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Mein Kampfy Vegas Vacation: What Recession?

Guten tag! It is I, literally Hitler again back from yet another Vegas vacation. It's that time again where I piss off all the haters of my books and blog (jealous losers) with tales and stories of triumph and greatness through mein travels.

If you aren't travelling and having fun with your money bags, then you obviously are a brokie and should consider why you didn't invest in the Oil & Gas industry during the last 3 years.

Oh, what's that? You're a Greentard and a fucking normie conformy that hates fossle fuels, the very thing you need and use everyday? The very thing that is in vogue and so hot right now, burning brightly in the stock market just like a Jew in mein ovens at the Auschwindle?

Too bad you lined-up in your stripe pajamas with every other moron and kept buying tech stocks in a new era of high interest rates. Congratulations! You get a Gold star!

Keep lining-up and get into the boxcar, it's going to be a rough ride to the financial gas chamber! It's okay. If you are a libtard and a brokie, you can always just kill yourself. It's free! We all know how poor people and libtards love free scheisse!

This particular journey was special since it had been the 10th time to Las Vegas since 2016 and the first trip since the dictatorial Wuhan lockdowns from 2020-2022.

The major theme of this trip: "What recession, and where is the kampf?"

It was such a struggle literally burning money in the 100 degree heat for about a week; money that I couldn't care less about (fiat is worthless or will soon be anyway).

With that said, the biggest kampf was trying to figure out where this mythical "recession" was lurking during mein travels to der dustbowl.

For almost a year now every Schwanz-Saugnapf (cock sucker) in the business media around America has been trying to manipulate the commodities markets by pumping recession fears and fake news about the recession that never happens.

The level of propaganda going on is something heir Goebbels would've done if he hadn't shot himself and lived out the 100 year Reich!

I left on a Tuesday morning from Kommie Canada to travel first to the shithole of Detroit for the flight out to Vegas. The highways were packed. The airport was teeming with life. Every flight was packed tighter than the boxcars to Dachau; especially the one to Vegas.

What recession, what fucking kampf?

I know what it is like now like to be Jew because I roasted for a week in Vegas. It was close to 95 degress every fucking day!

Being literally Hitler I was already TSA pre-checked due to being high profile and obviously a very influential artisanal figure in the Austrian painting world. However, I purposely skipped the pre-check line and headed straight to where all the peasants go. The border guard had a confused look on his face when he scanned my NEXUS, sort of like how a German officer would've looked if I had wanted to get in line with the Juden.

"You know you were pre-checked, mein Führer," he said.

I looked at the guard and made a stern face at him, as if I were trying to forcibly push an immediate scheisse out of my strudel pipe. (I did have to take a massive pre-flight shit, seriously it was a struggle). This was mein Kampf!

"Yes, I know...I am literally Hitler and I can do what I want!"

The guard looked at me in a strange way, almost as if he knew I had to take a massive scheisse right there in front of him in mein lederhosen.

The real reason I wanted to take the scenic route through security was because oddly enough the pre-check line was infuriatingly longer than the line for all the Jews/peasants. It made sense though because during a high inflation economy, the wealthy travel and the peons stay home and continue to be brokies and live out their brokie lives in arrested development.

Speaking of the poors, it was absolutely (as predicted) a Whiteboy/White Claw summer. Not a whole lot of minorities (blacks, hags, fags, drags) travelling and in Las Vegas the strip was mostly full of Whitebois in very fancy Hawaiian shirts; pretty/fit white girls getting White Claw wasted. Mein kind of party! Mein America!

Own The American Dream, Today!

Las Vegas is the canary in the coalmine, the ultimate bellwether in determining the strength of the economy. Not just domestic, but the global economy as a whole because Las Vegas is the international hub of all things fun, youthful and wasteful. And holy scheisse, a lot of people don't seem to be struggling.

We seriously need to raise rates even more! Like, 100 basis points at a time should do it. There is literally Hitler, no recession that I could see. The streets were full, the casinos were loving it; I overheard one fräulein saying that it took her 2 hours to walk from the Beyoncé show (at the stadium) to her hotel because the strip was so goddamn crowded. Like sardines in a can or Jews walking from their bunks to the showers. One long march to freedom and escape.

To put that into perspective, she experienced what we use to call, "der Todesmarsch" (The Death March).

This young Aryan goddess now knows what it was like to be a dirty Jew, walking in the heat, suffering the long wait, dehydrated and begging to go home. Who says Vegas can't be educational? Now that spoiled white girl from California, who used Daddy's credit card all weekend to get fucked by randos, drink White Claws and see Beyoncé for the 20th time in her young life has the perspective needed to understand complex history lessons and what it was like to be the most hated vermin (a Jew/commie). She was able to feel what the kampf is all about!

"But mein Führer, how do you know this white girl from California wasn't a Jew herself?"

Would a Jew spend that kind of money to see Beyoncé?

Right, didn't think so.

Jews are a cheap people. Their favorite food is Latkes (potatoes pancakes). In fact, the whole time I was in Vegas I only saw one Jew and his family at a show (which I will write about in part II). It deserves its own story/post.

Speaking of beautiful white women, I do have to say that I was impressed by the turnout on the trip. I hadn't seen more blonde haired, blue eyed fräuleins since mein speeches during the late 1930's. As you all know, I love women because they were the ones who voted me into power and made me Chancellor of Germany. Especially thin white women with hair like the golden fields of the Rhineland; eyes the color of the sky above the mountain tops.

What stuck me the most was the amount that dressed-up. This is the way it should be.

In mein and your hometown, yes, the women look like complete trash; fatties everywhere.

You have to understand though that Vegas is a hub of wealth and mostly beautiful people. It is a correlation. The majority of wealthy people tend to be attractive, hence why I saw so many attractive women there, even more so than any of the other times I'd been there. The main reason being is that this time we have high interest rates, which creates an even tighter funnel of beautiful rich people flocking to Vegas and less mid-tier normies.

People who are wealthy tend to take care of themselves, they have developed good habits and strive for excellence in every facet of their life. There is a reason why they are in Vegas and why they can spend $11.00 USD dollars for a fucking Gatorade before bed at Mandalay Bay.

Just like yours truly, I stand for excellence. I almost single-handedly took over the world, built massive structures and architectural marvels that stood the test of time and almost built a perfect society void of communism (Jews). Not to mention I had the most stylish uniforms ever in the history of all things fashion. Black with touches of red and white designed by nonother than Hugo Boss, you can't go wrong! Powerful colors.

Not to brag or anything but there hasn't been uniforms as stylish as the Nazis apart from the ones used by Air Malaysia flight attendants.

Just like the Reich I will expand more upon white American women in Vegas in another installment (part II). But for now I have to go due to jet lag and a massive one-week cumulative hangover, Auf Wiedersehen!


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