views per video...and all they do is stretching exercises in yoga pants.

Samantha, you are done. This is a young woman's grift. Maybe go and try yoga with all the other overweight infertile women with mental problems.

Let's just humor one another for a bit.

Say that Samantha (somehow a miracle happens) is able to convince and get a 100% conversion rate on her followers and subs; meaning all 1.5k subs pull out their dicks and credit cards and sign up for Sam's amazing deal (overvalued) of $12.99 a month in order to watch her husband cum inside her beat-up pussy and all over her weathered skin.

That's (1.5k x $12.99) x12 months. Samantha would then earn $233,820.00 a year if all her subs re-uped every month(extremely unlikely).

That's assuming that every single sub liked what they saw, liked the product (in this case, it's Samantha's 28-year old jizzed infused cunt) and couldn't believe the value that they were getting and raped the re-up button every month...because man...who wouldn't get excited to see a 28-year old worn out mom of two, with arms that look like sough dough baguettes, and a body fit for a basement dwelling Fortnite gamer!

So that's $233,820.00 before taxes, mortgage payments, car payments, gas, food, Tattoos of course because you can't live without those, vacations, impulse spending, and paying off any student load debt (probably a lot).

Now, let's be realistic.

Generally, normal conversion rates are around 5%. If you are a hot chick (which Samantha didn't win the genetic lottery) it would be much higher than that...and you would be able to charge more than $12.99 a month. So at 5% conversion that would be 75 followers buying a monthly sub to Samantha's 'friends with benefits' content.

If we use one of the cum-soaked napkins that Sam used to wipe herself off with, and do a little 8th Grade math, we get: (75x$12.99)x 12 months=$11,691.00 a year. If every single person re-uped every month for 12 months. There is also the question of: Could Sam keep all of these repeat-fappers and grow organically at the same pace? If she has a decline rate of let's say 20 subs a month...can she gain enough new followers, convert those at 5% and maintain her new salary?

Let me ask one more question: Do you think Samantha has ever asked herself any of what just took me 2 min to do?

The quick answer is most likely a confident, "No." She is a woman.

Women don't think ahead or plan. They don't even know who the father is in most cases. They tend to forget to take their birth control pill (which is at the same time...every single night). So how could you expect a woman to do basic math and do a simple business plan/model? I mean, does Sam even know if tomorrow she is going to jerk her husband off and let him cum inside her asshole...or is she going to let him fuck her pie-hole and then jizz all over the classroom desk that belongs to the remedial kid?

Time will tell how this all plays out. My guess is her and her husband will both be toothless methheads in a year and the kids (the very ones she claims to care about) will lose the most as always. Women, they are great virtue-signalers. However, when it comes time to actually care a provide for the family...they degrade themselves and the household with the only thing they know how to do: Suck cock and get cum shot up their pussy.

Women are all talk, until two seconds later when they have a cock in their mouth.

Then they shut-up and resume their natural role.

The Report Card


Samantha Peer failed as a woman, a parent; a teacher. She now is most likely going to fail at being a Female Sex Scandal Teacher when we are done with the final grade.

Oh and also, her OnlyFans career will also eventually fail too, given it's unsustainable nature when one is modeling a 28-year old married mother of two with a gamerboy-body who overvalues her net assets at $12.99 a month per sub.

First off, Samantha did not go for Greatness. No teen was fucked in the process, let alone allowed to volunteer as a cameraman, or even a coffee-fetching intern with high hopes.

If Samantha really wanted to score points here she could've at least contributed to GDP and hired a student to film, edit or do the gripping (technician..not handjob giver you sick fucks). However, Samantha was too cheap, too much of a fucking Jew to do any of that in order to help the students out with her little business project.

Instead, she went rogue and reckless. In her video, Samantha says she was "careful" and made sure to create accounts using her alias (Khloe-Karter) yet, how did her students find her OF?

Well, remember, Samantha is a woman; she is stupid. If you look at her Instagram profile you will clearly noticed that she kept/put her real name in the sub-text under her alias. Begs the question: "Sam, are you really this fucking stupid..or did you do this all on purpose in order to get a media frenzy worked up so you could build your following of the nation's SIMPs?"

Can we #Believeallwomen here and assume Samantha is really that smart, gamed that out with her husband and implemented said plan?

I will answer that question with another question:"Could Sam and her husband afford to pay their bills and lifestyle before all of this?"

The answer is "No."

Clearly, they are really smart accountants and business savvy individuals whom both can't even balance their simple household checkbook.

Basic stuff. Basic married couple. Basic bitch.



Samantha didn't have sex with a student. *Auto-fail initiated.

However, she did leave all of her social media open for us to critique.

This we at least need to give credit for as we all know and understand how pissed off I get when female teachers don't at least try to go for Greatness. The problem as you will see, is that frankly, Samantha is just not attractive.

Borderline-mid, at best.



After you see Samantha's presentation, please, try not to kill yourself.

It's not worth it, just like Samantha. You'd be better off spending $12.99 a minute in order to have guilt free, no string sex with a high-end Vegas escort for a 10 minute session.

Kloe Karter-Samantha Peer Instagram

Sam, not really getting this (on the right) Neapolitan Ice Cream look.

Apparently, Samantha was a fat girl years ago (still kinda is). Like most mid chicks in America. Sam got obsessed and went full tilt into exercise, weight-lifting in order to get rid of the body fat that makes all women undesirable and worthless.

