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Mein Kampfy Vegas Vacation: Why American Women Need A Dick In Their Mouths

Vegas Vacation

Guten tag everyone! Mein hangover has been cured and I am ready once again to type out my thoughts on the current state of the Banana Republic known as Amerika!

First of all, let's first piss off all the Recessionbros, the oil bears and the Greentard liberals who hate oil and especially my favorite, gas! As I stated in part one of my chronicles to Las Vegas 2023, there is absolutely 100% no facking recession. All the data suggests I am right and mein eyes confirmed it while in beautiful sunny Las Vegas for a whole fucking week!

While I was sunning meinself in the pool, drinking expensive cocktails, getting mein schnitzel sucked off by mein Fräulein, and living the life only oil bulls/traders could live, all the brokies were still buying tech stocks at crazy valuations and losing big since 2022.

If you are still buying bonds hoping that they will eventually mature so that you can get your thrifty 5% yield, you should probably just exterminate yourself effective immediately because their is no cure for stupid!

It's really quite fascinating how people remember numbers on certain things but ignore numbers on things that affect their lives in the immediate. For instance, people really can't get over how I killed around 6 million Jews, which in reality is not a big deal because it doesn't affect their stupid, miserable and brokie lives in the current.

Am I ashamed of killing around 6 million Jews? Of course I am. Those are rookie numbers. How many Jews did I kill again? The answer is, "Not enough". Correct. You get another Gold star, Jude!

However, when you tell them that oil demand is through the fucking roof and jet fuel demand is at all time highs as well as gasoline demand, the fucking loser peasant will ignore you and short oil stocks whilst maxing out their NVIDIA position even though the stock is trading at 40x forward earnings. Kill yourself, morons.

The reason why oil demand, and demand for oil products like deiseal and gasoline have been surpassing 2019 levels and all expectations is because of this: Women need a dick in their mouth.

For the last three years they [women] have been lockdown and had to resort to fucking their roommates or worse, husbands and boyfriends. Now that the iron curtain and draconian laws have lifted, women are going ape shit for dick. Which means they are, say it with me, TRAVELLING!

The fucking loser normie-conformy is about to get gassed in the financial markets because there is nothing underpinning these profitless tech stocks in a high inflationary environment.

Everything is pointing towards and energy boom and fucking moonshot!

The West wants to decarbonize (record low levels of supply) while at the same time demand is skyrocketing. It's such an easy and obvious trade of a lifetime. That's how stupid thought the average person is, they can't even see this trade. All they know is what worked for them during the last 20 years of low interest rates: Buy big tech.

These people will be exterminated and it is giving me the angriest boner I have ever gotten. Sorry, Eva Braun.

American Women Need Dick In Their Mouths

What people tend to forget is that Western women, particularly American women, want and need strange dick in their mouths; they will travel to the ends of the earth to get it!

Let's crunch some numbers instead of Jews, okay!

Did you know that nearly 5 million people flew into Las Vegas' International airport just in the month of July? That's almost as many Jews killed during my time as Chancellor of Germany! That's a lot of bodies; it is a lot of ze burning of jet fuel and other oils, too! Did you also know that more than 33 million people have passed through the Las Vegas airport so far in 2023, up 13.5% y-o-y (year over year)?

If you already did, congratulations! You get a Gold star and are probably an oil investor and trader that needs to know these data points on a regular basis in order to make solid decisions on what to buy and sell.

If you didn't know this stat, well, you should probably kill yourself after buying your last tranche of tech stocks because you are most likely a stupid fucking piece of shit libtard who is anti-human. I know, funny right coming from a man that exterminated some Jews over a four year period. However, Jews/communists have killed more people in all of human history than I ever could. So really, I am pro-life.

Being anti-fossil fuel and anti-energy means you are anti-human because cheap and abundant energy supply grows economies at scale and effectively moves people out of poverty en masse. Without cheap energy, you have no civilization.

Most of those people flying en masse into Las Vegas are women whom are in search for dick in their mouths and cum shot up their strudel-pipes. And according to the data, it looks like that thirst for schnitzel is at record highs and shows no sign of slowing down.

Being anti-energy means you are also anti-women sucking on your schnitzel and making big love explosion. Without energy women wouldn't be able to flock to Vegas like they do.

You should also understand that women are the biggest consumers in Western society and do 80% of the spending. And holy scheiesse there were a lot of women using daddy's credit card in Vegas when I was there. That's when you know the economy is just fine, because Daddy giving his 21-year old daughter the credit card for a weekend is a luxury expense.

Vegas vacation

Get The Uncle You Never Had, Today!

Speaking of luxury expenses, while I was in Vegas I did see a couple shows due to netting some wins on the casino floor. Also, I am a big fan of slight-of-hand.

That's why I went and saw Shin Lim. It was fantastic, the show had everything: Slight of hand, and perfect examples of how to gaslight your audience and make them believe anything is possible! As you all know, I am passionate about gaslighting and the art of stage performance/capturing the hearts and minds of the people!

And this is where we get into the story of American Fräuleins using Daddy's credit card so they can be obnoxious cunts in Las Vegas. This is where mein Kampf begins...why American women just need a dick in their mouths.

