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OnlyFans Girls Are Drug Dealers

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  • Preface

  • Dopamine Hook

  • Acknowledgment, Intimacy & Community

  • Guaranteed Acceptance/Affection

Why would anyone spend money on OnlyFans, in a world saturated with free X-rated content?

This question was brought up in a previous article I wrote titled, How TikTok Is Ruining Gen Z in where I briefly covered the consumer mentality of today’s younger generations: Mainly Millennials and Gen Z.

TikTok and OnlyFans is nothing new to the world of "sex work" and pornography, as I have discussed before with regards to the evolution of the Porn Industry since the early 70’s, and the epicenter being The Deuce in New York city.

On the surface, conformie-normies would just disregard the latest trend as “Well, people are stupid.” Yes, that is true. You and I both know that the vast majority of men and women are complete, fucking morons.

However, there is a lot to unpack with OnlyFans.

A lot of baggage if you will, more baggage than what most of the girls doing OnlyFans are carrying (Daddy issues, mentally-ill etc.). Human psychology is playing a huge factor in all of this, as well as consumer psychology and modern culture.

OnlyFans Girls Are Essentially Drug (Dopamine) Dealers

The women doing OnlyFans are no different than the whores on the street corner, giving tuggies, rubies and blowies for an exchange of cash, yes.

However, you can take it a step further and conclude that they are not just common whores, but in fact a hybrid. Whereas a crack-whore will sell her body for ‘the rock’, OnlyFans girls are like crack-sluts: Except, they are the ones dealing the drug at the same time as dealing their sexuality. The drug is their sex.

Essentially, OnlyFans is a service that allows anyone (mainly women) to put a price on their "content"—a price on their pussy. It’s straight-up prostitution in the digital world.

It is a safe-space, as opposed to walking the streets, getting deep-dicked and dug-out behind the back alley of a Denny’s. This is why there has been a flood (pun-intended) into OnlyFans by mainly young college girls.

Women are quickly figuring out that it is easier to just be a online escort than to major in STEM or anything for that matter. Selling your body and pussy will always pay better than any “career” the vast majority of women can obtain (mid-level management, at best).

The trick, though, for these girls is: Get in while they are young, make the money, and get out before their youth, beauty, looks and fertility fade into dust.

Women are essentially landlords of their pussy: They don't care how beat-up the property gets, they only care if someone is willing to rent, turn a buck off of it.

Everything is monetizable when you are an OnlyFans girl through, it's called “One-off up-sells”: Photos, videos, audio, or even private messages.

OnlyFans does have some musicians and fitness trainers on the platform, but lets be real—it is mainly a platform for X-rated content, and online prostitution.

Essentially, OnlyFans is the End Game and final result of what Instagram, Facebook and TikTok is for women: A funnel for attention and money; all roads end up eventually with prostitution. Women can never help themselves, everything they do always ends up there.

All women, by their very nature, are prostitutes. Fact.

The only difference is whether or not the government determines which form is legal or illegal. Marriage, dating are forms of legal prostitution.


Because the government and tax man gets a percentage cut. The reason why street-hookers and the Johns who buy from them are a “no, no” is because the transactions are usually done in cash, drugs, things that can’t be traced or taxed.

It’s always about money. It’s always about whether or not the government can get a slice of that sliz, too.

Did you know that OnlyFans has a co-owned sister site that is free, called MyFreeCams? That alone should tell you everything about what OnlyFans actually is.

The dominant business model for both sites (OnlyFans & MyFreeCams) is this: SIMPS (not men) paying women money for racy photos, videos and sext messages.

This now brings us back to the original question of: Why do these SIMPS pay for the very same product(s) that are widely available and free across the web since 56k dial-up connections?

It comes down to a couple key ingredients. The answers come in three parts, which I will section off below.

Provides Dopamine Hooks of Social Media Sites & Casinos

Having already explored the realms of social media and how it hooks women, OnlyFans is the evolution of all of those platforms: It uses what women love (Attention) and gives what men want (Affection).

We live in a culture in where one of those two thrives; there is a huge deficit of affection for men in our society from the opposite sex. Mainly, 80% of males have been left to the way-side of the sexual market place, due to societal embracement of Gynocentrism; a society which fosters Open Hypergamy for women. 20% of the men are getting all of the affection: Blowjobs, sliz-slides and dig-out sessions.

