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Wisconsin teacher, Samantha Fitzpatrick, charged with 'luring teen with sex romps during a 6 mon

A former teacher in Wisconsin was charged Tuesday following an alleged ongoing sexual relationship with an underage student, according to a report from the Ripon Police Department.

Fitzpatrick was charged with child enticement, sexual assault of a student by school staff, exposing a child to harmful material and obstructing an officer, police said.

Per the arrest report obtained by Fox News, officials were provided information in April about “an inappropriate relationship” between Samantha Fitzpatrick, 28, and an underage teenager at Ripon High School, where Fitzpatrick worked at the time. The teacher, who left her job in May, was reportedly having marital problems at the time of the alleged relationship.

Two teachers who spoke to authorities claimed to see the teen and Fitzpatrick together often, and one added that the pair “would both be missing from school on the same days and late to school on the same days,” the report said.

When interviewed, the student told an officer that he was not sexually involved with Fitzpatrick, had never been alone with her and “never sexted, texted, or communicated by phone,” police said. When questioned again later about the nature of their relationship, the teen reportedly claimed he’d joked to friends about having sex with Fitzpatrick.

But according to the report, another student told police that the pair had "done stuff" and based on what the teen had said, the pair had sexual relations at the teacher's house and a hotel. Police said the student also recalled dropping the teen off at a gas station, where he allegedly said Fitzpatrick would pick him up.

Police said they also spoke with Fitzpatrick who similarly denied having a sexual relationship or any type of communication with the teen, adding that she didn’t have his phone number.

Officers learned that both statements denying the situation were false after uncovering “extensive electronic communication” between the pair thru the Facebook Messenger app, the report said. They also reportedly recovered data from Fitzpatrick’s phone, including 67 phone calls, messages and the teen’s phone number, the latter two of which had been deleted.

“Sexually graphic messages” were exchanged between May 2016 and November and detailed that the pair wanted to have, and had previously had, sex with each other, the report said. In one message, Fitzpatrick also reportedly expressed “her love” for the student.

According to a statement from Mary Whitrock, the superintendent of the Ripon Area School District, the school is aware of the police investigation and said Fitzpatrick “voluntarily” quit her job after employers complained of her attendance record.


St. Patrick's Day is fun, but imagine playing hooky from school in order to enjoy a day with Ms Fitzpatrick...

Samantha Fitzpatrick is what you would call a tale of two women. Make-up does wonders. I literally had to confirm via multiple stories that this was, indeed, our gurl; because her mug-shot looks nothing like the slam-piece we will envision that our ‘victim’ had romped with.

What we have here, by all accounts, is a horny female teacher that made absolutely ZERO effort, to cover her tracks. In my opinion, Fitzpatrick wanted to get caught. Like a Dexter with a vagina, or, like a Patrick Bateman, with an affinity for excusing oneself to “return some video tapes”, our gurl excused herself from class and the attendance sheet along with her teen lover, serially.

You can draw whatever conclusion you want, but to me it’s obvious; given our gurl’s confessed love for the boy, that clearly one of the victim’s jealous friends narced him out to the proper authorities. Imagine your friend ‘joking about banging Fitzpatrick but knowing it was true. Imagine knowing your best friend was getting his balls drained by your hot teacher, and you, just have to sit there and hear about it, all day long. How would you feel? Still, you should never rat out a friend who has found true love and is getting it on the reg. The friend should be shot for treason, or at the very least, sentenced to hearing all of the juicy court details about every single instance our victim and Fitzpatrick had…and then report back to us.

Final Note: What I found confirming and interesting when I was doing my detective work on our gurl, was one of my suspicions all along about why these female teachers, do what they do. I covered it in a recent post The Epidemic of Female Teachers Banging Their Students. I stated part of the psychology behind these women and that a lot of it stems from not wanting to grow up and hit The Wall with dignity and grace. For example, I managed to get a screen shot before Fitzpatrick’s twitter page was taken down, and the profile intro/quote says everything you need to know about her and her other comrades.

"Educator of people that think I'm Old" @MrsFitz9

We all know that there was at least one kid in her class that didn't think she was a dusty muff, all used up, and ready for the spinster life. I guess that's all it takes when you're an Aging American Party-gurl; some high-school dude to tell you you're still fuckable.

The Report Card

Methodology: In an age where everyone texts and Snapchats, our gurl seems to be a bit of a romantic and old school. 67 phone calls is a lot, even over a 6 month period. The police even found racy facebook pm's which included role play sessions. Fitzpatrick, a horny lover of teen boys? Or a budding, creative romance novelist?

That is true love, my friends. On top of this, Fitzpatrick even played hooky and called in "sick" so that she could have bang-days with her student. I thought snow days were fun, but making it snow on your hot teacher? I'd be on the phone real fast to the office with my best "sick" voice. Our gurl made no effort to cover up her tracks, she went all in on this kid, something we rarely see today in education:Dedication, passion, and a zest for sex-ed. Reckless abandon and didn't even deny it. Either the kid had a 1-liter donger, or MrsFitz9 just needed a good reason to mark "Absent" on the attendance record. Everyone hates their job, especially if you live in the most boring place on earth, Wisconsin.


Integrity: There was a time when playing hooky was frowned upon. However, when both the teacher and a specific student are missing several times, on the exact same day, one would think that they are both in bed, eating chicken-noodle, right? Denying the rumors, the sexting, the phone calls, the meet-ups at a greasy gas-station, the sessions. This isn't just classic hormones and a cock-tale of lust and risk, this is an escape from reality; which is the basic foundation of love.


Presentation/looks: Our gurl said it herself, that she doesn't want to feel old or have people think she is old. The nose-ring screams a rebellious spirit, and that she possibly does anal on the first date. Just forget about her mug-shot, entirely. Look at the midriff (it screams for you to use your icing on it and turn it into a toaster strudel), that athletic bod, and she's a Penguines fan. She's a gurl that would literally climb mountains for you!

The problem is, we have to consider that awful mugshot that makes her look like a human thumb. With that considered, we cannot, in good faith, give Sam our full marks; because there will be days when u wake up to a woman and she doesn't have her mask on to hide all the weathering, the years of cock-riding. Blonde or Brunette? She's better a blonde and best kept in warm sports bars and not behind bars. She will spoil fast. A Wisconsin 9 for sure.


Overall Grade



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