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The Workplace: A Circus Shit-Show

I think this week is mainly going to consist of articles relating to CorporateLand, the workforce, cubicle slaves, and the sheer joke the modern workplace has become with regards to the environment. For this article, I mainly want to address what I have come to accept and have known for a very long time. It never used to be this way, not until society went full-retard and adopted a feminized lens in all things.

Feminism has ruined efficiency in the workplace, productivity, has infected the hierarchical nature with “gender quotes”, mwah-diversity™, mwah-political correctness instead of a model based on merit and merit alone. You know… logical things like that. If women are so equal, and can do just as much as a man can do with high-heels on (Snap- Snap to the six, to eight, to the nine) then why do we need hiring quotas? Why do we need affirmative action initiatives? If you were truly skilled, qualified, and superior to come you need a handicap?

A duhhh?

It’s Not About Work Anymore

Before all of this stupidity started, it used to be about the work, about the business, about getting the job done right and with the most qualified people. Competition used to drive business forward, and if you sucked at your job, well, you either learned to adapt and be better or you were let go. Plain and simple. There were no safe-spaces, or ways one could play the victim in order to distract from the fact that they are incompetent and should have never been affirmatively hired in the first place.

Now, since the workplace has been feminized, it’s all about being a conform normie; who is better at kissing cock and sucking ass—or both if you’re real keen. It’s not about working hard anymore. In fact, if you work hard and or can run laps around your other co-workers, you are viewed as a threat simply because you are making them look bad.

It’s not your fault, however, for being better, its just the fact that you actually belong at the job because you are qualified or have the necessary skills to kill it, unlike your other co-workers who are either: lazy, incompetent, there to pick-up a paycheck without lifting a finger, or all of the above.

Hard work goes un-rewarded today. What does get rewarded is back-stabbing, conniving with others, playing the victim, favoritism all within a culture of laziness.

If you’re a dude at work, hard work and doing the best job barely gets’s you to the top anymore. Now, what can you do? You aren’t a chick who can just go a blow their boss a few times and get promoted, or claim sexual-harassment on another male co-worker so you can take his job and move into his office the next day. You cannot win in today’s modern workforce if you are a guy all because there are these little ticking time-bombs all around you now: Women.

The #MeToo Matriarchy

If you are like me and have an IQ above 120, you will already understand by now what the #MeToo agenda is all about. For every 10 allegations there is maybe 1 case that is legit sexual assault or misconduct; usually a police report has been filed and there is tangible evidence.

However, the majority of these cases are false accusations. Why?

Reasons Why You Are Full of Shit:

  • No police report was ever filed

  • Expanded definition of sexual-assault/harassment

  • The alleged “assault” took place well before the statute of limitations.

  • The trial is via social media and not in an actual court of law.

The reason why these women do justice this way is because, again, it goes back to women not being able to compete on the same level of men. If you were truly assaulted you would know that filling a police report is the best possible way in ensuring justice is served. Why? Well, I don’t know if you know this but the police, law enforcement, do this little iddy biddy thing called detective work; gathering evidence, witness statements, documenting emails/text messages, rape kits, etc. It’s called DUE PROCESS.

The reason why most of these women don't go the common sense route (i.e filing a police report) is because more than likely, they don't have a case to begin with and even if they did file a report, the police would find nothing. They would be outed as a liar and in turn would be charged with falsely accusing someone of a crime they did not commit (which has happened multiple times). Know wonder why society is quick to distrust women today because they don't even take themselves seriously. We have the law and justice system for a reason, so that due process can do its thing and find out who is at fault via a distinct set of rules, codes, and practices: Logic.

Logic, not emotional posts on twitter, is what determines who is guilty and who is a fucking liar, gold-digging attention whore.

If you don’t file a police report, if you come out conveniently (when it’s convenient for the woman’s career) well after the statue of limitations is up, if you do this bullshit trial by social media, you are 100% full of your own shit. To boot, the law has a clear definition of what sexual assault is and what harassment is. Feminists are hell bent on trying to expand those definitions to include: basic flirting, eye-contact, brushing of the leg, saying “hello”, etc. Why are they doing this? Again, it all goes back to hypergamy, limited resources, and women’s inability to compete fairly with successful men in industries and the workplace alike.

Since men around the world are getting wise to the marriage/divorce trap, women are now having a harder time extracting resources that aren’t theirs from men. The wealth transfer Game via divorce is drying up. So, what’s a gal to do? Well, accuse the dude of sexual harassment and you can make him lose his career or job with the snap of a finger, sue for damages, or outright take his job from him.