That leaves a huge market of men to be exploited by women.

Having travelled, partied and explored Las Vegas more times I can count on my fingers, I can tell you that I’ve learned a thing or two about how casinos operate; how they get people to stay-longer; keep them hooked; keep them spending x-amount of dollars per hour.

OnlyFans is no different than any casino or social media platform. OnlyFans brilliantly molds the two models together into an extremely powerful, addictive platform. Not just addictive for men, but for the women who use the service, too. Both are players, it’s just one side always loses, just like in a casino.

The overall structure of OnlyFans is what’s called: Gated Silos.

Essentially, when you log into a “creators” page, you can see the number of posts they have, but no details about said posts.

However, once you are a subscriber you can see the posts, but some of them may be blurred-out behind a locked pay-wall. The only thing you can see is a provocative text or description. This is a classic FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) sales and marketing tactic. Create intrigue and the illusion of extreme value by making something seem out of reach, just a bit. Put a price tag on it, and that item becomes instantly valuable simply because it has been valued.

If you want to go deeper into the community, a dude can order “custom” videos from a creator (prostitute). He will of course, have to send extra tip money in order for those to get made.

The constant feeling one might have on OnlyFans is kind of like the one you might get if your phone buzzed with a text, or someone sending you a SnapChat video, but you couldn’t open it. There is mystery, you are thinking about it. That creates anticipation.

You can contrast this with X-rated websites, in where every ‘mystery’ is immediately revealed. There is almost zero-space between desire and the fulfillment of that desire.

With OnlyFans though, your imagination has to work. A dude will focus on the various hints at each level and stage of the gated content for what is exactly on the other side.

It is like a treasure hunt game.

Also, when you focus on something for long enough, you tend to subconsciously value that thing even more so. That is partially why digital slot machines still show the reel stopping, one-by-one.

Those extra seconds build anticipation/investment in the game, in hopes of that big load, spraying all over the screen.

Now, the dopamine hacks are even more aggressive on the live-stream sister sites that incorporate other staples of the gaming/gambling industry, straight from it.

It is actually eerily seeing the similarity between them.

There are KENO boards in the chat, in where buying the winning number will get you a sexy dance, or a private chat with the creator (prostitute) in question, instead of gambling winnings.

There are roulette wheels, with different racy activities for you preferred cam-girl to act out. If you donate enough tips on censored OnlyFans posts, that action will make the creator (prostitute) show the censored version. The unclear amount required to win, though, is reminiscent of those old coin games in Chuck E. Cheese, where the next coin “could be the one” to tip the whole game.

Again, the prizes available to win are similar to what’s available on any other pornography website. However, mystery, anticipation and FOMO are what drive users to actually pay for what is already widely free.

The Price Is Right “show case showdown” is a great example of this psychology.

Many times you will see the first contestant turn down the first show case offer out of fear of losing out on what might be in the second show case.

A lot of times, the second show case is lower in monetary value.

It is the same psychology of the “mystery box”. If someone, a game show host (or casino game) presented you with either the choice to take the speed boat that you’ve already won, or, pass on it for what might be inside the mystery box. Sounds irrational and stupid, however, this tactic is widely used in casinos, TV game shows and in other online hustles.

Acknowledgment, Intimacy & Community

This is where OnlyFans starts to distinguish itself, truly. Take one of its top prostitutes, JemWolfie. Her Instagram page is pretty fucking explicit in many photos. She's not even what many would consider to be top-tier in looks: She's over-weight. Doesn't matter though, simps gunna simp.

However, what’s missing here?


On Instagram, Jem and most of these thots are aloof—they don’t always look at the camera, the audience is more like a voyeur to their ‘lives’. She doesn’t recognize or acknowledge the on-looker. This is part of the hook.

However, on OnlyFans the audience and voyeur is recognized and acknowledged. She and other prostitutes will often interact, or send messages to their viewers. It’s because they are now getting paid.

To get acknowledged, or to even feel like you are being recognized, unlike on how her Instagram is set up, the viewer thusly will receive that condition if he joins her OnlyFans.

This recognition becomes something like intimacy in the minds of the end user. These girls will send “Good morning” and “Goodnight texts” (mass texts) to their user base, claiming to be “thinking of you.”

