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Why Your Female Boss Is An Angry, Hypocritical, Miserable Cunt

It's pretty simple, really. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Maybe it's all the chemicals in her hair that are leaching through her thick head toward her last remaining brain cells, the toxic ink in her bloodstream, and the massive GUNT she has to carry around all the time?

Does it matter?

Just breathe, she is about to stab her co-worker in the back for wrong-think.

Namaste, she is ready to huff some incense and masturbate to the fact that she has a gash between her legs. What an accomplishment!

A damaged woman will show her trauma on the outside; shove food down her cocksucker, endlessly, to fill the void of her empty self; tattoos and piercings as self-mutilation. It's the coward's way of cutting, to get attention.

A life filled with hate, feminist politics, being a worthless loser, and a mindless consumerist penchant for inspirational mantras. Her life is one big mantra of What Not To Do.

You can ignore the reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

The anger and seething hatred toward successful men around her at work stems from a lifetime of poor decision making: Incompetence. Daddy-issues coupled with possible vaginal trauma via the liberal abuse of a black dildo, bought off Amazon for $49.99 retail. Nothing says "I am for black people's rights, here are some reoperations due to my white guilt!" than to cuck your cunt with a stunt cock.

Inferring that one is guilty of being white and implying that black people need help (white liberal women are not your friends) is pretty racist and demeaning, don't ya think? But that is the Left: The most divisive, racist, and cognitively dissonant bunch of fucking idiots, the world has to offer!

Stunning and brave, it's all for show. The feminist Left projects what they can never achieve.

A true Marxist who cannot physically or intellectually compete against the top 10%, that is your feminist boss. She believes that, because there is a wet gash between her legs, given to her at birth, she has accomplished something. Or, that every idiotic thought to which pops from one of her brains cells is some how the Gospel of the day and everyone should agree with her. Or, that said gash could also mean that she has been a victim of some imaginary oppression for centuries!

If women were truly oppressed, the human race would have died out by now. Ironically, it is "women's liberation" that will ultimately be the demise of our species. When you empower women, you get declining birth rates and lower economic prosperity all around.

When you elect women, or cucks (just as bad), you get the circus show that you see today in the world.

Like most angry feminist, your female boss projects everything she is lacking from a man in her life: She is loud, big (fat, misunderstood as strength), and seeks careerism as the holy grail. Everything that she would seek in a man, but is too unattractive to attract, given her lack of self-awareness and indoctrination.

Women try to do what they think is easiest. Men make being a man look so easy, women are tying to be like them...and it's obviously not working out too well.

See, men are better than women at everything. Men can even take 'anger' and do something great with it. An aggressive man is more respected because of its congruence; and angry woman is just seen as a miserable cunt.

It's Science!

Men have something major that women lack: The hormone of the Gods, Testosterone.

It is what makes "angry" or "aggressive" men, congruent. Therefore, believable. It is why action movies with a female lead suck huge fucking dick, (lose money) and flop like a soy boy's penis at the Box office, every time. It's not believable. Women trying to be like men is never believable because men and women are not equal.

Your female boss is always angry, because trying to be like a man must be really taxing. Imagine trying to be fish and breathe under water. That is what it is like for a woman in the workplace. She shouldn't be there, period.

Why are men so good at moving through the world that we built, negotiating and stacking cash like a boss?

Why are women more flexible with their limbs; do the splits and spread their legs better than men?

Rhetorical questions, I know.

It's almost as if men and women are biologically different and are made and built to do certain things!

Why does Justin Trudeau enjoy sucking cock just as much as his female voters? Well, it is because he isn't a man and is in fact an imposter. Sorry, I think it is because he "identifies" as a man, but would rather present himself as a cock-sucking, racist, anti-white faggot.

When men are angry, it is because there is a damn good reason behind it. Kind of like being angry at Justin Trudeau for being the divisive tyrant that he is and fucking this country in the ass for generations to come with all the debt and loss of freedom.

When a woman is angry, everyone on a biological level understands that it is most likely because of something stupid, petty and non-consequential: Like her tampon needs adjusting, or that Trump tweeted some "mean tweets" and it hurt her fucking fee-fee's so much she had to take a sabbatical from work.

When men get angry, they take action and will change the situation using mantastic tactics.

When women get upset or angry, they will usually take it out on their boyfriend or husband, or blame the dog.

