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Phelps Vs Fake Shark (What It Tells Us About the Masses)

It really pains me to say that Shark Week is a documentary. This whole thing about Michael Phelps racing a Great White (a digital shark) was just pure, utter, bullshit. It is akin to all the other marketing stunts that are perpetuated on the normies and the masses; for the sheeple to watch at night before they get a paltry handjob from wifey-poo, or to talk about around the water cooler at some cubicle slave-farm an hour away from their houses.

It's to get ratings, to get the sheeple to sign up and pay money while getting no ROI, whatsoever. I mean, what can be gained from all of this? Are we learning anything from some washed out swimmer trying to beat a shark? Who fucking cares? How is that entertaining? Now, If Phelps, however, tried to fight a Great White while smoking the ganja then I might’ve tuned in for a minute.

I get it though, sharks are cool; and they may have earned a whole week due to their mystique, endangeredness, and overall badassery. However, view this whole thing for what it was: a gimmick. Pretty much everything in media today, and in ‘reality shows,’ is completely fake and scripted down to the very words and actions of everyone involved. On the show The Bachelor, I would bet my life savings that even the sex, and the amount of thrusts the guy gives to each chick’s parts, is most likely counted out by the host, Chris Harrison. I'm dead serious.

Overall, it’s kind of a shame that one of the greatest athletes on this planet would sink (pun intended) so low as to let himself be a part of this circus-esq type of show business. This type of shit goes hand-in-hand with other gimmicks; like how for years Oprah has sold lies to fat middle-aged women, making them more lazy and unhappy. I am willing to bet that Oprah and others like her is one of the main reasons why the economy is suffering. Unproductive advice breeds unproductive people. Her book club is full of shit, by the way; not one book that explains any truth to anyone. People like being lied to though, so its a good business model. I'll give her that.

If you read this blog, my books and engage with other people like myself in the alternative media, that are beneficial to the mind, then you would know you are too smart for this. Beating a shark proves nothing, it’s worthless. It’s just bread and circuses for the masses. None of this advances society; it just accelerates the decline of it.

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