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A Married Mom-of-Two Math Teacher, Victoria Fowler, Gets Off With Probation After Admitting To Raping A 16-year Old Student Over 15x

Math Teacher Victoria Fowler

Original Story at DailyMail

Math Teacher Victoria Fowler
  • Victoria Fowler, who worked at Bakersfield School, admitted to sexually abusing the male child on three occasions in May and August of 2023. The age of consent in Missouri is 17.

  • Fowler, a married mom-of-two, seduced the teenager with explicit nude images. The sex offender sent the boy pictures of her breasts and naked selfies in the shower.

  • After tempting the 16-year-old with the photos, she sexually abused the boy a number of times over summer. She also admitted to performing oral sex on the teenager, who is half her age. 

  • The sexual abuse took place at a house in Howell County, east of Bakersfield. 

  • In an interview with detectives, the boy said he had sent pictures of his genitals to the married math teacher.

  • Fowler's husband, Jeremy Fowler, was hired by the Bakersfield School District as a 'school resource sheriff's officer' in 2022, just one year before the scandal played out, according to local media. 


What is more shocking, the fact that men are still getting married to Western women, or that women (specifically female teachers) can't stop themselves from raping and having sex with teen boys?

Being a wife today is performative; she is still not yours. It's the same thing with 'owning a house'. You don't really own it, the bank does. You still have to pay 'rent' (taxes) to a landlord (government) and if you don't, the bank takes your house.

She is still the whore she use to be before you met her, before she told you she "wasn't like other women". Before she told you she's only been with "like...two guys?"

Victoria Fowler was a math teacher before she went full-sexual retard on that teen boy.

Let's do a little bit of math, shale we class?

According to the filings, Victoria sucked and fucked that teen's pussy pounder about 15 times, some instances taking place in the backseat of the victim's parent's car and at a residence. Victoria Fowler is by definition, an underfucked millennial woman. Bored of her life filled with mediocrity, kids and the humdrum of country living. The same routine, all the days melting into one reoccurring performative skit.

Now, we know that the median time for sexual intercourse is around 5.5 minutes (the average guy lasts) and the average man thrusts around 48 times per minute in and out of a woman's pump station. So, roughly, the victim had spent around a total of 82 minutes inside of Victoria's pussy and or mouth throughout their "relationship". That's 264 thrusts per fuck; a total of 3,960 pumps of the pussy during the 15 sessions they had.

Now, we also know that the average male produces around 5.0 milliliters of ejaculate per orgasm. Assuming Victoria and the victim had one session per meet up, that means Victoria had ingested around 75 milliliters of cum either into her pussy or mouth. When converted into liters it is around.075 L. For gallons it is .02.

To put this all in perspective, Victoria accepted and took the equivalent of a Dolce & Gabbana fragrance bottle worth of cum into her.

Math Teacher Victoria Fowler

That's a lot of Bruce juice. Seems like Victoria was trying to cuck her husband with this teen's seed.

Fowler committed a foul play, that is for sure.

The average marriage in the U.S lasts around 11.2 years. A lot of husbands were picked and chosen as a meal ticket or a way for the woman to secure their anchor babies as a retirement plan and a fallback. It is usually around when the kids turn 18 that all of a sudden 'marital problems' ensue. It will even start before that because the wife will have begun cheating or texting former boyfriends and contacting high school crushes via Facebook.

This is the time the husbands finally realize that their wives just used them so that they could have a house to stay in, get their welfare assurances (children) without having to earn or work decades in order to have their own home, vehicles and trips to the Dominican.

Women will put on a show (performative) in the beginning of a relationship (their idea of putting in the work) so that they can get the plowhorse to marry them, get a house and anchor babies to then down the road divorce rape him. Or in this case, rape a 16-year old boy to fulfill some mate-switching desire for forceful ejaculations and rabbit-like sex. Cheat on him.

Victoria isn't the most attractive woman in the United States as you will see. So, getting a guy around her age would be difficult. However, getting a hormonal, horny 16 Year old boy, who would fuck the fold between two couch cushions in desperation, would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Something that Victoria's redneck, Ozark ass would understand.

Let's just hope the 16-year old boy isn't her nephew.

