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Why Your Female Boss Is A Highly Caffeinated, Fascist Cunt

Just like women who have an unhealthy attachment to their fur-babies, your female boss will likely have other coping strategies to deal with her miserable feminist lifestyle: Having a deep attachment, often strangely sexual relationship with coffee, is another sign of the brooding mental illness being witnessed today among corporate feminist.

Taking selfies or pictures of her coffee and posting it as an Instagram story, is peak consumerism; it is also peak narcissism. Talking about the coffee as a beloved object of affection, like some long lost boy-toy, is cause for concern; a sign of a psychological break with reality.

It's coffee, for fuck's sake.

Everywhere she goes, there she is on Instagram with her new coffee date.

Today it was Pumpkin Spice (Red head, ginger), yesterday it was a chocolate sprinkle latte (Tyrone); last week she was really into Espresso (Italians).

After a long day of trying to censor her male co-workers from speaking freely,

or policing their every move outside of the workplace, and reporting their blogs/websites/social media to HR, your female boss most likely goes home to masturbate, by pouring warm coffee all over her privates; rubbing the bean.

It's unlikely that her husband would even want to fuck her, after all, flour right now is hard to come by; finding her wet hole takes a handful.

Nothing new, nothing special for men.

However, for modern women joining the workforce, they believe it to be a magic potion: A beverage they need to believe will give them super powers to take down the Patriarchy: Smash through that glass-ceiling in order to hit The Wall behind it by age 30; burn-out, quit; get knocked-up with some anchor babies via a beta SIMP; "retire" from the workforce after wasting everyone's time.

All of that coffee could've supplied fuel for a man, who would've done her job at 100x the speed and efficiency.

Your fascist feminist boss can drink all the coffee she wants, it still won't make her equal or better than men.

Why Is The Typical Feminist Female Boss So Fucking Fat?

Why is the sun bright?

It just is.

There are a multitude of reasons why your typical female boss has more chins than a Chinese phone book. At the workplace, an elephant in the room is usually present and can take the form of many specters. Perhaps it is spicy gossip; how the new intern got knocked-up by a young, good-looking Latino janitor, who fucked her right in the pussy inside the broom closet at lunch.

Or perhaps, the ghost of controversy is why your female boss tries to get people whom she doesn't like personally (or is envious of), fired from their jobs by falsely accusing them of BS to HR?

However, today we are going to talk about the other elephant in the room: Your fat, fucking cunt of a female boss. Dumbo.

Like an elephant, she still hasn't lost the pounds on that ever-growing, fat fucking GUNT that drags across the sales floor, and flops side-to-side between those thunder-thighs of hers.

The friction produced is enough to make you go deaf.

What is a GUNT, you ask? Well, you came to the right place.



noun.- A combination of a Gut and a Cunt. A gunt manifests itself as a fat outcropping of flesh at the base of the lower torso (below the belly button but above the crotch).

It is the Bulging area found on large older women between the waist and the genital area. Not quite a gut, not quite a cunt...The Gunt.

My sixth grade teacher had a gut like a freakin' innertube!

In extreme cases the size of the gunt may make location of the genitals difficult to impossible.

For some reason individuals possessing a fat gunt often feel the need to accentuate their 'assets' by wearing tight leggings or tube tops.


Waddling like a retarded walrus up and down the hallway, she makes her way to the breakroom for a well-deserved, donut; off to the bathroom to take a leak between those fatty deposits that were once her labia majora. She is so fat that even her urethra is clogged, just like her arteries.

You would think waddling around the office all day long, tone-policing all the "toxic masculinity", trying to get those men fired from their jobs by complaining to HR, would help shed those unnecessary and unwanted pounds. Don't be so naïve.

You know what true "harassment" is? Having your eyes forced to watch that fat fucking cunt all day long; watching her three chins fight over neck space.

Fatness is offensive to the human eyes, brain. Heck, the entire nervous system. Human beings like symmetry, and human reproductive biology rewards and favors thin, fertile, sexy women. Your fat fucking female boss can't even pass for a woman. Not with the farts that pinch out from those fat fucking cheeks.

Fat women, who are capable of losing weight (barring a medical condition), but instead choose to be lazy and worthless, is an affront and violence on the senses. It is an insult, a slap in the face, especially if your female boss constantly preaches "be well" like she's an NPC character in the film Demolition Man (1993).

