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Female Texas English teacher, Katherine Ruth Harper (and Cheerleading coach), exchanges her pom-poms

On March 21, Trophy Club police arrested Katherine Ruth Harper, a seventh grade English teacher at Tidwell Middle School in the Northwest Independent School District. She also coached cheerleaders. Officers alleged Harper, 27, had a sexual relationship with one of her students during the summer of 2016, a then 15-year-old male. They charged her with improper relationship between educator and student, a second degree felony, then booked her into the Denton County Jail. She bonded out after posting $15,000 bail.

This week, details about the illicit relationship emerged including how Harper and the teenager initially became involved over flirtatious text messages. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported the two had sex numerous times either at the teen’s Trophy Club home or at her Fort Worth residence from June 1, 2016 to July 31, 2016. They also exchanged naked selfies of each other by cell phone. The boy saved these images which police later retrieved when they seized his phone.

Cell phone records showed the pair communicated roughly 76 times while involved intimately, according to the arrest warrant. The teenager eventually told a Child Protective Services investigator during one of their rendezvous, he and Harper drank alcohol and took off their clothes, the boy said he performed a sex act on his teacher. When a Tidwell school official questioned the teen, he cried and admitted to having the relationship. "One thing lead to another and she told me to 'put it in' and I did,"

the 15-year old told investigators.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this case comes after Harper's arrest in where it is now known that she is pregnant, It is unclear at this point who the father is.


In a seemingly recent wave of twenty-something female teachers in Texas getting busted for having sex with their students, more now stand accused of crossing the line, this time with middle schoolers. We know that this is no surprise in a Western culture that is purely gynocentric, where female hypergamy runs unchecked and accountability, along with consequences, being minimal for such behavior. Katherine Harper is just one of countless this year alone who have followed the herd of young women throwing their careers and lives away for underage dick. The logic behind this? Unfounded. We here, however, try to do our best in developing a science based off of patterns from these horny teachers.

One thing to point out is that yes, Trophy Club TX holds true to it's name; it is a wealthy region and district in the state. So, it begs the question as to why a twenty-something female teacher, with reasonable bangable looks, would have to shop for lower-tier cock. Normally, for women, downgrading usually happens in less wealthier environments where top-tier men are scarce (i.e Chads, Christian Grey types). However, from the article, it seems that our girl was still operating as any modern woman would in her case; holding out for the BBD (Bigger Better Deal) whist not having to put any effort in to the exchange.

The article states that our poor male 'victim' (he cried on the stand because the sex was so good, most likely) got to 'put it in' his hot teacher at his Trophy Club home.

The fact that our girl is now with child, opens up the case to more speculation. Is it our victims child? If that is the case, he is truly a victim, because the story would then change from a love story, where our girl just wanted to show off her cheer-leading flexibility, to an outright swindle for a subsidy child/cuck her husband.

Lets be real though, if you look at our girls picture, she looks as if she has had more wieners in her than a Schneiders factory. She probably cant say, without 100% certainty, who the real father his at this point because I don't think she has made it down to the the local labs yet because of reasons; its hard work being a teacher, a modern woman in the West, and trying to sext while driving to Trophy Club from Forth Worth to get those Gina Tingles. So much effort, but for why? You're are a twenty-something female, if you just want to get juiced and have your tic-tac flicked and get stuffed like a turkey on Thanks-giving, then just got to a night club, like a normal chick.

UPDATE: Turns out our girl is/was married a year or so before this whole love affair took place. We here at FTSS HQ received an email in the field. That's what we love, our readers and the boots-on-the ground intel we get from people who personally know these horny teachers.

"I was an acquaintance of Katherine Harper.[Redacted] Mrs. Harper was MARRIED. She was recently married about a year before the creepy student relationship. Her husband was a normal looking dude. I saw them at football games. I think they were homeowners, so just correcting the record. This woman threw away a new marriage,budding career and house for some weird kid relationship. Just correcting the record." -Ruth

The Report Card

Methodology: Being a relatively hot female teacher and saying the words "put it in me" to ANY 15-year old male, is almost like cheating system in a way. Our girl here, is savvier than she looks. To add, she now possibly has a love child to which is connected to family wealth; which is a classic move for a young starving teacher. Tethering yourself via a baby to a man (a boy in this case) who has money (or his parents money, rather) is just a wise and prudent economic move. It's hard to make money when you're in jail. Our girl was also smart by pouncing on her student during the summer months as indicated, for the sake of mitigating exposure and alerting potential witnesses. However, in the words from the band Asia, "summer can't last too long".By using just 76 sext messages in the duration of the affair, shows that our girl is no-nonsense and would rather beat what's in a mans bush than around it. The public see's a selfish young criminal millennial, all I see is: Good Communicator.


Integrity: If our girls plan was indeed to get preggers from this potentially wealthy teen, then that is just dastardly. Now, if her intent was just to re-enact her party-gurl fantasies from back in college, that's another thing. Without definitive evidence, it's hard to give full marks, initially. We may have to come back for a re-grade when more information comes forward.

Re-Grade B to a A+: Our gurl was married just prior to this whole thing, plus getting preggers bumps her up huge.


Presentation/looks: For a English teacher with the garnish of Cheerleading coach, I have to say, not bad. If her main field of expertise was just the schools sole Cheer coach, I would say, could be better. However, her picture is that of the mug shot taken at the precinct which demonstrates that, even under duress, our girl still manages to look amazing. True composure. I guess banging the youth makes your skin glow and rubs off on you.


Overall Grade


Case CLosed

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