Your female boss likes to view all men around her as "toxic". Especially white men. She contemplates the Libtard canard of "White rage" and puts all men into neat little boxes as a means to CONTROL them. She doesn't understand that all human beings are capable of violence. She doesn't understand that women are just as violent and experience anger just as much as men. She wouldn't understand this because she is an NPC, Marxist cunt.

How do we know this? Well, since your Libtard feminist boss "trusts the Science" so much, a recent study was done on the Science of Anger. It concluded by stating the obvious:

"Men are, on average, more outwardly aggressive than women and so it might be assumed that they are also angrier. But this doesn’t appear to be the case. Research has consistently found that women experience anger as frequently and as intensely as men. Men who feel angry are more likely to display aggression, although this does not mean that women are not motivated by rage as frequently."

Women execute on their anger by backstabbing people through gossip and subterfuge, trying to get them fired from their jobs. They can't engage in intellectual debate or have a rational conversation, so they just cry and play the victim.

They can't physically challenge their opponents to a fight, because remember, they are so strong, brave and powerful, just like a man!

Women, like your female boss, like to pretend and virtue-signal that they can do know wrong, and are always innocent. This is a tactic so as to mask and hide her own attacks toward others she doesn't like, so when she does lash out (passive aggressively) she will be able to play the victim or look innocent. Paint the male as the "aggressor".

It's the same way that the religious use their religion as a mask to hide behind; it's also why so many feminist women are into "yoga" (a new religion). They can pretend to be "peaceful" and "compassionate" liberals on their social media pages, but at the same time get all their Marxist buddies to dog pile your HR and try to get you fired for wrong-think.

It's too bad these "yoga teachers" can only teach for Free at your local park and can't make a living doing that grift, because if they did they wouldn't be such a cancer in the actual workplace where actual work and progress needs to happen.

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Your female boss is worthless, in and outside of CorporateLand.

Your female Libtard boss is a natural hypocrite, just like her dear leader Justin faggot Trudeau (who needs to be exterminated), who is one of the most racist and divisive Prime Ministers Canada has ever seen. A true Libtard, who wore black face and groped young women. But it's OK everyone, because he's a Liberal. At least he didn't send out any "mean tweets" and hurt the feelings of "Peoplekind".

Your female boss most likely hangs posters of Justin on her bedroom wall, so she can get herself to climax as her beta husband watches closely from a small stool in the corner in fascination.

What Does Your Female Boss And Justin Faggot Trudeau Have In Common?

Well, they both are commie, Marxist lunatics and have never ran a successful business in their life. They also both suck cock.

What is a "Liberal" according to Oxford?


-One who is willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas.

-Relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

This is very interesting, since your female boss tried to censor your speech, get you cancelled from your job because of the ideas and thoughts presented on your social media and website. Weird!

Also very interesting is that your female boss' commie hero, Justin Faggot Trudeau also wants to impose Vaccine Passports and divide our society into two tiers: The washed and unwashed. Kind of like how the Nazi Party treated the Jews!

Yes, these people are all about the civil liberties and individual rights!

Liberals love to talk a big game about "open-mindedness" and respecting everyone's different opinions. Well, how about slitting Trudeau's throat with a rusty nail? That would surely bring about "Change you can believe in".

That is one great way to "Build Back Better" which is just a Globalist trance word for Chinese-styled communism. If you can't tolerate that notion, than you are not a true Liberal because you'd be an intolerant cock-sucker now wouldn't ya?

Also, to be intellectually honest, the "Conservative" party here in Canada are no different than the Liberals. They are called "Progressive" conservatives and also need to be exterminated due to their lack of respect for the Charter of Rights, civil liberties and freedom of enterprise since they also support fascism within the borders of Canada. NDP is akin to the NSDP of Nazi Germany with their far-left agenda and the Green Party is well, the Green party.

If Libtards really did care about the earth and environment, they would all kill themselves to element all the Co2 carbon emissions that emanate from their fat fucking assholes, daily.

PPC is the only party that is standing for freedom and the right to not be dictated to like a fucking child. However, as we all know, 80% of society are fucking stupid. Democracy is not the answer it is actually the problem. The dumb outnumber the smart, you can see it in the poll numbers.

However, your female boss can't understand all of that because her idea of critical thinking is letting the CBC (a government controlled outlet) tell her what to think. What is worse, being a fucking Libtard or a cuckservative?

Canada is running out of real leaders, it is certainly empty in its leadership in CorporateLand, with all of the feminist landwhales doing nothing but trying to get people better than them at everything fired from their positions, in order to waddle their fat fucking asses into them.