Looking as if she forgot to take her Ben Wa Balls out of her disgustingly overweight pussy from last night's Kegel strengthening session, she searches her co-worker's Facebook and social media to find a reason to try and get them fired, due to their "wrong think" and different lifestyle beyond the office.

She needs coffee for her endless tyrannical pursuit of combing through her male co-workers blogs and social media pages, trying to find any wrong-think and violation to her own way of thinking; she thinks like a low-IQ, moron.

She'll go home after work, and not make dinner for her husband. Instead, she will fire-up her shitty laptop that still has Windows Vista as it's OS, to then be a busy-body and spy on her co-workers social media all night, which is none of her business or concern.

Your female boss is a envious loser, who needs another cup of coffee like a crack- head needs another welfare check. All of this adds to her fatness, her rotund nature. A poisonous person will look unhealthy. She colors her hair brightly. Just like the venomous snakes in the Amazon, bright colors are nature's way of warning those around to stay away.

No, problem.

Nobody likes feminist anyway.

Nobody likes people, or things that are toxic and dangerous.

Nobody likes fat chicks.

It is virtually impossible for a woman to gain the same muscular dexterity as a man. Due to your female boss' insecurity around men in the workplace, she will likely put on a shit-ton of weight over the years (subconsciously) so as to feel on the same level as a man. Remember, feminism has nothing to do with being feminine. This, coupled with just being a generally lazy, worthless fuck will get her that Landwhale status that feminist so desperately seem to desire in themselves.

It is about creating defective men (feminism) in order to erode the family unit, to ultimately make women dependent on the government for better control, more taxes, more spending; more power.

Since women can't put on massive amounts of muscle, because they lack the hormone of the Gods, the only thing they can do is pack on the flab and become the office Landwhale to show their "strength".

Fat slows you down, ladies. It is no wonder why your female boss works like a part-timer. It's no wonder why she needs to resort to getting others who are better than her fired from their orbiting positions. It's hard to be great when you're constantly being weighed down by your GUNT instead of the "Patriarchy".

Yelling and screaming, trying to be "Alpha female" (no such thing), is also a characteristic of your fat, fucking, female boss. She overcompensates with fat cells and screaming as if one of her fur-babies just ass-raped her, which would be consensual because she loves her fur-babies oh so much.

It's all she has, aside from her Leftist politics.

Sometimes, when there is a lull in the workplace action, a slight breeze from the AC may move past her fat cunt; you might hear that thing whistle.

Seriously though, one of the main reasons why your fucking fat female boss is such an obese disaster, is due to her love-affair with calorie packing, coffee.

Coffee Is A Beverage Inherently For Men; Women Believe It To Be An Elixir To Cure Their Inferiority

First off, the "coffee" your typical fat female boss drinks isn't real coffee.

It is likely the 'specialty' calorie packing, sugar heaven, heart-attack inducing coffees from Starbucks. You know, the ones with the faggoty names like Mocha choca frappa-dick-a-chino. The type of coffee that she orders with extra whip cream, double-sugar. Sugar is a well-known carcinogen, you mine as well be adding Benzene to your coffee.

What will kill your fat female boss first, cancer or a heart-attack? It sure won't be from working too hard, that's for sure.

It sure as hell won't be suicide via a nice throat slit. After all, how could you make a perfect slit through all of those chins? Plus, she is a woman; women lack the balls for suicide.

Men drink coffee; Black, no sugar or cream. If you are a man, your coffee should look as black as where the beans came from: Africa.

When you drink your coffee, you should be able to taste the slave trade.

Coffee is for men, because men need to get shit done in life. Women just exist through it all.

It's why it is referred to as "a cup of Joe". Not a cup of Jane.

Tell me why a woman, whose title is "Social media manager", needs a fucking coffee in the morning.

She posts images and short copy to Instagram and Facebook all day long for the company. How hard is that, and why is that even a job? Sitting on social media all day long is what women do anyways, its not a job.

A better job for a woman would be a 'personal secretary' to a man in charge, who brings him a coffee because he is getting real shit done. Basically, being an office wife.

You want to see real progress? Give a man a blowjob and a coffee in the morning, sugar tits. Watch him produce....loads of cum into your hair; down your back, ass and thighs.

Seriously though, this was why the 1950's-1960's were so prosperous: If a man is well maintained, with the proper support of a woman at home, he will achieve his full potential.

This universal support involves the three C's of success: Cooking, Cleaning & say it with me...Cock Sucking.

A man's belly needs to be full; his balls thusly, need to be drained afterwards. Coffee is also a plus. That can be the fourth, C.

