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Ghosting Society

Artwork by Tony Skeor

Artwork by Tony Skeor


John Galt in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is a character that embodies everything we have been seeing in the last few decades with regards to men fading away from a failing society: Western civilization. The reason why the West is falling is because the men are simply not their anymore; because they have been told they are no longer welcomed. When you replace men with a government cheque and you take productivity out of the economy, you will see a decay in everything around you. Men respond to incentives, they look at cost benefit and valuation. Modern Western civilization is getting so close to not even being worth saving since certain factions aim to destroy, what used to be a growing and prosperous society, by eliminating logic/reason and replacing them with delusions, and utter stupidity.

Modern society is an addict; addicted to it's own punch-bowl of feels, and it's looking as if no treatment, except a good old fashioned rock-bottom, will revive this decaying body; that is about to turn into a meat-manikin on life-support until someone pulls the plug for good. Going Galt, or Ghosting, is the biggest slap in the face man can do to an ungrateful entity; it's the two-finger salute at it's finest.

What today's gynocentric society doesn't understand is that it needs men more than men need it. Men can survive on next to nothing and are professionals when it comes to adapting and living a life of minimalism. However, when society loses it's foundation, the house will come crumbling down. Men produce the most and contribute the majority of taxes; take away men and your resource base will plummet. Welfare and social programs will cease to exist because there will be a significant reduction in revenue and that's when things get truly messy. It's happened before in other societies and it will happen again. History is a great teacher. The thing is, it's as if nobody cares about this fact. Everyone thinks that this game, this treatment can carry on without any consequence because the effects aren't immediate. It is a slow decay and an illness that won't fully become apparent until its too late to reverse course.

Men today for the most part are treated as the enemy, society has turned its back on one of the best investments it can make. When men see that they are not being valued, why should they invest anything back into the system to which hinders them? Treat men as second class citizens, but then expect them to do double-time? This world is so far up it's own ass it can't even taste the shit it's spewing.

With that said, we are turning into a Ghost nation; ghosting society. Modern society is overpriced and has overvalued it's self to the point where there is no real return on investment. In fact, you will lose almost 100% of the time if you follow along with the herd. Following is ultimately a female trait. Taking risks and taking the path less traveled is for explores and men. Modern society doesn't care about you, it never has. It cares about what you can do for it, without giving you anything back. It's time to tell society where the door is. It's time to tell it's delusional agenda that you don't want a commitment because you're not a slave to it's greedy agenda. You're a man, that has free will and will find your own way; a much better way of doing things since society today walks too slow and caters only to the average percentile. The only way to kill something is to drain it of it's supply chain. Without resources, thy enemy will starve and the siege will be won from the outside looking in.

According to The Atlas Society:

  • “Going Galt” means asking in the face of new taxes and government controls, “Why work at all?” “For whom am I working?” “Am I a slave?”

  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that you’re being punished not for your vices but for your virtues.

  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that you have a moral right to your own life, the pursuit of your own happiness, and thus to the rewards you’ve earned with your labor.

  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that you deserve praise and honor for your achievements rather than damnation as “exploiters.”

  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that you do not need to justify your life or wealth to your neighbors, “society,” or politicians, or bureaucrats. They’re yours, period!

  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that the needs of others do not give them a claim to your time, effort, and achievements.

  • “Going Galt” means shrugging off unearned guilt, refusing to support your own destroyers, refusing to give them what Ayn Rand termed “the sanction of the victim.” It means taking the moral high-ground by explicitly rejecting as evil the premise of “self-sacrifice” that they sell to you as a virtue—in fact “self-sacrifice” is an invitation to suicide.

Men do have a choice in this world because they ultimately are the ones with leverage. When you have leverage, you have what is called a 'Fuck-You' position. Leverage is the hostage in a stand-off. Leverage today is threatening to cut-off supply to the machine in the form of male involvement, their slavery to it. Not male involvement in the fulfilling sense of the word, but a non-equitable transfer of male production. Society today is doing a pretty good job in forcing the hand of a lot of men; making the choice of walking away easier, even though they would rather not. The great thing though is that since men are the best when it comes to minimalism they will have no problem when it comes to enjoying the decline. It will be the others, the ones who only take-take-take, who will be crying when it all implodes; begging for all the John Galts to save them and to come back to the plantation. What if they don't? Then you are truly screwed. That is leverage.