We already did a whole post of Hate-facts about Libtards and why they are the most intolerant, racist hypocrites of all time. If a Libtard-triggly puff read this blog post, I am sure they would not tolerate it being on the internet and would try to get the government to pass censorship legislation.

Again, Liberals of all stripes are the worst kind of person because they are not authentic.

It would be different if Liberals just came out of the closet like Justin Trudeau did and called everyone who is white, a racist (which is racist, in and of itself).

Wear black face and sexually grope women in public...but you see, most liberals are not that stunning and brave like your dear, faggot leader Justin cock-sucker Trudeau.

Open to new ideas, eh? Well, go tell your female boss to read Uncle Nick and Burning The Midnight for starters! There a loads of new ideas and "diverse" content in those novels, I swear.

I am confident, like 100%, that she will find thoughts or opinions that are different from her own. It would be a true test of her Liberal character.

You want to talk about free enterprise, just look at this website!

Your female feminist cunt of a boss preaches that she is a Liberal all day long.

A "compassionate" and "empathetic" person who strokes the cock of "diversity", "inclusion" and "tolerance" at every meeting. A person who would probably put a sign on their lawn to which says "Hate Has No Home Here", which ironically enough only has only black, brown, gay, retard, and Jew hands (No straight white people) and the BLM ( A violent murderous mob) symbol to boot.

Not very inclusive at all. That's because "inclusivity" and "diversity" is really about replacement. It is about making everyone a victim and turning that into a virtue and an accomplishment.

It's about villainizing Anglo-culture and being systemically anti-white, anti-heterosexual. The only way gay people can procreate is through indoctrination.

You have the tards, the fags, the "Hey-how-are-yas"(Natives), the fucking Jews [can't forget those ((Jews))], the Burn Loot And Murder (BLM) crowd.

Where is the representation for the people who made everything great? Hate definitely has a home with any Libtard and it starts with blaming white people for everything.

Anyone who hangs this sign on their lawn is just inviting a group like BLM to loot and burn it while murdering the occupants inside.

It is such an easy target because it signals weakness and cuckholdry.

If one were a thief, they'd choose that house to rob because they could almost be certain that the home in question probably leaves their doors unlocked (to allow all the refugees in, with open arms).

You could deduce that the Libtards who own said home (but still have outstanding loans to pay off) don't believe in the use of firearms as a means of home security. If anything, the home owners would just let the thief in to steal out of white guilt (reparations).

Hate Stems From Being An Overweight, Dried-up, Incompetent Fat Fuck With No Redeemable Qualities

Whenever the crutch someone leans on to validate their position in life gets challenged or taken away, that is seen as invalidating them personally.

Even though it's truth, this construed invalidation is painted as a "hateful" gesture. That's the shallow reason for why your female boss tries to censor and control her subordinate's speech and behavior, as "hateful" and "offensive".

It is why your female boss tried to get you in trouble with HR and fired from your job, all because she didn't like what you posted on your blog, your Twitter; basically how you conduct your business outside of CorporateLand.

Oh how dare you, a man, have a different masculine view of the world! It's almost like men and women are different. How dare you not concede to the female imperative and gynocentric way of thinking...

How dare you be different. Liberals like to tout that they are all about caring for the tards, the fags, hags, trannies and the poor minorities but really, all of those people are in fact different. So, how can your female boss care about all of those people, but not about your existence. Hm, it's because she is a Libtard. Libtards are hypocrites, remember. They only care about how their supposed caring will affect how other people will care about them.

The Libtard is a deeply insecure creature that is constantly worried about what others will think about them and if they will "fit in". So strong, brave and independent.

But you see, she is a fascist at heart: She wants to merge the state and corporate powers against you, to control every inch of your being. What happens at work, stays at work, ya stupid cunt. What happens on your own time is yours.

Essentially, your female boss doesn't understand freedom of speech, jurisdictional lines, freedom of expression, and minding her own fucking business. She's a busy-body, yet still needs to get some exercise because that GUNT keeps getting larger by day. Does she know that 98% of people who died from the Chink-flu had comorbidities and were the sole factor in why they couldn't survive said flu? Tick-tok ya fat fuck. Eventually, everyone will have to get the Chinese-Flu....or come into contact with it. Viruses have to make their way around the whole world in order to burn themselves out. Masks, lockdowns and even the vaxxxxxx don't work, because it just delays the inevitable.