If we had to guess, she was doing this because she was probably thinking about leaving her husband and going the divorce route for money. But then, she realized that since she lost some weight, why not just try OF?

I mean, she is a woman and a teacher(*correction, was)...what would be the laziest thing you could think of besides that?

We are just one picture into this presentation and I already have the urge to:

Throw-up, stab my eyeballs out and kill myself...

Not looking good for Sam's grade... I can tell you that much.

This was Sam back when she had worth. She was fertile, young and fairly attractive.

18 at the time. OnlyFans did not exist yet, however, she could have snagged a good-looking 28-year old man with a great job I bet! But no, had to get preggers two years later with a sub-male beta because you probably didn't use protection and just wanted any penis to fill you up. Again, women are so great and amazing at planning and exerting control.

Wow, how come women aren't 99% of corporate board members and are majority of CEO's? It's a Scooby-Doo fucking mystery!

It's crazy to think when you look at this picture, that at one point someone probably also said to themselves, "Man, she's going to be someone's mom one day."

Samantha Peer Onlyfans

With only 6 'Likes'...I think you can guess the answer.

Sam, I can tell you how pretty I thought you looked 10 years ago.

How about we play that game?

It's like we are looking at a whole new person. But really, young Samantha is also old (28) Samantha. Women never change, they just get older.

Samantha Peer

If you have to ask, it means you are too fat to ride anyone(safely).

Who knew that 7 years from this photo Samantha would be asking total strangers if they thought her cum-face photo made her look prettier, or if they thought they could fit their pecker between her cellulite-riddled ass-cheeks and her mud-flappn' beef curtains?

Samantha Peer this for Halloween? Are you trying to scare your customers?

Wear some make-up...oh wait...

I wonder what Grandma and Papa would say today?

Hopefully they aren't alive anymore...I am sure they'd probably do a murder-suicide, for sure...

Samantha Peer

Omg, seriously. Grow some tits!

Yikes. I fully doubt he was the one to tell her to lose weight...

Are we almost done so I can scoop my eyeballs out with a fork?

I bet this was the day she turned into Neapolitan ice cream.

Not going to melt away those ice-cream thighs by lethargically lounging in the pool all fucking day, fatty!

Talk about a literal LandWhale. Hey! Shamu wants the water tank back!

If your gf/wife doesn't drop 5 pounds by tomorrow, it's over.

Kick her to the curb. It's just plain old, disrespectful.

I think we can all say, with 100% certainty that people did not say or ask those things about her...

Huge cap and attempt at social flexing.

I mean, just look at those thighs and flat flabby-mom ass. You are wearing yoga pants for fuck sake, aren't they suppose to suck in all the fat and make you look thinner?

Maybe if women spent more time actually exercising instead of laying in the pool all day thinking up ways to flex on social media and crafting the perfect InstaPost, they could actually improve themselves for real.

Again, we are dealing with women. Fiction can be fun.

That post didn't age well, indeed sir.

Question: Where exactly did your husband bend you over in there?

Omg. Seriously. Lose some weight, get rid of that tummy-tuck and grow some fucking tits!

Do you all see what I mean about her having the body of a teen-boy, Fortnite gamer? She looks like Roger from the TV show American Dad!

I am sure Sam's children will be proud and say how creative her video titles are in years to come. "Throat destroyer" might be a family favorite every year when they do family video night and go through old memories.

"Two hands, handjob" is a bit much. That's overkill. You only need one hand if you are any good at getting cum out of a guy's balls. Try hard!

Let's also see what other creative things mommy likes to say to lonely simps on the internet. I am sure Grandma and Papa will be happy see how developed their daughter's linguistic skills are.

Remember, she was once a teacher...and is allowed to vote.

Women can't wait for anything, not even their clits and vagina. How do you expect them to wait for marriage and control their impulse to spend other people's money?

They will make men wait, though. All to benefit them of course.

In this case, she wants more cum on her face or in her cunt. Money $hot.

This is how stupid women are. Why wouldn't you take your panties off to fuck yourself? That way you don't have to do laundry and ruin a perfectly good pair of cheekies?

Women complain all the time about having to do laundry. Well, stop creaming your panties!! You stupid, bitch!


Final Notes/Comments: Samantha, Samantha. Where do I begin. As you can see from each grading category yes, you didn't do well. I am sure it is safe to assume that the class is very disappointed (as am I) at what we had to witness here today during your presentation. Aaron Clarey had to go home sick because it; The GreatOne might return from the school nurse, he may even have the strength to possibly join in on the girl's volleyball match this evening and support them from the stands the best he can.

You failed as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher I am afraid. And yes, mainly due to your looks. Honestly it is the most, if not the most, important category and thing we all care about. Yes, you did leave your social media wide open, just like your legs and mouth for your husband's milk toast cum. That's great and all...many do not do that and it is painful.

With that said, I don't know what is more painful to experience: Having a hot female sex scandal teacher not leave any social media open for us to view and critique; or having to stare at your flabby, almost 30 year old ass along with your baguette-like arms and tiny tits, unflattering tattoos and a beefy vagina.

All I can say right now is, I truly do want to die and scrape my eyes out with a rusty nail.

The lesson here is that women 28-years or older need to understand that with each passing year, fewer and fewer men will want to see you naked and cum on your face.

Overall Grade


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