The film Her (2013) is a great example of a world enveloped in this anti-social, quasi excuse for human connection and love.

The “relationship” on OnlyFans thusly begins to mimic, at the very least, a LDR (Long Distance Relationship). What is even more cucked and Gay, is that active members in the chat rooms of these girl’s OnlyFans often form friendships; they recognize one another when they enter.

It’s like in real life if all of these guys were fucking the same girl and saying “hey” to each other on the way in and “bye” on the way out, then meeting up later for drinks as a group. Instead, none of these guys are fucking this chick; instead they are all getting fleeced.

This is our society, this is where we are. It’s pathetic.

This is the sense of “Community” and where brotherhood is sort of going in terms of the 80%, beta males out there.

The last ingredient to why OnlyFans is so addictive, even more so than recognition or a sense of community, is this.

Users Can Purchase “Guaranteed Acceptance”

Acceptance is a huge piece of the OnlyFans success model.

For example, sending lame and boring messages like “Hey”, “Hru?”, “Howdy”, or “How you doin?” on any other messaging platform like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge etc, would automatically get you rejected, or unmatched.

It’s boring, uninteresting and it’s what most guys are out there in the sexual market place, with regards to talking to and hooking up with women: Milquetoast.

However, on Onlyfans, these dudes can send the gayest, lamest and most down-right cringyiest/creepiest messages to a “creator” (online hooker) and still get a reply (be accepted, guaranteed).

On OnlyFans, nobody gets left on “Read”.


Because it’s not about her actually wanting to meet-up, date, fuck or see you.

It is about giving you the illusion of a relationship, so that the user will spread his wallet for her; she, half the time, doesn’t even need to spread anything in order to cash-in/out.

On OnlyFans, guys don’t have to try, or make themselves interesting.

They don’t have to lift weights, build their own career, build character or do the work that it takes to smash actual pussy.

That is why OnlyFans is successful, and also harmful to society as a whole, yes. Although, one could argue that because of things like OnlyFans, we have less frustrated beta males running around going postal, as there is a outlet for their sexual frustrations. Their reproductive problems and issues are being band-aided, not solved, on a temporary level.

If OnlyFans IPO’d on the open markets, I would definitely invest in it, though.

A man can dream.

I digress.

On OnlyFans, the girl (prostitute) will remain interested, even if the guy on the other end of the wire isn’t interesting.

Sort of like in real life when women are using dating solely as a grift on guys they aren’t actually going to fuck (betas). Just like how prostitutes “act” and “role play” the GFE (girlfriend experience) in order to get that sweet, sweet, cash from letting her gash get slayed some more.

Another interesting note is that on platforms like Tinder, Facebook, Bumble, Match, Hinge etc, it is the exception to find a woman that would share in the same hobbies as some guys would (i.e basketball, video games, sportsball watching, golf).

Of course those women exist, but those interests tend to be mainly male dominated.

On OnlyFans, however, the number of women highlighting predominantly male hobbies is astronomical. It’s all by design, of course. Also, beyond hobbies, many of the girls share posts and stories about “Not fitting-in during High school” and “Feeling different from everyone else.”

What is the number #1 rule in sales/marketing?

Know your target audience/customer.

What these “creators” (digital hookers) do is mirror the end user. Most of the guys signing up for OnlyFans will fit that exact bill, and will share in that manufactured angst.

In a way, these women are grooming their potential clients.

It’s all about EOM (Ease of Momentum) for these OnlyFans girls.

In order to make quick money they need what is called a low-friction transaction between them and the male user on the other end. By having familiar or similar hobbies, by appearing to be “just like them”, it creates very quick emotional intimacy; it will separate that end user from their wallet that much faster.

OnlyFans short-cuts this discomfort that is found in the real-world between women and men, because men and women are different when it comes to hobbies and topics of discussion.

OnlyFans makes the end user experience a relatively impossible feeling or situation. It’s like winning a Free Games on a slot machine: Most of the time the ROI sucks, but it feels as though the game rewarded you with a lot with all the bells and whistles going off.

The irony of OnlyFans is that any guy using it, isn’t her only fan.

It’s like one big circle-jerk; a digital bukkake, but without her turning into a frosted mannequin.


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