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Tinderella & The Gent: How Women Optimize Their Hypergamy in Modern Society

Back in October of 2017 my article 12 Years A Hottie was published on Return of Kings. In this piece of writing I outlined the case in regards to women having a very short window of opportunity in order for them to land the highest possible valued man that their beauty and youth could afford them. Women in general have around a 12 year window in where they are the most fertile they will ever be—hence the youth and beauty that will attract a high value mate. This window aggressively starts to shut after the age of 30 (What is known as The Wall).

Instead of listening to their grandmothers, women now listen to feminist pop-stars (or radical feminists in general) who have been told to push the gynocentric agenda which actually harms women in the long run. The real way women can have their cake and eat too, if they want, is to NOT squander their 12-years of hotness. That is all they get. What women have to understand is that yes, it is easy when you are 18-27. The world is practically front-loaded for you—every guy wants to fuck you (if you are a 6+), buy you shit, take you on trips etc. However, the magic dust starts to lose its zest as The Wall approaches. Not only are these women getting older, less fertile, less attractive, they now (at 30+) have to start competing with their former selves—all the new trim that has entered the sexual market-place. That is when the clock is striking midnight and time is almost up. And men who are older (the men women want) aren’t going for the older women, no, they are going for the women who are still in that magic window of 18-30.

Tinderella In Search Of Chad

Tinder is a perfect example of how women can optimize their inherent hypergamous instinct. Tinder allows women to essentially find Chad for a good, deep-dick’n. The types of guy that will dig her out like a backhoe; Chad is the myth, the legend, the dude with all the moves including the bukakkae pile-driver. He is the ripped dude who played for the football team, who goes to Cancun every 6 months to slam puss, the one with the coke-can donger. All women want Chad during their 12-years of being a Hottie. Tinder is a great way to get him because what Tinder really affords women is the ability to turn ‘dating’ into what I like to call: the Candy Store experience.

You, as a woman today, can fire up Tinder and pretty much go shopping like you would a kid in a candy store—instead of being overwhelmed with all the different candies, you are overwhelmed with different cock. Tons of cock. So much cock that it makes her fingers hurt from swiping all day long, and then probably herself. Albeit, out of all the guys who use Tinder, there is maybe 1 Chad for every 1,000 poindexters and stable Stan’s who try to score on there. However, for women, it is a hell of a lot easier to try and find Chad on Tinder than by any other traditional means. Plus, wanting to get fucked like a Bangkok hooker on a Friday night is implied, and she doesn’t have to be so coy about her carnal urges and her yearning for the Alpha seed.

The problem women are finding now, though, is that feminism promised them; that after they were done riding the cock-carousel through their twenties, Christian Grey would also be there for them in their thirties to settle down with and take care of them, financially.

The problem is, feminism has debased men so greatly that there are very little Christian Grey’s around because they never had the chance to become that legendary. Another factor is that, even if there are still Christian Grey’s lying about, they most certainly don’t want to marry, due to a laundry list of cons involved (mainly because they don’t want to lose all their money in divorce rape). And, if they do want to settle down and marry, they most certainly don’t want to marry a chick who has circled the drain of dicks 10x over and has been used and abused like an old Honda Accord—rode hard for years, no tread left on the tires, and an odometer that reads a number that takes up the whole dashboard.

That is where a new service comes into play.

Renting Christian Grey

We are now seeing a new trend emerge. It's called Rent-A- Gent: Women paying for the services of a husband because they can't hold down a quality man or attract his commitment. It is the female version of prostitution; instead of sex she seeks resourcefulness.

Women in mid 30s and beyond who have smashed the wall beyond repair, hiring men for household chores, dates and other tasks that men in relationships usually do. Women are hitting the wall harder than ever.

We live In a world where women ride the cock-carousel, jumping from penis-to-penis in their younger years, but once they hit their 30s they suddenly start realizing that the number of young, attractive men,have started paying less and less attention to them. Men have stopped putting them on a pedestal, and in many cases these women are often ignored by men altogether. Sure, some men will still pump & dump them, but that’s where they draw the line. They will rarely start a long term relationship with these women and most would never marry them. Rent-A-gent helps to alleviate their pain.

I mean, why would a successful man or, well off man, in his 30s or early 40s settle for a woman his age when he can easily have a pick of a girl in her mid 20s?

So what do these women, who hit the wall, do? Many of them become so desperate and dateless they are literally paying young attractive men from Rent-A-Gent to go on dates with them, cook for them and do their household chores. All the things a HUSBAND would do!

So naturally, the men they hire must be able to act, sing, dance and be attractive. He is that ultimate man that the wall ravaged cunts crave.

For some women using this service, it's all about getting what you want when you want it. It's like going through the candy shop, or Amazon for them. It's all about getting to pick from the top 1-10% of men (Alphas) without having to deal with garbage fish (Betas). For most of the women out there: Yes, it’s very hard to find a "good man"…. when your cooter is beginning to look like an old catcher’s mitt and your tits; fried eggs on a Sunday. The hypergamous hamster will still run until the wheel is rusted and its body shrivels and dries up like a soiled Kleenex tissue.

So, it seems like it's perfectly fine when women use men and then discard them, but then 'misogynistic' when men pump-&-dump women like the commodity that they truly are. I sense a heavy double standard here.

What everyone needs to realize is this: Men use their resources to get sex; women use their sexuality to get resources from men. Men and women are different. Yes, it is that simple. Women ultimatly want the commitment from the best possible male in town. She wants it to be Chad or Christian, but through her twenties she never settles or cashses in her chips; instead, like a gambler with an addiction, she holds out for the ultimate jackpot. However, holding out in the sexual marketplace for women always produces diminishing returns after they turn thirty.

When women behave like men, there are consequences for society, mainly, consequences for women that they won’t fully realize until they are well past The Wall.

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