Natural immunity is vastly superior to synthetic means. Don't believe me, well here is some actual science.

Imagine refusing to work out and eat right, but demanding others to be injected with something experimental.

"Healthy" 40-year old....

If your female boss was so open-minded, tolerant of other people then why would she spend her free time stalking your social media, blog or website hate-reading all of your stuff to then screen shot it and turn it in to the corporate Gestapo known as HR? Oh no, you said something about the Chink-Flu that goes against the "experts" (un-elected officials) who are hacks? Well, expect your fat fucking feminist boss to round-up her marry band of of woke bandits to raid your social media and report it to company HR!

Some much hate with the 'woke' and not enough exercise. It makes sense because hating is easy, losing weight is HARD. Just put a mask on, get the vaxxx, lock the entire country down, shut off the economy and destroy everyone's lives, sky-rocket suicide and drug/substance abuse all because these people are too lazy to just be, fucking healthy!

All your female boss understands is hate, because she hates everyday. She hates getting up and having to walk a few feet to the toilet where she will drop a shit like a cinder black into a kiddy pool. Most of these libtards hate their dad; they love the government (replacement father).

They believe in systemic rape, because most likely they were abused by their dad or someone when they were a child.

They think/believe there is such as thing as "systemic institutional racism", because the truth is, they are the ones who cause it with their divisive policies.

They claim to stand for tolerance, difference of opinions and beliefs, but that is hard when you have BPD and don't even know who you are at the end of the work day. It' is like Jekyll and Hyde with these snapfucks.

They only believe in civil liberties and freedom of thought if you are not wrong-thinking. They believe they are the ones to dictate who is allowed to have those liberties. That is not freedom of choice; it is coercion and blackmail.

Your female boss, like any fucking libtard, likes to waste their time living vicariously through other people's lives and trying to control them. They have no life, therefore, they must try to take away yours as well to make themselves feel better about being such a goddamn, fucking loser.

Why would she[your female boss] waste all that time making a fool out of her self? Not just in front of you (enjoyed the show, it was fun, Karen) and in the face of HR, who all had bouts of belly laughs after the fact?

Must have been her ego, the entitlement and thinking that she was in the majority (the 'right-think').

I mean really, Karen.

You are such a goddamn, fucking idiot, it is no wonder as to why you haven't killed yourself yet by mistaking your hair-dye as Kool-Aid.

Imagine how miserable and fucked-in-the-head one has to be to think they could control someone's private life outside of work and frame it as a "workplace" issue.

Again, maybe stop dying your hair every 5 days and keep those last two remaining brain cells protected. Do this so you can still be able to collect your welfare (work check) at the end of the week in order to continue living your stunning and brave, paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, while still trying to pay back those loans you have. You financially illiterate, troglodyte.

Your feminist boss hates that you had a different opinion, a viewpoint; a better lifestyle. She thinks, like all Libtards do, that everyone else in the world is just like them. Or, better yet, can force feed you their vegan lifestyle/worldview like some cult leader who never seems to blink.

A massive ego these people have. An arrogant bunch that desperately need to be ventalated.

She hates and resents that you called her out on her bullshit; you tried to hold her to account, just as you would a man.

Just like the pedophile Joe Biden, she will walk away and not take questions or engage in meaningful debate or conversation. Off to get some ice-cream like that kid he just touched on the way out the door!

She'll just circumvent you through HR, where some Jen Psaki type cunt will "circle back" to you if they have anymore questions regarding the investigation into your female boss getting her fee-fee's hurt. She got triggered because she read some "mean tweets" and blog posts that didn't agree with her world-view.

Hey Karen, here is a tip: Change the channel and don't hate-read things you don't like, you stupid fucking, bitch.

Your feminist boss is a stunning, weak bitch.

Being fat and having more chins than a Chinese phone book doesn't make you "strong". Having more red flags than a communist parade does in fact make it easy for us here on The Red Island to identify who we are dealing with in the workplace.

Taking Red pills= wisdom.

Taking anti-depressants= you're a miserable cunt, with no self-awareness.

Again, your female boss can't even take responsibility for herself and her actions. Who put that second donut in your mouth, let me guess, it was a "toxic" male?

She doesn't understand that she made the conscious choice of stalking and snooping around her co-workers personal lives, and is responsible for getting triggered like the stunning and "bad-ass" snowflake that she is.

