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Why Older (Established) Men Look At Women Half Their Age

The following reality is brought to you by Science <3

Women sometimes ask, "Why are older men looking at women half their age". This has been addressed and asked in a article published by The Guardian. It's a valid question, but one that can be easily answered when considering the following.

In a recent NYtimes article, it tracked the ages that people from age 20-50 are attracted to throughout those years in the opposite sex. While the preferences of women tend to follow a linear curve, mens' basically peaked out at 24. Now why is that?

It's simple. It's all due to biology and fertility. According to an article from IVF New Engaland, called Age Impacts Fertility, after 24 (which is the oldest age a man is attracted to) a woman's fertility begins to drop.

However, a woman is attracted to a man who is able to provide resources. A mans peak earning years are from the age 44-54. So, women want these rich, high-status, and well-off men but they have nothing to offer them after around age 30ish because they aren't fertile anymore. Wow, shocker!

It's the same reason why most women could give two-shits about men in their early 20's and why you are basically invisible to girls in highschool. You are dogshit to women if you are a young dude with no money, no status, no fame, no muscles, etc. If you're not Chad the quarterback with the Pepsi-can penis, or DeShawn with the python dong, you offer women nothing until you're about age 35.

So, don't blame men for being attracted to only chicks whose age is 24 and below. Blame Mother Nature and her internal misogyny. When women hit The Wall and get all saggy in the ass and look like an old catchers mitt, its natures way of making sure men don't waste their precious seed, time, money and resources on an otherwise, dead prospect. Why would you go to a desert to get moisturized? Why would you pitch a tent inside of Detroit?

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