Men Are Better Than Women At Running A Business

If you are being real honest with yourself, you would admit that men are better than women at most things in life. Evidence: Pretty much everything you see around you. You may ask yourself…why is that? Answer: Testosterone. Men just have more traction, and when it comes to building a business, men far exceed women in doing so. It is not because men “oppress” women, on the contrary. In today’s world, government (aka—male tax payer money) showers women with subsidies in order to start businesses, go to college, gain unfair entry into the workforce via diversity hires. We throw money at female entrepreneurs (in vein and stupid hope, mind you).

Why do we need to do this? Why can’t most women start a business without government help? Well, it’s because they aren’t men. That is why they need a handicap. Women need padding and a handicap in almost anything because they aren’t as: creative, funny, insightful, innovative, forward-looking, risk-taking, and willing to do the hard work that comes with growing a business and making it PROFITABLE.

Cuddle Cafés & Money Drains

When women start businesses it’s usually with an idea that is based in feelings, not something that might actually turn a profit and benefit society greatly. Examples are Cuddle Cafes, a coffee shop where you can pet cats or some shit, a cake store, chocolate store, etc. It’s either something completely worthless or something that has already been done 1000x over and the market is thus saturated—creating intense competition which usually, in-turn, squashes their small business.

Most start-up businesses, statistically, are created by women. That is because, as I have mentioned, the government showers women with money in order to start them. Because #Vagina #ThefutureIsFemale and other stupid hashstags. Free money, free money. It’s all a waste because what happens is, women don’t understand business the same way a man does. Owning and running a business requires fortitude; you are on your own and you need to be comfortable calling the shots and NOT having someone guide you or make the decisions for you, or give you direction.

This is hard for women to do because they can’t even take personal responsibility for most things in their lives to begin with. When you own a business, the buck stops with you, YOU are responsible. Not your boyfriend, not Daddy, not the government, and NOT other men; unlike to which they are used to.

This is women when they start a business (this is the life time-line):

“Ohh yaaa we are going to start a business!! We are like….gunna make like…a café? And everyone is going to come and visit…and like... get to pet cats while they drink lattes…and its going to be great. And, oh, we are going to sell cat products too and people will buy them and it’s going to be so much fun and rainbows and orgasms!”

Fast-forward 12 months:

“Ohh….we are not making a profit…and we have all this inventory of cat food and products…omg…what do we do Becky?Ohh noo, how are we going to pay the bills, they are shutting down our business!! Oh the horror! Omg…the government just needs to give us more free money!!”

That is women in business in a nut-shell. It’s depressing. That’s why women don’t own Fortune 500 companies.

Women at Work? An Oxymoron

Women don’t understand that running a business is A LOT OF WORK. It’s not like you can start a business and just expect it to take care of its self. It needs constant attention and active management. It also requires a rigid and regimented work ethic—something that is foreign to most women—and also requires a fair amount of abstract thinking (also foreign to most women). Women are terrible at all those things listed. What women ARE good at though is taking orders from someone other than themselves. Women love direction and jobs that outline everything for them. Any job that requires them to use their own discretion, lead, or think on their feet just forget it—a lost cause. When you run a business you don’t have someone telling you how to run it properly. You have to understand how to do that by yourself.

Women are absolutely horrible at leading. All they do is sit around waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Men can start a business from absolutely nothing, its incredible. They just go and do it. Fuck, throw a dude in a damp garage full of fucking junk, with a computer, along with the internet, and he will start a business worth something in the end. Throw a woman in a damp garage and she will just complain about the dampness for the first few months, then give-up entirely; because she’d rather just get knocked-up, have a kid, and do the easy thing.

The Government Didn't Give Me a Dime

For example, nobody mentored me when I wanted to build my own website and get my books published. I did that all without a fucking clue to begin with. But you know what? I put in the time, the work ethic, and had the drive to figure it all out from FUCKING SCRATCH. Nobody helped me do that, and you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way, because the satisfaction you get from doing it on your own is akin to shooting heroin into your veins, or snorting fucking crack. It’s what gets me up every morning, excited. Knowing that there is always something new to learn in order make things better and improve.

I see the bullshit all the time, especially on BNN or in the media outlets, when they lament about how they need to get more women into STEM and help out female entrepreneurs.

That’s great.

Like, I understand why they are trying to do this, because the feminists said so. The only problem is, the vast majority of women don’t want to be in STEM or want to start a business. Why? Because IT. IS.HARD. Women love a hard cock, but forget about starting a business. Just doesn’t happen, and if it does, it normally ends badly. Men go against the grain, women take the path of least resistance. That’s life. And the government, along with society, needs to stop wasting their time and resources on trying to force the issue.

You want the stock market to soar? Invest in men. You want the economy to roar like back in the 1950’s, again? Invest in male businesses. You want to live in squalor and feed pipe-dreams? Then buy all means, throw and shower women’s stupid ideas for business with all the tax dollars you can give. But then don’t come crying when you get ZERO return on investment back into the economy.

#Investing #TheSexes #Economy


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