It's too bad she can't make those pounds melt as fast as she did while reading your words of truth backed, by facts and actual science. Losing weight is hard to do when all your efforts go into sitting down at your shitty laptop to hate-read a blog, screenshot it and cry like a weak, fat bitch to HR.

It's difficult to achieve goals, like losing weight, when your entire method revolves around saying you are going to do something, but never actually getting around to it.

Weak sauce, bitch.

Tis the life of a fucking stupid Liberal; all talk, no results. They should all be loaded onto a container ship to be decommissioned via a mini nuke.

If a Libtard said they were going to kill themselves and actually did it, well, that would be AMAZING! Because that would mean they actually did something productive and useful for the actual progress of society.

You want to control the environment and end the "climate crises", well, control your evil body by feeding it 6 ft into the ground, you stupid fat cunt.

Think of the tons (and I mean TONS) of fertilizer that could be used if all the fat, lazy libtards out there did a massive sacrifice of their own!

Your female boss hates that she can't control you, with her tears and her fat, fucking body. It is easy to outrun a bear, or an invading horde of ISIS terrorists: All you have to do is be a little faster than your fat feminist, female boss.

That is the typical Leftist Libtard though, they are all fucking tyrants at heart.

It's why she loves Justin Trudeau and would suck Hitler's cock and swallow his superior cum if he were to come back from the dead.

That's all she ever used or had in her life (tears and her body) and the power is all but gone. Sucked cock all through high school and her Twenties, left the baby-making to the final hour as her cooter turned into downtown Detroit; settled for impotent beta that she can execute full dominance and control over. She weighs more than Seattle Slew but can't ride him anymore out of fear of committing man-slaughter. If he gets out of line or talks back, she can just divorce him for her donut fund and to buy more essential oils that nobody buys.

She's hit the Wall and is now a disgustingly fat, fucking cunt who doesn't have "perky tits" anymore due to her own negligence, poor diet and exercise(lack of) habits. Again, priorities, Karen.

She loves masks, mandates and vaccines because they are all about control and not about actual science and health. She loves seeing other people's bodies being controlled because she lacks this power in herself.

She hates people who decline to wear a mask or get vaccinated, labels them as "anti" this or that, because she hates that they are using their freewill and have an immune system.

Maybe if she lost her GUNT, exercised and didn't eat so much fast food, your female boss could also move as freely as others, and have something called an immune system. An immune system is no cost to you or the taxpayer, but she's a Liberal, she doesn't understand reality and that BigPharma and the government are sucking each other off.

Your female boss will lecture all day about "My body, choice" when it comes to abortion, talk about "systemic rape", racism and inclusion practices. Yet when it comes down to draconian mandates that involve keeping healthy people locked up like prisoners in their own homes, putting masks on children, and coercing people into getting an experimental injection, well, the hypocrite shines brightly once again!

Yet, she doesn't understand the difference between "refusing" to do something and "declining" to do something.

Refusing something means that you weren't given a choice, whereas simply declining means that there is freedom of choice.

Your female boss, the miserable tyrannical cunt that she is, will always paint your right to choose as a "refusal" instead of a declination. This way, she can take the right of consent away from you, and your ability to choose what is best for you or in other cases, what is actually in your job description.

Your bean-flicking, Hitler's cock licking female boss should really refuse putting that second muffin into her cocksucker, for realz. You'd think she would gain less weight while wearing a mask all day long for a year and half, but no.

Poor self-discipline. Maybe if she spent more time hitting the gym and not sitting on her fat fucking ass all day hate-reading people's blogs and social media, she wouldn't be so hate-filled with female rage: Female Fragility.

How can your feminist female boss manage a department when she can't even manage herself? Overweightness is the window into someone's work ethic and quite frankly, soul. It is a great indicator of how that person will be as a leader and manager: Lazy and unorganized; won't share any donuts with the staff.

It's like looking into the windows of people's cars and seeing the equivalent of the city's landfill, inside. If their car looks like that, you can bet their home looks like a Mexican Barrio; their financial life is most likely in disarray. Lack of discipline coupled with short-sightedness is your feminist female boss' doctrine for being a "bad-ass". Amazing!!!

Have you ever noticed that most Libtard feminist are all the same? Fat, ugly and miserable. Gee, it is almost like they are all in some weird cult!

At the end of the day, what you really need to do, is ask your miserable cunt of a boss the words, "Who hurt you?"

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