The Report Card


Victoria played the game like any aspiring slut/former skank would; she first sent nudes to the teen boy in order to entice and seduce him. A classic modern mating ritual that women use via their addiction to Snapchat, IG and to sexually objectifying themselves for the male gaze.

Once she hooked the boy on the line, like an snake oil salesman she offered to meet in a somewhat private setting in hopes of selling her lemon; or in this case her 30 year old, beat-up, jalopy of a pussy.

To a 16-year old boy, this refurbished pussy would've looked like a bar of gold that he would've been eager to smelt with his hot rod. A pussy that, if checked under the hood, probably smelled like it was leaking oil. Hopefully Victoria acquired some perfume to wear as to mask the scent of seafood down below. Dolce & Gabbana would do just fine I am sure. You don't even need to spray the whole 75 ml bottle. No, just a drop will do in order to impregnate the senses.

According to other sources, Victoria reportedly admitted to having sex with the boy three times between July 4 and August 1 of 2023, telling the officer that she would meet the teenager on a dirt road off YY Highway and then get in his vehicle and drive together to his family owned residence, where they'd have sex. She confessed to having sex with him twice in the backseat of his car and once in a home owned by his family, as well as engaging in oral sex at least once.

Again, Victoria is not some dude's wife. Or some kid's mom or teacher. At the end of the day she is a woman. All women are like children, they never mature past high school. Women live through feelings, they are controlled by their tingles. Their agency is through their sexuality.



Victoria has proven to herself and the world that she is a true female sex scandal teacher. She sucked and fucked that boy 15x.

She has also proven that women are not beholden to anyone but their vagina tingles. Women are not to be taken seriously because they aren't serious people. Your wife or girlfriend is a horny degenerate deep down inside, why would you let her make any decisions or marry her?

Why would you treat Western feminist women well when they deep down inside know that they are trash and view themselves as worthless beyond repair?

When you treat women well, they get confused.

Your GF or wife has probably fucked 4 guys on Spring Break.

Banged her boyfriend's dad.

Fucked her best friend's boyfriend.

Or in this case, fucked a teen boy.

She knows she's a piece of shit, so why treat her like anything but?

I bet you that 16-year old aspiring Chad treated her like how she wanted; a raging slut.

And that is what gets women wet.



The problem with 30-year old female sex scandal teachers is: Well, a lot of things.

  1. They are 30 years old and likely have a dusty muff and lunch lady arms; Wall hitters.

  2. They tend to not have a wide social media presence given the fact that their prime fertility (party/attention whore) years are behind them.

With that said, I bet you know where I am going with this.

Yes, sheer and utter disappointment on the pictures front.

Math Teacher Victoria Fowler

That look a dude gives to the camera when he knows he's screwed...and that a bowtie with jeans will encapsulate the theme of your marriage: Lazy and uninspiring.

Math Teacher Victoria Fowler

Her husband making that notorious hand symbol distracts from Victoria's disheveled appearance. You can tell he truly loves her; which was his downfall.

I had to backdoor Victoria's photo(s) through her husband's Facebook because, again, Victoria was too lazy to have her own social media. Typical woman, making the husband do everything in life. Typical, that Victoria was too lazy to fuck her own overweight, neckbearded, man-boob busty husband and instead sought refuge for her pussy in the backseat of a teen boy's parent's vehicle.

For a 30-year old mom-of-two, Victoria has a decent body; decent hips and leg length. Would for sure put a brown bag over her head and fuck away happily after turning the lights off.

Her face looks kinda retarded when she smiles and wears those glasses, however.


Final notes: Congratulations, Victoria. You have met the full requirements to be admitted as a registered female sex scandal teacher.

If women spent the amount of time they do trying to groom and fuck teen boys in their own marriage and career pursuits, they could maybe achieve 1/3 the greatness that of a man. Women spend a serious amount of their lives using their pussy to get things that aren't theirs.

If women weren't such a slave to their own vagina's and also had the high intelligence of a man, they could probably be close to equal. However, women just spend most of their days on their back or thinking about who they want to be on-top of them. When you are on your back, and have someone on-top of you, yes, you are going to be oppressed. Women want to be oppressed; it's what gets them wet and horny.

Overall Grade


This Post Is Brought To You By

Math Teacher Victoria Fowler


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