Give a woman a coffee? Bitch, please, nothing will arise from that.

If anything, the most she will do in a day at the office is walk down the hall, out the door, hop in the car that her husband paid for, order via the drive-thru at Starbucks to get another coffee. Then after, suck Kevin off in accounting to make herself feel validated, because her wine box and cats at home can't do that for her.

If anything, her online-shopping on company time will be more productive. Also, her bogus complaints and reporting to HR will most likely double in volume.

Women are consumers, they aren't natural producers.

That's also why your female boss looks like a fat, fucking dyke. You are what you eat, and when you are that big it is easy to believe another woman's pussy is on the menu that evening, too.

She consumes to fill the void in her life. A void that came out of trying to be like a man instead of staying-at-home, raising a proper family that isn't race-mixed and filled with single-momma drama, corporate careergirlism.

Men are human doings, women are human beings. Women fuck-up everything, even coffee.

Men drink coffee because we need this fuel to give us an added boost in order to go for greatness and piss even more excellence in the morning.

Conversely, women buy and drink coffee to look like they are busy, or rather, look like they have a busy life.

Women's lives aren't busy; drama just makes it look as such.

Women, and your fat fucking female boss, believe that if they hold a coffee cup in their hand on their way into the office, it will signal to everyone that she is BossGirl and is "on the move and about to get busy".

Essentially, drinking coffee and holding it in their hands around the office is a virtue-signal: "I drink coffee, therefore, I am busy." Instead of actually being busy or doing any real work throughout the day, your fat, fucking, female boss will instead play pretend.

After all, she has a coffee in her hand, so to any on-lookers it looks as if this GirlBoss is super-duper busy, and needs that extra pick-me-up to carry her through the day:

A day filled with conniving and conspiring in order to get a male co-worker, who is better than her, who produces more, fired from his job by falsely accusing him of "violence and harassment".

Another reason why your fat female boss drinks so much goddamn coffee is because it takes an extraordinary amount of energy to move that GUNT of hers around the office.

It's no wonder why she is out of breath only an hour into her day. Having the Kangaroo pouch-flab, flapping around her mid-section all day long must take a toll. Ironically, the more coffee she drinks, the more thunder you will hear from those thighs. She drinks coffee at lightning speed, though.

Coffee As The Elixir

Since your female boss is likely a dumb cunt, which pairs nicely with her fat fucking GUNT, she probably believes that the reason why men are far superior than her is because men drink coffee. Not because of the fact that men are men, no.

In her tiny superstitious mind, your female boss thinks that men keep the big secret to success from her (The Patriarchy). It must be because they all drink coffee! She will say in her brain built for a simpleton.

What she doesn't understand is that women will never be superior to men, because men and women are different. No amount of burping, swearing, drinking, loud-mouthing, being the fattest fuck in the room, and weight gain will ever make a woman as comparable.

It is not coffee that makes men excel in life and in the workplace (which is inherently masculine), rather it is this: Testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone of the Gods. That alone is why your fat female boss is so insecure in her position in the workplace. She knows deep down inside her fat fucking stomach that she is operating from a losing position. Men are always hungry to make more money; a woman is usually just starved for attention.

When a woman buys a coffee and holds it in her hand, she can feel its warmth. Its like a friend giving her a warm hug. It's like a boyfriend, filling her stomach up with warm, hot jizz. Attention.

This is why women are such an unstable element in the workplace; they naturally shouldn't be there. Working is about paying attention to the task at hand, not trying to get attention for simply existing in the workplace and trying to get praise for being a "working girl".

Nobody cares that you are the first 76th flavored gender to get a position at Corporate Cock-suckers Limited. Did you get your work done?

Women eventually turn the workplace into a nest and thus will treat everyone around them like little children that need to be micro-managed, tone-policed and censored for wrong think.

If a woman can't say "no" to another coffee and donut, how is she suppose to be effective in important, big-money business deals that may require her to say "no" to a shitty offer or buy-out? Shareholding might want you to say the word "no" sometimes.

Without the aid from HR, diversity-hiring, and new workplace protocols put in place to "make women feel safe, comfortable and happy" women would not be able to stand on their own. The workplace is not home, if you want to be comfortable, stay-at-home; get a husband; shut the fuck up and appreciate.

