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Never Bring Your Entitled Girlfriend To Las Vegas

I am still going to include this observation in the upcoming entry into the Vegas Files—just got back from trip six— but this experience deserves its own post.

We all like to think that we are so different from our ancestors, the cavemen and women. However, if you are a person today who doesn’t have their head buried into their phone all the goddamn time—like some surrogate zombie—you will be able to witness the things I tend to talk about and be able to analyze like I do: Critical thinking.

The setting was DTW (Detroit International Airport) Terminal A. Getting up for the early flight is probably hard for most people these days because most people are lazy fucks who don’t normally get up until noon; only to get high, take a shit, eat and then take another bong rip. When we go to Vegas we take the early flight out of DTW; so we can get to LAS early and begin the onslaught.

We are up at 3:30 am and to be through security by 4:30am. The only shitty thing about waking up that early in a hotel is that they usually don’t have the continental breakfast spread out yet, so you have to get some airport grub. Right beside our gate, when we got into the terminal was a McDicks (McDonalds).

McDonalds, at DTW, also doesn’t open when you want it to be. It opens at around 5:10 am. So, like men, we accepted this wait time and waited without whining and complaining; sitting on the benches in the gate area; chatting, laughing and generally being in a positive mood because we were going to fucking Vegas.

A Girlfriend In Vegas Is Like A Child at Disney World

Suddenly, along came my favorite four people/group in a airport: The Vegas couples.

Two guys and two girls; obviously in relationships and were around the age of 20-Something. The one chick was very good looking; a blonde with a nice figure and ample tits that perked nicely in her white tank top, garnishing her body in black leggings. Basically this chick was hot, I mean, I would have banged her into the next black hole in outer-space.

The other chick was a four on the hotness scale of things. She wasn’t obese, but she had more rolls than the bread basket at the Olive Garden. She too tried to pull off the tight pants, look-at-me-Chad routine that most girls do today regardless of relationship status. She didn’t, though. She doesn't understand that when you are on the hefty side, tight pants don't produce the desired effect; tighter ass. All they produce on a fat chick is the ability to see your cottage cheese dimples, fat ass, and each individual chubby labia via the C-Toe.

Gross. A huge boner killer.

Anyway, just for some clarity, the guy who was with the smoke-show was probably punching above his weight, but for a dude he was almost looks-matched with her—I pegged him around a 7. The other dude with Grimace/the hamburgalar was not ugly but about a 6 maybe. He definitely could have done better, that’s all I am saying.

So, I am sitting there watching my favorite type of Vegas group (the couples) and just witnessing the fat chick huff and puff about how McDicks was closed and that they wouldn’t be open for another THIRTY minutes.

It was like the end of the world for this girl. Meanwhile, the smoke-show sat there and didn’t really complain. She was most likely grumpy and hungry too like everyone else but she didn’t make a scene like a red headed step child, like fatty did.

You would think it would be the hot chick, who has all the sexual-market- place currency and value, to be high maintenance—because she can afford to be bitchy—but it was the fuglyer bridge troll who acted the most entitled and whiny. In my opinion, the 4 could have gone a day without another Big Mac, just say’n. It would have done her some good to get up and walk to go get the food herself. Maybe burn a couple calories before she stuffs her face again. Holy shit.

Hunting For Hamburgers, Gathering 'Likes' on Instagram

Finally, McDick’s opened up. It was 5:15 am.

Now, you would think—being SO fucking hungry—that the fat chick would have been the first one out of her chair, trampling over others and herself to get first in line at the McDicks. However, like me, you would be surprised that she didn’t. She sat there with the other chick while they made their boyfriends go and get the food.

Classic. You Western men just don't get it, do ya?

This goes back to hunter-gatherer times. Men go and hunt/get the food while the women sit on their fucking ass and do what they do best; wait around, chit-chat and complain why it is taking so long.

Women are lazy, even when they are starving.

It’s amazing that this shit still plays out in “MODERN TIMES”. We humans, no matter how much you social justice/social engineering idiots think you can change people with feminism/equalizing agendas, will never get rid of tens of thousands of years worth of hard-wiring and genetic programming. You are a fucking fool to think otherwise.

What was witnessed there in the gate was the men going on a hunting excursion—albeit not lengthy—to the McDonalds that was 50 ft away instead of setting out to bag a boar. It’s the same exact thing. All the while the women are back at camp (the gate) sitting on their starving asses laughing at shit on their phones, showing each other the stupid shit on their phones, and looking back toward the direction of the McDonalds to see if there is any hope that their boyfriends are coming back soon from fetching them their McMuffins.

The problem today is that women are ungrateful for anything men do. At least back in the days of old women would cook and clean and keep the hut organized; drain your nut bag. Today they just sit around, don't know how to cook a fucking thing and would rather order in. Most women today use their boyfriends as cash cow tools and disposable items like their i-phones; if you stop working for them they will just get a new one.

Why? Because of male thirst these days. It's like how the fatty I witnessed got a Vegas trip out of her boyfriend. A entitled, whiny bitch who doesn't deserve it. Back in the day, when men still had their pimp hand, women would be on their best behavior if they wanted to go to exotic places. Today, a woman huffs and puffs about a cheeseburger, throws a whinny fit, and she still gets to go on the plane.

You guys need to stop this. You too are part of the problem as to why female entitlement runs rampant in the streets like the shit flowing in the sewers.

Aside from that, guys….why do you bring your girlfriends on vacation trips, especially to Vegas?

What a fucking headache that would be. What I witnessed in that terminal was probably just a bite-sized sample of the rest of that trip; a trip full of complaining, whining, increasing demands, ungratefulness, probably no blowjibbers or vaginal trust-falling on thy cock.

Vegas is for da’bros and to bag some ho’s. Don’t bring your GF or wannabe GF.

You’re better than that.

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