While taking my seat in the auditorium at The Mirage in Las Vegas awaiting to see Shin Lim perform, I didn't know at the time how limitless people could be in their obnoxious stupidity and also tardiness.

As you all know, I am a man of efficiency and organization. Mobilizing Germany for total war and also multi-tasking the extermination of 6 million communists/Jews is a mark on my resume that I am proud to boast. With that said, as I was sitting, along came a gaggle of young aspiring American party girls all in their early twenties. Of course, they sit in the row behind me. There must've been at least six of them. Loud as complete fuck and half in the bag. I knew at that point it was going to be a long show.

Don't get me all wrong, I would've absolutely put my schnitzel into 4 out of 6 of these chicks. There was one short, thin blonde in a black skirt that I would've totally blitzkrieg'd my panzer faust into. They were good for a bang and a one-night stand in Dusseldorf. But holy fuck were they annoying Hündins.

Throughout the entire show I was torn between whether I should shoot my load into all of their mouths, or pull out my Luger.

A few minutes go by and I hear one of them loudly squeal, "Omg guys, look at the cute little Jewish family! Eek!" Sweat started to form on my back and in a mode of panic I began to look around for the Jude.

They were right in front of me, walking to their seats two rows ahead. I was like, "How were these liberal white girls from America (most likely from California), so tolerant and not racist at all, able to spot a whole Jewish family before I did?!" I looked at the father of the family, he was so Jewish. He had the hair and the nose like a Jude. But then the dead giveaway was the little boy who had a beanie on his head. Yeah, they were Jews!

My blood was boiling at this point.

The young twenty-something girls thought it was hilarious and cute that there was a Jewish family near us. It's not something any normal person (something I would say out loud) would squeal for all to hear but after all, we are talking about spoiled, entitled, Daddy's credit card carrying white women from North America whom have no filter and are perpetual children. Jew or no Jew, the night was obnoxious already.

I was feeling homicidal. These young chicks wouldn't shut-up. They needed a dick in their mouths.

It gets worse, just like the Eastern front I opened up later into the war.

I know, big mistak. It was my bad, guys!

If the Jewish family and the aspiring sluts behind me weren't annoying enough, about 10 minutes into the act a couple decided to show up late and of course were slated to sit a few seats down from me. The usher brought them to my row, I had to get up while Shin Lim was in mid performance to let this Schwanzlutscher and his slightly overweight maiden slink to their seats. That's not the end of it though.

Not even 5-minutes later, they of course decided that they needed to get drinks and popcorn. I had to get up again and let them by, all the while Shin Lim was doing shit on stage. This is why most people need to be exterminated!

This fucking couple was already 10-minutes late to the show, probably because this guy's wife had his dick in her mouth far too long in their hotel room and had to make haste to the show and skip dinner.

Instead of getting drinks and food before sitting down, they had now decided to inconvenience everyone around them yet again because of their poor planning and due diligence. I am positive that if they do have kids at home somewhere, they were all born out of wedlock or were "oopsies". When you are that late to a headline show you sit the fuck down and you forgo the privilege of getting drinks from the bar and popcorn from the concession stand. If not, you should be shot and killed in the chair you're sitting in.

Exterminated, no excuses!

Halfway through the show the one girl behind me starts yapping to the one friend about her boyfriend and all the quirky things his does around her. Her friend said something about how she thinks they are so good together and said, "I love your boyfriend too and think he is so great...I would do anything for him."

All I could think in mein mind was that her friend probably means what she says and she's most likely already fucked her best friend's boyfriend, sucked his schnitzel off, and has done "everything" for him already behind her back.

Women hate each other, and they will fuck their best friend's boyfriend if it is advantageous for them to do so. People have said I have an ego on me. I say nein! People will say I was a bigot, a racist and insufferable.

Yet, nobody but me will examine and call out Western women for their behavior and make these assessments. The reason why these women were so annoying and had no self-awareness is this: The female ego is simply way too fragile to absorb the shock of a brutal self-assessment

I killed six million Jews. I don't have an ego about that, because 6 million was not enough.

Frankly, that was a failure and underperformance if there ever was one. Shin Lim though, that chink can do magic! At one point one of the girls behind me even called him Shin Lee. She was obviously clueless as to who he was. She was most likely just there because her friend had her Daddy's credit card and on a whim bought tickets to just see any expensive show and buy drinky-poos/get white girl wasted.

The chicks were fuckable; they weren't dateable. I couldn't imagine spending more than a roll in the Rhein field with one of them. I am surprised the boyfriend of the one girl hasn't offed himself yet. These girls were more drama than my painting class in Vienna.

These chicks behind me were yelling stuff out during the show; trying to get picked from the audience so hard to go on stage; being distracting and annoying cunts. I could even see Shin Lim's eyes get even more slanted when trying to see who in the audience was making all the fuss. Even his right-hand assistant was getting annoyed. There were children in the audience that were more well behaved than these young women, yes, even the little Jew boy.

And that mein friends is why young American women need a dick in their mouths, so that they can shut the fuck up.


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