Remember, there was a time (believe it or not), when corporations hired people based on merit instead of if they had a vagina between their legs. There was also a time when your skin-color wasn't the second determining factor as to whether or not you would get hired. Today, companies discriminate against the best for the job (usually White men) by mentally masturbating to the media about how they are going to be filling their ranks with more "minorities and women".

Essentially, blatant discrimination, sexism, and racism if there ever was.

Today, if you have a vagina and are as Black as the coffee that men drink, you will get hired first. Doesn't matter if you are qualified. It's not what is best for the company's profits, but it is what is best for the company's image. Woke capitalism.

Whenever you see a woman in a position of power at work, understand that at minimum, three men are doing her work for her.

Again, it is difficult for women to do anything at work when their hands are full with coffee cups and donuts. Hard to get a word in when they are shoveling unnecessary calories down their fat gullets like a French fry addicted seagull at the marina.

You see, your fat female boss doesn't understand that caloric intake is necessary when you are spending a lot of energy.

Usually, you spend energy by doing hard work. We know women hardly work, hence why most of them are in Landwhale territory by age 27.

When your title is "Social media manager" or any other make-work manager position made up by companies in order to make good on their diversity quotas, it is no wonder why these women are fat-as-fuck, undesirable head-med users.

Nothing to do all day but sit at a computer desk, fucking around on Facebook. That type of "work" tends to breed boredom and thus, the never ending filling of the gullet, surrounded by five layers of chins.

The day for her consists of looking busy, by resting her coffee cup on-top of her fat, fucking, FUPA(the fat upper Pussy Area).

It takes loads of energy for her to scheme all day long, seeing who she hates the most, who is a bigger threat to her position (everyone). Making great use of company time, she will slink off and bother other female co-workers with whom she thinks are her friends, in order to gossip about who she thinks needs to be fired from their job.

Essentially, she's projecting onto everyone her own insecurity regarding her job, because she deep down inside understands that she is a worthless employee who shouldn't be in a managerial position to begin with.

Such a busy day, filled with mind games, trying to get interns and part-timers on her side about who they should throw under the bus next. The unwitting victim(s) of her attempts to oust competitors are usually White heterosexual men, who are more than capable of replacing her.

Yes sir, instead of using that coffee as extra fuel to do some actual fucking work, your fat cunt of a boss will waste that resource (just like she wastes company time) to which was farmed by men in the bean fields. Drinking coffee, just so she can be a cunt all day long, and try to fire hard-working men from their positions because she is an insecure, fucking piece-of-shit, cum-stain on the underpants of society.

Memories Of Hot Liquid Rushing Down Her Throat

Another reason why your fat fascist BossCunt drinks so much goddamn man fuel, is because the warm beverage reminds her of the past: Having loads of strange men, night after night, cum their warm jizz down her throat during her Party Years.

This has to explain today's modern go-girl's unhealthy obsession with having a coffee.

That doesn't happen anymore for her, now that she is almost hitting 40.

Back in the day, your fat female boss use to not be so fat. This allowed her to get a lot of male attention. Back then, she used her youth and beauty to give a different man every week, blowjobs. Instead of finding a good man, locking him down to raise a stable family, she wasted those years sucking and fucking the cum out of cocks for shits and giggles.

How do you expect your female boss to make good use of company time when she had clearly wasted her youth and beauty, her own personal "company's" precious resources and asset?

Just like with coffee, every cock's cum was a different brew.

Some more Zinc-y than others. She'd grind the balls of a boy with her hands so as to get that sack percolating; stroke the shaft to get that warm, creamy liquid down her throat.

Today, instead of a cum mustache from a haphazard loin release, your fat female boss gets one from a foamy latte. She misses all that jizz sliding down her throat, hence, the need to put warm coffee down it, all the time.

Coffee, with extra cream to give it that volume and buttery texture. Coffee is a man's drink; it is farmed and produced by men. She craves putting a man down her throat. By drinking coffee, she believes she will inherit the essence of a man and his power. Just like giving blowjobs, sucking all that cum out of the shaft, women believe they will absorb the powers of the masculine.

The only power she ever felt was the psi pressure of jizz hitting the back of her throat; ringing her uvula like the bell at the MGM Grand on fight night.

93% of all CEOs are men. Cleary, women like your female boss should put the coffee down and try to marry one of those men. It would be a hell of a lot easier than to try and compete with superior beings (men).

Oh but right, women today are unlikely to do so, because there is a very short supply of top-tier men, thanks to feminism and its systemic erosion of masculinity.

You go-girl!

Have another cup, it's on you.

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