Also, what #MeToo allows women to do now is control whom can, and cannot flirt with them. It’s ok if Chad flirts with her in the office or at the night club, but if poindexter tries to make a pass at her he is labeled “creepy” and a “perv”. It is allowing women to filter out the Alphas from the Betas only ensuring that every woman, even the fugglies, is entitled to Chad (the top 10-20% of men).

The hilarious irony, though, is that #MeToo is simultaneously eroding the Chad and Christian Grey supply and there are now fewer and fewer Chads to go around for women because A) You took their jobs away B) Their wealth and lives are ruined via divorce. As you can see, feminism is probably the most idiotic thing to ever infect this planet and is the reason why the human race is just worthless. If there are aliens up above watching this all play out, I beg them, just conquer this planet and blow this piece-of-shit marble out of the solar system because holy shit….what a fucking mess.

#MeToo is, in my opinion, a coup of sorts. It is a way of usurping men from their hard earned positions without having to directly compete for said positions through: hard work, integrity and merit. Women are passive and use manipulation as a means to get what they want; which are resources from men. And the best way for them to do that is by using their only weapon: Sex.

And if they can’t get it one way, they will use and manipulate the definitions of laws to get them the other way. Solution, stop PANDERING TO THEM. If society would just keep it’s pimp hand strong we wouldn’t be in the mess. Sadly, though, this will all end badly.

Society will eventually collapse financially and women will lose their rights. Or, society will collapse financially and a conquering horde/culture will just replace Western culture with their own (hint: Sharia Law). The choice is yours. Either some people suffer and get hurt, or people die and suffer under the rule of people who beat their wives with rocks for listening to hip-hop. You want to see a hard patriarchy in action, well; we aren’t far off from that.

Women are not allies in today’s modern workforce—they maybe were 30 years ago, but especially since the recent #MeToo movement—women are now your number one threat to a peaceful work environment. Why any corporation hires a woman today age 20-40 is beyond me. Oh wait, I know why they are in CorporateLand…silly me…it’s because companies are being forced to hire them, even if they don’t know what the fuck they are doing.

Remember Yahoo a few years back that put that chick in the driver’s seat? What happened? Oh, she pretty much sank the company, that’s what happened. Also, not too long ago there was the Equifax data breach that happened because some chick, most likely, blew her way to the top and got into the CEO’s chair (She had a Master’s in Music FFS).

Diversity™ is Not Our Strength, It is Our Weakness

And because of that bullshit, hundreds of thousands of people’s private data were stolen and people’s lives are now ruined because of it. That’s why you are supposed to put people in positions in which THEY ARE QUALIFIED FOR.

These are the main reasons why women 20-40 (in general) are liabilities in the workplace:

  • The younger they are the more likely they are going to get knocked-up and take maternity leave (waste of money and resources) to never return to work, again.

  • They are less productive, complain more, spend more time talking than doing, and need constant reassurance and guidance.

  • Liability when it comes to lawsuits (I.e. sexual harassment)

  • Women don’t take criticism well, so good luck trying to address incompetence or needing improvement.

The other reason why women drag productivity down in the workplace is because when you add them to the mix the whole system then gets watered down to their level. It’s just like with the military, instead women having to rise to the occasion and meet the standards of men they instead have to water down the standards so that women can even qualify to serve. It’s a joke. That’s why if you work at a normal, male pace, in the workplace you most likely will be running circles around them…and we can’t have that now can we! That would make you an asshole because you are making everyone else look bad, right? Even though you were barely trying and just working at a normal pace.

What is a Dude to Do?

The answer should be clear by now. Since hard work in the workforce today (unless you work in an industry that is predominantly male) is not celebrated, that hard work can only be rewarded through your own ventures and business pursuits. Only there can one work as hard as he wants, not get shamed, and be competitive.

The best part is that your hard work WILL be rewarded when it goes into your own craft because the results will be true and not manipulates in any way by the fully-retarded nature of today’s modern workplace. When engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits, laziness will not be tolerated or rewarded. A good work ethic and a daily regiment will see results.

When you work for yourself it is impossible to be falsely accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, thus, impossible for some cunt to take your job; in which 3 months later quits or get’s fired for not knowing what the fuck she is doing. When you work for yourself you only have to deal with you and not your other lazy, cock-kissing, ass-sucking, co-workers who only show up to work as if it were welfare—to do fuck all with their day but bitch, moan, gossip, back-stab, and fuck each other in the broom closet. The modern workplace is all but one giant ghetto, section 8 blocks full of arrested-developed douche-bags who have not escaped the high-school mentality.

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