Men can push back by educating themselves and by engaging in continuous learning and self-improvement. Adopting lives of minimalism, and living in accordance to their own rules and self-interest. By truly understanding the reality around you, that is when you can begin adapting, so that you can navigate better and come out even stronger at the other end of the hurricane. By understanding the modern system and it's goals you can then fight back and manipulate it to suit you're own needs and desires.

Society wants you to invest fully into it's emptiness; it's vanity, materialism and solipsism. A man does no such thing; as these traits and virtues are anything but masculine. They are empty quests and will not fulfill you; only leave you drained and miserable.

How to Ghost Modern Society:

Live on your own. Don't let women into your life in any meaningful way as most of them today are solipsistic and financial predators due to their modern programming and conditioning. Yes, sleep with them. Enjoy their company and let them enjoy yours but don't give up your freedom. You have no obligation to do so unless society changes drastically back towards a sane and equal economic/social course. Learn the tenets of Game, and practice them well since it's unfair for one side to have all the tools and ammo. Thanks to the invention of the internet (thanks male nerds) men are able to now compare notes and have recently broken ground in a meaningful way on how women behave, why they behave that way, and how you can avoid certain pitfalls when it comes to dating them or engaging with them. Men long ago, deep in their subconscious, had always known; but it hasn't been until recently that we can now fully understand what the Game actually is. We now have a choice in how we get to play it, finally.

Live minimalistically. Live on the cheap and have a variety of cheap hobbies and pursuits you enjoy. You will be surprised once you get rid of all the shit in your life how easy it is to live this way. Men today, realistically, can get by comfortably with no more than $40,000 a year if you eliminate all the needless obligations and purchases. You of course need to have no consumer debt, or debt of any kind for starters. When your married or have some nagging greedy ork telling you (trying to control your money) that "we" need more this and that, sure, $50,000 a year won't make a dent.

Get a job that suits you, and work as little as possible. When you are child-free, marriage-free, and obligation limited you don't have to work as hard as your married friend's; because you are free. The LLC of YOU Inc doesn't have any debt or very many expenses, so your business is always stable and growing; most likely even more profitable than the married guy making $80-100 thousand because he has to spend the majority of it at IKEA, shopping, kids, 'date nights,' the mortgage and then ultimately in child-support, lawyer fees and sanity. Yet, your over at your modest bachelor pad, cooking an amazing dinner and drinking how much you want of your favorite beer; all the while getting the choice of whatever channel you want to watch and stay out with the guys until the sun comes up.

Stay mentally and physically healthy. By not participating in the follies of HR estrogen-rich office spaces as much as possible, your mind will begin to cleanse itself of toxic and sarcastic Anglo-culture and petty office politics that come alone with a femcentric work environment. Avoiding CorporateLand as much as possible will save your mental coins for other worthy investments of your time and energy. The realization that you don't have to put up with a bunch of assholes everyday, and that you can now do whatever the fuck you want to do in life, is more than enough to take away any depression or anxiety. Make sure to exercise and eat right because you don't want a Dadbod; it's bad for you, for getting tail, and looks stupid if your not even 50 yet.

Most Important Advice: Do things that make you happy and fuck what everyone else thinks about your life. Nobody is going to understand you, like you do. Nobody is going to care about you, as much as you do. The only important people in your life are the family and friends who've had your back since day 1 and love you regardless. Fuck everyone else; the peanut gallery and the snapfucks who can all go lick a window, with a helmet on to garnish. 80% of the population will not understand you, because 80% of the population can't handle reality. Everyone you tell about your plan is going to discourage you, because they themselves don't even have one to begin with. You will scare them with your strength. Remember, most people in this world and in the West are hopelessly dependent on myths and fantasies of a system that exploits them. For that reason, don't go approval-seeking as it's not only Beta behavior, it's also going to destroy your Ghosting journey before it even begins. I am quite possibly the happiest fucker I know and it's only because I haven't turned myself into a robot like everyone else; devoted to consumption, a slave until death in an economic machine that doesn't benefit men at all.

Ghosts may not be actively engaged with the world, but that doesn't mean they aren't still with us. They are just observers of humanity's obsession with screwing itself over. I must say, it is fun to watch. Best comedy show out there, by far.

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