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Dunkirk (a Rant)

After seeing the movie Dunkirk and then witnessing what some bitch named Brian Truitt wrote in USA today, I have to give my two cents.

USA Today's Brian Truitt describes himself as a "shameless geek," but strangely enough omits the fact that he is also just as shamelessly ignorant when it comes to the signaling of his own politically correct virtue. In his review of Dunkirk, director Christopher Nolan's big-budget look (opening this weekend) at an actual historical event that took place in the early days of World War II, Truitt offers potential ticket-buyers the following trigger warning:

“The trio of timelines can be jarring as you figure out how they all fit, and the fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way.” -Brian Truitt USA Today

Where in the world do these freaks come from? No wonder why mainstream ‘journalism’ is dead. It is because of people like Brian Truitt; who cannot for the life of them stop themselves from mentally masturbating their leftist feel-good ideologies. People like Truitt need to step away from the computer and shut-the-fuck up, immediately. Let the big boys handle the history.

Did Truitt do any homework about the background of this movie? He does appear to know that Nolan's latest is based on a true story, which I guess, is a start, but he probably learned that from the trailer. The real question, though, is just how clueless about history, about the biggest world event of the 20th century are you when you find it "jarring" that Denzel Washington doesn't show up to save the day or that Lena Dunham is not driving a Humvee that will explode if it goes under 50 miles per hour?

Complaining about the lack of women and minority actors in a movie about Dunkirk is like complaining about the lack of Paul Anka music in 8-Mile or wondering why chlamydia failed to get equal play time in Concussion or hectoring Hollywood over the omission of realistic sex scenes in the Monsters Inc movie.

And we cannot only blame Truitt, who is probably a victim of the public schools. How did his trigger warning, one so feeble-minded it ranks as a non sequitur, make it past the USA Today editors? Are they all snap-fucks over there or does someone personally dislike Truitt so much they have stopped protecting him from himself?

Sorry, Brian, if the following is inconvenient to your McCarthyistic longing to bully filmmakers into thinking and believing a certain way, but the settled science tells us the following: Trapped at Dunkirk were young, white males. Saving those young, white males were other white males. Trying to kill those young, white males were other white males. There were women in the film, helping out on the boats as ad-hoc nurses, but that’s it. You don’t need even half a brain to understand that filming some English chick making sandwiches in a house back in Dover while the bombs are dropping at Dunkirk, doesn’t make for great action in a WAR FILM!

It just goes to show that these people in the media just can’t, for the life of them, accept historical fact. History and WWII did not exist in your delusional PC world, you motherfuckers you! Read a book, ask an elder, learn about your heritage; the one you so like to forget and discard by being a pathetic treasonous scumbag to the facts.

Journalism is dead, and this was a suicide.

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